Luxury High Back Bar Stools In Contemporary Styles

Updated 06/04/2022:
Our super fuse of high class bar stools with backs use the advanced degrees of comfort modern seats provide. The luxury indulgent padding and upholstered cushions are ergonomic moulded and formed for the lower spine. All stylish bar stools with the comfort to make sitting more pleasurable.

At Home Bar Stool Motion And Comfort
We will help you select the ideal breakfast bar stools with backs and 360 degrees rotating. The seat cushion backrests are amply padded for higher relaxation. The quilted bar stools are sturdy to withstand the wear/and tear of daily application. An extraordinary impact on any stylish kitchen area.

: YOUNIKE Furniture Modern Design Bar Stools

These black kitchen bar stools with backs incorporate flexible height and 360 degrees revolving. Ergonomic and efficient, the high bar stools are for countertops, kitchens and households. These stools blend present-day and traditional styles in a fashionable style, ideal for your house.

These enchanting YOUNIKE bar stools are incredibly appealing, so everybody who perceives this will be brimming with compliments. The structured comfort backrest and seating flawlessly match the body contour for tremendous comfort. It alleviates pressure and supplies probably the comfiest sitting-down encounter.

Additionally, you can place your feet around the footrest to unwind the lower limbs. The seat can easily 360 degrees swivel by having an adaptable seating placement. You may easily change direction without restraint when talking with friends and family.

The versatile seat elevation of the comfy bar stools will fulfil your own needs and adapt to 'various seat heights' for several seated situations. In a durable structure, these stools are created for everyday use. Difficult to destroy, they are lightweight with a substantially boosted lifespan.

The stools supply exceptional stability and the highest possible load total capacity of up to 300 pounds with an impressive base. You can quickly put together the swivel bar stools with backs without additional equipment to assemble them. Supplied is a 12-months guarantee.

Black Furniture Modern Bar Stools x2
YOUNIKE Furniture Modern Bar Stools

These bar stools mix the ultra-modern and traditional designs in a present-day style, which are exquisite for the home or even coffee stores. Perfect for a cafe or other pleasant decor concepts, the alluring bar chairs are eye-catching.

With varying seat situations, the stools can completely circle swivel, so it is possible to switch paths unhampered to speak to your buddies. The versatile seat height will satisfy your individual demands, and you may adjust to diverse sitting down situations.

All these breakfast bar stools with backs are produced for daily use. The massive bottom of 16 inches supplies superb stability and sturdiness with an optimum load potential of approximately 136 Kg. The high-density cushion features good durability and alleviates force on the base.

The Features:

The seat levels are adjustable and can conform to the distinct needs for countertop elevation. A comfy backrest and sleek style of the YOUNIKE bar stools backrest flawlessly meet the body's shape. It truly is smooth, decreases tension and supplies the most relaxed sitting position.

Using a secure semicircular footstool, the rugged and sturdy semicircular footrest maintains your legs in a comfy location. And it provides you with a casual seat encounter. Invitees will have a classy style to decorate their own home bar and have a considerably better meeting sitting in a snug seat.

Whenever you invite an associate as a visitor to your own home, the personable adjustable stool with a back appears incredibly captivating. Anyone who views it will be rich in approval. The peak of the bar stools is flexible widely based on your own personal demands.

Steel Bar Stool Chairs In Black

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: THGS Upholstered Bar Stools Windsor Grid

This bar stool set in deluxe top quality fabric is an excellent choice that will appear exceptional in any living area, cooking area or breakfast bar. A fashionably 'ahead of style' that will endure prolonged use and improve your indoors with its current sparkle.

Sumptuously cushioned, the Home Garden Store Windsor fabric bar stool set is incredibly comfy. It offers you a tall backrest that guarantees extra support for the lumbar, rendering it a soothing spot to take a seat.

You may relax, take it easy and revel in lengthy discussions without hurrying onto the soft, cosy couch. Reestablish top quality family time far away from the Television with effortlessly adjustable seats well suited for everyone.

These grey bar stools with backs are also exquisite for a quick breakfast. You definitely won't wish to miss breakfast time without a couple of minutes on one of these stools. A gorgeous treat to increase your modern-day kitchen area, the bar stools include a footrest and a slim metallic lever, making it comfy to utilise.

Height variable, this turning faux leather-based bar stool with armrest is adaptable and enchanting. This classic yet energised style is built to feel extravagant to match any surroundings. You may be in the bar, beauty salon, office reception, or a morning meal in your cooking area.

Grey Fabric Bar Stools Gas Lift
The Home Garden Store Windsor Bar Stools

Whatever surroundings you set, adjustable bar stools with backs anticipate comfort and ease, dependability and comfort supported with outstanding customer support. Take hold of a publication or a tablet PC and view away while you multi-task in the afternoon.

A sophisticated assertion, the chrome base with household leather effect upholstery is accessible in many colours. It harmonises with any interior decoration or arena, creating an excellent complement with outstanding characteristics.

It is a delight to use and built with a 360-degree rotating movement; it permits overall flexibility. At the same time, the flexible elevation base constitutes a comfy chair. The slim bar stools are perfect for any individual while unwinding at nighttime or planning for any day just around the corner.

Additionally, with a quick cleaning, durable leather and a chrome-plated bottom, the padded bar stools with backs will make those challenging cleanups non-existent.

The rubber ring foundation will undoubtedly safeguard you from those unattractive floor scrapes. Conveniently, the stool is essentially padded with smooth faux leather and thick heavy flexible foam. The cushioned lower back offers assistance, and the chrome-plated base provides stability.

The Features:

Accompanied with the integrated gas lift for elevation modification and swivel activity, this makes them the right fabric bar stools with backs for relaxation. The stools are additionally maintained with leg rest to keep the feet comfortable. Whether near a very high bar table or even a cooking area countertop.

Magnificent quality textile upholstery provides 'rows of stitches' at first glance, segmenting the Home Garden Store Windsor fabric bar stools set for stylish exuberance.
The bar stool is placed on a chrome framework, and the seat is effortlessly reachable due to the 360-degree rotating system. An adjustable elevation gas lift is in the primary column.

A contoured footrest supplies a supporting spot for your feet whenever sitting down. Subsequently, your floor surface stays in the best condition with the protecting shield under the rounded base. A ten to twenty-minute fast and straightforward set-up using the guide is recommended.

Upholstered Stools With Neat Stitching

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: AINPECCA Set Of 2 Velvet Design Bar Stools

These adjustable swivel bar stools in velvet provide a timeless model with a contemporary appearance. The backrest offers you probably the comfiest sit-down sensation ever.

This current style provides a fashionable and advanced touch to virtually any home cooking area or other locations. This AINPECCA bar stool set of two is an excellent choice for breakfast cooking area countertop, bar, club, gourmet coffee house, cafe or household.

Modify the height based on the efficient model of the ergonomic structure to accomplish a superior quality seated condition, guaranteeing you a comfy encounter. The set of 2 bar stools with backs seat cushioning may be spun 360 degrees, and the elevation of the stools is adjustable from the handle grip.

Comprehensive thick, high-density cushioning is not necessarily rigid for extended seating. The cushioned seat reduces stress for relaxed sitting down. The footrest location makes it effortless to put your feet up slightly, and you can settle back and unwind quickly.

Contemporary at home bar stools fit eating places, kitchen areas, living spaces, amusement areas, workplaces, restaurants and household use. The substantial-quality velvet material is straightforward to immaculately clean - and it possesses an extended lifespan.

Brown Bar Stools Set of 2 Swivel
AINPECCA Bar Stools Set of Two

These bar stools with back support will surely squeeze in a traditional appearance to your cooking area. They are sturdy; however, they have an attractive visual charm. The stools are astonishingly superior quality and are a beautiful treat for your present-day kitchen.

With the footrest, they are slim with a metallic lever, making them comfy to implement. Fortunately, the surface is finished with a black surface finish for the most state-of-the-art appearance. This smart pair of bar stools are finished with a superbly stitched style.

Picture having a meal every single day with your family members on one of these sophisticated and comfy stools. You can settle back, relax and luxuriate in prolonged interactions without running onto the settee.
Reestablish superior quality family group time far away from the telly with our bar stools with back support that are flexible and ideal for practically everyone.

Such comfortable swivel bar stools with backs may also be exquisite for a quick morning meal. You undoubtedly will not want to neglect breakfast every day without a while on the seat. The stools deliver to you safely and securely in an adequately packed container.

The Features:

It is more comfortable and stylish in an entirely new design with velvet cushion seats and back. The quilted bar stools can swivel 360 degrees and are elevation adjusting through the lower handle. A large chrome chassis is made challenging to topple for extra balance.

Using a sturdy frame structure, this seat's premium quality 'super soft velvet' textile stands out. Designed for excellent seating convenience and appropriate for long term sitting, the AINPECCA bar stools set of two include quality and comfy backrest style.

With a very dense foam cushioning for great relaxation, the footrest location makes it effortless to place the feet, so you can settle back and luxuriate quickly.

Combined with just about any table, this modern-day design brings a fashionable and contemporary feel to any household cooking area or gathering region. The peak of the countertop bar stools can be altered through the handle - the procedure is straightforward and secure.

Bar Stools With Polished Chrome Base

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: Hironpal Grey Velvet Bar Stool Set of 2

This pair of 2 stools in grey are created with breathable velvet-smooth padding and a reliable chromed stainless steel framework. With a fashionable and attention-grabbing style, it is constructed with comfortable cushioning, which is firm and ensures a long lifespan.

The Hironpal grey velvet bar stool set of 2 chairs incorporates stud detail, gas lift efficiency for flexible elevation, and an elegant contemporary design in a high-class velvet. Non-skid and anti-scratch, the plastic ring beneath the base safeguards your flooring from scratches and decreases sounds when rotating.

Height versatile and 360 degrees rotating, the well-cushioned seat presents an ergonomic contour with backrests and footrests to help you unwind your body. With more comfort when sitting down, the swivel stools with the back contain an excellent match to any surroundings in your home.

2 Grey Velvet Bar Stool Set
Hironpal Grey Velvet Bar Stool Set

It can be used within the cooking area, living area, family room, terrace, restaurant or countertop, barbershop, bar, etc. It is flat packed, nevertheless straightforward to put together in a few minutes with the instructions supplied.

Sophisticated and opulent, the bar stools with profound button back style are the excellent finishing touch to any on-trend cooking area, breakfast bar or kitchen island. They have an extensive square chrome steel foundation and are elevation adaptable.

Using an intuitive gas lift handgrip for additional convenience, there is an easy and elegant 'wrap all-around' style footrest. This particular breakfast bar chairs with back ooze elegance and attractiveness. A little assembling of your equipment is necessary.

The Features:

Using a chrome steel framework, the colour selection will fit with the rest of your area. It is straightforward to set up in less than 10 minutes with tools and a guide available. The Hironpal grey velvet bar stool curved corners and edges will allow you to unwind quickly.

Multi-use, it might be employed in your kitchen or living area. It is button tufted, contributing more style and magnificence to your living room. It's a heavily cushioned seat for additional comfort.

High-Back Bar Stools With Metal Foot Rest

£209   Hironpal Grey Velvet Bar Stool Set of 2 - Get It!  

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: Wahson Set of 2 Bar Stools Fabric Layered

The 'clam styled' backrest and brilliant colour help to make the traditional and fashionable components interact with this clean-layered bar stool set. You are guaranteed to get words of flattery with this bar stool in your house. Using beautiful material, this specific bar seat is a rejuvenating design taking into account those regular types.

Steady and durable, its magic formula is the exclusive textile that is wear-resilient, long-lasting and skin-pleasant. The Wahson set of 2 fabric bar stools uses more extensive bases and quality metallic materials. Therefore the balance will be a lot better than various other pub stools.

Whether you're drinking a glass or two at your home pub or munching on the cooking area countertop, this bar chair is somewhat pleasing to your interior seating room.

Insert some style and colour directly into the evening meal with this bar stool. Accessible in thrilling vibrant shades, every one of them is sure to be considered a hit in your modern household.

The kitchen island chairs with backs present an attractive grid style that encourages you to its exceedingly deluxe sitting style. The seat itself consists of nicely dense polyurethane foam. It stretches to a very comfortable seat; nevertheless, it will help keep a quick and durable physical appearance for quite some time.

: The Bucket Seat Bar Stool Style..

Should you be looking forward to a stool where it is possible to take a seat for several hours, this specific seat is indispensable. This impressive bucket seat bar stool model will add a trendy personality to any modern-day living space.

The quilted chair pattern makes the actual barstool appear stylish and elegant, using an ergonomically designed bucket zone to put your bottom upon. When you sit on the high stools with backs for your kitchen, you can feel your legs and back wonderfully supported and an extremely comfy encounter.

The fabric contains a pleasurable matte, somewhat orange peel surface finish using only premium quality materials. These weighty, firm structured bar stools for heavy persons come with an outstanding fresh painted process with vital metalwork.

2 Stools With Back-Rest And Side Lever
Wahson Set of 2 Bar Stools Fabric

The bottom is extensive, offers durability and possesses a synthetic plastic ring making it possible for pushing the stool about noiselessly. The optimum load weight is 300 lbs. Multi-use, the bar kitchen island stools can rotate in a complete circle - and you can modify the elevation.

Hydraulics function efficiently, and there's a substantial improvement involving the lowest and highest configurations, so these types of stools should virtually fit anybody.
You may modify the height of these cheap bar stools with backs to match your size. The feet rest provide a much better degree of comfort than suspending the legs without support.

Your kitchen stools are straightforward to put together with unambiguous pictorial guidelines. It takes around ten minutes for each bar stool. The morning meal upholstered kitchen island chairs come adequately bundled, and all fixings, fixtures and equipment are incorporated.

These contemporary bar stools will definitely include an innovative feel to your cooking area. They are sturdy; however, they have a lovely visual charm. The chairs are of excellent quality and are a wonderful treat to add to your own fashionable kitchen.

The Features:

A footrest and a metallic handle make the small bar stools with backs pleasant to use for everyone. The modern counter stool height is adaptable and exquisite. Ideal for informal or conventional seating, it is suitable for the family room, party space, barbershop, coffee stores, bar, etc.

Straightforward to set up, the ergonomic comfy Wahson set of 2 fabric bar stools backrest will keep your lumbar region stress-free, supplying you several hours of great sitting down comfort.

The quilted backrest and elegant curves squeeze the bar stools' distinctive sense of style. The soft textile is skin-welcoming, breathable and highly wear-resilient.

The cushion permits you to sit for many hours without getting exhausted. The seat offers flexible elevation from 63 cm to 83 cm together using the handle positioned under the chair. The rectangular footrest style can relax the feet - and give you a more leisurely sitting-down encounter.

Set of 2 Bar Stools Fabric

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: HOMCOM Metal Swivel Bar Stool

This 'counter height stool' is a superior example of fashionable home furniture at it's most advanced level. Completed with a strong steel base and weighing 20 Kg, this plush unit is constructed to the highest technical level, extending style, calibre as well as longevity with an affordable label.

Stool With Square Steel Foot-Rest
HOMCOM Metal Swivel Bar Stool

The Features:

White Metal Swivel Bar Stool

The stool oozes elegance and constitutes an impressive choice for virtually any engaged bar space, which includes commercial bars as well as eating places - or perhaps just the kitchen in your house.

Finished with a pragmatic and fashionable foot-stool along with a secure ribbed seating division, this particular design is for lengthy periods sitting.
[Rating: 9/10]   £79   Get It → HOMCOM Metal Swivel Bar Stool  

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: WOLTU New Bar Stools With Back Rest

This particular swivel bar stool with back rest is just about as attention-getting as they get, as well as the ideal merchandise for setting a statement in your home base.

It includes a plush simulated leather seat covered in enticing cushy layer and attractive direct contrast lines down both inclines isn't for the timid.

Comfy Swivel Bar Stool With Back Rest

The Features:

The beautiful steel base, foot-rest and framework simply bestow further to it's delectable and advanced style. A comfortable back-rest and foot assistance blend to produce an exceptional sitting down encounter like simply no other.

Simple elevation modifications are constituted via the deployment of the effortless gas lift device.
[Rating: 9/10]   £119   Get It → WOLTU Breakfast Dining Stools Back Rest  

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: Songmics Adjustable Bar Stool Back-Rest

A simulated leather adjustable height bar stool with high back-rest and comfy densely bolstered seat, along with robust supportive gas lift elevation allowance, steel support feet, foot-stool and scuff proof base. Selectable in black, cream as well as taupe. Seating elevation is versatile from 60 to 82cm.

Grey Adjustable Height Bar Stool With Quilt Seat

The Features:

Leisurely to get together and height adaptable, plus possesses a 360 degrees rotary motion along with a non scrape base. The leg features a gas strut to allow arranging the summit.

Both leg and foot-rest is finished in steel using a fashionable present-day construction. Full rotary motion on pivot plus gas elevation.
[Rating: 9/10]   £104   Get It → Songmics Set Of 2 Adjustable Bar Stools  

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: Leader Leatherette Bar Stools With Back

This particular leather bar stool with back rest set is a component of superior home furniture. A high-back stool with opulently bolstered seating area, gas lift mechanics, refined steel assistance feet and comfy foot-stool.

It includes a polished steel scuff immune base and is leisurely to set-up. Elevation versatile and possesses 360 degrees rotary motion.

Trendy Bar Stools With Metal Foot-Rest

The Features:

The leg features a gas rod to permit you correct the elevation and equally the leg and foot stool rest is finished up in refined steel. Accessible in black, cream colour, crimson as well as taupe, the seating elevation is flexible from 61 to 82.5cm. The seat breadth is 40cm and depth around 52cm.
[Rating: 9/10]   £96   Get It → Leader Kitchen Island Leather Bar Stools  

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: Kitchen Island Bar Stools With Backs In Modern Styles

: IntimaTe Bar Chairs With Back Rest

These 2 bar chairs with backs are advanced styles using a modern-day shape. Top quality stainless steel fabricated, secure and long-wearing plus impressive for bars, bistros, coffee houses or perhaps just household deployment. 360 degrees pivot seating top and 'gas-lift mechanics' for elevation allowance.

2 Bar Chairs With Backs With Curved Foot Rest

The Features:

Metal base, sturdy feet and arm-rests with a supportive back-rest as well as foot rest. Effortless assembly, comfy cushioned seat leather surface area and rather easy to cleanse. Item weight total capacity is approximately 120kg maximum for user.
[Rating: 9/10]   £109   Get It → IntimaTe WM Heart Bar Chairs With Backs  

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: HNNHOME Emper Bar Stool Back Pivoting

A deluxe metal bar stool with back rest in deep brown providing for a fashionable household or bar. Completely elevation adaptable and the stylish steel base delivers with the appended assistance of an integral foot-rest. It includes protective cushions to forestall any scratches or scrapes.

Metal Bar Stool With Back Rest In Black Finish

The Features:

The bright chrome demarcations nicely blend with the lavish faux-leather furnishings, affording the bar stool a fashionable and graceful feeling, which would combine with just about any surroundings.

Extremely refined steel stem plus stool base plus dual padded seating and back-rest. Comfortable 360 degrees pivot and completely elevation changeable.
[Rating: 9/10]   £89   Get It → HNNHOME Emper Bar Stools Back Rest  

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These kitchen bar stools with backs may be expended at the counter or perhaps bar tables - and even look estimable as a complete 'chair to wall' style composition. Including upholstered seating and back-rest supplying genuine comfort, they also possesses a foot bar and are a reasonable priced option.