Citrus Lemon Squeezers With Electric Or Hand Press

Updated 11/03/2022:
These lemon squeezers offer a fast and delicious fresh compressed juice using motorised functionality or hand lever lemon press action, all making juice squeezing very competent. The citrus juicers are easy to utilise and can be disassembled, so they are straightforward to clean.

Use an electric citrus press to make drinks on a warm summer evening. Freshly squeezed juice is ideal, but compressing lemons and oranges is a lot easier using a powerful juicer with silent efficiency, easy to use modern design and small size - but useful for every kitchen space.

: Progress Citrus Squeezer Nutritious Juice

Prepare yourself flavourful self-made juices in minutes by adding good fresh fruit and veg to your diet plan with this practical lemon presser. Impressive and simple to use, the electric motor system provides two cone fixtures to accumulate juice from big or small fruits in mere seconds.

The impressive pitcher contains an easy serving lip. Its dimension lets you create plenty of juice to keep inside the fridge. With a variable filter for the pulp handle, using this Progress EK3071P electric squeezer citrus juicer, you can generate smooth juice and keep the bits inside if desired.

An excellent start to every day plus a nourishing inclusion to the breakfast. Recently compressed orange juice is considerably better than virtually any shop purchased carton drink. Press all your lemons or limes applying just one piece of equipment. This simple juicer can control oranges, limes and lemons.

Electric Squeezer Citrus Juicer
Progress EK3071P Electric Citrus Juicer

All pips and seeds are accumulated and segregated, and the newly squeezed juice is gathered within the integrated carrier. The citrus fruit press juicer extractor delivers 25 Watts, a variable pulp filter and a 750 ml container with a pour-out lip that squeezes several fresh fruits.

This efficient citrus fruit juicer creates fresh, self-made juice that is never less complicated. The designer lemon squeezer machine is an excellent approach that is stunning for several substantial and tiny fruits. It is easy to add fruit to your regular food intake - including two exchangeable cone tools.

Together with the potent electric motor, the juicer performs all of the exertions for you personally. It even possesses adaptable pulp management to opt for smooth juice or keep the pieces inside. Authentic juice without adding anything means you completely dominate what goes directly into your scrumptious fruit juices.

The Features:

You don't need to incorporate water or any type of sugars or additives. Appreciate your fruit juice, your way, every day. Built with taste at heart, the simple to use Progress electric squeezer citrus juicer carries a useful transparent jug. There is a hassle-free lip, so serving is fast and clutter-free.

It is possible to faultlessly store aside after usage or put it together beforehand and place the container in the refrigerator later. Really user friendly, you basically press the fruit on the chosen cone and use the calculating container to make the ideal quantity of juice.

Electric Citrus Squeezer In White

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: HONZ Lemon Press Made In 18/8 Steel

Quick cleaning, this lemon squeezer's chrome panel and refined structure ensure it is straightforward to clean without streaks. It is moisture resistant, heat-resilient and discolouration-proof. Ensure to wash following use and note the lemon squeezer can be used in any dishwasher.

The HONZ heavy-duty manual lemon squeezer will not corrode or respond to the acid of citrus juices. This hands-on lemon juicer is composed of top-quality zinc alloy with a chrome handle. It offers high oxidation process opposition impact resistance, it is secure, and no smells emit.

Using an ergonomic style and due to its structure, the lime squeezer is robust merchandise employing a more significant squeezing pressure, lessening the response of force opposition. The lime orange squeezer can readily and flawlessly remove all juice from fruit and vegetables.

No more bothering about the electric power or battery difficulties of standard squeezers. To remove the fruit juice, start with slicing the lemon in two and then putting it in the bowl together with the cut side downward. Press the handle via the bottom of the hand citrus squeezer.

Lemon Squeezer Manual Heavy Duty
HONZ Lemon Squeezer Heavy Duty

Meticulously and slowly move the juice towards the dish or mug. The metal citrus juicer is shown to drive more juice productivity than the classic lime juicer squeezer. In addition, you may have no seeds or even pulp remaining in your fruit juice due to the exceptional separation.

Simply by pushing, the juice may be absolutely squeezed out there. The 2.75-inch bowl is more significant than the majority of regular lemon squeezers. It is unnecessary to slice the fruit into tiny bits so forget about the squander. Fruit juice can augment numerous nutrients that the body demands.

The citrus juicer is an excellent assistant within the food prep area. This juice squeezer lets you quickly get the juice of lemons limes along with little citrus fruits. Quick cleaning, the polished working surface ensures it is simple to eliminate staining or 'gooey' elements within the press.

The Features:


  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Will Not Rust


  • None here

Simply rinse with water and a gentle cleaning agent. Or simply place the lemon squeezer inside the dishwasher, and it's secure to wash. Using a big total capacity, this fruit press provides a substantial 7 cm or 2.76 inches container, which is ideal for big lemons for your preferred fruit juice.

Conserve time and energy using this resilient HONZ heavy-duty manual lemon squeezer. Perhaps even a child will use this specific lemon squeezer. Forget about stressing about electrical power. The lemon press will enhance the decor of your home or kitchen area.

Whether or not you are a chief cook or just require a one-off squeeze, you may be consuming lemonade within just seconds. This metal lemon squeezer refuses to squander any whiff of fruit juice, and it produces juice with no pulp, seeds or peel, and it creates even more than classic hand versions.

Lemon Press With Steel Handle

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: AAUU Electric Citrus Press Silent Motor

This particular 160W electric-powered juicer quickly manages lemon or limes with no exertion. It is noiseless to create juice on Weekends, devoid of inadvertently waking anyone. Using a smooth, light style, the unit requires very little room in the kitchen area.

Furthermore, an important point is that the lime and lemon juicer is more powerful and even more resilient when compared with glass - and much healthier than plastic-type materials.

It is convenient and appropriate for almost all citrus fruits, big and small. Fruit juice in the wintertime will replenish you with vitamin supplements. You can likewise press the lemon or lime manually. Both of these approaches are straightforward and sensible.

Lemonade in the summer season will invigorate you or perhaps a citrus dependent cocktail beverage. With the AAUU electric citrus juicer, you can achieve just about anything.

Another advantage is that this electric powered citrus juicer comes with impressively articulated divisions. The rubber handgrip is straightforward to hold. Put half the fruit on the cone and simply get yourself a refreshing juice with gentle force.

Orange Juicer Electric 160W
AAUU Orange Juicer Electric 160W

Practically all are easily-removed components of the juicer and are dishwasher secure. The electric citrus fruit juicer possesses a non-drip process, and the juice released is found beneath the filtration system. Right after using the juicer, softly raise the juice outside.

This orange lemon squeezer ensures optimum cleansing with the food prep and dining table, restricting deficits throughout the juice removal strategy.

Features and benefits of the highly effective electric motor and a consistent flowing method - plus steel filter. Using anti-slip feet for balance offers a non-stop spout for easy cleaning. Created from food-grade steel, it is BPA free and gives you much juice with nutritional value.

Without the need for unsafe artificial additives, this will make your own diet plan healthier and more robust, appreciating all-natural fruit juice. The safety cover shields the juicer from dust particles.

The Features:


  • Silent Performance
  • 2 Years Warranty


  • Not at all.

A 24-hour specialised customer care line will solve your own issues whenever you want. Take pleasure in some freshly compressed juice every single morning in conjunction with your breakfast.

Decline the commercial juice chemical preservatives for a wholesome and pleasurable way of life. The AAUU electric citrus juicer can assist you in understanding this effortlessly. This specific electric motor with high torque potential helps prevent the oxidation process.

Juice maintains live digestive enzymes, nutritional requirements, and those necessary vitamin supplements demolished by friction or perhaps high temperature.

You will find a built-in intelligent cone design to match the tiniest to the most significant size citrus fruits. Precisely why visit the marketplace and purchase citrus fruit juices when you can undertake the process in your own home. Revel in fresh juice using only the characteristics you will appreciate every day. Direct serve juice quickly, simply and conveniently.

Citrus Press With Round Base

£49   AAUU Electric Citrus Press Machine - Get It!  

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: Why Buy A Lemon Squeezer?

Loaded with nutritional supplements adding vitamin C, citrus and orange drinks have lots of health advantages and anti-inflammatory characteristics. Fresh drinks from a fruit juicer are better as you can be sure it's pure with no supplied chemical preservatives etc.

: Work With Most Citrus Fruits

To find the ideal electric citrus squeezer, you have to consider what you need to utilise it for at home. Probably the most significant value is just how much juice comes from an individual fruit using minimum exertion. For plenty of citrus fruit drinks, then you will need a pro squeezer.

: Manual Or Electric Lemon Press?

Hands-on lemon squeezers are generally simpler to set-up and clean, plus they enjoy less open area in your kitchen space. They are usually more inexpensive than electric lemon press designs; nonetheless, it takes longer to create a large amount of juice.

: Manual Citrus Squeezer Benefits

Several choose manual squeezers mainly because they accept as accurate the juice created tastes considerably better or is more significant in nutrition value. The electric lime squeezer types may warm up the drink slightly, most likely 'altering the flavour' and minimising some vitamins.

The Correct Power You Need

If you need to press an ample amount of citrus juice, an electric powered juice squeezer is preferable. Nevertheless, the machines may be loud, and you may have to replace batteries on a few units.

: Squeezed Drink And Mixed Taste

If you need the regular antioxidant advantages of an everyday glass of freshly squeezed orange drink, it is best to possess an independent machine for just oranges. The refreshing taste is usually most effective, but vitamin C is for all restoration and reconstruction of cells in your body.

: DAWOO Juice Squeezer Manual Hand Press

This first-class superior specialist juicer is made from cast iron and steel. The 'robust juice crusher' is designed for eating places, pubs or households where you require plenty of fresh fruit juice. Create juice essentially quickly - you'll receive the maximum juice productivity with minimal effort.

Get the most juice from your citrus in a minute without having those seeds and pulp pop up. Conserving hard work, this orange squeezer is created using an ergonomic silicone grip for the highest PSI power. The DAWOO hand press manual fruit juicer employs the power to draw out the most fruit juice.

Without a doubt, you acquire real tasty juice instead of electrical juicer equipment. The citrus juicer system will never scrub the rind, so you benefit from the best flavour juice devoid of the bitter taste. Give your fingers a rest with this robust iron cast hand citrus juicer.

Steel Hand Press Fruit Juicer
DAWOO Hand Press Fruit Juicer

Essentially, it is so convenient to simply cut your citrus by 50 percent, centre it underneath the manual presser and press the handle straight down. Both channel and cone are effortlessly removed for rapid cleaning and are dishwasher-secure.

An excellent option for home or professional use, this specific manual juicer is designed for any individual who's got an enormous juicing project in front of them. Acquire refreshing orange fruit juice or perhaps lemonade, maybe even for helping to make cocktails. This reliable juicer is essential.

Merely three steps to obtain the most refreshing juice. Ensure using the fruit juicer on steady ground, clean your citrus press meticulously just before initial use. Examine the steel screws. If anchoring screws are loose, ensure you tighten cautiously with the socket wrenches in the package.

The Features:


  • Very Solid Juicer
  • Extract Maximum Juice


  • None

Put in the funnel to the press. After that, place the screen and set a glass underneath the funnel. Slice the fresh fruit in two, place half over the screen, shift down the handle arm gradually right up until all fruit juice is compressed. Tighten up the DAWOO manual fruit juicer screws and lubricate the column and joint parts.

Fundamentally, the fruit squeezer will certainly tilt ahead should you implement force towards the handle for juicing lemons or limes. This means you need to place a hand on the back again simultaneously.

Simple to operate with seven flawlessly measured openings, the citrus fruit press presents pure natural fruit juice with virtually no seeds or even pulp. Just draw the secure, firm handgrip straight down for the speediest and least complicated juicing - whilst both hands remain thoroughly clean.

Juice Squeezer With Long Hand Lever

£39   DAWOO Juice Squeezer Hand Press - Get It!  

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: Princess Champion Electric Lemon Press

Utilising an impressive and chic design, this premium juicer is created with a cast aluminium handle arm that will not need a great deal of pressure to press the juice. Using this juicer, you may squash plenty of fruit immediately as the steel structure makes the juicer equipment more resilient.

With a sophisticated touch, the non-slip legs of the juicer offer additional balance and protection during use. The Princess Champion orange lemon squeezer possesses an incredibly effective 160 Watts electric motor that makes 120 shifts per minute.

Well thought out, the motor unit is likewise astonishingly muted and creates a shallow sound. That being said, you can begin juicing in the morning hours without the need of waking up your loved ones way too early. Every drop of fruit juice is compressed from your fresh fruit.

PRO Citrus Juicer Champion
Princess Citrus Juicer Champion

The juice can move from the pulp filtration system straight into your glass whenever being used. Put together delicious fresh juice abundant with vitamin supplements for your household with virtually no hard work.
Begin your day by having a glass of water and refreshing lemon or even orange juice to enhance the metabolic process and start a fast-paced working day.

This specialist lime squeezer benefits from a lightweight alloy cast iron lever that demands nominal pressure to juice proficiently. Speedy cleaning benefits the dishwasher with secure components, non-sip legs and drip quit technique - well suited for pretty much all fresh fruit.

We understand you can appreciate the citrus juicer is created using a non-drip technique for you to prevent the stream of fruit juice from changing glasses. All without the necessity to think about a gooey mess on the countertop.

The Features:


  • Cast Aluminium Lever Arm
  • Produces Very Little Sound


  • Not at all..

Dishwasher protected, every part of the juicer such as the carrier and cover are easily removed and dishwasher risk-free. Cleaning following using the Princess Champion lemon squeezer is effortless and relaxed.
The lemon-lime juicer comes with a lightweight aluminium lever arm that guarantees you can squash out just about every last drop of fruit juice.

The mutually exclusive cone form of the juicer possesses a straight edge, rendering it suited to all kinds of citrus fruit, equally substantial and small to medium-sized. This particular edge ensures that the fresh fruit will remain in position throughout the whole juicing process.

Lemon Press With Steel Exterior

£73   Princess Champion Electric Lemon Press - Get It!  

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: Geepas Electric Lime Squeezer Bi-Direction

Quick and straightforward to work with, juicing has never been so hassle-free. This specific electric citrus fruit juicer is quite simple to implement. You need to push the cones after putting in your fruit, and this can trigger the electric motor and start extracting the juice from the fresh fruit.

This specific effortless machine can make scrumptious juices while keeping the all-natural taste and conserving vitamins. Get pleasure from healthy and balanced fresh fruit juice in your home. The Geepas electric citrus juicer squeezer can twist in both directions using a Bi-direction rotation.

Push the fruit upon the cone. The citrus squeezer will instantly turn in both clockwise and counter-clockwise paths for the highest juice removal. Raise the fruit through the cone reamer, the motion will stop immediately. With simply no blade functioning, it is safer to implement.

Electric Citrus Juicer 25W
Geepas Electric Citrus Juicer

Essentially, the electric-powered citrus press employs BPA tree materials, supplying your household with wholesome juice expertise. This specific juicer extractor equips with a translucent container, which will press 1.2 litres of fruit juice at any given time.

Simply slip the button, and the lemon-lime squeezer provides real smooth juice or blends more pulp to fulfil different preferences. It is not necessary to clean the juicer. The translucent machine jug is designated to help you examine the quantity of juice without notice.

The Features:

In reality, this Geepas electric citrus juicer squeezer comes with cones ideal for citrus fruits of various measurements. The big cone is for more substantial fruits such as grapefruits. The smaller cone is for more compact fruits like limes - this enhances the flexibility of this juicer.

Furthermore, this specific electric powered orange squeezer explores an easily-removed style. Almost all parts are dishwasher secure apart from the electric motor base, and it is quick cleaning and easy to set up. The extractor contains a pulp filter with flexible pouring dimensions.

Electric Squeezer With White Ream

£22   Geepas Electric Lime Squeezer - Get It!  

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: How To Choose The Ideal Citrus Press

Your system cannot produce vitamin C, and fresh fruit juice is among the most effective ways to consume, but watch out for self-proclaimed freshly orange juice from the racks of supermarkets. More often than not, it is purified, but the heat involved may unavoidably damage the benefits in the drink.

: No Fruit Peeling Required

You can juice oranges in different fruit and veg tools; however, there are some fruits you need to peel before as a result of sharp oils inside the area. If you do not require the trouble of peeling a lot of oranges, using a motorised lemon squeezer means all you have to do is slice the fruit in two.

: Machines That Manage Fruit And Veg

More affordable electric lemon press juicers are significantly less effective in removing the most juice from the fruit. You may be shopping for more fruit and veg and in the long term, but it will cost more than the preliminary expense of purchasing a juicer.

: Feeding Chute And Cleaning Up

Buying a superior quality juicer in advance will probably pay for itself as time passes, but setting up your juicer should not take time and energy. Those with less hardware and a bigger feeding chute will reduce cleaning time.

: Electric Squeezers And Centrifugal Juicers

Small electric lemon squeezers plus some centrifugal juicers are much easier to implement than side to side variations. Juicers devoid of pulp disposition will be the most challenging to wash, but they are still ideal for mixing in a fruit infuser water bottle.

: Dishwasher Secure Parts Save Time

It will not make good sense if you buy an electric lime squeezer machine that will take additional time to wash, yet a quality juicer is dishwasher secure and will save time.

Elevated speed pulls up loads of air in the holding chamber, encouraging oxidation or just the breakdown of 'nutrients and vitamins' from your drink. In case you have utilised a centrifugal juicer, it may be frothy, but many of the motorised lemon squeezers do feature a separator feature.

: Braun Lemon Squeezer Multi Rotation

The Features:

Lemon Squeezer With Circular Stand

£26   Braun Rotating Electric Lemon Squeezer - Get It!  

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: VonShef Premium Fresh Orange Juicer

The most recent addition to our juicing selection, the electric powered fresh orange juice machine will assist you to easily squeeze juice for a wholesome beginning to your day.

Using 2 exchangeable squeezer fastenings, the citrus juicer allows you juice diverse sized fruits, contrary to several other citrus juicers available.

Juice Machine With Sliced Lemons

The Features:


  • Steel And Black Finish
  • Efficient 100W Motor


  • No

It's a stainless steel conical conception and features a pouring rim with a drip plug for fresh compressed juice directly in to any container.

Reduced electrical power of just 85 Watts entails the business gets done without squandering energy, or making an unreasonable racket. Effortless to clean with non skid rubberised legs and wire safe keeping.
[Rating: 9/10]   £44   Get It → VonShef Premium Juicer Machine  

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: Orange, Lime, Lemon Juicer Capability

Basic level juicers accumulate the pulp in an inner container. For anyone who is juicing in significant amounts, an external pulp disposition strategy can help you save the discomfort of regularly stopping the juicing equipment, opening up, and emptying the container.

: No Pulp Or With Pulp Please!

Several juice squeezers cannot process green vegetables effectively, and that is the situation with centrifugal juicers, and just restricted to juicing hard produce or certain citrus fruits. You will see no difficulties with it if your juicing formulas are more about the hard veg fruit juicer capability etc.

: Citrus Squeezer For Greens And Other Veg

Should you be an enthusiast of green fruit drinks, choose a quality juicer which can successfully process greens. It is, without a doubt, going to become a significant advantage to manage wheatgrass and enable you to make almond milk for diversity to your healthier drinks.

An electric citrus squeezer will work one-half orange pushed possibly by hand or perhaps by a levered high cone on a rotating reamer that removes the juice and moves it on to a filter. For anyone who is orange juice fussy, such equipment is made to keep just a little consistency in the drink.

: Easy To Use Lime Lemon Squeezers For Fresh Drinks

The best electric citrus press is excellent to savour refreshing pressed juice within your home or back garden in the summertime, or whenever you want. Electric citrus presses are for fruits and veg like limes, oranges or possibly big grapefruits.

They may be small equipment that performs the job on electric power and can juice from more than a few fruits in a single period.

: Duronic JE Electric Lemon Juicer

This citrus fruit juice making machine is ideal whenever you are thirsting for a fresh glass of appetising orange fruit juice, grapefruit, or perhaps lemonade, then delay no longer.

Lemon Juicer In Metal Casing

The Features:


  • Very Easy To Set-Up
  • Very Powerful Juicer


  • None..

You additionally avert several of those additives detected in packaged juices in the supermarket. The design has been configured with slick arches to make it look great in virtually any cooking area.

The physical structure has been cautiously organised to execute at a high standard each time - in addition to looking rather attractive.
[Rating: 9/10]   £49   Get It → Duronic Electric Lemon Juicer  

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The lemon press equipment here is perfect if you appreciate a fast glass of fresh juice each day, or maybe for producing a glass pitcher of citrus drinks. We hope you enjoyed our electric lemon squeezer products and guide/article.