Sunrise Alarm Clocks To Wake Up With Dawn Simulation

Updated 26/07/2021:
Simulation sunrise alarm clocks wake you making the most of illumination redress and enable you to awaken cheerful and fully energised. The wake-up lamps ensure you launch into each day invigorated, stimulated and encouraged using a remedial light therapy that simulates the sun.

Using a sunrise alarm clock waking light, you continue the wake-up period as you habitually would since it continues to possess an alert sound integrated. Roughly half an hour before your waking time, it gradually starts to lighten up to mirror an organic sense of dawn.

Colourful SAD Light Alarm Clocks
Beautiful colourful SAD light alarm clocks..

: GEEKERA Natural Light Alarm Clock Radio

Utilising APP connectivity and voice control, this sunrise alarm clock integrates an intelligent home application helping to make it easier to influence the gadget. Voice control is maintained via Alexa and Google home, a concept that promptly frees you from untidy control keys.

A brilliant digital control alarm clock with dawn and sundown simulation. The GEEKERA wake up light sun lamp alarm will 'replicate dawn' and populate your space with elevating illumination. Enjoy from dimly lit to pre-set brightness, awakening you to pleasurable daybreak.

You will discover natural noises in this sunshine alarm clock with bird tunes, ocean surf, channels, beeps, wind flow chimes, mild beats and piano tracks to start a brand new day with soft light. The FM button searches about 40 programmes for a fascinating audio experience.


  • Multi Use SAD Lamp Radio
  • Alexa, Google Compatible


  • None at all

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Easily Control Brightness
  • All-Natural Sounds Offered

Unique Selling Point:

  • Romantic Ambience Illumination
  • Superb Atmosphere Colour LED's

The alarm clock will sound on the set period even if you are tricky to wake up. Additionally, you usually do not want to postpone the working time, so simply press the snooze switch to create an additional 9 minutes of sleep. The alert sounds will perform yet again following 9 minutes.

With dual alarm clock settings, you may decide upon two distinct alarm instances, a single for weekdays plus the other for Saturdays and Sundays. The GEEKERA wake up light sun lamp offers you an increased 9 minutes to rest a bit more. Furthermore, the snooze action can be reused consistently.

Specs: 20 x 17 x 11 cm | Micro USB | ALEXA | LED FM Radio

Deciding upon your preferred colour or routine to embellish your room, simply generate a lovely ambience in your comfy area. You can make this sunlight alarm clock as your bedroom lights, studying light or romantic ambience lighting fixture with versatile brightness.

Light Alarm Clock Radio On White Desk

£21   GEEKERA Light Alarm Clock Radio - Get It!  

: Aipker Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock Radio

You now have the chance to get consummate pleasure from sunrise and sundown simulation white coloured light half an hour before your selected awaken period. The established time screen is in 12 and then 24-hour display.

The SAD light alarm clock will be on from zero of the illumination up to 100 percent at the specific time to bring you free from your profound sleep delicately. The sundown function will direct you to an all-natural relaxing sleep at night.

All six organic sounds like genuine music bliss, ocean, woods will allow you to experience the noises of mother nature. You can set the Aipker wake-up sunrise clock radio as your wake up tone. If you do not desire to awaken now, lay down on your bed, revel in your preferred channel, and take it easy.

The wake-up illumination alarm clock with adaptable brightness configurations is used as a bedroom lamp to safeguard your sight. Additionally, it will immediately vary from 7 colours of lighting, for example, warm white coloured, blue or purple, orange coloured or indigo to appreciate vibrant light.


  • Night Light On It's Own Stand
  • Wake To Natural Sound Or Radio


  • None..

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Beautiful Colour Transitions
  • Feel Energised When You Wake Up

Unique Selling Point:

  • Makes A Superior Reading Lamp
  • Great Atmosphere In The Bedroom

For the snooze features and environment back-up, you just click on the button. You will obtain five increased minutes of sleeping peacefully. The Aipker wake-up sunrise clock comes with one button, so you don't have to set the time yet again in the event of power inability.

Specs: 16 x 16 x 8 cm | 370g | RGB | 5V | Snooze | AC DC Battery

Wake-up light alarm clocks are super helpful in guaranteeing you awaken in the easiest way feasible. Suppose you find yourself suffering from exhaustion in the morning. In that case, this light helps you to feel more rejuvenated and encouraged - an ideal gift idea for your best friends and family.

Wake Up Light Alarm With Big LED

£26   Aipker Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock - Get It!  

: How A Wake Up Light Can Help You

The purpose of this type of SAD light alarm clock is to by nature wake you using light instead than becoming awoken by a high in volume buzzer alert. Awakening in this manner is a considerably more progressive method that constitutes healthier wake-up situations.

: Slow Colour Changing Illumination

The primary issue that the physique incurs when you make an effort to get up in a dark setting is that you are feeling as though you should not be alert during that time. You can see our LED colour evolving light bulbs that gradually transition similarly.

: Awaken With More Energy And Life

Your system has the sense that its night time, which in turn causes the human brain not to awaken you entirely and this can result in the body to carry on creating Melatonin and other sleeping bodily hormones rather than transitioning to more energetic Serotonin etc.

: Wake Up To Light And Not Noise

Situations can be resolved with a wake-up daylight alarm clock which imitates the effects of all-natural dawn - which tricks your system into behaving as it might at the time of sunrise, and causes the discharge of hormones. Awakening in a lit space makes it simpler to get up.

: Leap Out Of Bed Enthusiastically

Getting up very early may be challenging, so it can be tough to jump up out of bed with lots of vigour. If you awaken using a dawn simulator alarm clock light, you can feel even more enthusiastic because your physique will be more prepared, since its mainly been up for about half an hour.

: Beats The Old Noisy Alarm Bell

If you use a conventional noisy alarm, you will frequently 'hit the snooze' switch several times as you are awakened from a deep sleep, which may be somewhat surprising. The body should not go directly from a deep rest to an alert condition so expediently.

: Philips Sleep And Wake Sunset Simulation

This wake-up lamp is scientifically established to enhance typical wellness after getting out of bed. Many users believe it is simpler to wake up each day. The illumination advised wind-down essential assists you to unwind as the sunset simulation plans the body for sleeping.

With an intelligent touch screen for better gadget control, you will find individualised illumination variants to select the most suitable for your needs. The Philips sleep and wake-up light help you customise your sleep and wake-up encounter throughout sundown and dawn simulation.

The simulation will initialise comfortably in the morning hours in red and steadily enhance to orange coloured, right up until your room is loaded with dazzling yellow illumination.
This encourages you to awaken usually whilst your body is nonetheless sleeping. All-natural sounds or radio accomplishes your awakening experience, leaving you looking forward to a new day.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Beautiful Curvy Wake Lamp
  • Versatile Brightness Modes

Unique Selling Point:

  • Wake Up Feeling Better
  • Great As A Study Light

Top Features:


  • Seven Rhythms Of Light
  • Prepares Your To Sleep


  • Is It Worth The Price Tag?

As opposed to a regular alarm clock, this device is made to awaken you towards a more all-natural approach, utilising an exclusive mix of light and audio. Later in the day, light-guided deep breathing can help you relax to snooze. Sunset simulation assists you to drift off considerably quicker.

Specs: 310 LUX | 22 x 22 x 12cm | 1.6Kg | FM Radio | Wire 1.5m

The Philips sleep and wake-up light are created to assist you to relax and wake up rejuvenated. With light-guide and personal sun configurations, this SAD lamp is crafted by the sleep professionals and manufacturers of the commanding universal wake-up light fixtures.

The sundown simulation plan conditions your system to sleep by lessening illumination and elective sounds with your specific period. It delicately assists you to unwind just before you fall into a deep sleep.

White Wake Up Lamp On Night Stand

£189   Philips Sleep Wake Up Lamp Simulator - Get It!  

: Roxel SAD Light Alarm Clock Changing Colours

This alarm clock bedroom wake-up light fixture with sunset and dawn simulation possesses an automated radio with touch regulation features. The continuous sunrise will certainly, by natural means, ease you from sleeping, and the alarm clock will softly ring at the time you arranged.

You will appreciate the intelligent sunrise simulation with smooth and authentic light 30 minutes ahead of the wake-up period you determine. The Roxel alarm clock wake-up light will switch on with soft illumination. After that, it will 'steadily become brighter' before the half-hour is complete.

An FM radio alarm clock and snooze features can awaken you with your most popular radio channel. To choose this, long-press the FM switch to scan the airwaves immediately.

By natural means, the snooze press button is there to extend your getting out of bed procedure by five minutes. Especially if you feel you're not incredibly prepared to wake up. Eleven level illuminations permit a gentle wake up sense for you every single morning.


  • Lovely Bright Colour Modes
  • Top Quality - Decent Price


  • None here..

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Includes Soft Waking Sounds
  • Easy To Use Dimmer Settings

Unique Selling Point:

  • Radio Station Selections
  • Sea Wave Sounds Are Great

This excellent sunrise alarm clock presents six unique natural wake up noises to keep you content getting out of bed to start your relaxed morning hours. The Roxel alarm clock wake-up light incorporates dimming illumination levels for reading or unwinding, staying away from irritating beams of a bulb.

Specs: RGB | 12 x 17 x 18 cm | 300g | 5V DC | 80LM LED

You will discover several different colours, which will sequentially transform to produce comfortable and intimate surroundings.
With soft touch keys and backup battery, there are user-friendly touch keys to create time, alarm system, light and radio channels. This clock is fully mains driven; nonetheless, it can also be run by AAA batteries.

SAD Light Alarm Clock With Metal Base

£24   Roxel SAD Light Alarm Clock - Get It!  

: AsperX Sunrise Alarm Clock Mood Atmospheric

Due to an intelligent sunrise/sunset simulation, simply set the time to wake up early, and the dawn will begin in the first half an hour. It will steadily increase the illumination to awaken you up organically. The AsperX wake-up light alarm clock colours varies from soft red colour to bright sun.

You can through the network control inside a range of 10 metres devoid of obstructions. This handheld controlled light can function light brightness modifications, colour environment, ring tone arranging, volume level positioning, time mode, FM and so forth.

Before going to the bedroom, the light associating with the background music will 'little by little' dim. This will supply you with a natural sleeping condition to transform your life sleep level of quality. You can tap the top part of the gadget to arrange the light to alter the light blinking on/off.

Many different gradient lights are present like yellow, orange coloured, pink, light blue, cyan and bright green that looks genuinely fantastic. You can pick colours or cycle to provide comfortable surroundings. You may use it in varied situations like a bedside light or study light fixture.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Unique Crescent Shape Light
  • Useful Handheld Remote Device

Unique Selling Point:

  • Stunning Sounds And Lights
  • Audio And Brightness Settings

Top Features:


  • Two Sets Of Time Alarms
  • Heat And Humidity Screen


  • None here

Besides FM radio, you can delight in wonderful natural noises and decide upon your preferred music as an alarm ringing tone. This AsperX wake up light alarm clock only requires three seconds to instantly query and save. Various stations can be preserved, and you can decide to listen to them closely.

Specs: 20 x 7 x 20 cm | 330g | 2.22 W | LED FM Radio Alarm

The lamp can be utilised as a decision for morning hours alarms or going to bed music. For a more clear radio station, you can broaden the radio antenna. Rather than with the snooze features, you will get an extra 5 minutes of sleep. The alarm system and dawn will replicate every time you tap the gadget.

Sunrise Alarm Clock Showing The Time

£26   AsperX Sunrise Alarm Clock Mood Light - Get It!  

: The Gradual Wake Up From Deep Slumber

A wake up light alarm working little-by-little brings you free from a deep slumber and into a less heavy sleep before awakening you - meaning the programmable lights will get you up quickly and almost instantly.

: Awaken Carefully From Deep Sleep

High volume alarm clocks are frustrating most of the time and can help to make anyone irritated to listen to them several times. All wake up light alarm clocks utilise an organic, smooth light tone to awaken carefully in a calmer sleep state; therefore, a much softer sound awakens you quickly.

: Helping Seasonal Affective Disorder

The seasonal affective disorder is an issue that impacts persons whenever the seasons modify, rendering it hard for individuals to wake up well at the most fortunate time. This could result in the inner physique clock becoming influenced, which can bring about sadness manifestations.

: Beat The Cold Winter Time Blues

The very best wake up light alarm clocks can sort out 'the blues' by providing you with an impact of sunlight every morning whenever you awaken. They can likewise increase other circumstances, which includes stress compounded by a high volume alarm clock bell.

: Feeling Exhausted During The Day?

We recognise that Melatonin is a hormone introduced during the night that makes you feel exhausted and looking forward to bed. The SAD wake-up lights enable your system to slowly but surely stop this release when it's time to awaken - making you feel considerably more renewed each morning.

The ideal illumination of the sunrise alarm clock wake-up light is central to reflect upon since it is powerful at waking you up gently from a deep sleep. It is the corresponding value to the volume level of a loud alarm.

: LOFTer Smart SAD Wake Up Light ALEXA

Implementing this uncluttered wake-up sunrise alarm clock, you can expect to simulate the morning hours sunrise to awaken you naturally. And more successfully with steadily strengthening illumination from 10 to 100 percent over the sixty-minute stage.

Simultaneously, you may select one of the seven natural noises or a preferred radio channel as the alarm system sound as well. Simply bid farewell to those old fashioned alarm clocks.

You may direct yourself in harmony to sleep through the sleep help feature from the LOFTer smart wake up light clock. The wake-up light fixture imitates the lovely sundown.
The light will eventually dim with the music to assist you in getting to sleep reasonably quickly. As soon as it accomplishes the time you determine, the sleep helper action will instantly shut off.

With the intelligent voice and APP regulations, you may control the wake-up light with your voice throughout Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or perhaps control within the APP through your Google Android or iOS gadgets. You need not press advanced buttons on the light fixture merely within the APP; you could easily arrange all these features.


  • Smart APP And Voice Commands
  • Ideal Sleep Aid For Restless


  • No Cons

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Lamp Compatible With Alexa
  • Convenient Pre-Set Alarms

Unique Selling Point:

  • Diverse Brightness Grades
  • Hear Birds And Piano Tunes

This wake-up light provides several different settings with lively colours and night lighting, like the 20-level brightness of relaxing luminescence. It not only can be used as an ambient light but also as an exceptional bedside light fixture. Simply choose the best appropriate LOFTer smart wake up light brightness phase or colour for you personally.

Specs: 18 x 18 x 9 cm | 500g | FM | WiFi APP | RC 12/24 Hours

Applying this enhanced alarm clock, you may arrange 4 sets of the alarm clock as you may require. Alarm system 1 for Weekdays. Alarm system 2 for Saturday or Sunday. Alarm 3 for browsing periods.
Choose alarm 4 for your workout occasions. You may select 7 distinct natural noises to create the alarm clock, but the snooze feature enables you to wake up from 8 to 15 minutes past the due time.

SAD Wake Up Light With White Exterior

£28   LOFTer SAD Wake Up Light ALEXA - Get It!  

: Lumie Bodyclock Rise Wake-Up Light Clock

The Bodyclock Rise is a healthcare gadget which awakens you progressively using a simulated sun rising effect. The particular brightening illumination coaxes you more delicately out of slumber, compelling the body to lessen the creation of sleep .


  • Advised For SAD Related Disorder
  • No More Drowsy Morning Hours


  • None whatsoever

Wake-Up Light Clock In All White Finish

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Fading Light Like Sunset
  • Beautiful LED Sunset Mode

Unique Selling Point:

  • Feel Brighter On Waking Up
  • Ideal For Adults Or Kids

Specs: 16 x 19 x 12 cm | 565g | Mixed SAD LED | Tap Snooze

The intense Lumie Bodyclock Rise illumination is dimmable, therefore it may also be used just like a regular bedroom light source, also the electronic digital display dims to a low-level, or entirely off if you want for getting to sleep. You don't have to bother with waking if your electrical power goes off.
[Rating: 9/10]   £63   Get It - Lumie Bodyclock Rise Wake-Up Clock  

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: Coulax LED Light Wake Up Alarm Clock

A natural light wake up alarm clock with daybreak simulation illumination. Half-hour prior to the alarm clock time, this COULAX wake up light is going to advance and step by step increment luminosity ranging from 10 up to 100 percent.


  • Many Brightness Dimming Levels
  • Soothing Tunes As Your Alarm


  • No

Wake Up Alarm Clock With Red Digits

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Lovely Atmospheric Illumination
  • Implement As A Beside Night Lamp

Unique Selling Point:

  • Great Transitioning Colours
  • Set The Radio As An Alarm

Specs: FM Radio | 18 x 18 x 9.3 cm | 540g | AC/DC | 3-Pin UK

This ideal bedside COULAX wake up light alarm clock gift is a great idea for both children and the elderly. Selective FM radio set plus comical colour illuminations, all natural wake-up noises as well as a versatile warm brightness level constitute this wake-up projector illumination great corresponding nicely to your sleeping room.
[Rating: 9/10]   £29   Get It → Coulax Wake Up Alarm Clock  

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Wake-Up Light Sunlight Alarm Clocks For Morning SAD

The very best wake up lamp alarm clocks provides sunset highlights which improve following sundown settings during the night, which assists your system in winding down and sleep at night. This likewise produces indicators for the physique to discharge Melatonin.

: Hotweild Wake Light All-Natural Sound Alarms

Dawn simulation wake lamp works 30 minutes prior to alarm system time for break of day simulation white illumination. The Hotweild sunrise sunset wake up light offers step by step light-up ranging from 1 up to 100 percent saturation to softly work you out of deep slumber.


  • Soothing Sounds And Radio
  • Big LED Colour Light Zone


  • None at all..

Natural Sounds Wake Light Sound Alarm

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Fast Charge Micro USB Cable
  • Relaxing And Gradual Dimming

Unique Selling Point:

  • Seven Exceptional Colour Modes
  • Easy Touch Control Settings

Specs: Micro USB | LED | FM Radio | 18 x 17 x 10.6 cm | 470g

Choose a nature sound or let the integral FM radio awaken you with your particular preferred radio station. Touch the push button setting for illumination and deploy it as a bedside light. It's possible to adapt the Hotweild sunrise sunset wake up light white illumination strength.
[Rating: 8/10]   £37   Get It → Hotweild Wake Light Sound Alarm  

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: Lumie Bodyclock SPARK Clock Radio Alarm

The Lumie Bodyclock SPARK awakens you progressively with simulated sun rising. The brightening light source stirs you lightly out of slumber, compelling your system to keep the ability to control the sleep hormone melatonin, whilst escalating the body's hormones, such as cortisol to help you get up and start your day.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Brilliant Gradual Sleep Sunset
  • Stunning Realistic LED Colours

Unique Selling Point:

  • Easy To Utilise Snooze Mode
  • Gets Your Physique Sleep Ready

Sun Rise In White And Grey Exterior

Top Features:


  • Alarm Beep Dawn Chorus
  • Sunrise With Ray Impact


  • None..

Specs: 16 x 19 x 12 | 565g | Dimmable | Mix LEDs | SAD Night Light

With the Lumie Bodyclock SPARK, it is possible to personalise the sun rise as well as 'setting sun configurations', plus draw on the sound of AM, FM radio stations, spoken word, white noise, sleep deep breathing tracks etc. You can use it as a typical bedroom illumination incorporating a snooze functionality.
[Rating: 9/10]   £79   Get It Lumie Bodyclock SPARK Clock Radio  

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: Wake Up Just Like A Genuine Sunrise

Colour heat identifies the number of shades obtainable whenever establishing your alert. Several provide a single colour, which is generally whitish or yellow colouration. The more expensive versions routinely have multi-colour mimicking of a genuine sunrise for an all-natural encounter.

: Dawn Simulating Wake Up Light

Virtually all wake up light alarm clocks may have a hard and fast dawn duration of roughly half an hour as it accumulates to its last lighting phase. If you wish to make specifications of the period of your dawn, then you need to purchase a dawn simulator alarm clock that lets you accomplish this.

: Slow Sundown Sunrise Transmigration

The illumination SAD light alarm clocks employ is LED's since they take in low degrees of energy and are likewise longer lasting, create more moderate levels of heat - and besides, are available in assorted colours making it uncomplicated to produce the distinct gradation of sundown or sunrise.

A great all-natural wake up light alarm clock will enhance your body with radiant light and permit you to feel alert every morning. Light therapy lamps boost your temperament, energy and performance the whole day. It can help you to look forward to continuous sleep when returning to your bedroom.