10 Laptop Mini Projectors With Smartphone App Functionality

This fusion of our best mini LED projectors are far brighter and more clear-cut compared to the run-of-the-mill versions. Supplying you a first-class home cinema encounter and perfect for entertainment connectivity with PC, notebook, game consoles, SD card, USB power, iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone etc.

01: MindKoo Mobile Mini Projector With USB Port

This mobile mini projector with USB port is adequate for 100 ANSI Lumens, and the recharging high powered integrated battery will continue to function up to 3 hours on an individual charge up.

It affords uninterrupted high power for amusement using keystone rectification for more naturalistic video pictures, and assistance for 1080P high-definition video at adequate to 120 inches. A small mobile projector used with set-top box in addition to tablet PC unit.

Mini Projector With USB In All Black

8 GB memory can be linked up to 32 GB TF card. Assistance for HDMI input to notebook, game play host as well as Television set box. The intelligent projector is the equivalent dimensions with an iPhone where it's compact and mobile concept renders it more comfortable to carry and function.

Impressive for inside and open air, this modern video projector with Wireless Bluetooth 4 system can connect to a BT audio speaker, computer mouse or game play control stick.
[Rating: 8.9/10] - £191 Get It → MindKoo Mini Projector With USB

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02: Caiwei Wireless Bluetooth Laptop Mini Projector

Flexible Bluetooth laptop mini projector with transportable styling, set-up to unlock an impressive watching encounter any where you like using Android OS technology as well as WiFi connectivity.

It allows Wireless display screen mirroring Bluetooth 4 linking audio speakers, DLP Link 3D feature, assistance for '3D to 2D' transition. The Android OS operating organisation possesses pre-set apps such as Youtube plus Google store, and comes with 8 GB interior memory where it's possible to browse the net.

Laptop Mini Projector With Focusing Knob

Advanced dual band 2.4G and 5G wireless capacity, quick streaming of video clips or games seamlessly ranging from your mobile phone, tablet PC, notebook and computer with no lag or annoying buffering.

DLP system, WXGA native with upper limit 150 inch display screen, assistance for automatic keystone rectification and hand-operated focusing, projection on to a wall structure or ceiling instantly - just right for showing movies, games as well as pictures.
[Rating: 9/10] - £359 Get It → Caiwei Bluetooth Laptop Mini Projector

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03: DLP HD Android Compatible LED Movie Projector

Authentic home cinema Android OS compatible LED movie projector outfitted using Mstar 3D decipher chip, endorsing Blu-Ray and fascinating 3-D impact that contributes you substantial phenomenon inside your home.

A WLAN and Wireless Bluetooth 4 multi purpose projector that is effortless to deploy and accessible to browsing the web or streaming films. Just download smartphone App from Play and link-up the Bluetooth audio speakers.

LED Movie Projector With Black 3D Glasses

Including processor 8 core GPU, Mali graphics 1 Gigabyte twin channel DDR3 USB storage manager, 8 GB eMMC memory device, the end user can download just about any desirable application whenever linked up with Wireless.

Throw spectrum from 60 to 300 inches, as much as 300 upon virtually any wall structure or perhaps screen, it features 30000 hours lifespan and long energy conserving use free of substituting lights.
[Rating: 9/10] - £399 Get It → DLP Android LED Movie Projector

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04: Mileagea Pico Small DLP Projector With Full HD

Light weight and easy to operate small DLP projector with full HD that can be carried comfortably inside your pocket or handbag. Integrated recharging 2000 mAh battery power may be expended like an emergency electrical power bank to charge up your smartphone gadgets.

Wireless connectivity Miracast, AirPlay and assistance for iOS or perhaps Android OS Wireless connectivity using the screen to accomplish balanced mirroring. High calibre DLP projection with high set resolution presentation.

Small DLP Projector With Wi-Fi Sensor

A high calibre Pico projector especially configured for home base films, business concern demonstrations, individual amusement, school instruction as well as tenting, conveying you a more colourful, more lustrous and more fluent form of amusement.

It's genuinely mobile and palm proportioned, light weight too offering assistance of exterior HDMI, USB power and Wireless connectivity that passes the potential to link-up several gadgets to the projector.
[Rating: 8.9/10] - £159 Get It → Mileagea Pico Small DLP Projector

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05: Wowoto Smartphone Share LED HDMI Projector

An estimable alternative smartphone LED HDMI projector with 500 Lumens, WVGA resolution as well as assistance 1080P plus 3D video resources. 2100mAh integrated battery is dependable for journeying or tenting deployment.

Super picture calibre and lustrous sufficient, this excellent A5 LED lit projector is contrived for sleeping room movie theatres and journeying masters. Android OS smart projection Cortex A9 processor with several Apps accessible.

Android LED HDMI Projector With USB Slots

Durable LED projector that offers as much as 30000 hours long light lifespan and 3 years substitution. The LED illumination resource is in earnest striking, even using 40 hours of observing for every week.

The intermediate LED can endure for an fantastic 10 to 25 years, that's more extended compared to the anticipated life-span of the merchandise on it's own. Multi display screen sharing throughout the big display, AirPlay in addition to DLNA etc.
[Rating: 9/10] - £199 Get It → Wowoto LED HDMI Projector

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06: Foxcesd Wi-Fi 3D HD Mini Portable Projector

3D HD mini portable projector to delight in high calibre pictures and video projects including a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. Including a brightness level of AINSI 3500 Lumens as well as 3-D application for the home cinema encounter.

This excellent projector offers the elemental Television experience inside your front room. Feel as if you are inside your personal 3-D theatre - as a consequence delight in your films and furnished with Android OS technology.

HD Mini Portable Projector With White Exterior

All-encompassing connection integrated audio speakers and a diversity of connectivity ensure an adaptable deployment of this H9 projector. Connect your storage multi media directly in to the USB power slot for demonstrations.

Link-up notebooks or media music players through the HDMI slot for films. You can deploy the several additional connection alternatives to use your multi media data files. Enjoy games and browse the Net at virtually any time through Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection.
[Rating: 9/10] - £468 Get It → Foxcesd HD Mini Portable Projector

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07: EUG Wi-Fi Sharing Android HD LED Projector

Integrated Android HD LED projector with quad-core CPU, offering a large space to download and set-up Apps in a very fast acceleration environment, instant browsing of the Web through Wi-Fi with no exterior gadgets, just deploy the projector as if your mobile phone.

Wi-Fi share display screen to project anything ranging from your smartphone gadgets without connecting directly to the projector, so it's possible to abridge the wires and relocate as you wish about any space, simply no demand for the lead.

HD LED Projector With Glass Lens

Observe your favourite video clips with a large display screen and all-new system 1500 Lumens LED resource with simply no rainbow impact or brilliance. Assists 1080p maximum high-definition that casts a crystal clear image minus imposing the equivalent optical impairment as a Television set or tablet PC.

With in excess of 50000 hours life, convert virtually any position directly in to an immersive theatre using this transportable arrangement.
[Rating: 8/10] - £105 Get It → EUG Android HD LED Projector

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08: iOCHOW iO2 Mini LED Projector 1080p Full HD

This mini LED projector 1080p with elevated DLP first-class strategy is among the most forward-looking projectors currently. It allows fulfilling visual consequences for all users, and can effortlessly screen crystal clear and brilliant pictures on a vast screen.

In comparison with standardised merchandises, the IO2 mini projector possesses an unparallelled construction. It can be revolved 90 degrees and it's extremely mobile for open-air deployment too.

Mini LED Projector 1080p In Grey Metal Finish

It is as small as a mobile phone and the Android OS features a couple of handy smartphone Apps, for example Netflix or even Google YouTube etc. Plug in to diverse gadgets due to its multi operational slots.

Like a projector endorsing 1400 Lumens and 1080p data input, IO2 features an abundance of slots like HDMI, Wireless, as well as 3.5 mm audio out to link up with respective products, for example your notebook, iPad, DVD or perhaps Blu-ray devices.
[Rating: 9/10] - £248 Get It → iOCHOW Mini LED Projector 1080p

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09: Yuancin Small Movie Projector With Power Bank

Multi-media system small movie projector with power bank and capacities for Wireless connectivity, including integrated Android OS dual Wi-Fi faculty, it's possible to immediately surf the net on Chrome browser and stream web video recordings.

Play games on YouTube minus virtually any extraneous gadgets, it can associate to audio speakers via Wireless Bluetooth. Power comes with integral big total capacity 5400 mAh recharging battery, running as much as 3 hours.

Bright Movie Projector With Touch Top Control

Superior for open-air scenarios or party events and accessible with electrical power bank resource. It implements the TI DLP system, rendering 16.7 million colours and endemic resolution assistance playing 1080P video clips.

In addition to LED lights up to 20000 hours life-span, it offers additional first-class characteristics. Share and display screen with your mobile phone through AirPlay or 'screen-sharing' functionality for games on a large screen.
[Rating: 9/10] - £195 Get It → Yuancin Small Movie Projector

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10: UHURU WI-FI Small Projector For Laptop Movies

A neat small projector for laptop movies, impressive for home theatre, work place presentations, informative applications and for all-purpose amusement intent. This particular small portable projector intelligently turns virtually any surroundings in to an individualised or perhaps expert demonstration focus.

Using it's Wi-Fi or even HDMI connectivity, the hand-held projector deploys the most recent DLP feature, as well as a LED light resource to share your preferred multi media any where you like.

Projector For Laptop Movies In Black And Chrome Casing

Project your moving-picture shows, play your entire game picks as well as stream films instantly from your mobile phone, iPad or perhaps notebook to a 120 inches display screen on just about any wall structure or ceiling.

Using a projection capacity as much as 120 inches, this highly popular projector can be expended inside and outside for home base and portable amusement, business concern demonstrations, and to screen content ranging from a game play equipment and smartphones.
[Rating: 9/10] - £175 Get It → UHURU Projector For Laptop Movies

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LED HDMI Projectors For Large Screen HD Game Play

Our small DLP projectors cast a crystal clear picture with reduced sound and energy conserving features. The home projectors supply USB power and HDMI interface, so it's possible to link-up your iPhone, Android phone, computer, tablet PC, DVD, PS4 games or Television box. Perfect for home amusement films, events and even outdoors activity.