Reasonably-Priced Upholstered Counter-Height Bar Stools

Updated 14/01/2023:
What Type Of Bar Stool Do You Need?
Would you like the stool for the kitchen islands to be fixed or perhaps a rotating gas lift bar stool? A fixed bar stool is immobile, and a swivel bar stool pivots. We explain to you precisely how to get the ideal bar stool. And a number of the most significant faults whenever picking out bar chairs.

Most swivel bar stools with arms are gas pump stools with level bases that are generally a sign of high quality. They are perfect if you are providing seating for all age groups.

The Gas Lever To Change Stool Elevation
An uncomplicated gas lever beneath the seat region enables you to change the stool elevation quickly and efficiently. The handle opens a valve and allows the tube air to increase or go down. This is based on you placing weight on the stool.

Breakfast Bar Or High Lounge Dining Table?
When shopping for a reasonably priced adjustable bar stool, there is a great deal to consider. Whether you are acquiring bar stools for your kitchen island, breakfast bar or any high living area table, ensure you select the correct version that will significantly impact comfort levels.

Specific Kitchen Area With Bar Stools
Frequently observed in your cooking area, living area, or outside environment, an affordable bar stool is a great sitting choice that will beautify virtually any space feasible. Developing a place, specifically, a kitchen area with bar stools, produces a new assertion with flexible and distinctive seating characteristics.

The most challenging element is how it can fit your space's configuration. What is the proper counter height stool elevation? What about the dimensions? The components? Free-standing or even integrated? Are bar stools with back rests any good?

: YOUTASTE Black Bar Stools Set Of 2

This fashionable and attractive gas-lift bar stool with a back comes in a gemstone check design. It is a fitting addition to your kitchen area furnishings. These affordable kitchen stools with backs are ergonomically created to give your body considerably better support. A metal footrest will ensure you sit more comfortably.

Using Kitchen Counter Stools
The ultra-modern PU leather bar stools with backs are excellent for kitchen island ideas, informal bars, cooking area bars, breakfast bars, bar countertops, eating places and indoor usage.
The tall YOUTASTE black bar stools come with set-up instructions and equipment. Simple to install, it takes approximately ten whole minutes to put together.

Functionality Of High Metallic Bar Stools
The cushioned kitchen counter stool height can be adjusted to any countertop and is 360 degrees rotating. Stylish and contemporary, it complements almost any style of home furniture.
The rubber ring underneath the stool base will help safeguard the floor from becoming scratched. This stool is not necessarily used under the countertop to conserve space.

Padded Black Bar Stools Set Of 2
Padded YOUTASTE Black Bar Stools Set Of 2

The Dimensions Of Luxury Bar Stools
Each high breakfast-time adjustable height stool measures w 48 x d 50.5 cm x h 80.5 to 105.5 cm. The modified elevation is 25 cm, and the optimum weight capability is 300 lbs. Uncomplicated to keep. Just wipe clean using a cloth or moist fabric. For quick cleaning, basically use a piece of cloth for everyday washing.

Ensure to remove the protective cover on the gas lift just before set up. The counter stool for kitchen island elevation can be adjusted to any countertop and turning. Incredibly sophisticated and lightweight, the chairs enhance] any home furnishings. The impressive metal bottom makes the seating even more secure.

The designer bar stool is packed with set-up instructions and various fitting equipment. Hassle-free installation takes only 5 to 8 minutes to put together. The gas lift deviates in a commercial sense and is available for a flexible height of 25 cm. This provides the chair considerably more space to rise and drop.

Gas Lift Metal Black Bar Stools
Gas Lift Metal x2 YOUTASTE Black Bar Stools

The Features:

Secure Large Metal Foundation
The heavier metal body makes the padded bar stool longer lasting and stable, improving its life expectancy. The rubber ring safeguard assists in safeguarding the floor from becoming damaged. Significantly less noise will be produced whenever transferring these cheap bar stools.

The YOUTASTE black bar stool set is comfortable and sturdy for a lovely sitting-down encounter - simply by putting your feet onto it. Complementing different home furniture, the bar chairs are perfect for kitchen islands, an everyday bar or a primary cooking area counter.

Exquisite Design
This unique bar stool with a back is designed to provide 'physique-bettered' assistance with PU leather and high-density polyurethane foam padding. The metallic footrest can make you sit down more relaxed and comfy.
This height-adjustable cooking area leather counter height stool has a handle beneath the seat. You can pull it whenever you want to regulate the seat elevation to meet your demands.

2 Black Black Bar Stools Set Of 2

£237   YOUTASTE Black Bar Stools Set Of 2 - Get It!  

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: Wahson Bar Stool Velvet Counter Chairs

These heavy-duty bar stools will provide a contemporary and individual experience for your interior design. The present-day structure features a stylish velvet open backrest and a pedestal-style metallic base.
Completed in brilliant gold, this counter-height chair appeals to the eye itself. The stools provide a luxurious appearance to your kitchen island or household bar.

Additional Footrest Comfort
The modern kitchen stool seat is stuffed with high-density polyurethane foam and covered with high-quality velvet. Not just smooth and comfy, but the seats are additionally sophisticated and wear-tolerant. Furnished with a footrest, you may position your feet and unwind your lower limbs.

Flexible Elevation And Rotation
The Wahson bar stool raising system works flawlessly by increasing the lever underneath the seat. You may modify it to different levels. Using an integrated 360 degrees rotating feature, you can transition directly and 'talk with associates' without restraint. These high stools are supplied with elegant extravagance and contemporary design.

The peak can be adjusted from 83 to 103.5 cm, accommodating just about any place. For example, the living area, breakfast bar, kitchen island, pub, eating places and countertop.

Kitchen Island Bar Stool Velvet Counter Chairs
Kitchen Island Wahson Bar Stool Velvet Chairs

Straightforward To Assemble
The instructions are packed inside the under-counter bar stool carton, which makes the installation considerably less complicated. Regardless of drinking a glass or two at your home bar or munching at the kitchen countertop, this bar chair set can be a pleasing addition to your interior seating room.

Comfort Makes A Difference
Protected with velvet, these stainless steel bar stools are smooth to the touch, gleaming and not straightforward to diminish. Cushioned with high-density memory foam, they are comfy, soft and non-deformable.
The ergonomic backrest facilitates your lower back, and the footrest is perfect for soothing your lower limbs. These household bar stools are intended to provide you with a comfy, enjoyable sitting encounter.

Framework And Sturdiness
The metallic frame and enlarged foundation guarantee the stability and sturdiness of these flexible high stools. Underneath the free-standing breakfast bar stool base, we have connected the non-slip band to help make the accent seats considerably more stable. It safeguards the floor from scrapes and decreases sound if relocating.

Height Adjustable Bar Stool Chairs
Height Adjustable Wahson Velvet Bar Stools

Elegant Height Adaptable Bar Stools
These adjustable swivel bar stools include a gas lift to openly swivel. The seat elevation can be adjusted from 61 to 82 cm as you prefer to fit your needs. The fashionable look is appropriate for several circumstances. The timeless colour and appearance have created the perfect mixture of retro and contemporary design.

The purple velvet seat with matte black metal base expresses the high quality of this swivel counter height stool set. These present-day bar stools can be utilised in the breakfast bar, kitchen island, countertop, eating venue, club, diner, porch, coffeehouse, junk food eating place, and many others.

Set up is the most minor thing you need to concern yourself with. We offer you descriptive and comprehensive installation instructions and all associated equipment. It is simple to set up these adjustable countertop slim bar stools.

The Features:

This cheap counter stool will provide some style and colour directly into dinner time. Accessible in thrilling, lively colours, each of these stools will surely be a success in your modern-day household.
These high stools receive elegant luxury and a modern structure that matches any place. For example, the living area, morning meal bar, cooking area island, coffee place, eatery and kitchen counter.

The ultra-modern and straightforward style is appropriate for any interior decoration at home. This genuinely comfortable bar stool will bring a comfy sitting adventure. The flexible Wahson bar stool velvet counter chair gas lift will help you choose a relaxed elevation. You can resolve the seat for your chair, sitting down pleasantly.

Footrest and Dependable Round Base
The footrest allows your feet to be thoroughly relaxed. The golden-plated metallic round foundation makes this chair stable so it can maintain an extended life.
Because of the screen and lighting construction, the metal counter stool's colours might be darker or lighter. Almost all component dimensions are made by hand with a possible change of 1 to 3 cm. You should eliminate the black plastic cover throughout the set-up.

Velvet Counter Bar Stool Set With Round Base

£160   Wahson Bar Stool Velvet Counter Chair Set - Get It!  

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: Style And Appearance Of Your Stools

The perception of the bar stool for sale is among the first factors you should consider. Do you wish to change the room's present design or discover something that fits it? Purchasing value bar stools in a diverse styles can affect the appearance of your kitchen area.

: Breakfast Bar Stool Placement Tips

Contemplate which space you will use your upholstered bar stool in. Could it be your own cooking area? Video games space? Inside a professional bar? This can impact the style you select.
Choose a design that will fit your own space's appearance, such as traditional wood stools for a countryside cooking area. Or modern chrome for a contemporary breakfast bar.

: Counter Top Bar Stool Elevation

You will find different varieties of kitchen stools for sale, particularly countertop stools, bar stools, viewer stools (also referred to as higher bar stools), and taller stools or arena stools.
Inexpensive countertop stools will be the most compact and designed for standard kitchen area countertops. Traditional bar stools are somewhat more considerable, and spectator stools will be the biggest.

: Allowing Sufficient Knee Space

To ensure sufficient knee space, you should leave approximately twelve inches involving your comfortable bar stool seat and the counter/bar. The bar stool dimensions and space guide can assist you in obtaining the ideal height and those measurements to suit your needs.

: Suggestions For Moving Home...

Flexible fabric bar stools permit you to operate at different heights, enabling individuals to choose the comfiest size. This comes with the additional benefit that the seats may be used on diverse countertops. This is specifically beneficial in picking a new counter or even moving home.

: Evaluate The Bar Stools Ergonomics

A (hang over) of any purpose-built island is known as a (peninsula island). It is almost always a unique solution and fundamentally an extension of your cooking area worktop. It is a reasonable characteristic that will enable seating and can pleasantly cater to luxurious high-back bar stools with arms similar to these ergonomic chair styles.

: Too High Or Too Low Issues

Not every kitchen island is precisely the same proportion, and the elevation of the countertop differs. The peak of the seat of your adjustable-height bar stool is significant. Absolutely nothing is worse than sitting down 'too high' or perhaps too low.

: Steel Or Wood Stools For Kitchen Islands?

Frequently, the standard elevation of an island is 90 cm, so you may require approximately 20 cm for sitting down space. Consequently, your bar stool seat's peak must be 70 cm.
If your kitchen features brushed stainless steel (probably the appliances), you might compliment them with brushed steel bar stools. Or opt for wood stools for kitchen islands with that colour structure.

: WOLTU x2 360 Swivel Kitchen Stools

This enjoyable kitchen table stool is padded with a high-quality sponge within the quick-cleaning imitation leather protector. The countertop stool provides a wonderfully comfortable sitting-down encounter. A gas lift allows you to rotate 360 degrees and easily change the seat elevation from 52 to 67 cm.

Designed to last, the robust metallic base is anti-rust and water-resistant, whilst the PU seat protector is long-lasting and tear-proof. This makes the reasonably priced rotating table bar stool enjoy an extended lifespan - and carry as much as 265 pounds.

The ground protector beneath the large foundation is perfect for conditioning its steadiness and sparing your floor from scuffing. The WOLTU x2 360 swivel kitchen stools guarantee no wobbling when swivelling without sound whenever shifting.

White Gas Lift x2 360 Swivel Kitchen Stools
White Gas Lift WOLTU Swivel Kitchen Dining Stools

Multi-Functional Accent Seats
Due to the modern-day design with remarkable colour blends, counter height barstools can be virtually moved to any room quickly to become a breakfast time countertop bar stool. Or a cooking area chair, a countertop chair for your kitchen area, an adjustable seat for the lounge room or dining area, and many others.

This chrome bar stool is excellent as a present for close friends and family members. Straightforward to put together with comprehensive instructions and equipment, it is simple to set up this swivel countertop stool very quickly. Please be aware to eliminate the cap from the gas lift before setting up.

Whether the present-day style is flawlessly presented by natural leather and steel or the commercial type is produced by wood and steel. The swivel breakfast bar stools' design is through the fabric and solid wood, from standard shapes to gas lift. We hope it will become a feast for the sight.

Counter Height 360 Swivel Kitchen Stools
Counter Height WOLTU Swivel Kitchen Dining Stools

The Features:

Accumulate your family and friends along with sitting ease and comfort. Every size has been measured by hand too. The merchandise's specific colour could be different from the images demonstrated. This is because of other screen and resolution configurations.

Tough And Comfortable
The soft PU is covered and cushioned with a high-density and resilient sponge or cloth. That is satisfying to your vision, and it's comfortable to touch. Elevation flexible, the WOLTU x2 360 swivel kitchen stool gas lift handle can be raised to modify the peak. You can discharge it whenever it actually reaches the height you desire.

Counter Stool With Floor Protection
It has an anti-slip ring beneath the steel bottom to improve safety and balance. It will safeguard your floorboards from damage. The unique counter stool can fit your interior decoration using a contemporary and straightforward style. For example, your lounge room, bedroom, office at home, kitchen island, living area, breakfast bar and countertop.

Anti-Slip Ring Swivel Kitchen Dining Stools

£67   WOLTU x2 Swivel Kitchen Dining Stools - Get It!  

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: PHIVILLA Height Adjustable Counter Chairs

Resilient and prestigious, this set of two table-height stools with an extensive iron platform (size 38.1 cm) provides a maximum load capacity of 300 pounds. The powerful prolonged footrest comes with a diameter of 16 cm, which makes it possible for a (fast snap) escape.

You can appreciate incredible convenience using the set backrest of 40h x 30w cm. The PHIVILLA height adjustable breakfast chair metallic base with a non-slip rubber ring guarantees you take a seat without worrying about toppling.

Height-adjustable and in a complete circle together with the lever, it is simple to modify the bar stool from the countertop (63 cm). This is ideal for elevation to 82 cm in mere seconds.
360 shifts allow unrestricted motion and complete flexibility to the finest sitting-down placement. It is simple to proceed to speak or acquire things on this upholstered counter-height chair.

This is a premium quality anti-scratch counter bar stool with an ergonomically created backrest from very dense foam. It decreases stress around the lumbar spinal column.

Waterproof Leatherrette Breakfast Chairs
Leatherrette PHIVILLA Height Adjustable Breakfast Chairs

The artificial faux leather supplies a comfy seating encounter and sturdiness. The impressive anti-slip scratch ring underneath the slimline bar stool's metallic base will safeguard the ground from scrapes. It will also reduce sound whenever transferring.

Straightforward to set up and trouble-free to clean, the comprehensive instructions submitted in the package are per the item. But it is simple to put together this contemporary counter stool.
Just screw 4 anchoring screws. The kitchen dining chair at the countertop elevation is constructed of water-resistant faux leather that is water, oil-proof, and quick to clean.

These bar stools are appropriate for watering holes, kitchen areas, eating spaces, coffee locations, rest areas, cafes, dining establishments, salons and spas, amusement centres and office buildings.
Providing more comfort, the countertop stool is matte and appears contemporary. With solid sponge textile comfort when you take a seat on it, you can simply appreciate that comfortable lifestyle.

Brown Faux Leather Breakfast Chairs
Brown Faux Leather PHIVILLA Adjustable Breakfast Chairs

The Features:

The footrest supplies an immense amount of leg assistance. Relax, put your feet onto it and just release your feet. This specific PHIVILLA height-adjustable breakfast chair is waterproof. If you unintentionally spill drinking water on the bar stool, do not be concerned, as it is water and oil-resilient.

Seat Cushioning And Weight Capacity
This seat comes with a thicker sponge material and scratch-resistant faux natural leather. Still, the kitchen area chair provides enjoyment and breathability. The kitchen area bar stool's an impressive seat, and the weight capacity is around 136 kg.

Made of round solid chromium steel and a rubber band towards the bottom to prevent scraping floors, these breakfast bar stools with arms present exceptional stableness and longevity.

Stylish Brown Leather Height Adjustable Chairs

£141   PHIVILLA Height Adjustable Breakfast Chairs - Get It!  

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: Leather Swivel Bar Stool Height

The depth or density of the countertop plinth will be different. You must meticulously gauge the height before purchasing your leather swivel bar stool. Calculate from the bottom of the island toward the ground. There are various types which range from modern-day styles to northern European-style chairs.

: Stools To Match Your Cabinets?

Right here, you have possibilities. You can match the seat colour using the worktop, the most widely used alternative. Subsequently, select a colour to fit your cabinets, or even, thirdly, expose a new different colour combination.

: Extra-Tall Bar Stool Levels Of Comfort

There exists no justification for purchasing a new group of extra-tall bar stools if they are too unpleasant to implement. Remember who will be using the bar stools the most and the requirements.

: High Back And Armrests Comfort

A durable backrest can enhance a bar stool's comfort, just like armrests. If you possess the space and are considering using the bar stools regularly, then decide on a group of counter stools. Or perhaps bar stools with a high back - not to mention those armrests.

: Fashionable Metallic And Chrome Styles

This affordable kitchen backless bar stool assortment is all free-standing variations. Many leather and steel grey bar stools will fit your cooking area or breakfast bar. Examine our metallic and chrome bar stool collection for a fashionable swivel sitting-down option.

: Value Contemporary Chrome Kitchen-Island Bar Stools

: Stools Fit Below The Countertop

Take into consideration which kind of stool works effectively for you. High-backed space-saving bar stools tend to be comfier and provide sufficient support. Nevertheless, they can be bulkier when short on room. Countertop stools supply a more minimal appearance and are quickly tucked away below the countertop.

Several islands are separated into two concentrations. Households with kids are 'less capable' of perching on leather breakfast bar stools, and they might opt for the reduced style rather than bar stools for the higher level to reach you countertop oven appliance etc.

: Backless Or Bar Stools With Backs?

Brown leather bar stools with backs are frequently very comfortable simply because they support the spine. If you invest considerable time in them, a seat with a back will probably be comfier. Even so, if just a spot to sit and drink or just to sit for a short while, backless bar stools function great too.

: Steel Frame And Cushioned Backs

Stools with cushioned backs are a wonderful touch which may be much more comfortable than a metallic back. Some individuals do not enjoy the feeling of cool steel on the spine.

We discovered that most of the time, steel is no problem since the comfort and ease of the stool negates that. Upholstered modern kitchen bar stool seats are often the right option in a specific design and style, stimulating a smoother user experience.

: LEMROE Velvet Bar Stools Set Of 2

This kitchen breakfast bar stool is protected by velvet and stuffed with a flexible sponge. The product quality material causes this barstool to be soft and comfortable. Simple to set up, the package provides the required components and equipment. You simply need to set up the legs and the seat based on the guidelines.

With a secure framework, the LEMROE velvet bar stools set of 2 legs are matte dark-coloured powder coated, quite challenging to corrode. Plus, the footrest enhances the balance of the construction. The curled arch involving the backrest and the seat will match your spinal column properly. When you sit on the stool, you may put your feet over the footrest.

Square Stripe Blue Velvet Bar Stools
Square Stripe Blue LEMROE Velvet Bar Stools Set Of 2

This fashionable upholstered swivel bar stool can be purchased in top-quality PU leather. The shock-absorbing seat and backrest with chair elevation are pleasingly adjustable. It arrives in a processed chrome surface finish with leg relaxation, putting together a high level of comfort. The ideal weight ability is around 120 Kilos.

This modern breakfast bar stool offers you a 12-months organisation guarantee. It's somewhat uncomplicated to set up this through the shipping bundle. Absolutely new in a distinctive box, the superior quality kitchen area breakfast time bar stool uses dimensions of w45 x d38 and height from 63.1 to 83.3 cm.

High Bar Blue Velvet Bar Stools
High Bar LEMROE Velvet Bar Stools Set Of 2

The Features:

High-Density Blue Velvet Bar Stools
High-Density LEMROE Velvet Bar Stools Set Of 2

This specific contemporary and simple, cheap breakfast bar stool is stunning in shape and extremely comfy. It is not just used as a furniture piece but can also beautify your area. The powder-coated framework is certainly not simple to rust and is very sturdy. It can enhance the chair's load-bearing potential too.

The seat and backrest are filled with a soft, high-density sponge that provides substantial resilience. And it is challenging to deform. This particular stool is coated with velvet and filled with a flexible sponge. The quality material makes this LEMROE velvet bar stool set of x2 nicely cushioned and comfortable.

A curled arc between your backrest and the seating can suit your spine perfectly - and unwind it well. You can place your feet over a footrest when you sit. You must set up the chair legs with anchoring screws under the operating instructions.

[Rating: 8/10]   £94   Get It → LEMROE Square Striped Velvet Bar Stools  

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: Songmics Set Of 2 Velvet Bar Chairs

This pair of morning meal barstools come in PU leather and chrome-plated metal. This is an unhampered 360 degrees swivelling stool with step-less elevation modification. The Songmics set of 2 velvet bar chairs come with appropriate solidity sponge, providing high comfort and a little luxury.

x2 high-end kitchen bar stools including back and gas lift versatility that's sturdy and effortless to cleanse. The gas lift is for simple seating elevation adaptation from 60 to as much as 82.5 cm. The aggregated height is 84 cm. 360 degrees rotary motion and top quality refined steel frame-work including foot-rests.

Fashionable and comfy, this bar stool for any contemporary surroundings with it's unique modern-day design. You get extremely high sitting comfort via it's nicely padded seat area. It is easily elevation changeable, with grips to regulate the amount - ie raise or perhaps reduce height.

2 DeLuxe Breakfast Bar Stools With Chrome Base
Dark Gray Songmics Set Of Velvet Bar Chairs

The Features:

x2 DeLuxe Breakfast Bar Stools With Chrome Base
Breathable Songmics Set Of 2 Velvet Bar Chairs

These dual coloured kitchen bar stools constitute your home bright, including cushioned seating of leather impact convey you a rather elegant comfort. A broad collection of colours as well as designs for your selection, the stools include backs and bolstered seat, gas strut for effortless seating height modification plus.

Safe and sound, the foot-hold within the broad stand feet supports you with a protected and comfy sitting down encounter. You are able to swivel 360 degrees about the Songmics bar chairs axis and includes fashionable ergonomic curved edges and perimeters.

This particular high-quality PU leather surface area is straightforward to completely clean. It is furnished with a 'rubberised ring' in order to avoid sliding and safeguard the flooring. TUV LGA analysed gas springs protecting on top - with a load total capacity of as much as 200 Kg. Uncomplicated set-up as assembly equipment is incorporated.

[Rating: 9/10]   £129   Get It → Songmics x2 Velvet Cover Breakfast Bar Stools  

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: IntimaTe WM Heart Bar Stools Set of 2

These bar stools will stand securely as a result of the broad foot. They also provide anatomically curved sides and edges. It is protected with straightforward to cleanse long lasting household leather. It includes a robust chrome-plated metallic framework and good solid base.

The x2 bar stools are contemporary and modern styled with premium quality electro-plate metal. They are built, resilient and strong, ideal for cafes, bars, coffee houses, or simply in your 'kitchen breakfast area' at home.

This designer barstool is an extremely sturdy and comfy model, which is impeccably appropriate for every day utilisation. High-positioned arm rests, in addition to the back-rest impart a high sitting down calibre. Becoming covered up with comfortable leatherette, the seating is soft and amply cushioned.

There's a footstool inside the centre of the framework, which is perfectly strategic for a decent sitting position. The chair elevation may separately be adapted due to a lever that is placed right-handed underneath the seat. Furthermore, the seat is mobile throughout an entire 360 degrees for user convenience.

Black Swivel Gas Lift Stools With Metal Rest
Swivel Gas Lift IntimaTe WM Heart Bar Stools

The Features:

Kitchen Counter Island Bar Stools With Metal Rest
Kitchen Counter Island IntimaTe WM Heart Bar Stools

This sophisticated and ergonomic kitchen bar stool set is a must-have for breakfast time kitchen area comfort. The sturdy kitchen bar stool comes in modern-day style and design with a particularly comfy well-padded seat. It can be adjusted in height via the handle for raising and removing etc.

The swivelling seat top and gas-lift apparatus are for effortless elevation modifications. There is a long lasting electro plating stainless-steel foundation, leg and arm-rest with accommodating back and leg rest. The stylish stools offer a black square seat with back side and arm-rest with an innovative design.
[Rating: 8/10]   £90   Get It → IntimaTe WM Heart Bar Stools Set of 2  

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Enjoy these inexpensive contemporary bar stools, whether it be breakfast every day on the move. For simply a quick coffee break, compliment your own home breakfast area with our stools. They are accessible in a variety of colours and designs. Discover our cost-effective swivel bar stool variety in steel built modern styles.