4 Persons Backpack Picnic Bags With Insulated Spaces

Updated 23/03/2023:
A backpack picnic bag will make outdoor eating super easy. It enables you to effortlessly transport all the necessities for a picnic, like plates and utensils to food items and refreshments.

Nevertheless, finding the right picnic cooler backpack for your requirements can be challenging because of so many available options. This content will assist you in discovering the perfect rucksack for your forthcoming getaways.

Insulated Backpacks To Bring Everywhere
Why don't we focus on what a picnic rucksack is and precisely why it's a good investment decision. An insulated picnic backpack is basically a rucksack created for outside eating. It generally incorporates plates, mugs, utensils, a quilt, and room for food and beverages.

Trekking And Tenting Or The Seaside?
An excellent 4 person picnic backpack is resilient, protected, and straightforward to transport. Rendering it simply perfect for any activity, from trekking and tenting to a trip to the seaside.
Whenever choosing a picnic rucksack, there are numerous considerations. This includes dimensions, total capacity, components, insulation and further characteristics. Let's check out many of these aspects in more detail.

Proportions And Total Capacity
The scale and capacity of a picnic cool bag rucksack are essential issues to consider. A backpack which is too modest will only accommodate some of your requisites. While one which is too big may be complicated to transport. The perfect size and capability are determined by who you intend to give food to and exactly how many refreshments to bring.

Picnic Backpacks For Springtime Dining
For a group of 4, a backpack with a 20 to 25-litre capability should be satisfactory. If you charm a more substantial group or provide considerably more drink and food. Think about a rucksack with a total capacity of 30 litres or more.

Additionally, it is worthwhile considering the dimensions of the wine picnic backpack when it's completely loaded. For instance, when thoroughly crammed, a bag may become heavy and difficult to transport.

Weight And Elevation Of Backpack
The luxurious picnic backpack is mainly acquired because it's more straightforward to transport. Weighty and awkward are the words and phrases we prefer to understand in an evaluation when suggesting goods.
The shoulder strapping on even the best packs is less effective than a (genuine) hiking rucksack. You need to be sure when the load is full of picnic food items - and it is not just dead excess weight.

: Hap Tim Luxury 4 Person Picnic Backpack

This unique picnic bag set for 4 provides an impressive comfy relaxing existence. This all-in-1 hospitality for four backpack keeps foodstuff and beverages fresh and nicely positioned. It supplies an abundance of justifications to load up a picnic.

Expend a perfect day with your family or friends in the recreation area, woodland, seashore or countryside. The Hap Tim picnic hamper rucksack can make your delightful outdoor picnic journey more pleasurable and remarkable.

Load up your movable feast of self-made goods, from beer and loaves of bread to dairy products and chocolate bars, and head outdoors. The picnic backpack features its trendy design and soft cushioned band, enabling you to transport all you need for a beautiful picnic trip.

The Universal Hap Tim luxury 4-person picnic backpack comes with a comprehensive list of tableware for four persons on the go to free up your hands. Outdoor activities inspire individuals to engage in routines too. With the deluxe picnic backpack, serve the wine inside the durable non-shatter wine beverages glasses and have fun.

Brown Luxury 4 Person Picnic Backpack
Brown Hap Tim Luxury 4 Person Picnic Backpack

This pack incorporates a cutting board, bottle opener, cheese cutting knife, 4 meal plates, wine mugs and napkins, 4 kitchen knives, forks, spoons, and two salt/pepper shaker sets. Furthermore, it includes a removable bottle holder/cooler for wine beverages or drinking water. And a gently styled 115 x 135 cm approx. Fleecy mat with water-resistant PEVA support.

Dimensions: L30 x W19 x H41 cm Approx
This insulated picnic rucksack features soft cushioned shoulder straps for comfort and a top-positioned carry grip. It incorporates a big chiller compartment for your food's safekeeping and keeping it cool for longer. The picnic basket rucksack features a container accommodating a wine bottle and keeping it cold simultaneously.

The blanket support will safely and securely retain a brown wool tartan design blanket with water-resistant PEVA backing. This means you enjoy your picnic - even if the grassland is a bit wet.

The 4-person picnic bag is perfect for refreshments and foods, for example, fruit, sandwiches, cool meats and dairy products. Created from PEVA and a rayon liner, the inner cooler compartment keeps your food fresh and cold while zipped up safely.

This picnic backpack collection for four will let you stay interested in your friends and relations. Enjoy your backpack to typical picnics and create a family member ritual where one can introduce the outdoors to your kids for sporting activities and mother nature fun.

Waterproof Luxury 4 Person Picnic Backpack
Waterproof Hap Tim Luxury 4 Person Picnic Backpack

The Features:

Your Family Strengthening Picnic Set
Your camping picnic backpack incorporates a comprehensive tableware set for four and a removable insulated chiller for your bottle of wine. Serve for four in the exquisite glasses, taste the dairy products on the designer bamboo cutting board and luxuriate in a feast around the soft water-resistant fleece-protecting mat.

Be Excited Presenting For Any Event
Gift this Hap Tim luxury 4-person picnic backpack to your family members. It is likewise an excellent present for a wedding party and housewarming. This is a practical gift idea you can use anyplace and whenever. The sophisticated design and prime quality offer self-confidence when presenting to colleagues and family members.

Personal Preferences For A Picnic
You may bring your loved ones or pals, transport a four-person picnic backpack to appreciate the genuine (all-natural) eating place, inhale this clean air, enjoying tasty food and vino. Speaking about this pleasurable subject, enjoy your preferred outdoor activity, adopting that warm sunlight.

Water Proof Luxurious 4 Person Picnic Backpack

£49   Hap Tim Luxury 4 Person Picnic Backpack - Get It!  

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: Sunflora 4 Person Insulated Picnic Rucksack

A super option for picnics and a worthwhile gift idea. Invest in an excellent day with your loved ones or buddies in the woodland, forest, seaside or rough outdoors. The family picnic backpack is a great catering rucksack to keep food and refreshments cool and arranged. This set can make your picnic trip pleasurable.

The rucksack picnic set is a terrific gift for your loved ones on Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving holiday, or a Special birthday. And in addition an impressive present for that wedding day and housewarming.

Significant Insulated Food Pocket
This protected food inner compartment can certainly supplement 4 males or females, drinks and food is kept very hot or cold and refreshing all day. An easily-removed water-resistant pouch within the Sunflora 4-person insulated picnic rucksack food compartment lets you place ice or perfectly chilled beer. It will not get the rucksack damp.

The high-grade all-in-one luxury picnic rucksack features four dishwasher-secure melamine plate designs. They are environment-safeguarded TPE wine glasses, and the bamboo chopping board is well-structured and fixed. It offers you four packages of premium steel tableware rather than inexpensive cutlery.

Brush Beige 4 Person Insulated Picnic Rucksack
Brush Beige Sunflora 4 Person Insulated Rucksack

A WOW Sensation When Received
The utterly removable wine container and picnic quilt weighs 6.4 lbs. One aspect is the protected wine container pouch, and one area is a folded fleece picnic mat with a back from a water-resistant coating. The blanket spread dimensions are 58 x 50 inches. It is functional for the family outside tenting, hiking, barbecue, seashore party, etc.

Try this 4 person picnic set backpack with no concerns. Four dinner plates are covered within a picnic quilt and bundled in the insulating inner compartment to avoid impact throughout transport. Please be aware to evaluate the blanket to discover the dining plates.

Rather than applying inexpensive fragile plastic-type wine drinking glasses, it provides TPE moulded uni-body wine beverage glasses. They are more hard-wearing, plus it has crystal visibility like genuine wine-drinking glasses, presenting a fragile quality for outdoor and robust use. These kinds of wine glasses are distinctively offered.

64 Litres 4 Person Insulated Picnic Rucksack
64 L Sunflora 4 Person Insulated Picnic Rucksack

The Features:

Functional Water-Resistant Pouch
A wholly removable and leakproof pouch is affixed within the picnic basket for hiking food inner compartment. You can put your beverages or ice cubes inside the internal food compartment without worrying about getting the rucksack wet. This sort of waterproof bag is exclusively provided by Sunflora.

Together with high-quality cutlery, the flatware is built with premium quality rust-resistant steel, so it's sturdy and healthful for daily use. The Sunflora 4-person insulated picnic rucksack utensils are the correct gauge density and weight to carry perfectly.

Huge Insulted Food Pocket
All you need for that picnic journey, this cute backpack for 4 individuals incorporates all tableware for 4 persons, a protected wine bag, wine-drinking glasses, and an insulated and water-resistant food pocket. With the 147 x 127 cm picnic quilt, everything is functional when you're outside on a picnic.

Well Insulated Compartment
A heavy-insulated coating protects the whole food area. It can accommodate 4 individuals' snack foods and fruit, and you can keep them warm or cold throughout the day. Four dinner plates are covered in the picnic quilt and packed in insulating material to avoid collisions throughout transport. Take note, and evaluate the quilt to obtain the plates.

Extra Large Picnic Bag With White Plates

£70   Sunflora 4 Person Insulated Picnic Rucksack - Get It!  

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: Never Carry Useless Additional Weight

The elevation is more about dimensions equalling additional weight. Therefore, bigger might not be better. It would be best to have an insulated inner compartment to integrate sufficient food for the getaway. Having said that, everyone believes picnic expands to fill up space. Therefore be careful; the more significant the picnic rucksack, the more substantial it can be.

: Hiking Picnic Backpack Components

The materials utilised to create a picnic backpack will impact its sturdiness, weight and insulating material. Choose a bag crafted from premium quality components immune to deterioration and straightforward to completely clean. Materials employed for picnic rucksacks incorporate polyester, canvas and natural leather.

: Polyester Or Waterproof Nylon

Nylon is a fantastic choice since it is light, portable, long-lasting, and waterproof. Polyester is another lightweight and durable solution. Nonetheless, it might not be as waterproof as nylon fabric.
Canvas is a durable material immune to damage; nevertheless, it can be weightier than other supplies. Natural leather is a superb option that is equally resilient. Nonetheless, it may be heavy and steeply-priced.

: Cutlery And Drinking Glass Equipment

Consider the kinds of picnics you like to experience before choosing your travelling bag. Although plates, cutlery, drinking glasses, and napkins may be necessary. Especially for anyone who is generally nibbling on biscuits or consuming sandwiches on your outdoor escapades. But you might only require some of those extras.

Furthermore, they will not need wine glasses if you're generally picnicking with kids. If your requirements are more unique, investing the extra time in acquiring your hiking picnic set for your own demands can be advantageous. Instead of winding up with a bundle of tools you'll never benefit from.

: Robust Insulating Materials

Insulating materials can be a significant consideration - plenty of filled picnic backpacks are lightly protected. Consider your youth lunch container, so they may only be prepared for fun-based activities in the sun for part of the day.

Keeping things cool for a few hours is preferable, although keeping storage compartments for various other things like plates is. Decide on an intensely insulated carrier if you plan to frequently use your rucksack for hot weather or extended days and nights.

: Picnic Tote Basket Insulation

Insulation is an essential aspect of contemplating finding a rucksack picnic set. A rucksack with good padding will keep your meals and beverages at the preferred temperature, whether or not it's hot or cool. Choose a picnic tote basket with protected spaces or compartments for drinks and food and an independent pocket for ice bags.

The majority of picnic backpacks consist of possibly thermal or non-thermal heat-retaining materials. Thermal efficiency was created to keep refreshments at a particular temperature, typically hot or cool. Non-thermal insulating materials, however, offer protection for your meals and beverages.

: Integral Bottle Openers Or Wine Holders

Additional features take into account any extras which may be essential to you. Several picnicware hamper sets feature integrated speakers; some possess integral bottle openers or wine beverage holders. Choose a backpack with characteristics strongly related to your requirements and choices.

Additional features to remember include cushioned shoulder bands for convenience, detachable wine chillers or wine beverage bags - even a water-repellent underside. The straps are adjustable buckles to assemble the rucksack's subject matter. A removable blanket or picnic rug too.

: Greenfield Collection 4 Person Deluxe Rucksack

In one pack, this luxurious, high-quality picnic backpack is the ideal cool carrier that accompanies all the vital equipment needed to improve any outside encounter. This Greenfield Selection travel rucksack is a perfect couple present, permitting a pleasant family picnic for four persons.

Light And Portable Design
Using the exterior layer created from superior quality 600D polyester, this 4-person picnic cooler backpack is mostly water-resistant, keeping a luxurious appearance and feel.

The components likewise imply that this cool bag rucksack continues to be extremely lightweight and ergonomically designed to transport with cushioned handles and connectors. Incredibly comfortable whenever transporting, making this picnic set in a backpack is a terrific strategy for a ladies' rucksack.

All In One 4 Person Deluxe Rucksack In Navy Blue
All In One Greenfield Collection Deluxe Rucksack

Around Seven Hours Cool Term
This Greenfield Collection 4-person deluxe rucksack provides a substantial leakproof protected compartment. It maintains the food and refreshments fresh and cold for about seven hours. The ergonomic grips and cushioned connectors are simple to handle for an extended outing.

A Broad Variety Of Functions
This protected backpack cool carrier is designed for transporting your food and beverages to work, trekking, outdoor camping, angling and the seaside. The modest rucksack is also beneficial for wedding anniversaries, getaways, celebrations and birthdays.

You should be aware the wine and blanket inside the photos are for show purposes exclusively and never incorporated into this high-end picnic backpack for four. This cool rucksack includes plenty of equipment with a 1 Litre thermos drinks flask.

Outstanding and comprehensive, the deluxe hamper-type picnic rucksack for four offers practical and essential components for a fantastic day in any recreation area. An abundance of space in the haversack supports food products, containers and drinks for your picnic.

Lightweight Design 4 Person Deluxe Rucksack In Navy Blue
Light Design Greenfield 4 Person Deluxe Rucksack

Picnic With Friends And Family
Take your picnics to innovative heights with the stylish four-person picnic backpack. It is perfect for alfresco eating with family members at the seaside, park, or hiking.
The water-resistant backpack includes all the requirements, including four plates, utensils sets, cotton napkins, plus much more. Take care of yourself using the 4 wine glasses and bottle opener instrument.

Using a detachable insulated chiller area and blanket, the carrier outdoor picnic backpack includes all your on-the-go requirements to help you relax on the mat for a flawlessly cooled drink.
Completed in a glowing blue colour with rustic affected leather highlights, your significant backpack and quilt take advantage of a water-resistant layer. Not even the UK weather conditions will stop you now.

The Features:

Wide Range 4 Person Deluxe Rucksack In Navy Blue
Wide Range Greenfield Collection 4 Person Deluxe Rucksack

Made from top-of-the-line polyester material, this stylish, lightweight, compact folding camping backpack is similarly long-wearing and lightweight. The thick thermal wall constructions create a protected location and an integrated container holder on both parts.

The food and drinks may be maintained cool or hot for five up to approximately seven hours using this tactic. Chilling down intervals can be extended if the ice packages are used with the rucksack.

All equipment is attached inside the front area with rings and flexible bands. An inner compartment on the front side of the backpack is ideal for more minor specifics, such as keys or smartphones. Built with practicality, all Greenfield Collection 4-person deluxe rucksacks are easy to clean after your outdoor journeys.

Extended Insulation Period
The picnic backpacks, flask packages, cool bags and wine chillers all use professional insulating systems to ensure their material stays refreshing and free of BPA picnicware. Please take pleasure in your food and refreshments with the secure reassurance that our picnic hamper backpack merchandise is all BPA-free.

[Rating: 8/10]   £75   Get It → Greenfield Collection 4 Person Deluxe Rucksack  

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: Upeelife Large Waterproof Picnic Backpack

This 30 L picnic backpack with a blanket can acquire 42 containers of 330 ml beverages. A practical large protected primary compartment focuses on maintaining fresh meats, seafood, cakes, sandwiches, etc.

The insulated cool bag backpack with the blanket is constructed of fresh PEVA. This incorporates an excellent insulating material for chilling and freshness impact. It lets you enjoy a calming, healthy, balanced weekend picnic in a refreshing, exceptional environment.

Very leakproof and water-resistant, the inside of the picnic backpack with a blanket uses a hot pushing process to protect against ice and water seepage. The outside employs high-performing water-resistant material.

Every compartment is made water-resistant. Underneath is constructed of leather components to place it anywhere without worrying about the base becoming moist. In the case of sand on the seaside, you can tap the underside of the Upeelife large waterproof picnic backpack to restore it clean like brand new.

Green Large Cooler Waterproof Picnic Backpack
Green Upeelife Large Cooler Picnic Backpack

The multi-practical cool carrier offers two unique straps for picnic blankets and an area with many flexible bands for plates, kitchen knives and utensils - not included. Furthermore, you can find a fantastic fastening band on one part of the rucksack for wine beverages and extra tall bottles.

Cool Bag And Picnic Blanket Set Extras The component conversely lets you hang many different resources and merchandise. You can broaden yourself using it out and about, suspending water carriers, sun shades and many others. It is possible to grab them when you wish.

Cool Physical Appearance Multi-Purpose
This 4 person picnic backpack with a blanket offers premium colours and components. It enables you to get high-level visible satisfaction and contacts. Not just a travel rucksack but also a lunchtime picnic chiller day pack and casual daytime rucksack, it's undeniably your best gift idea option.

Large Capacity Cooler Waterproof Picnic Backpack
Large Capacity Upeelife Waterproof Picnic Backpack

Free up your hands and luxuriate in strolling. This fashionable picnic basket set helps you to totally eliminate the inconvenience of having to transport weighty solutions manually while wandering.

The company provides extensive and practical, totally free return and trade warranties. A 24-hours e-mail reply to resolve all your issues concerning the beach blanket backpack to avoid your anxieties. Not just a practical pack but additionally trendy merchandise.

Are you still searching for a designer picnic backpack that you can use for almost any event or a protected pack that will keep you comfortable and guarded against freezing conditions? Its nice green appearance brings you nearer to nature, and its light style makes it incredibly transportable. Enabling you to easily pack everything required for a lovely picnic.

This picnic backpack for 4 with a blanket will provide a trip solution with a significant difference. The extensive opening makes setting up and taking out your food simple. Even though many goods are positioned, the contents within are visible to quickly prevent absences.

The Features:

The utmost total capacity of the chiller backpack is 30L. Leakproof plus very protected, the more sophisticated waterproof substance lining is a tighter stitching technological innovation. The specifically treated zip ensures an excellent leakproof overall performance of this Upeelife large waterproof picnic backpack.

The interior lining is fully insulated from food-grade PEVA and filled with 8 mm EPE foam. This ensures that your food maintains fresh, cool or warm during the day. The picnic backpack with a rug is absolutely enclosed. Therefore you do not have to intentionally square up your chiller backpack and can constantly flex over - or stoop down to acquire photographs.

Aspect Pockets For Wine Beverages
Using this picnic rucksack with the blanket, the impressive coil can fix the top of the bottle to prevent your wine from falling out. The beverage opener is on the carrier strap.
An extremely convenient bottle opener, it assists you in drinking beverages whenever you want. Incredible breathable fine mesh-type shoulder straps guarantee you are comfy throughout implementation.

Large Leakproof Waterproof Backpack With Straps

£43   Upeelife Large Waterproof Picnic Backpack - Get It!  

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: Fun Eating Outside For Four

The picnic rucksack is a flexible and classy alternative that accompanies all you need for eating outside for four individuals. A few people who know about picnic containers may have yet to see what picnic rucks resemble - and how to utilise them.

Picnic backpacks are commonly identical to trekking backpacks. Regarding exterior looks, the picnic rucksack is virtually similar to regular empty picnic backpacks. This is often created from standard materials such as unique canvas and polymer. Looking at the pack, we can easily see the main dissimilarities.

The inside of a plush picnic backpack is engineered to include hiking equipment, for example, trial gear, clothing, canvas footwear, etc. However, the interior of the picnic rucksack is made to incorporate more equipment. It is nevertheless challenging to imagine what the picnic backpack appears like. Therefore, allow us to give you an illustration for comprehension.

A large picnic backpack can include many components, such as plates, wine beverages, glasses, napkins, and a chillier inner compartment to maintain your food. It provides exceptional sectioning within the bag to incorporate such equipment with additional protection to stop damage. The backpack contains a section for the roll mat.

: Apollo Walker 4 Person Picnic Backpack

This fashionable waterproof picnic backpack is for four individuals and is ideal for providing for that day trip. It has a specific cutlery item package with a new four-person eating concept.

An ample chiller space exists for keeping food items fresh and cooler for an extended period. You will find an effortlessly removed protected case and fleece protector mat. It incorporates a personal aspect insulated carrier to move wine, a little camping stove, including extra bottles.

This Apollo Walker 4-person picnic backpack has smooth, bolstered shoulder bands and a formidable carrying grasp. It is excellent for any wedding party present, company group or getaway gift. The pack is perfect for picnics, outdoor camping, BBQs, and outdoor parties, and it comes with a four-person utensil system.

Smart 4 Person Picnic Backpack
New Apollo Walker 4 Person Picnic Backpack

The zipper chiller area inside the family picnic rucksack keeps meals fresh and cool for longer. It is exquisite for cold lean meats, sandwiches, bagels, dairy products, fresh fruit, dips and sweets.
It comes with a bottle support to maintain a wine bottle and keep it chilled simultaneously. The picnic rucksack contains a bottle holder that retains your wine very fresh.

This is an excellent solid, four-person, top-rated picnic backpack with cool area to keep your food items and drinks cool. It consists of an insulating container mount quickly eliminated via the snap lock component.
Two front-end zip locations are for extra safekeeping, bolstered straps and a zipper area with four individual picnic maintenance regions. There is a zipped rear compartment for the integrated blanket with a leak-proof back.

1.5 Kilos 4 Person Picnic Backpack
1.5 Kilo Apollo Walker 4 Person Picnic Backpack

The Features:

The picnic basket for hiking can accommodate 4 steel cooking area knives plus forks and spoons. It includes PVC hand grabs, four 9-inch supper party plates and plastic-type vino drinking glasses.
All four cotton serviettes are measured 32 x 32 cm. Additionally, there is a salt/pepper pot, cheese cutting knife, ABS cutting board, bottle wine opener and butter pot. A ground blanket incorporates the waterproof under support.

A water-resistant underside helps prevent damp grass from penetrating. The cushioned shoulder band is easy to transport with two cushions and flexible connectors in the back of the Apollo Walker 4-person picnic backpack.
Additionally, there is a handler toward the top of the picnic rucksack. Simply perfect for family members, wedding ceremonies and the right gifts, Christmas presents too.

Picnicking is a soothing course of action, particularly with someone you cherish. Whether or not it's a date or a present, the picnic set for 4 will be your highly recommended friend. It is not necessarily just ideal for a picnic but also for loved ones.

Padded 4 Person Picnic Backpack
[Rating: 9/10]   £51   Get It → ApolloWalker Rucksack 4 Persons  

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: Cooler Sections For Food And Ice Bags

Regarding the materials they are produced from, as stated earlier, hiking picnic backpacks are frequently created from standard canvas. But in reality, have a cushioned band for hassle-free and comfy transporting.
The exclusive components of picnic backpacks are available inside as there exists an abundance of space to include different apparatus. For example, lunch containers, cooler sections that preserve food and ice bags.

Additionally, wine enthusiasts could only meet their favourite wine beverages during the picnic. These rucksacks also provide a particular room for wine bottles and wine-drinking glasses. All with substantial protection to ensure that wine bottles and glass will never be broken.

Nowadays, most individuals are still using old-fashioned insulated picnic bags. Subsequently, many individuals have attempted the newer picnic backpack since they can see the majority of advantages to using it. Therefore, it is your concern about which type fits your needs - then go for it.

3 Kg vacant is probably the least any picnic basket backpack needs to weigh, and that is a four-person choice. You may be transporting up to 5 Kg of drink and food. Therefore, consider all those additional accessories you will get in a rucksack. Could they be necessary to your eating outside encounter?

: Cool Bag Backpack Picnic Sets For 4 Ideal For Trips

: Andes Picnic Hamper Rucksack With Rug

This opulent 4 person luxury picnic hamper rucksack with rug features 'all the necessities' you require for the best picnic. The front line pocket area incorporates virtually all of the add-on's contained in position with elastic.

It's possible to expend the compact area at the front end of the backpack, which is just right for extra necessaries. You can easily adapt the bolstered shoulder bands for additional comfort.

Eliminate the stress of transporting a big picnic container or hamper, instead have fun in comfort using this highly popular and fashionable dual band, cushioned knapsack. It's ideal for days outside on the seaside, hiking or perhaps tenting.

The 2 front end areas plus a significant sized chilling area allow plenty of safe keeping environment for your food items, bites and beverages, whilst a full picnic bundle is incorporated in the main compartment.

This 4 person picnic cool bag backpack is great for hikers and individuals who love to have fun outdoors in the park perhaps. Established from long-wearing polyester, the liner is fashioned to preserve your particulars at a reduced temperature.

The Andes picnic hamper rucksack delivers with a water resistant PEVA coated fleece ground blanket dimensions of 115 x 135 cm, shoulder band, entire backpack merchandise dimensions L30 x W20 x H 41 cm.

Lightweight Picnic Hamper Rucksack With Utensil Area
Lightweight Andes Picnic Hamper Rucksack

The Features:

The hamper rucksack incorporates an insulating bottle carrier, 2 zipper areas for additional safe keeping in addition to the primary storage pocket area. A 21 piece picnic bundle with 4 steel knives and forks, spoons including PP hand-grip 4 x 9 inch PS dinner party plates plus chopping board. Cheese knife, bottle opener with PP grip.

This is a lovely picnic backpack cooler with blanket that is a high-quality 4 individuals pack to have fun, an ideal outing with your different family members, associates or household with this first-class integrated picnic arrangement.

The Andes picnic hamper rucksac bag comprises virtually every thing you necessitate for an endearing open-air lunch - which includes a complete cutlery arrangement, dishes, bottles, add-on's, in addition natural big blanket.

Deluxe Hamper Rucksack With Front Utensil Area
Deluxe 4 Person Andes Picnic Hamper Rucksack

There's also a carrying grip on the top of the rucksack, but this elegant 4 person picnic pack boasts an easily removed bottle carrier which may accommodate a bottle of wine, in addition maintain it cold simultaneously.

The tartan design fleece outing rug accompanies the side of the carry bag. The backpack on it's own includes a chill bag that's perfect for keeping your snacks or refreshments.
[Rating: 8/10]   £40   Get It → Andes Deluxe x4 Person Luxury Picnic Rucksack  

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: GEEZY 2 Or 4 Persons Picnic Rucksack

This spacious picnic rucksack with wine cooler maintains your food items and refreshments chilled. It includes an 'insulating' container carrier that's easily removed through an easy snap locking strategy.

All 2 front end zip-fastener pouches are for supplementary safe keeping. The cushy bolstered straps and zippered primary area comprise 2/4 persons picnic serving, a zippered rear area is for the ground blanket with water-proofed back.

This GEEZY 2 or 4 persons picnic rucksack cool bag packs away everything nicely and neatly. The high calibre bags are contrived to last and possesses a nice rough-textured Jaquard design, comfy and effortless to carry.

The comprised dinner sets are light, unbreakable, sturdy and effortless to clean. The zipper cooler area intends food maintains pleasant and fresh for longer periods.

Family Size Rucksack With Wine Cooler And Plates
Family GEEZY 2 Or 4 Persons Picnic Rucksack

The Features:

This is ideal for days outside, picnics, trips, park areas, the seaside, camping, music festivals, holidays in addition to BBQ's, or perhaps extended vehicle journeys - on the whole a first-class purchase.

4 person luxurious self contained all-in-one picnic 31 piece bundle incorporating an insulated chill bag food safe keeping area, easily removed bottle chiller plus dinner party arrangement.

Premium Quality Picnic Rucksack With Cooler And White Plates
Premium Quality GEEZY 2 Or 4 Persons Picnic Rucksack

The GEEZY picnic rucksack accommodates steel knives, forks plus big spoons with plastic hand-grips, 9 inch dinner time plates, 4 x PVC wine drinking glasses. 2 x cotton textile napkins and 2 x salt/black pepper shakers, cheese knife, ABS chopping board and included butter box.
[Rating: 9/10]   £33   Get It → GEEZY Picnic Rucksack Cooler With Blanket  

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: VonShef PEVA Waterproof Backpack Bag

This is a very fashionable backpack picnic bag with blanket and first-class finish, the 2 individual rucksack areas carry steel knives, 4 forks plus spoons, 4 BPA free meal plates, 4 PVC wine glasses in addition to wash-and-wear 'cotton cloth' napkins.

Additional necessaries incorporate salt and pepper pots, toothed butter/cheese knife, a significant sized plastic cutting board as well as a bottle opener.

Enjoy your day out with family members and loved ones with this backpack picnic set for 4 persons. An integral cooler pocket area is available with the VonShef backpack picnic bag to stack away your picnic meals, for example sandwiches.

Take tasty cold meats and yummy cakes whilst maintaining your food items fresh as well as colder for more extended time periods. It includes 4 steel eating forks, 4 steel spoons and 4 serviettes.

Premium Finish Big Backpack Picnic Bag In Green
Premium Finish VonShef Big Backpack Picnic Bag/Blanket

The Features:

Insulated Cooling Big Backpack Picnic Bag In Green
Insulated Cooling VonShef Big Backpack Picnic Bag

Constructed of impressive easy clean textile and features a secure handgrip plus versatile cushioned straps for effortless transfer. With a big insulated area, the VonShef backpack picnic bag preserves all your food items and beverage cool. It possesses an easily removed insulated bottle carrier and 9 inch plates.

Constructed from durable nevertheless soft touch flannel impact polyester in grey, the rucksack as well as the extra big picnic ground blanket advantage from a water resistant PEVA back to preserve all dry.

The rucksack foil lined insulated chiller area maintains food cooled for more extended periods while the tan simulated leather and chrome particulars append a more first-class finish.
[Rating: 9/10]   £69   Get It → VonShef PEVA Waterproof Backpack Picnic Bag  

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Easy to carry picnic rucksacks for 4 people with sections to store cutlery items and interiors with completely insulated areas for food. These picnic backpacks are light weight, however durable and deliver with adaptable bands and secure carrying grip. The picnic haversacks accommodate stainless steel or plastic cutlery items for 4, wine opener tools and glasses, plus plates.