Warming And Soothing Heated Electric Foot Massagers

Updated 14/12/2021:
Superb care for your feet using these deluxe soft fleece electric foot warmer and massagers, which sustain your feet cosy and warm along with an enlivening Shiatsu. A super therapy restoring tired and hurting feet with a hand control and diverse personal massage boot configurations.

Foot Massager And Circulation Warmer
Foot Massager And Circulation Warmer

Why Buy A Foot Warmer Massager?
A warming foot massager boosts the blood flow within your feet, helping your blood and lymph models carry aside harmful toxins. The procedure for any heated foot warmer massager transmits communications to the remainder of the body to unwind and encourage circulation.

: Snailax Foot Massager Boot For Pain Relief

Using an extremely flexible style, this Shiatsu massager with inner heating is intended for multi-functional usage - it's a beautiful foot massager warmer machine.
Following removing the top cover, it is a 'back heating mat' or Shiatsu massager seat pillow. A reliable, transportable massager for complete body massage therapy.

Designed for pain alleviation and reducing exhaustion, the Snailax Shiatsu foot heated massager provides revolving Shiatsu rollers. It presents deep kneading massage therapy for the back, neck, upper leg, calf and feet. It really helps to reduce tight pressure knots and muscular soreness.

Brown Foot Massager Boot
Heated Snailax Foot Massager Boot

Eradicating tiredness right after a long day at work or even an extended journey, the foot massager possesses warmth via Shiatsu balls and a heating pad for the foot, toes and heel. It will rapidly heat up and warm your feet thoroughly, besides making you feel more tranquil.

The machine contributes significantly to making improvements to the circulation of blood. It alleviates muscle stress, damaged nerves and Plantar fasciitis. Outfitted with an over-heat safety process, the warmer guarantees secure usage.


  • Offers Genuine Pain Relief
  • Soft And Very Comforting


  • None at all

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Auto Shuts For Safe Use
  • Brilliant For Sore Feet

Unique Selling Point:

  • Use At Home Or Workplace
  • Advanced Heated Shiatsu Balls

The Snailax Shiatsu foot heated massager is light in weight and compact. The device lets you loosen up on your couch, in the house or office, and it is straightforward to function with a cabled remote device controller. A fantastic gift for mother, daddy, close friends or anyone you love.

Specs: Neck/Thigh/Leg/Foot | x 8 Shiatsu Rollers | Fast Heat | Over-Heat Safe

The cushioning is designed for a comfortable and wonderful experience, with a tremendous cosy deluxe fabric. The top cover is easily-removed and cleanable in any household washer appliance. The integrated non-slip rubber underside maintains it firmly in position.

Foot Massager Boot With Remote Device

£54   Snailax Foot Massager Boot Warmer - Get It!  

: Lomitech Electric Foot Therapy Heated Warmer

This worthwhile electric powered heated foot warmer works using the most up-to-date heating system and oscillation concept. Delivering successful respite from anxiety, tightness, tenderness and cramping pains effortlessly safeguards your feet from reduced blood flow and joint disease.

This Lomitech foot warmer vibration massager is supplied with both side panels manufactured from incredibly soft flannel, which is extraordinarily long-lasting and comfortable. The cushioned heavy flannel cover helps keep the high temperature within the pad for comfort.

Soft Foot Warmer Vibration Massager
Lomitech Foot Warmer Vibration Massager

Take pleasure in several different purposes of high temperature, vibrating, heating system, and oscillation simultaneously. Whether or not in the home, at work or in the automobile, it may provide warm fingers or perhaps like a travelling cushion. The forty-five minutes auto shut prevents excessive heating.

An ideal foot warmer for elderly folk where the heating system location is in the core foot cushion. The heating system temperature is approximately 131 Celsius - plus it's suggested to utilise a 5V 2A electrical power source.


  • Very Soft Cosy Textile
  • Heat Modes To Suit You


  • No

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Heat Up Feet And Hands
  • Use It Anywhere You Want

Unique Selling Point:

  • A Superior Quality Warmer
  • Luxurious Soft Material

It consistently achieves the best results and has both equal sides. It's manufactured from tremendously soft cotton for endless ease and comfort. All components are BPA free plus ETL accredited.

The Lomitech foot warmer vibration massager is light and portable. Nevertheless, it permits you to take it easy on your own settee, mattress or office chair at home or in your workplace.

Specs: x3 Settings | 14 x 12 Inches | USB Cord | Anti-Slip Sole | Men/Women

Simply perfect for a special birthday surprise, Christmas present for parents, father, good friend or any of your beloved. This foot warmer heating system and vibration therapeutic massage pad is definitely your better companion. It makes your day brimming with warmness and vitality.

Foot Therapy Heated Warmer In Grey

£32   Lomitech Soft Foot Therapy Warmer - Get It!  

: Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massage Heater For Elderly

Basically, take it easy and re-energise your exhausted feet - the Shiatsu feet massager certainly is the quintessential massager. It provides you with a comforting treat following a long, difficult day.
Likewise, it refreshes the feet using six massage heads. All in addition to deep massaging nodes for fantastic feet and heel therapeutic massage healing.

Designed for Plantar fasciitis, this specific Belmint Shiatsu foot massager machine will become your own personal physical therapist. It will alleviate your current foot discomfort. The massager is perfect regardless of whether fighting persistent pain and Plantar fasciitis because of extended working.

Black Shiatsu Foot Massager
Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine

Whether or not on your work shift is in a healthcare facility, gambling establishment, or even an eating place. This particular Plantar Fasciitis massager appliance will be your personalised physical therapist to remedy those distressing tensions in the convenience of your abode.

The foot massager presents a passionate massage encounter with combined foot-beds that will group eighteen massage therapy nodes. It operates under the mesh to induce blood circulation to reduce pressure. It can reduce many indications of PMS and even menopausal events.

Get yourself a soothing heat with the separate heater that guarantees the footbeds will satisfy your physique. The temperature helps reduce stress and muscle constriction. It heats up your feet to relieve worries and offers a relaxing spa-like therapy using its built-in IR heat feature.


  • Perfect For All Exhausted Feet
  • Its Like Your Own Foot Doctor


  • Never

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Deep-Kneading Soothing Heat
  • Rejuvenate Those Aching Feet

Unique Selling Point:

  • Boost Blood Flow In The Legs
  • Comfy And Relaxing Therapy

Employing this heated foot massager equipment with the contact of a display button, you may enjoy a deep-kneading foot massager together with lovely warmth. We created this foot therapy massager together with an integrated heat therapy functionality.

It is easy to switch on to offer you a warm experience giving attention to your low blood pressure. It is now easy to further improve the circulation to your cold feet.

This Belmint Shiatsu foot massager machine is flexible to the proper perspective. It instantly shuts down after an enjoyable 20-minutes therapeutic massage. It is genuinely easily transportable to keep it below your stand or table, couch, bathroom, or workplace.

Specs: Breathable Textile | 6 Massage Heads | 3.64 Kg | Deep Knead Nodes

Outfitted with several deep-kneading nodes that target acupuncture treatment details on foot, it will help activate blood flow. It will eventually reduce pressure, slow up the consequences of Edema inflammation and lessen indicators of PMS.

Shiatsu Foot Massage Heater On 4 Legs

£59   Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine - Get It!  

: Advantages Of Heated Foot Warmers

Acquiring typical foot massages will offer plenty of perks. Feet massages are rejuvenating and healthful with some great benefits. Feet heat massagers are like vibrating machines for much improved upon blood circulation, pain alleviation and neurological development heating the feet.

: Cold Feet And Blood Flow Issues

The foot circulation massager heating aspect is one thing that numerous may disregard until the winter season, but they are experiencing cold feet. Anyone who has blood flow issues may promptly spot the alleviation the built-in heating device supplies - definitely not a function to be dismissed.

: Foot Therapy Massage Nodes Rub Down

Deep 'massaging nodes' cycle colliding with the appropriate pressure areas wonderfully. Should you have trouble with muscle tension within the feet, there is not much better alleviation than the excellent Shiatsu therapeutic massage. The foot therapy nodes supply a top-tier foot rub down in your own abode, but coupled with a pedicure at home - you will feel so rejuvenated.

: Massager Operating Functionality

Among the concerns numerous have together with household massagers is they tend to be noisy. This will make it hard to wind down even though the equipment is operating. Currently, most electric foot warmer massagers are comparatively peaceful, thus you will never have difficulty with sound whilst it functions.

: Athletes And Plantar Fasciitis

As a result of considerable strain keep-fit jogging wears on your feet, an excellent foot massager can be something every athlete must have in their resource. Sportspeople usually have stretched Plantar Fasciitis; therefore, a foot massager boot roller is a perfect strategy to combat stiffness.

: More Oxygen For Your Feet Muscles

Once the foot heater massager operates in the feet, muscles do heat up almost as much as they might whenever you exercise. Because of the muscle tissue triggering, a lot more blood extends to parts of your muscles. The elevated circulation provides extra nutrients and oxygen for feet muscle tissues.

Massage therapy will allow you to reduce soreness and exhaustion significantly in your feet. The foot warmers for the elderly with heating features or delicate massaging nodes around the soles of your feet tend to be widely known as the most appropriate for individuals with rheumatoid arthritis.

: InvoSpa Shiatsu Electric Foot Warmer Therapy Gift

The Infrared heating feature may take several routines to warm up and increase blood circulation and alleviate muscle tension. Heal those weary feet, damaged nerves, persistent sensation problems, soreness and Plantar fasciitis by switching on the heat function in this foot massager.

Using the Shiatsu massage then air compression setting, both separate foot compartments give you a fantastic mixture. With the InvoSpa Store Shiatsu foot massager machine, you get kneading and rolling. Still, the air pressure implements pressure to any or all foot regions.

Black Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine
InvoSpa Store Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine

With the bi-directional vibrating settings in addition to the exclusive air compression setting - this foot therapeutic massage machine supplies a super encounter. It is possible to alter the massaging focus with a press of a display button. Additionally, there is an additional setting for virtually no massaging.

This heated foot massager appliance possesses many small ergonomic massage therapy heads that will rub more acupuncture targets. Using the foot cover that is easily removed with a zip, the electric-powered feet massager unit is very simple easy to clean each time.


  • Highly Rated For Pain Alleviation
  • Effortlessly Alter The Intensity


  • No..

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Shiatsu Plus Air Compressing
  • Nodes Shift All Directions

Unique Selling Point:

  • The Most Relaxing Foot Rub
  • Adjustable Rolling Intensities

Whether you simply need a hassle-free comforting leg therapeutic massage or a deep tissue Shiatsu massaging rub down, it is simple to adapt. The concentration of the InvoSpa Store Shiatsu foot massager machine and decide among unique pressure concentrations.

Specs: Legs/Thigh/Calf | 3.5 Kg | Pure Air Compress | Cord 2m | x3 Intensities

This long-lasting Shiatsu foot massager with heating will be a wonderful present to any of your respective family and friends. An excellent gift for just about anyone.

Shiatsu Electric Foot Warmer In All Black

£99   InvoSpa Shiatsu Electric Foot Warmer - Get It!  

: That Therapeutic Feeling Of Calm

Therapeutic massage feet warmers feel good, not only because you will explore parts of your muscles unwind, but additionally since the massage boosts the discharge of the hormones within your body that induce rest - along with a feeling of tranquillity.

: Reduce Hectic Working Day Stress

The foot massager has a heating system function, but kneading the feet pursuits the rest of the physique as well. You can alleviate those tired, aching legs just as any expert will using a foot spa massager machine.

The majority of machines reduce muscle rigidity as well as tiredness from the hectic working day. These warming foot massagers lessen the production of hormones that help you stay stressed and troubled.

: HoMedics Shiatsu Feet Warmer Massager

The Shiatsu feet warmer massager works applying the 'acupressure massage' concept of revolving components to apply your feet an enlivening massage. The progressive strategy journeys up plus down the feet comforting away stress, pain and tiredness.

Absolutely everyone deserves a little therapeutic massage every now and then. When on your feet throughout the day and wish some comforting alleviation, you may depend on this foot massager with heating that will help you relieve the discomfort.

Shiatsu Feet Warmer Massager

Want to know the best part of experiencing a foot massager in your own home? It is the chance to encounter a situation of profound pleasure without needing to book a scheduled visit. This HoMedics Dual Shiatsu foot massager is outfitted with twelve massage nodes for your feet.

Together with more than one hundred ligaments, muscle groups and tendons inside your feet exclusively, this particular massager is designed for relieving all discomfort. The ToeTouch command enables you to quickly select from massage therapy or massage along with heat.

Take pleasure in enhanced wellness, de-stress and discharge that pain in your feet with a simple click of a button. Encounter in your own home heated foot warmer reflexology to assist this foot discomfort - feel tranquil - plus more focused.


  • Unique Toe-Tap Controller
  • Get Soothing Heat Healing


  • None whatsoever

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Truly Invigorating Encounter
  • Benefit From Stress Relief

Unique Selling Point:

  • Aching And Pains No More
  • Deep Kneading Heat Massager

You may encounter an energising massage throughout the whole base of your respective foot applying this HoMedics Shiatsu foot massager.

Enjoy the extra features such as the toe-touch control, which enables you to quickly choose between a regular massage or perhaps a therapeutic massage with a high temperature. The Shiatsu foot massager using heat will certainly perform amazing things for your general wellbeing.

Powerful Shiatsu Foot Massage Machine
HoMedics Dual Shiatsu Foot Massager

Specs: 12 Massage Nodes | Dual Shiatsu | De-Stress Tension | Deep Relaxation

It's best that the massager and heating system settings are just expended for as much as 20 minutes etc. Following this, the merchandise is going to instantly turn off.

It may be started up once again via pushing the electrical power option. Don't employ extra pressure levels to the merchandise, always deploy when sat down and don't stand upon the item.
[Rating: 8/10]   £69   Get It → HoMedics Shiatsu Feet Warmer Massager  

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: ObboMed FAR IR Carbon Fibre Heated Slippers

22 Watts electric powered vibration relaxing boots foot massager heater with carbon fibre warmer is the ideal resolution for chilly, aching and fatigued feet. Simply not only massage, however additionally the ObboMed FAR IR carbon fibre heated slippers apply the most recent strategy for heating system usage.

Power Foot Massager Heater Used By Woman On Sofa


  • The Boots Can Fit Everyone
  • Super Soothing Experience


  • None at all

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Recommended Heated Booties
  • Slow And Healing Warmth

Unique Selling Point:

  • Super Soft Fleece Liner
  • Heat Healing Performance

Black FAR IR Carbon Fibre Heated Slippers
ObboMed FAR IR Carbon Fibre Slippers

Specs: FAR InfraRed | 31 x 32 x 22 cm | LED | DC 12V | 20W | Carbon Fibre

You'll encounter comfortable heating whenever you position your feet inside the foot heater. This ObboMed FAR IR carbon fibre heated slippers deploy the most recent carbon system for heating functionality and the temperature devolves on background warmth and accrued heating time period.
[Rating: 9/10]   £44   Get It → ObboMed FAR IR Carbon Fibre Heated Boots  

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Soft Invigorating Heated Foot Massager Boots Compared

: Quinear Foot Massager Machine Dual Heat

This foot massager machine with dual heating can alleviates our stress as well as tiredness, in addition better blood dispersal particularly whenever we suffer an entire day's working or extended time period strolling.

A first-class QUINEAR Shiatsu air compression foot massage machine that offers a deep massaging encounter for your feet, all with 2 kneading rates selectable. With 6 custom made intensity levels and 2 comforting heating systems, our exploited feet can eventually unwind.

Foot Massager Machine With Controls On Top

Why Should I Buy It?

  • A Great Circulation Booster
  • For The Young And Elderly

Unique Selling Point:

  • Super Massage For Sore Feet
  • Secure Auto Shut-Off Feature

The Features:


  • Heat Function Controls
  • Quality Sewn Fabrics


  • None..

Air Compression Foot Massage Machine
QUINEAR Shiatsu Foot Massage Machine

Two automatic foot massaging strategies will give your feet an expert massaging encounter. This QUINEAR Shiatsu air compression foot massage machine offers 6 air pressure level rub down intensity functions - discretional for diverse end users. Dual foot warmer massaging temperature optional for different times of the year.

Specs: 2 Knead Speeds | DC12V 3A | 44 Nodes | 5.75 Kg | Auto Shut | 2 Heat Modes

The 2 massaging feet rub down velocities are optional. Pro automatic settings and auto/hand-operation are alternated as you wish. Effortless to wash, and in addition 15 minutes automatic pause.
[Rating: 9/10]   £99   Get It → Quinear Foot Massager Machine  

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: Aidapt Soft Foot Warming Massage Boot

A foot warming massage boot that comes with 2 high powered electric motors, distinguished heat command and 2 massaging grades. The AIDAPT soft relaxing dual speed electric massager possesses a cushy, easily removed fleece liner that is machine wash-and-wear - also processed to forestall loitering feet smells.

Warming Massage Boot With Remote Device

The Features:

Relaxing Electric Massager Boot
Aidapt Soft Relaxing Electric Massager Boot

Several Shiatsu foot massagers will give you merely a solitary system, rendering it challenging to strike distinct locations on every foot. Simply because this component provides 2 independent compartments, one for every foot, it takes proper care of the underside plus edges of every foot carefully.

Specs: 12V AC Adapter | Fleece Liner | Wire 3m | Dual Speed | Remote Device

The AIDAPT soft relaxing dual speed electric massager external components are of soft suede and the boot is going to accommodate adequate to 15 feet. The hand held manager corrects equally heating system and massaging. Perfect for cold, tired out or hurting feet.
[Rating: 9/10]   £25   Get It → Aidapt Foot Warming Massage Boot  

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: Will Electric Foot Warmers Help Exhaustion?

Reflexology treatment assists appropriate instability in your body through invigorating particular regions of the feet. Electric foot warmers offer specific revival and can alleviate pressure on your physique, particularly the legs and lower spine like hot tub therapy helping the metabolic process.

: Are Heat Massagers Good For Elderly?

A foot massage is an excellent method to treat that special someone and assist them to 'loosen up' following a long working day. As a possible additional advantage, foot warmers for the elderly will also help to deal with headaches and tension.

: Are Poor Life Choices The Cause?

Inadequate circulation of blood in your feet is established by a significant amount of circumstances that may be the consequence of your lifestyle or even various health issues. Those who invest time seated generally encounter inadequate blood flow since they do not manoeuvre as much as others.

: Cramps, Sore Muscles And Stress

With daily physical punishment, feet need a ton of attention to keep them balanced. They get painful as well as exhausted with cramps and rigid muscles. Stress can enlarge, cause sweat and discomfort, this is where a dual foot massager will come in utilising options which fulfil your requirements.

Very cosy boots foot massagers created from particularly indulgent and opulent fleece textiles. They make a great gift idea and are just right for unwinding following a nerve-wracking work day. Sporting digital heat command, temperature configurations and automated turn off. An easily removed fleece liner guarantees hygiene.