4 Persons Backpack Picnic Bags With Insulated Spaces

Updated 22/04/2020:
These picnic backpacks for 4 are exactly like regular rucksacks, however come with an insulted inside for carrying food items and front area brimming with picnicware accessories. The picnic rucksack with steel utensils and rug plus the insulation preserves food and drink cool and fresh for a longer time.

: SunFlora Insulated Picnic Bag For 4 Persons

Insulated Picnic Bag With White Plates

£64   SunFlora Insulated Picnic Bag - Get It!  

: CampFeuer Backpack Picnic Set 32-Piece For 4

Backpack Picnic Set With Tartan Rug

£34   CampFeuer Backpack Picnic Set - Get It!  

: INNO Picnic Rucksack Fleece Blanket 4 Persons

Picnic Rucksack With 2 Side Pockets

£68   INNO Picnic Rucksack 4 Persons - Get It!  

: Livivo Picnic Hamper Backpack 4 Person Set

Picnic Hamper Backpack With Brown Straps

£24   Livivo Picnic Hamper Backpack - Get It!  

: ApolloWalker Cool Rucksack 4 Persons

A stylish picnic cool bag rucksack backpack for 4 persons, perfect to provide for your day out and possesses an individual cutlery items bundle with four person eating utensil arrangement.

There is a big cooler area for maintaining food items fresh and colder for a long time. Easily removed insulated case as well as fleece blanket. Includes individual aspect insulated bag to transport wine, small camping stove or perhaps beer - even additional bottles.

Cool Bag Rucksack 4 Persons With Plates

Ease of use and comfy, it comes with soft bolstered shoulder bands plus a durable carrying grip. Impressive for any wedding present, business organisation or holiday present. Ideal for picnic, tenting, barbeque, out-doors celebration. Detached tableware bundle with 4 person cutlery bundle.
[Rating: 9/10]   £44   Get It → ApolloWalker Rucksack 4 Persons

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: Walmeck 4 Persons Picnic Backpack

A 4 person picnic backpack with cooler area to preserve your food items and refreshments cold and includes and insulating bottle mount that's easily removed through the 'snap locking' element.

2 front end zip areas for supplemental safe keeping, soft bolstered straps and zippered primary area that comprises 4 individual picnic servicing areas. Zipped back compartment for included blanket with water tight back.

Zipped 4 Person Picnic Backpack In Green Finish

Accommodates 4 steel kitchen knives plus forks and spoons which include PVC hand grips, four 9 inch dinner party plates and plastic vino glasses. 4 cotton serviettes sized 32 x 32 cm plus salt/pepper pot, cheese knife, ABS chopping board, bottle opener and butter container. The ground blanket comes with water resistant backing.
[Rating: 9/10]   £36   Get It → Walmeck 4 Person Picnic Backpack

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: Confidence x4 Picnic Backpack Cooler

A lovely picnic backpack cooler with blanket that is a high-quality 4 individuals pack to have fun, an ideal outing with your different family members, associates or household with this first-class integrated picnic arrangement.

It comprises virtually every thing you necessitate for an endearing open-air lunch - which includes a complete cutlery arrangement, dishes, bottles, add-on's, in addition natural big blanket.

Picnic Backpack Cooler On Grass Lawn

Eliminate the stress of transporting a big picnic container or hamper, instead have fun in comfort using this highly popular and fashionable dual band, cushioned knapsack. It's ideal for days outside on the seaside, hiking or perhaps tenting.

2 front end areas plus a significant sized chilling area allow plenty of safe keeping environment for your food items, bites and beverages, whilst a full picnic bundle is incorporated in the main compartment.
[Rating: 9/10]   £23   Get It → Confidence Picnic Backpack Cooler

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: Greenfield Hamper Picnic Backpack For 4

This excellent and comprehensive deluxe hamper style picnic backpack for 4 possesses virtually all of the must-have accessories for an impressive day in the park. Plenty of space inside the haversack completely accommodates food items, bowls and refreshments for your picnic.

Constructed from top quality polyester, this modern backpack is equally long-wearing and light. The dense thermal wall structures produce an insulated area plus an incorporated bottle cradle on either aspect.

Hamper Picnic Backpack In Navy Blue

Your food as well as refreshments may be preserved cool or perhaps warm for 5 up to around 7 hours applying this strategy. Cooling down time periods can be expanded if ice packs are expended in tandem with the rucksack.

Accessories are fastened inside the front area with bands and elastic bearers. There's a pocket upon the front line of the backpack that's perfect for accommodating more compact particulars, for example keys or mobile.
[Rating: 9/10]   £67   Get It → Greenfield Picnic Backpack

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: Eono 4 Person Cool Bag Backpack

A 4 person picnic cool bag backpack that is great for hikers and individuals who love to have fun outdoors in the park perhaps. Established from long-wearing polyester, the liner is fashioned to preserve your particulars at a reduced temperature.

It delivers with a water resistant PEVA coated fleece ground blanket dimensions of 115 x 135 cm, shoulder band, entire backpack merchandise dimensions L30 x W20 x H 41 cm.

4 Person Cool Bag Backpack In Black And Yellow

It incorporates an insulating bottle carrier, 2 zipper areas for additional safe keeping in addition to the primary storage pocket area. A 21 piece picnic bundle with 4 steel knives and forks, spoons including PP hand-grip 4 x 9 inch PS dinner party plates plus chopping board. Cheese knife, bottle opener with PP grip.
[Rating: 9/10]   £41   Get It → Eono 4 Person Backpack

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: UKHobby Rucksack Cool Bag 31 Piece

This rucksack cool bag packs away everything nicely and neatly. The high calibre bags are contrived to last and possesses a nice rough-textured Jaquard design, comfy and effortless to carry.

The comprised dinner sets are light, unbreakable, sturdy and effortless to clean. The zipper cooler area intends food maintains pleasant and fresh for longer periods.

Luxury Rucksack Cool Bag With Steel Cutlery

Ideal for days outside, picnics, trips, park areas, the seaside, camping, music festivals, holidays in addition to BBQ's, or perhaps extended vehicle journeys - on the whole a first-class purchase.

4 person luxurious self contained all-in-one picnic 31 piece bundle incorporating an insulated chill bag food safe keeping area, easily removed bottle chiller plus dinner party arrangement.
[Rating: 9/10]   £29   Get It → UKHobbyStore Rucksack Cool Bag

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Cool Bag Backpack Picnic Sets For 4 Ideal For Trips

: Andes Picnic Hamper Rucksack With Rug

Opulent 4 person luxury picnic hamper rucksack with rug that features all the necessities you require for the best picnic. The front line pocket area incorporates virtually all of the add-on's contained in position with elastic.

It's possible to expend the compact area at the front end of the backpack, which is just right for extra necessaries. You can easily adapt the bolstered shoulder bands for additional comfort.

Picnic Hamper Rucksack With Front Utensil Area

There's also a carrying grip on the top of the rucksack, but this elegant 4 person picnic pack boasts an easily removed bottle carrier which may accommodate a bottle of wine, in addition maintain it cold simultaneously.

The tartan design fleece outing rug accompanies the side of the carry bag. The backpack on it's own includes a chill bag that's perfect for keeping your snacks or refreshments.
[Rating: 9/10]   £24   Get It → Andes Luxury Picnic Rucksack

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: GEEZY 2 Or 4 Persons Picnic Rucksack

Spacious picnic rucksack with wine cooler area to maintain your food items and refreshments chilled. It includes an 'insulating' container carrier that's easily removed through an easy snap locking strategy.

2 front end zip-fastener pouches for supplementary safe keeping. Cushy bolstered straps and zippered primary area comprises 2/4 persons picnic serving, a zippered rear area is for the ground blanket with water-proofed back.

Picnic Rucksack With Wine Cooler And White Plates

It accommodates steel knives, forks plus big spoons with plastic hand-grips, 9 inch dinner time plates, 4 x PVC wine drinking glasses. 2 x cotton textile napkins and 2 x salt/black pepper shakers, cheese knife, ABS chopping board and included butter box.
[Rating: 9/10]   £23   Get It → GEEZY Picnic Rucksack Cooler

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: VonShef Big Backpack Picnic Bag Blanket

A very fashionable backpack picnic bag with blanket and first-class finish, the 2 individual rucksack areas carry steel knives, 4 forks plus spoons, 4 BPA free meal plates, 4 PVC wine glasses in addition to wash-and-wear cotton cloth napkins.

Additional necessaries incorporate salt and pepper pots, toothed butter/cheese knife, a significant sized plastic cutting board as well as a bottle opener.

Big Backpack Picnic Bag In Green

Constructed from durable nevertheless soft touch flannel impact polyester in standard grey, the rucksack as well as the extra big picnic ground blanket advantage from a water resistant PEVA back to preserve all bone dry.

The rucksack metal foil lined insulated chiller area maintains food cooled for more extended periods while the tan simulated leather and chrome particulars append a more first-class finish.
[Rating: 9/10]   £39   Get It → VonShef Backpack Picnic Bag

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: A.James Backpack Picnic Set 4 Persons

Delight in your day out with all of your family members and loved ones with this backpack picnic set for 4 persons. An integral cooler pocket area is available to stack away your picnic meals, for example sandwiches.

Take tasty cold meats and yummy cakes whilst maintaining your food items fresh as well as colder for more extended time periods. It includes 4 steel eating forks, 4 steel spoons and 4 serviettes.

Backpack Picnic Set In Blue And Cream

Constructed of impressive easy clean textile and features a secure handgrip plus versatile cushioned straps for effortless transfer. With a big insulated area, preserve all your food items and beverage cool. It possesses an easily removed insulated bottle carrier and 9 inch plates.
[Rating: 9/10]   £39   Get It → A.James Backpack Picnic Set

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Easy to carry picnic rucksacks for 4 people with sections to store cutlery items and interiors with completely insulated areas for food.

These picnic backpacks are light weight, however durable and deliver with adaptable bands and secure carrying grip. The picnic haversacks accommodate stainless steel or plastic cutlery items for 4, wine opener tools and glasses, plus plates.