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Citrus Lemon Squeezers With Electric Or Hand Press

Updated 26/03/2020:
These lemon squeezers offer a fast and delicious fresh compressed juice using motorised functionality or hand lever lemon press action, all making juice squeezing very competent. The citrus juicers are easy to utilise and can be disassembled, so they are straightforward to clean.

Use an electric citrus press to make drinks on a warm summer evening. Freshly squeezed juice is ideal, but compressing lemons and oranges is a lot easier using a powerful juicer with silent efficiency, easy to use modern design and small size - but useful for every kitchen space.

Pifco Electric Citrus Squeezer Nutritious Juice

Electric Citrus Squeezer In White

£11   Pifco Electric Citrus Squeezer 30 W - Get It!  

OVOS Lemon Press Made In 18/8 Steel


  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Will Not Rust


  • None..

Lemon Press With Long Steel Handle

£19   OVOS Steel Lemon Press - Get It!  

Aicok Electric Citrus Press Silent Motor


  • Silent Performance
  • 2 Years Warranty


  • None.

Citrus Press With Round Black Base

£39   Aicok Electric Citrus Press - Get It!  

Why Buy A Lemon Squeezer?

Loaded with nutritional supplements adding vitamin C, citrus and orange drinks have lots of health advantages and anti-inflammatory characteristics. Fresh drinks from a fruit juicer are better as you can be sure it's pure with no supplied chemical preservatives etc.

Work With Most Citrus Fruits

To find the ideal electric citrus squeezer, you have to consider what you need to utilise it for at home. Probably the most significant value is just how much juice comes from an individual fruit using minimum exertion. For plenty of citrus fruit drinks, then you will need a pro squeezer.

Manual Or Electric Lemon Press?

Hands-on lemon squeezers are generally simpler to set-up and clean, plus they enjoy a lot less open area in your kitchen space. They are usually more inexpensive than electric lemon press designs; nonetheless, it takes longer to create a large amount of juice.

The Correct Power You Need

If you need to press an ample amount of citrus juice, an electric powered juice squeezer is preferable. Nevertheless, the machines may be loud, and you may have to replace batteries on a few units.

Manual Citrus Squeezer Benefits

Several choose manual squeezers mainly because they accept as accurate the juice created tastes considerably better or is more significant in nutrition value. The electric lime squeezer types may warm up the drink slightly, most likely 'altering the flavour' and minimising some vitamins.

Squeezed Drink And Mixed Taste

If you need the regular antioxidant advantages of an everyday glass of freshly squeezed orange drink, it is best to possess an independent machine for just oranges. The refreshing taste is usually most effective, but vitamin C is for all restoration and reconstruction of cells in your body.

FOBUY Juice Squeezer Manual Hand Press


  • Very Solid Juicer
  • Extract Maximum Juice


  • None

Juice Squeezer With Long Hand Lever

£39   FOBUY Juice Squeezer Hand Press - Get It!  

Princess Electric Lemon Press Cast Iron Lever


  • Cast Aluminium Lever Arm
  • Produces Very Little Sound


  • None.

Lemon Press With Polished Steel Exterior

£59   Princess Electric Lemon Press - Get It!  

Geepas Electric Lime Squeezer Bi-Direction Twist

Electric Lime Squeezer With White Reamer

£13   Geepas Electric Lime Squeezer - Get It!  

Beldray Motorised Lemon Squeezer Pulp Filter


  • Superb Pulp Control
  • Useful Pouring Lip


  • None..

Motorised Lemon Squeezer With Black Exterior

£19   Beldray Motorised Lemon Squeezer - Get It!  

How To Choose The Ideal Citrus Press

Your system cannot produce vitamin C, and fresh fruit juice is among the most effective ways to consume, but watch out for self-proclaimed freshly orange juice from the racks of supermarkets. More often than not, it is purified, but the heat involved may unavoidably damage the benefits in the drink.

No Fruit Peeling Required

You can juice oranges in different fruit and veg tools; however, there are some fruits you need to peel before as a result of sharp oils inside the area. If you do not require the trouble of peeling a lot of oranges, using a motorised lemon squeezer means all you have to do is slice the fruit in two.

Machines That Manage Fruit And Veg

More affordable electric lemon press juicers are significantly less effective in removing the most juice from the fruit. You may be shopping for more fruit and veg and in the long term, but it will cost more than the preliminary expense of purchasing a juicer.

Feeding Chute And Cleaning Up

Buying a superior quality juicer in advance will probably pay for itself as time passes, but setting up your juicer should not take time and energy. Those with less hardware and a bigger feeding chute will reduce cleaning time.

Electric Squeezers And Centrifugal Juicers

Small electric lemon squeezers plus some centrifugal juicers are much easier to implement than side to side variations. Juicers devoid of pulp disposition will be the most challenging to wash, but they are still ideal for mixing in a fruit infuser water bottle.

Dishwasher Secure Parts Save Time

It will not make good sense if you buy an electric lime squeezer machine that will take additional time to wash, yet a quality juicer is dishwasher secure and will save time.

Elevated speed pulls up loads of air in the holding chamber, encouraging oxidation or just the breakdown of 'nutrients and vitamins' from your drink. In case you have utilised a centrifugal juicer, it may be frothy, but many of the motorised lemon squeezers do feature a separator feature.

Braun Electric Lemon Squeezer Multi Rotation

Lemon Squeezer With White Circular Stand

£18   Braun Rotating Electric Lemon Squeezer - Get It!  

VonShef Premium Fresh Orange Juice Machine

The most recent addition to our juicing selection, the electric powered fresh orange juice machine will assist you to easily squeeze juice for a wholesome beginning to your day.

Using 2 exchangeable squeezer fastenings, the citrus juicer allows you juice diverse sized fruits, contrary to several other citrus juicers available.

Juice Machine With Sliced Lemons


  • Steel And Black Finish
  • Efficient 100W Motor


  • None

It's a stainless steel conical conception and features a pouring rim with a drip plug for fresh compressed juice directly in to any container.

Reduced electrical power of just 85 Watts entails the business gets done without squandering energy, or making an unreasonable racket. Effortless to clean with non skid rubberised legs and wire safe keeping.
[Rating: 9/10]   £29   Get It → VonShef Premium Juicer Machine

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Orange, Lime, Lemon Juicer Capability

Basic level juicers accumulate the pulp in an inner container. For anyone who is juicing in significant amounts, an external pulp disposition strategy can help you save the discomfort of regularly stopping the juicing equipment, opening up, and emptying the container.

No Pulp Or With Pulp Please!

Several juice squeezers cannot process green vegetables effectively, and that is the situation with centrifugal juicers, and just restricted to juicing hard produce or certain citrus fruits. You will see no difficulties with it if your juicing formulas are more about the hard veg fruit juicer capability etc.

Citrus Squeezer For Greens And Other Veg

Should you be an enthusiast of green fruit drinks, choose a quality juicer which can successfully process greens. It is, without a doubt, going to become a significant advantage to manage wheatgrass and enable you to make almond milk for diversity to your healthier drinks.

An electric citrus squeezer will work one-half orange pushed possibly by hand or perhaps by a levered high cone on a rotating reamer that removes the juice and moves it on to a filter. For anyone who is orange juice fussy, such equipment is made to keep just a little consistency in the drink.

Kenwood Electric Powered Citrus Squeezer

The electric citrus squeezer in white makes compressing citrus fruits fast and comfortable. Citrus juices are compacted full of vitamins that may be promptly forfeited whenever they are stored, therefore fresh compressed beverages offer much more vitamins remaining unimpaired.

Citrus Squeezer With White Base


  • Dishwasher Safe Parts
  • The Reamer Rotates


  • None..

The citrus press is going to juice oranges, all sizes of lemons, limes and tasty grapefruits. The cone or juice 'reamer' revolves, which constricts the fruit juice from the fruit half - capturing the pips in the strain and the fruit juice in the container below.
[Rating: 9/10]   £28   Get It → Kenwood Electric Citrus Squeezer

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Sage Heston Blumenthal Electric Citrus Press

This electric citrus fruit press is configured to maximise fruit juice generation from all sizes and types of citrus fruit. An unambiguously finned and rolling cone draws out fruit juice the whole way to the peel, irrespective of dimensions.

Citrus Press With Hand On Lever


  • Use Minimal Effort
  • Cord Storage Area


  • Overpriced ??

This particular citrus fruit press additionally boasts an extremely 'hushed' motor and easy-clean flesh filter system. The specific undulating conception of the fins called for 6 months work, in addition to hundreds of prototypes to complete.
[Rating: 9/10]   £119   Get It → Sage Electric Citrus Press

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Easy To Use Lime Lemon Squeezers For Fresh Drinks

The best electric citrus press is excellent to savour refreshing pressed juice within your home or back garden in the summertime, or whenever you want. Electric citrus presses are for fruits and veg like limes, oranges or possibly big grapefruits.

They may be small equipment that performs the job on electric power and can juice from more than a few fruits in a single period.

ProfiCook Electric Citrus Juicer In Steel

The tool is an advanced calibre citrus fruit juicer contained in a stainless steel case. It features a high performance, long-life expert electric motor of 100 Watts maximum. The automated start/stop feature functions by simply pushing the juicer cone.

Citrus Juicer In Steel Finish


  • Auto Start/Stop Function
  • Additional Steel Sieve


  • None.

It incorporates a 'drip block' procedure, so no splattering and simply no requirement for wiping clean constantly. In addition, it incorporates a stainless steel strain and may be disassembled fast, plus it's effortless to keep clean and is dish-washing machine secure.
[Rating: 9/10]   £29   Get It → ProfiCook Electric Citrus Juicer

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Trebs Citrus Juice Maker Machine

The Duo citrus fruit juicer is faultless for creating freshly pressed juice. The two compressing cones make 'delightful fresh pressed fruit juice' in just a couple of minutes.

The two pressing out cones draw it quicker than any individual unit. Cut off and press citrus fruit fruit simultaneously.

Juice Maker Machine In All White

The covering is projected, so you don't get any soiled hands, plus it easily deflects splattering. The fruit juicer is incorporated with a pulp extractor and incorporates an easily removed 500ml tin for best pouring out experience.
[Rating: 9/10]   £137   Get It → Trebs Juicer Machine

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Duronic JE Electric Lemon Juicer

This citrus fruit juice making machine is ideal whenever you are thirsting for a fresh glass of appetising orange fruit juice, grapefruit, or perhaps lemonade, then delay no longer.

Lemon Juicer In Metal Casing


  • Very Easy To Set-Up
  • Very Powerful Juicer


  • None..

You additionally avert several of those additives detected in packaged juices in the supermarket. The design has been configured with slick arches to make it look great in virtually any cooking area.

The physical structure has been cautiously organised to execute at a high standard each time - in addition to looking rather attractive.
[Rating: 9/10]   £29   Get It → Duronic Electric Lemon Juicer

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The lemon press equipment here is perfect if you appreciate a fast glass of fresh juice each day, or maybe for producing a glass pitcher of citrus drinks. We hope you enjoyed our electric lemon squeezer products and guide/article.