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Rechargeable LED Inspection Lamps For DIY Tasks

Updated 07/04/2020:
We help you discover the best rechargeable LED work light with substantial magnets for attaching on metallic objects with rotating hook for suspension. Perfect for DIY, vehicle, garage or tent. Strategies for hands free deployment, outside LED inspection lamps for house repairs, garden or loft.

: Fyore Battery Work Light LED Car Repair Ideal

Battery Work Light With Black Border

£18   Fyore Battery Work Light LED - Get It!  

: Sunix Rechargeable Site Light LED Waterproof

Rechargeable Site Light With Yellow Exterior

£23   Sunix LED Rechargeable Site Light - Get It!  

: LINLUX Portable LED Work Light 2600 LM COB

Portable LED Work Light With Rear Stand

£26   LINLUX LED Work Light COB - Get It!  

: Flintronic Rechargeable Flood Light Bright LED

Yellow Rechargeable Flood Light On Vehicle

£11   Flintronic Rechargeable Flood Light - Get It!  

: Prozor Cordless LED Work Light Rechargeable

Very bright cordless LED work light rechargeable style using 2 settings. The primary illumination is furnished with 3W COB and creates 200 Lumens broad beam light that renders a much more transportable and consistent luminosity.

Extremely vibrant, however simply no blinding, but the additional 1W brightness on the top creates 30 Lumens concentrated ray that may be expended as a flashlight.

Cordless LED Work Light In Red And Black

The correcting stand can deform and pivot as much as 180 Degrees. An incorporated hook upon the rear of the light enables you to suspend the illumination close-by whenever functioning.

The substantial magnetised base may be adhered to virtually any metal surface area. Recharging and integrated battery operation can be charged up via GB battery and motorcar charger.
[Rating: 9/10]   £14   Get It → Prozor Cordless LED Work Light

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: EnuoTek Mobile Inspection LED Light

Super secure robust bright inspection LED light with rubber surface and a high hardness rating. Incorporated with authentic COB LED lights, there is sufficient electrical power in 3 Watts. 280Lm high luminosity examined expert equipment, a great deal more lustrous compared to those exclusively just 200 Lm.

Inspection LED Light With Black Hanging Clip

This light can effortlessly brighten up 50 metres squared space. 2 wall hanging hooks for crosswise as well as vertical suspension and extremely solid magnets on the back - in addition under-surface.

It can be consistently connected upon just about any upright metal surface area with no falling away. The boosting slot is covered with a waterproof cover, intelligently and securely utilised for open-air working obligations.
[Rating: 9/10]   £27   Get It → EnuoTek Inspection LED Light

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: RUNACC LED Rechargeable Fold Flood Light

Luminous LED work light using twin setting operation light structure and high powered 20W lets loose a '1500 Lumens' all-encompassing beam of light.

The head creates high Lumens concentrated ray of light. The rechargeable torch light comes with an integrated Li-battery and there's an integrated 5000 Ma Lithium, therefore you do not require to set-up any additional battery.

LED Work Light Beside Car

It's possible to charge it any place and any where you like. The boosting term is approximately 5 to 6 hours. It is versatile in addition a humanised conception 360 degree mobile suspension hook.

180 degrees versatile strap in addition a substantial magnet bottom which enables you to dangling it anyplace or bind to virtually any metal surface. The adaptable and rotating feature means you can centre the brightness where you want.
[Rating: 9/10]   £28   Get It → RUNACC Folding LED Work Light

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: Draper Portable Rechargeable Work Light

Inspection style portable rechargeable LED work light that's impeccably accommodated for a range of diligences, particularly the car sphere.

Equipped with COB face-plate creating a glorious 350 Lumens and the 1W LED upon the end-plate render 80 Lumens. This end plate is additionally outfitted using 3 ultra-violet light LED's transmuting the light directly in to a flash light.

Portable LED Work Light In Black And Yellow

Operated through a recharging Li-ion battery and presenting increased battery effectiveness, although the bottom is fabricated with an incorporated magnet as well as twisting joint that allows the illumination to be utilised in virtually any 360 degree location.

Specially handy in the car industry, since the ultra-violet light capacities allow outflow detecting etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £42   Get It → Draper Portable LED Work Light

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: Ring Automotive Rechargeable LED Lamp

A job illumination rechargeable LED inspection lamp and flashlight that is just right for mechanical workshops, (Do It Yourself) projects, boating, tenting, night-time, angling or perhaps for deployment as an emergency illumination.

It possesses 48 LED light work lamps as well as an independently commanded 4 LED light torch for use whenever a more direct light source is expected. It features a magnetised base plus handy dangling hook.

Rechargeable LED Inspection Lamp In Grey

Angle it precisely where you need, complete with a 240V mains powered battery charger plus a 12V motorcar cigar lighter outlet for charging up while at home or perhaps on the go.

About 2 hours of energising time period will render 3 to 4 hours of uninterrupted deployment.
[Rating: 9/10]   £29   Get It → Ring Auto Recharging LED Lamp

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: Discoball LED Hand Held Work Lamp

A recharging inspection LED hand held work lamp including Lithium-ion battery and integral magnets for comparable deployment, plus base standing function with 180 degrees versatility.

2 x suspension hooks propose even more illumination perspective variables. 21 x LED lights provide as much as 4 hours of continual illuminating.

Hook Style Fold-Up LED Hand Work Lamp

5 LED light spots offer adequate to 15 hours of day-and-night light. Includes wrist band Li-ion battery 3.7v 1200 mAh 130V mains powered battery charger, in addition to 12V in-car boosting lead provided. A substitute LED light lens is accessible.
[Rating: 9/10]   £24   Get It → Discoball LED Work Lamp

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Portable Cordless LED Rechargeable Inspection Work Lights

: Sealey Rechargeable LED Inspection Lamp

Small, light weight LED inspection task lamp with 360 degrees rotating and tilt functionality, which allows the light resource to be placed in just about any angle.

Sporting a first-rate vibrant 2 Watts COB LED light origin, it affords a consistent and perpetual dispersal of illumination. Makes adequate to 180 Lumens using a CRI-80 grade and deep-set lens for bestowed security.

Bright LED Task Lamp In Red And Black

A 1 Watt electrical power LED light situated on top of the light for directing the flashlight function creates upwards of 90 Lumens. It incorporates a rubber crossed magnet in the base plus twisting hook for hands free procedure.

The hook replicates as a pocket/strap clasp for effortless transporting whenever not used. Expert calibre recharging 3.7V battery for lengthier life-span.
[Rating: 9/10]   £25   Get It → Sealey Rechargeable LED Task Lamp

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: Coquimbo Recharging LED Inspection Lamp

A torch light design LED DIY inspection lamp with multi-functional design for trades and workforce, subcontracting deployment and all-purpose utilisation about the household. 1 Watt extremely white LED illumination x36, perfect for a working light or perhaps tenting illumination.

LED DIY Inspection Lamp With Black Charger

2 additional substantial magnets and Lithium battery for 3 to as much as 4 hours of illumination from a full individual charge, possesses power economical long-lived LED's.

Incomparable swivel/twisting construction and integrated 360 degrees suspension hook. Really potent magnets for effortless placement whenever functioning plus a good weather proof rubber design.
[Rating: 9/10]   £17   Get It → Coquimbo LED Inspection Lamp

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: Zuoao Rechargeable LED Work Light

USB power or even battery operated bright rechargeable LED work light established with power lead incorporated. It can be run by power wire and it's possible to deploy like a flash light lamp, or perhaps an electrical power bank to supply energy for virtually all sorts of mobile phone using the iPhone or iPad lead.

Extremely vibrant LED workplace illumination implements to the most current COB LED's, which can effortlessly supply high luminosity as much as 650 Lumens. It provides you with the finest profile in dim evenings and just right for working persons, shops, back garden, tenting or garage.

Eco Rechargeable LED Work Light In Red And Black

You can correct the perfect perspective to illuminate the expanse around you at home or workplace, even for automobile repairs, besides - you can string up this job LED inspection lamp with the incorporated hook. Transportable and light dimensions approximately 300 grammes, effortless to be strung up, or just use on the floor.

Use in your camp or persisting somewhere else as it is great for safe keeping in your backpack to accompany you on all scenarios. Substantial and robust LED bulbs are encompassed in an eco-congenial ABS housing. Higher life span, COB LED lit can endure for in excess of 100000 hours for illuminating areas at night time for the most beneficial visibility.
[Rating: 9/10]   £14   Get It → Zuoao Rechargeable LED Work Light

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: Voche LED Rechargeable Inspection Lamp

This particular recharging 100 LED car inspection lamp is just right for any mechanic, do it yourself project fan, for yachting, camping, night-time or perhaps like a situation illumination for the home base.

It comes with as much as 4 hours of illumination on a maximum charge and the integral hook enables you to hang it wherever illumination is required.

x100 LED Car Inspection Lamp With Small Booster

A first-class addition to virtually any shop or garage and there's additionally an incorporated easily removed magnetic fixing bracket, just right to bond almost any steel surface area.

It delivers complete with both a 240V mains powered charger as well as a 12V motorcar cigar lighter outlet adaptor so that you'll forever experience light when it is postulated.
[Rating: 9/10]   £20   Get It → Voche LED Car Inspection Lamp

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Effortless to use however durable, sturdy and flexible portable rechargeable LED work lamps using extremely vibrant LED's which grant you hours of illumination whenever completely charged up. Adorned in a long wearing rubber casing that shields it from bumps, scuffs - plus useful integral standing magnet.