Rechargeable LED Inspection Lamps For DIY Tasks

Updated 30/01/2022:
We help you discover the best rechargeable LED work light with substantial magnets for attaching on metallic objects with rotating hook for suspension. Perfect for DIY, vehicle, garage or tents. The best strategies for hands free deployment, outside LED inspection lamps for house repairs, garden or loft.

Work Light Under The Car Bonnet
Light under the car bonnet..

: Fyore Battery Work Light LED Car Repair

This light and portable LED work light with 1500 Lumens, and COB torch comes with a magnetic base plus suspending hook. This apparatus is USB chargeable for everyday household tasks, garages, facilities, dark cellars, creative workspaces and even vehicle repairing.

You will find a collapsible style that is user friendly in any small space. Due to the light settings, you can discover illumination functions, moderate brightness style, strobe function, red light and alert features. The Fyore LED USB COB lamp can be your first decision for operating at night or tenting.

Fyore LED COB Light Beads
Fyore LED COB Light Beads

Created from durable aluminium alloy, it features an extended battery life. It is drop-resilient in contrast to other job lights. This drop attribute tremendously saves the price of exchanging new work equipment and lighting long term. It facilitates an IPX4 water-resistant design for those wet days.

COB addresses a vast area offering higher illumination with a battery signal. The lighting can be altered to high, medium or low brightness settings. The red light forewarning features inform individuals that you will be fixing or working directly on the project.


  • Ideal Fold-Up Style For Mechanics
  • Excellent Price And Very Sturdy


  • None here

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Magnetic Base Stays Steady
  • Incredibly High Brightness

Unique Selling Point:

  • Durable Drop Proof Structure
  • Useful Rotating Hook Style

For top quality and high performance, it is created with high impact immunity. Whether or not it is balanced when falling during use, it is permanently safeguarded.
You will love the style as it can be collapsed and managed by a single hand. This enormously saves you the difficulty of keeping secure, and it can be transported anyplace.

It takes merely two to three hours of recharging time for a much better response to catastrophe functions. There are two positioning settings, revolving magnetic holder and then hook features.

A solid attachment entails it will not fall off and will stay secure. You can connect this Fyore rechargeable LED USB COB lamp to metal surface types to supply short-term lighting. The hook style enables the light to be strung up on any hard target, for instance, a fence.

Specs: 200g | 12 x 5 x 3 cm | 3000mAh | 1500 LM COB | 15 Watts

The structure can entirely release both hands, and the secured design enables you to work more quickly. Cordless and standard rechargeable, the light is ideal for household, outdoor, consumer electronics or roadside crisis restoration work.

Battery Work Light With Black Border

£18   Fyore Battery Work Light LED - Get It!  

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: Sunix Rechargeable Light LED Waterproof

The LED work light is rechargeable and provides a power bank. The integrated lithium battery functions 5V/2.1A productivity for fast recharging of your mobile phone or other equipment. This successful current output will save your valuable charging time.

Extra bright with 4 settings, this LED functional light possesses the modalities to fulfil all your demands. There are a 1600 Lumens high light setting and dim mode too. The Sunix 30W LED work light offers a red light mode for a street-side crisis, SOS, then when you might be at risk.

Black Rechargeable Light At Night
Sunix Rechargeable Light At Night

IP64 is water-resistant and power reducing; the rechargeable LED work light is manufactured out of extra-heavy plastic and die-cast aluminium with a heat-diffusing physique. It substitutes the classic bulb through COB LED and conserves the high electricity expenses of bright light.

This inspection light incorporates a collapsible bracket with a magnet and hook to suspend with a hands-free feature. It can be attached to all metal surfaces like a cycle, motor vehicle or even a camping tent post. This hands-free flashlight assists you to focus on your work or amusement.


  • Useful Power Bank In-Built
  • Very Bright - Low Run Cost


  • None at all

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Super Bright 1600 Lumens Output
  • Superb For Car Maintenance

Unique Selling Point:

  • Red Plus Flash Mode Light
  • Can Fast Charge Smartphone

With multi-functional household or car requirements, this light is highly recommended for operating during the night or tenting outdoors. A multi-purpose light with a more extensive range of applications. This Sunix 30W LED work light is fantastic for the work area, car, puppy walking and emergency illumination.

Specs: Lithium 1600 LM | 30W LED | 560g | IP64 | 18 x 13 x 7 cm

This LED work light is manageable while offering flexibleness, suitable for fishing, family car repair, discovering at night or employing as an emergency situation light fixture. It is easy to transport, and you may use the magnet to hang anyplace.

Rechargeable Site Light With Yellow Exterior

£12   Sunix LED Rechargeable Site Light - Get It!  

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: MXLEGNT Cordless Work Light Rechargeable

Admire the magnificent mixture of inspection lamp and user LED flashlights. Not merely can it be utilised as a standard rechargeable handheld torch, nonetheless it is used as an LED job light fixture. This MXLEGNT rechargeable LED inspection lamp is designed for car motor mechanics.

With three functioning modalities, this magnetic inspection light provides substantial low settings and LED option 200 LM. With a 4500 massive total capacity Li-ion battery, this very bright LED light can meet your several light demands and constantly work for over five hours.

The resilient magnet base for hand-free usage for inspection lighting style may establish your hands-free intended for carrying and occupying both hands. This light fixture has been confirmed as very beneficial to illuminate when working in night settings, like a stockroom or shed.

Very bright cordless LED work light rechargeable style using 2 settings. The primary illumination is furnished with 3W COB and creates 200 Lumens broad beam light that renders a much more transportable and consistent luminosity.

Extremely vibrant, however simply no blinding, but the additional 1W brightness on the top creates 30 Lumens concentrated ray that may be expended as a flashlight.


  • Useful Stand For Under A Bonnet
  • Swing Arm For Diverse Angle Use


  • No Cons

Cordless LED Work Light In Red And Black

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Higher Capacity Li-Ion Battery
  • Perfect For Emergency Usage

Unique Selling Point:

  • Bright Work Shop Garage Light
  • Car Mechanics Best Associate

A concealed hook is straightforward for connecting in just about any location in your storage area or your work area. A 180 degrees swing arm and then a strong magnet will suit your usage at distinct perspectives. With a powerful magnet, it could be quickly linked to metallic objects.

One example is attaching to the bonnet when restoring a vehicle or affixing to the front side wing whenever you need to change a car tyre. Connect to the work-bench and various other surprising crisis implementation objects. The disguised hook may be connected in different situations.

With durable and soft components, this device differs from other unfinished and 'obsolete' torch lights. This excellent USB light is constructed of quality ABS TPR components, which is solid in its consistency. A guarantee and Type-C USB wire is supplied with the MXLEGNT rechargeable LED inspection lamp.

The Light Battery And Magnet Info
MXLEGNT Light Battery And Magnet Info

Specs: 800 LM | 4500 mAh | 285g | 20 x 2 x 4 cm | Type-C USB 5V

This hand flashlight uses the physique textures for unproblematic grip and multi-practical usage. Handheld as a torch, the car mechanic light offers very high work area brightness.

The correcting stand can deform and pivot as much as 180 Degrees. An incorporated hook upon the rear of the light enables you to suspend the illumination close-by whenever functioning.

The substantial magnetised base may be adhered to virtually any metal surface area. Recharging and integrated battery operation can be charged up via GB battery and motorcar charger.
[Rating: 9/10]   £25   Get It → MXLEGNT Cordless LED Work Light  

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: EnuoTek Portable Inspection LED Light

This is a robust bright inspection LED light with rubber surface and high hardness rating. Incorporated with authentic COB LED, there is sufficient electrical power in 4 Watts. 450LM high luminosity examined expert equipment, a great deal more lustrous compared to those exclusively just 200 Lm.

The front component rechargeable work light fixture is a COB LED light source for 120 degrees positioning for floodlight settings. The ENUOTEK rechargeable work light offers two lighting variants modified by one button. The optimum illumination of 450 LM can brighten up a 50m square space.

Two suspending hooks for side to side and top to bottom installed secure magnets are on the rear and bottom. They may be fastened on virtually any vertical metal surface area with no sliding. A MicroUSB charging slot is guarded with a rainproof cover for heavy outdoor operating.

The top portion is a high-powered LED light supply with 60 degrees lighting perspective for spotlighting function. The 3W LED produces high illumination of 150 Lumens, helpful for restorative vehicle repairs plus.


  • Fully Dimmable 4W COB Lighting
  • Rubber Grip Feels Great In Hand


  • No

Inspection LED Light With Black Hanging Clip

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Brilliant For Car Mechanics
  • Illuminates A Vast Work Area

Unique Selling Point:

  • Extremely Strong Magnets Inside
  • Folding Hand Grip Can Twist

Collapsed for different requirements of the light route, this feature is beneficial for domestic electricians and auto technicians for work area lighting projects.
Three magnets on the light body offer effective magnetic overall performance without falling. With two hooks, the light can be straight and horizontally suspended.

The ENUOTEK rechargeable COB LED work light is rugged, anti-slide, and rainproof with a rubber material surface area. The device presents a manageable size and is easy to be transported.
A built-in strong magnet on the lower part and back, plus rotating hanging hooks, means you can attach to any place for hands-free functioning.

Specs: 25 x 4 x 5 cm | 299g | 4W 5V | COB LED | 2600mAh | 6500K

The collapsible handle may be turned using variable perspectives as outlined by the placements. Driven by a lithium battery with 2600 mAh high capability, it may be recharged by an electric power adapter and car phone charger.

Black Work Light Lumens Output
EnuoTek Work Light Lumens Output

This light can effortlessly brighten up 50 metres squared space. 2 wall hanging hooks for crosswise as well as vertical suspension and extremely solid magnets on the back - in addition under-surface.

It can be consistently connected upon just about any upright metal surface area with no falling away. The boosting slot is covered with a waterproof cover, intelligently and securely utilised for open-air working obligations.
[Rating: 9/10]   £30   Get It → EnuoTek Inspection LED Work Light  

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: AT-Mizhi LED Rechargeable Fold Flood Light

This is a smart LED work light using twin setting operations light structure and high powered 20W lets loose a '1500 Lumens' all-encompassing beam of light.

The head creates high Lumens concentrated ray of light. The rechargeable torch light comes with an integrated Li-battery and there's an integrated 5000 Ma Lithium, therefore you do not require to set-up any additional battery.

The AT-Mizhi LED rechargeable work light supplies 20 W and 1500 LM to achieve a similar 120 Watts halogen bulb comparative light. The COB work lamp consists of ABS plastic and aluminium, an anti-slip style frame and a handgrip, so it's tough enough for all outdoor tasks.

360 degrees rotating and collapsible, this LED work light can easily satisfy illuminating dual sides and adapt perspectives quickly anytime to ensure all-round lighting. You can place it just about anywhere you want; therefore, it is appropriate to transport and hang up.


  • Exceptionally Durable Waterproof
  • 360 Degrees Rotating And Fold-Up


  • None here

LED Work Light Beside Car

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Extended Battery Duration
  • Best For Vehicle Maintenance

Unique Selling Point:

  • Ultra Bright Outdoor Lighting
  • Charge Your Phone Via Powerbank

With a USB rechargeable extended battery period, this outside floodlight will be outfitted with a 5000 mAh integrated battery and USB wire for super quick and easy charging. The light can last approximately 8 hours, and dual lights may last about 5 hours whenever totally recharged.

This unique emergency power bank LED light with 1A current productivity USB slot is a suitable power bank for recharging your mobile phone and other gadgets. The LED job light with electric power signals is easy to evaluate the enduring battery and recharging duration.

Specs: 1500 LM COB | 21 x 14 x 6 cm | 570g | 5000 mAh | IP65

Easily transportable and water-resistant, the AT-Mizhi LED rechargeable light is preferred for tenting, backpacking, motor vehicle repair, researching or employing an emergency light fixture. With IP65 water-repellent ranking, we guarantee the floodlight performs excellently on wet days.

Yellow LED Work Light Grades
AT-Mizhi LED work light grades

It's possible to charge it any place and any where you like. The boosting term is approximately 5 to 6 hours. It is versatile in addition a humanised conception 360 degree mobile suspension hook.

180 degrees versatile strap in addition a substantial magnet bottom which enables you to dangling it anyplace or bind to virtually any metal surface. The adaptable and rotating feature means you can centre the brightness where you want.
[Rating: 9/10]   £30   Get It → AT-Mizhi Folding Style LED Work Light  

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: Ring Auto MAGflex Rechargeable LED Lamp

This is a job illumination rechargeable LED inspection lamp and flashlight that is just right for mechanical workshops, (Do It Yourself) projects, boating, tenting, night-time, angling or perhaps for deployment as an emergency illumination.

The light possesses 48 LED work lamps as well as an independently commanded 4 LED torch for use whenever a more direct light source is expected. It features a magnetised base plus handy dangling hook.

Acquire situated light precisely where you demand it with 360 degrees rotation and 180 degrees ratchet function. The Ring automotive MAGflex Twist LED inspection lamp is the supreme light fixture for directional illumination in the work area with no bargain on brightness.

With a bright and vivid white light production to reproduce daytime, the 6000K colour temperatures with 250 Lumens light capacity create much less pressure on the eyes. It is ideal in the dark and dimly lit spaces, permitting you to work for a more extended period.


  • This Light Flexes All Directions
  • Useful Suspending Hook Included


  • None whatsoever here

Rechargeable LED Inspection Lamp In Grey

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Rotates Fully 360 Degrees
  • Best Hands Free Utilisation

Unique Selling Point:

  • Brilliant For Dark Dim Areas
  • Ratchet System Twist Type

Two magnets and a suspending hook imply that light could possibly throw instantly where you require, without securing the flashlight. This continues to keep both your hands free for functioning. A dazzling light for outstanding brightness, the torch emits approximately high Lumens to light up the task location. White LEDs provide a very comfortable workspace.

You can distort, flex and extend to generate light where you demand it. The Magflex twist revolves and ratchets to spotlight wherever you go. The chargeable cordless. Li-ion battery possesses a working time of up to 3 hours, keeping constant light productivity all the way through.

Blue Ring Auto MAGflex Light Data
Ring Auto MAGflex Data

For exceptional hands-free light, two magnets and a hanging catch signify you can get light in the place you must have it. This Ring automotive MAGflex Twist LED inspection lamp is designed for setting in darker environments like a car maintenance zone.

Specs: 4 x 5 x 24 cm | 430g | 360 MAGflex Twist | 6000K | 245 LM

Angle it precisely where you need, complete with a 240V mains powered battery charger plus a 12V motorcar cigar lighter outlet for charging up while at home or perhaps on the go.

The light will not dim as the battery depletes. The lamp recharges in 4.5 hours with the mains power charging wire associated. About 2 hours of energising time period will render 3 to 4 hours of uninterrupted deployment.
[Rating: 9/10]   £32   Get It → Ring Auto MAGflex LED Lamp  

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Portable LED Rechargeable Inspection Work Lights

: Sealey Rechargeable LED Inspection Lamp

Small, light weight LED inspection task lamp with rotating and tilt functionality, which allows the light resource to be placed in just about any angle.

Sporting a first-rate vibrant COB LED light origin, it affords a consistent and perpetual dispersal of illumination. You acquire 220 Lumens using a CRI-80 grade deep-set lens for bestowed security.

The incomparable and ingenious Sealey LED rechargeable inspection lamp provides you with a 1W high power LED directional flashlight situated at the top of the light. The torch generates about 100 Lumens. The rubber-covered magnet in the bottom and turning hook is for hands-free functionality.

The turning and tilt features permit you to spot the light resource in virtually any path. The light incorporates an excellent, bright COB LED source of light. This supplies a consistent and continuous distribution of light all the way to 220 Lumens.


  • Small Enough For Tight Spaces
  • Position Light Any Direction


  • None

Bright LED Task Lamp In Red And Black

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Swivel Style Hook Provided
  • Long Operating Time 6 Hours

Unique Selling Point:

  • Super Dazzling Torch Light
  • Rubber Cover For Gripping

The light offers a concave lens which provides increased safeguards to the LED. Resting back from the enclosure, the LED is safeguarded from unintentional destruction.

With a rubber protected magnet and rotating hook, this design is equipped with USB recharging specifics for speedy and successful recharging. It is provided with a mains adaptor and USB wire.

The Sealey LED rechargeable inspection lamp concave lens presents supplied safety to the LED. A superior quality rechargeable 3.7V 1.5Ah Li-Polymer battery offers a much longer life with simply no memory impact - and a significantly slower release than regular battery packs.

Specs: 3.7V 1.5Ah | 2W COB LED | 15 x 25 x 4 cm | 280g | 180 LM

Task Lamps In Many Colours
Sealey task lamps in many colours

A 1 Watt electrical power LED light situated on top of the light for directing the flashlight function creates upwards of 90 Lumens. It incorporates a rubber crossed magnet in the base plus twisting hook for hands free procedure.

The hook replicates as a pocket/strap clasp for effortless transporting whenever not used. Expert calibre recharging 3.7V battery for lengthier life-span.
[Rating: 9/10]   £28   Get It → Sealey Rechargeable LED Task Lamp  

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: Coquimbo Recharging LED Inspection Lamp

A torch light design LED DIY inspection lamp with multi-functional design for trades and workforce, subcontracting deployment and all-purpose utilisation about the household. The Coquimbo lamp offers 1 Watt extremely white LED illumination x36, perfect for a working light or perhaps tenting illumination.


  • Ideal For Home Or Car Workshop
  • Powerful COB LED Illumination


  • No

LED DIY Inspection Lamp With Black Charger

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Completely Rechargeable Device
  • Use Outdoors In All Conditions

Unique Selling Point:

  • Hand Free Usage As You Work
  • Bright Light For Travelling

Car Mechanic Using Coquimbo Light
Car Mechanic Using Coquimbo Light

2 additional substantial magnets and Lithium battery for 3 to as much as 4 hours of illumination from a full individual charge, possesses power economical long-lived LED's.

Specs: 16 x 11 x 5 cm | 280g | 3.7 V | COB LED | 360 Rotation

This Coquimbo lamp presents incomparable swivel/twisting construction and integrated 360 degrees suspension hook. Really potent magnets for effortless placement whenever functioning plus a good weather proof rubber design.
[Rating: 9/10]   £18   Get It → Coquimbo LED Inspection Lamp  

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: Zuoao Rechargeable LED Work Light

USB power or even battery operated bright rechargeable LED work light established with power lead incorporated. It can be run by power wire and it's possible to deploy like a flash light lamp, or perhaps an electrical power bank to supply energy for virtually all sorts of mobile phone using the iPhone or iPad lead.

Extremely vibrant LED workplace illumination implements to the most current COB LED's, which can effortlessly supply high luminosity as much as 650 Lumens. The Zuoao work light provides you with the finest profile in dim evenings and just right for working persons, shops, back garden, tenting or garage.


  • For Automobile Repair Work
  • High Ultra Bright Beam LED


  • Not here

Eco Rechargeable LED Work Light In Red And Black

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Charge Up Via PC USB Port
  • Light And Compact Light Unit

Unique Selling Point:

  • Sturdy And Durable Structure
  • Perfect Light For Angling

You can correct the perfect perspective to illuminate the expanse around you at home or workplace, even for automobile repairs, besides - you can string up this job LED inspection lamp with the incorporated hook. This Zuoao work light is transportable with weight dimensions of approximately 300 grammes, effortless to be strung up, or just used on the floor.

Specs: 650 LM | 3W COB LED | 22 x 6 x 5 cm | 260g | 1200mAh

Use in your camp or persisting somewhere else as it is great for safe keeping in your backpack to accompany you on all scenarios. Substantial and robust LED bulbs are encompassed in an eco-congenial ABS housing. Higher life span, COB LED lit can endure for in excess of 100000 hours for illuminating areas at night time for the most beneficial visibility.
[Rating: 8/10]   £15   Get It → Zuoao Rechargeable LED Work Light  

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Effortless to use however durable, sturdy and flexible portable rechargeable LED work lamps using extremely vibrant LED's which grant you hours of illumination whenever completely charged up. Adorned in a long wearing rubber casing that shields it from bumps, scuffs - plus useful integral standing magnet.