Special Gin Gift Sets For Occasions And Tasting Lovers

Get inspired with our gin and tonic glass gift set suggestions that anyone would be delighted to acquire with carefully chosen mixers and flavours. These gin and glass gift sets are the perfect approach to celebrate virtually any characteristically big occasion in your partners life.

: The What And Why Of Giving Special Gin Gifts?

Have you ever wondered what gin is made of? Would you believe it if you were told that a gin is just vodka with some flavour? Yes. Gin is produced by distilling a blend of botanicals with vodka base spirits, so now is the time to splash out on a lovely gin gift hamper for your partner.

: Gin Flavour And Distilling

Some gins are produced by soaking the spirit and the botanicals, so the constituents are separated before distilling. This is a diversified way by which limited edition gin flavour from botanicals such as coriander or citrus peel, seed and perhaps juniper.

: Botanicals Merging Blending

In some cases, flavours are only added to the gin after it has been distilled. Another method is distilling just one botanical with a base spirit. This can be done by having up to 12 botanicals before blending all the single distillates together.

: Flavoured Pink Gin Gift Sets

In essence, there are numerous ways in which gin can be produced, but it is basically flavoured vodka that makes the perfect pink gin gift set at the end of the day. This preferred spirit in the UK is an ideal festive gift, but what makes it such a popular drink?

: Tanzanite French Gin Gift Box 4 Shot Glasses

Premium French Gin Gift Grey Box

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: Funky Gin Mixed With Soda Water

Gins come in varieties; whether you want it crisp and dry or sweet and fruity, there is always something that suits your taste and wallet. It is equally possible for you to define your Gin and Tonic (G&T) to suit your taste with the wide variety of soda water and funky gin bottles.

: Friends And Family Gin Hamper Gifts

Combine the drinks with 'flavoured tonics' and artisan gin gifts being produced by brands such as London Essence. To identify the best gin that would be appreciated by your gin-loving friends and family members, the latest gin gift sets and hampers were put to the test.

: Add Mixers Or Chocolate Extras

The drinks tests include gins ranging from pocket-friendly stocking fillers filled with small to mid-range hampers. Some gin glass gift boxes contain added treats such as mixers or chocolate.

: Premium Full-Size Gin Bottles

Added to the good gins produced this year, there is also a collection of premiums, full-sized gin drink bottles. If you are looking to give the perfect gin and chocolate gift set to someone or just want to lighten up someone's day, try to check our recommendations.

: Pink Gin Trio Gift Set For Enthusiasts

Pink Gin Gift Set In Box

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: That Special Delicate Juniper Flavour

You may wonder what the difference between gin and vodka is on first thought, well, there are actually some similarities between both; for instance, both spirits are column-distilled.
Although, gin at times might not be necessarily produced from vodka. The main point about gin is that it is distilled with botanicals, especially juniper, to create a deliberate flavour.

: London, Tanqueray And Plymouth Gin

Gin comes with different styles and novelty gin gift brands. Examples include the classic London Dry, like Tanqueray, OldTom, Plymouth, and lots more. With what seems to be a wave of gin resurgence, gin has become the main constituent of many classic, modern and prohibition-era cocktail drinks to die for.

: Gin Gifts For Her Or Him On Any Occasion

For the ever-growing number of gin lovers out there, gin is similar to vodka and produced via column-distillation. This efficient distilling method makes it possible to continually strip alcohol off water resulting in a relatively massive amount of flavouring congeners being lost.

: A Wide Mix Of Ingredients

However, unlike vodka, gin is usually distilled (redistilled) with a distinct mix of ingredients and botanicals, which results in a spirit having deliberate flavour. These flavours are not just distinctive, they are equally assertive.

: Tanqueray No.Ten Gin Gift Pack With Coupette

Gin Gift Pack With Coupette

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: Unique Spices And Botanicals

Regardless of the mix of spices and botanicals in your gin, there will always be a less or more striking taste impact of juniper. For those who have never tasted juniper before, just imagine the taste of a Chanukah bush - or Christmas tree.

: Wine Grounded Malt Barley Spirits

The history of juniper-flavoured gins can be traced back to when it was used as a flavour for Genever. Genever, gins great granddaddy, is a 'wine-based' malt barley spirit known for its medical properties but had a sour taste and funky smell.

Juniper contains a floral, piney, woodsy and pleasant favour. With these properties, juniper was added to Genever to block out the wrong flavour. In modern times, Genever is more juniper-flavoured compared to the previously malt barley wine.

: Gin Present Sets With Cucumber

Gin producers produce a vastly different variety of gin styles using appropriate proportions of spices, botanicals, and fruits to give their gins a final fragrance – ranging from spices to florals, citrus, herbs, black pepper, gin tasting sets with cucumber squeezed lemon juice and so on.

: Roku Japanese Craft Gin Gift Pack

Japanese Gin Gift In White Box

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: Well Known Traditional Gordons Gin

At the end of the day, a spirit that can be drunk like Gordon's gin, which equally adds a wide variety of flavour to cocktails is produced. Here are some styles of basic gin you can try out preferably at a bar, so you don't have to purchase different bottles:

: Gin Alcohol By Volume (ABV)

Old Tom gin is a modern resurgent of an aged gin style like Genever. It is a little sweeter, albeit, not as robust as Genever. Navy Strength gin is known for its exceptionally high Alcohol by Volume (ABV) proof of 56.7 per cent and above. To expand on the basic definitions of gin, America craft distilleries are now producing new bottles.

: British Gin Made In Plymouth

London Dry, usually produced in the United Kingdom, is a traditional dry gin and is mostly used for cocktails. Plymouth Gin is another UK made gin. Made in Plymouth, England, this gin has an earthier flavour due to more roots in the mixture's flavouring botanicals.

: Fentimans Mixology Gin Gift Set Tonic Water

New Mixology Gin Gift Set Box

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: Types Of Gin Popular In The UK Today

There are three widely known types of gin: Old Tom Gin, London dry Gin and Genever. However, there are two different fast-growing and new gins to add to the list with the recent gin resurgence.

: Old Tom Gin And London Dry Gin

Before the vast improvements in the quality of dry gins, Old Tom Gin used to be a trendy gin. In recent times, it's primarily used in cocktails with crushed ice aplenty. It is just a sugar-sweetened gin.

: Set Of EU Gin Regulations

This gin doesn't need to be produced in London; however, it has to follow a stringent set of EU regulations. The regulations include: A London dry gin is expected to be created using a neutral base spirit before it is diluted to 37.8 percent ABV and no less.

: Pink 47 Gin Gift Set Bauble Miniatures

Gin Gift Set Glass Miniatures

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: Flavours, Colour And Gin Ingredients

Once the gin has been distilled, no artificial flavours, colours or ingredients can be added. The only flavour reserved is produced from the distillation of the botanicals; It should taste more like juniper berries.

: Geographically Protected UK Gin Brand

Plymouth gin is more of a juniper spirit than it is merely a gin. It fell under the London Dry gin category and was previously a geographically protected gin manufactured in Plymouth England. Plymouth gin is often used in preparing Martinez cocktail.

: New Western Dry Gin

These types of gins usually contain more botanical constituents coupled with herbaceous notes and powerful floral. This makes them taste more like liquorice, rose, or fennel than juniper.

: Fukang Gift Box Premium French Gin Drink

Gift Box French Gin Pack In Black

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: Ways Of Drinking Gin - Tonics And Martini

The diversity and variety of this drink make gin such a versatile spirit. It is usually used as a base ingredient when preparing Gin and Tonic and Martinis; however, it can be taken alone or mixed with cocktails.

: Lime Or Lemon And Hint Of Bitters

It is seen as a perfect alcoholic beverage with its dry and crisp flavours, which helps to spark the appetite and cleanse it. Craft gin delivery gifts and premium spirits can be served on the rocks. Citrus like lime or lemon can be added. A dash of bitters can also be added or a little squeeze of fruit juice for good measure.

: Gin Cocktails Bottle Created

Gin can be added to numerous classic cocktails. Such classic gin cocktails mixed include Gimlet, Tom Collins, Martini, French 75, Negroni and many more. Pre-mixed gin cocktails like premium ready-made Gin & Tonic are now being made in many gin manufacturers.

: Edinburgh Classic Gin Gift Set With 2 Glasses

Gin Gift Set With 2 Glasses

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: Elaborate Gin With Other Spirits

If you are looking for convenient and properly proportioned drinks produced using top-quality ingredients, then pre-mixed gin drinks are the best. It is good to experiment by garnishing gins with other beverages. While doing this, though, it is essential to ensure you only combine flavours that pair well.

: Many Gins Mixed With Fresh Herbs

For instance, try pairing spicy gins with chopped raw vegetables, herbaceous gins with leafy and freshly-picked herbs, citrus inspired gins with fruit garnishes, and so on. Another combination you can try is combining basil with lime etc.

The Best Gin Related Gifts For That Unique Special Event

For mixers, many unusual gin gift mixers can also be chosen from. Examples include gin and tonic, which is a classic and popular choice. Others have a ginger beer for spicy option, soda water for a refreshing sugar-free drink alternative.

: How Gin Is Extracted And Ultimately Produced

Gin production usually commences with 96 percent ABV clear spirit, which can be gotten from anything containing sugar such as corn, sugar cane, grains, potatoes or sugar beets. The extracted aromatics are then added to the neutral spirit in various ways.

: Gin Crackers Edinburgh Gin Gift Set

Crackers Edinburgh Gin Gift Set

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Gin can be distilled alongside the neutral spirit, tinctured with the neutral spirit, and refined as a whole. A filter of the aromatics is first made before it is distilled with the neutral spirit. The different aromatics are separately distilled before they are combined.

: Soaking And Steeping With Spirits

Soften the aromatics by soaking or steeping them in the neutral spirit. You then combine the result of the second distilling with filtered water to accomplish the alcohols desired level. For most gins, their ABV is usually around 41.5 percent.

The concentration and mouth feel of the flavours usually both suffer when the ABV is below 40 percent. An advantage is that gin is cheaper due to low taxes as taxes are generally levied by alcohol.

: The Best Flavoured Gin Gift Sets

When choosing what gin to buy, choose a gin gift set with attractive bottles bearing labels containing all the needed information about the gin. An added benefit when you select lovely bottles is that they look great as decor. It is essential to buy the premium, eye-catching Tanqueray gin gift sets.

: Try Some Mixed Gin Flavours

As gin lovers would testify, flavour makes such a big difference in the taste of a gin. If you are yet to try combining multiple flavours, getting a gin gift set is really the way to go.
This will accord you unique opportunities to create resplendent concoctions. You can try out different flavours such as raspberry, lavender, cucumber, mind and many others mixed together.

: Drumshanbo Gunpowder Gin Gift Glass Pack

Gin Gift With Blue Glass Pack

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: Beautiful Gin Related Gift Items

Bottles of Bombay sapphire gin can be tastefully arranged as decor elements to fill an empty shelf in the house. This will undoubtedly provide a unique appeal even long after the gin in the bottles is finished.

: What Is The Best Gin To Purchase As Present?

Different types of gin gifts can be purchased and given to friends and family members on numerous occasions. You could buy the Belfast cut classic gin or the Honeybee gin set, it could even be some dry gins, which are usually perfect for most occasions.

: Diversity Of Gin Gifts To Select

A lot of people also prefer to purchase gins based on the type of flavours they have. You can correctly choose which one matches your desire like the Edinburgh gin gift set. When you search through the Internet, you will discover that there are actually various gin gifts to select from.

: How Do I Know What A Good Gin Is?

It is straightforward to know if a gin is in top-notch condition. To tell if a gin has not already been ruined, you need to observe the citrus note, which is really a good indicator. Additionally, check the taste of the prepared spices and flowers in the flavour of the gin.

: Mixed Flavours And Stable Aroma

Another thing to check is the woody note in the gin. All these are markers to identify a good gin. If you can sense that strong chemicals are present in the mini gin gift set bottle, then that is a likely sign that the gin's quality is low. If the flavours are stable and well-mixed, it can be considered ideal for consumption.

: Buy A Super Gift Gin Set Christmas Present

Regardless of the occasion, a well-flavoured gin is such a perfect gift for any gin lover. Coupled with the fact that beautiful gin and glass gift set bottles are also used as decoration, Christmas is an absolutely ideal occasion to purchase the best gin gift set for a gin lover.

: Can Gin Sets Be Presented For Any Occasion?

Usually, only the best gin gifts for her can make the occasion special. These gins can be gifted on different occasions; it can be shared with friends to enjoy the tasteful experience on any serene evening with loved ones or alone.

: Tasty Flavoured Gin Gift Sets

In conclusion, to choose the best-flavoured gin selection gift set, check the flavours combination, the presentation, and most significantly, the gin's quality.
To get the best-tasting experience, you can mix different flavours to prepare a super delicious concoction. You can make use of those beautiful bottles of gin as decoration for your home as well.