Best Modern Swivel Kitchen Breakfast Bar Stools

Updated 01/04/2020:
The cheap kitchen breakfast bar stool selection all free standing styles. A variety of leather and steel grey barstools for your kitchen or breakfast bar. Look through our selection of metal and chrome bar stools for a stylish swivel sitting solution. View our great quality bar stools with back rests.

: Ellexir Breakfast Bar Chairs For Kitchen Island

2 Black Tall Breakfast Bar Chairs

£59   Ellexir x2 Breakfast Bar Chairs - Get It!  

: E-Starain Grey Velvet Bar Stools Swivel Set

Grey Velvet Bar Stool Set With Black Base

£71   E-Starain Grey Velvet Bar Stool Set - Get It!  

: EUCO Chrome Grey Leather Breakfast Bar Stools

Chrome Grey Breakfast Bar Stools

£76   EUCO Leather Breakfast Bar Stools - Get It!  

: Millhouse Leatherette Silver Dark Grey Bar Stools

Grey Style Bar Stools With Foot Rest

£82   Millhouse Leatherette Grey Bar Stools - Get It!  

: YAH Large Breakfast Bar Stool Set

Stylish breakfast bar stool in top quality PU leather, cushioned seat and back-rest with seat elevation pleasingly variable. It comes in a refined chrome finish with leg rest, providing a high comfort level. Optimum weight capability is around 120Kg

Chrome Breakfast Bar Stools In 3 Colours

You get twelve months company guarantee and it's rather an easy task to put together from the delivery package. Completely new in unique container, premium quality kitchen area breakfast bar stool with a seat dimension of W45.1 x D38 x H63.1 to 84cm.
[Rating: 9/10]   £69   Get It → YAH Breakfast Bar Stool

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: Woltu 2 Leather Bar Stools Chrome Base

2 high-end simulated leather kitchen bar stools including back and gas lift versatility that's sturdy and effortless to cleanse.

The gas lift is for simple seating elevation adaptation from 60 to as much as 82.5 cm and aggregated height is 84 cm. 360 degrees rotary motion as well as top quality refined steel frame-work including foot-rests.

Rotary 2 Bar Stools In Chrome With Foot Rest

Dual coloured kitchen bar stools constitute your home bright, including cushioned seating of leather impact convey you a rather elegant comfort. A broad collection of colours as well as designs for your selection, the stools include backs and bolstered seat, gas strut for effortless seating height modification plus.
[Rating: 9/10]   £66   Get It → Woltu 2 Bar Stools Chrome

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: Songmics DeLuxe Breakfast Bar Stools

The pair of morning meal barstools come in PU leather and chrome-plated metal. An unhampered 360 degrees swivelling stool with step-less elevation modification with appropriate solidity sponge, providing high comfort and a little luxury.

2 DeLuxe Breakfast Bar Stools With Polished Chrome Base

This particular high-quality PU leather surface area is straightforward to completely clean. It is furnished with a 'rubberised ring' in order to avoid sliding and safeguard the flooring.

TUV LGA analysed gas springs protecting on top - with a load total capacity of as much as 200Kg. Uncomplicated set-up as assembly equipment is incorporated.
[Rating: 9/10]   £57   Get It → Songmics Breakfast Bar Stools

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: IntimaTe Bar Stools Comfy Cushion Seat

The x2 barstools are contemporary and modern styled with premium quality electro-plate metal. They are built, resilient and strong, ideal for cafes, bars, coffee houses, or simply in your 'kitchen breakfast area' at home.

2 Black Breakfast Bar Stools With Metal Foot Rest

All over swivelling seat top and gas-lift apparatus for effortless elevation modifications. There is a long lasting electro plating stainless-steel foundation, leg and arm-rest with accommodating back and leg rest. The Tinxs stylish stools offer a black square seat with back side and arm-rest with an innovative design.
[Rating: 9/10]   £58   Get It → IntimaTe Black Bar Stools

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Swivel Black Steel Kitchen Breakfast Bar Stool Mix

: MIA Contemporary Kitchen Stool Seat

Sophisticated and ergonomic kitchen bar stool is a must-have for breakfast time kitchen area comfort. This sturdy kitchen bar stool comes in modern-day style and design with a particularly comfy well-padded seat. It can be adjusted in height via the handle for raising and removing etc.

Contemporary Kitchen Bar Stool In Orange Exterior

The bar stool will stand securely as a result of the broad foot. It also provides anatomically curved sides and edges and is protected with straightforward to cleanse, long lasting household leather. Includes a robust chrome-plated metallic framework and good solid base.
[Rating: 9/10]   £65   Get It → MIA Breakfast Kitchen Stool

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: QYY Bar Stool Chrome Impact 14 Colours

The designer barstool is an extremely sturdy and also comfy model, which is impeccably appropriate for every day utilisation.

High-positioned arm rests, in addition to the back-rest impart a high sitting down calibre. Becoming covered up with comfortable leatherette, the seating is soft and amply cushioned.

Fashionable Bar Stool In Bright Yellow

There's a footstool inside the centre of the framework, which is perfectly strategic for a decent sitting position. The chair elevation may separately be adapted due to a lever that is placed right-handed underneath the seating.

Furthermore, the seat is mobile throughout an entire 360 degrees for user convenience.
[Rating: 9/10]   £132   Get It → QYY Fashionable Bar Stool

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: Miadomodo Steel Kitchen Bar Stool Stand

A fashionable and comfy bar stool for any contemporary surroundings with it's unique modern-day design. Extremely high sitting comfort via it's nicely padded seat area. It is easily elevation changeable, with grips to regulate the amount - ie raise or perhaps reduce height.

Cosy Steel Kitchen Bar Stool In Bright Red

Safe and sound foot-hold with the broad stand feet support, with a protected and comfy sitting down encounter. Able to swivel 360 degrees about it's own axis and includes fashionable ergonomic curved edges and perimeters.
[Rating: 9/10]   £53   Get It → Miadomodo Steel Bar Stool

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Inexpensive contemporary bar stools, whether it be breakfast every day on the move, or simply a quick coffee break, compliment your own home breakfast area with our stools, accessible in a variety of colours and designs. Discover our cost-effective swivel bar stool variety in steel, modern styles.