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All Size Digital Air Fryers For Easy Low Fat Cooking

Updated 27/07/2020:
Healthy digital air fryers for chips take advantage of an air dispersing strategy with very little or even no oil, preparing food much healthier without yielding on taste. A flexible heat control on the hot air fryer regulates perfectly for a great crispy golden exterior which everyone loves.

What Are Healthy Air Fryers?
Chip air fryers function by moving hot air about the food with a fan, circulating the air more quickly within a small-scale system, and accelerating the food preparation procedure. The low-fat air fryers likewise use a container to distribute this heated air consistently.

: Proscenic Large Air Fryer With 8 Cook Presets

Large Air Fryer With Black Case

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: Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fryer Electric Multi-Cooker

Digital Air Fryer With Front LCD

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: MisterChef Compact Air Fryer Rapid Air Flow

Compact Air Fryer With Pull Tray

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Pro Breeze Air Fryer For Healthier Food

Black Hot Air Fryer With Chips In Tray

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Tower Air Fryer With 3.6 Litres 1500 W


  • Fat Removal Concept
  • Fast Hot Air System


  • None..

Air Fryer For Chips With Blue LCD

£45   Tower Rapid Air Air Fryer - Get It!  

Cosori Low Fat Air Fryer Easy Cook Presets


  • Rounded Style Basket
  • The Healthy Choice


  • None..

Low Fat Air Fryer With Black Exterior

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How Air Fryers Function?

The digital air fryer gives an approach to enjoy that deep-fried food encounter, all with no deep oil frying. Each uses an ingenious heating model and some oil to replicate the effects frying has on delicacies, but the outcome is crispy meals without substantial oil.

A Small Air Fryer For Your Kitchen

Although every healthy air fryer prepares food in an exceedingly similar approach, the quantity of diverse appliances presented now is astonishing. You can purchase inexpensive and compact models up to substantial sized machines that supply the most significant households.

Preset For Consistent Food Prep

Several air fryers can include equally digital or analogue configurations. There are the best chip fryers and those that immediately heat the ingredients. Plus some halogen ovens which require the foodstuff to be personally mixed to make sure of consistent food preparation.

Always Cooking Your Food Uniformly

The fan flows the warmed air throughout the food, making sure the air is sent out smoothly surrounding the chips. Every portion of the food obtain the same heat and cook uniformly. The food by itself is put in the compact air fryer container beneath the heat component for air-flow.

Sunday Roast Potatoes In The Air Fryer

A fan draws the air from the system, so recently heated up air may get into the food preparation holding chamber keeping the heat consistent. One marvellous effect is flawlessly prepared roast potatoes in an air fryer with that crispy exterior you will adore.

Use Much Less Oil Than Deep Fryers

Fat-free fryers deliver lots of advantages to 'at home cooks' of all capabilities and implement significantly less oil when compared to deep frying meals. Each uses between 75 and 85 per cent less oil as opposed to deep fryers, signifying less oil over your tasty chips.

Philips Viva Digital Air Fryer For Chicken


  • Twin TurboStar Tech
  • High Power Air Fryer


  • Pricey..

Digital Air Fryer With Front Knob

£299   Philips Viva Digital Air Fryer - Get It!  

Aigostar Healthy Air Fryer With Heat Control

Healthy Air Fryer With Circular Controls

£59   Aigostar Healthy Air Fryer With Timer - Get It!  

PureMate Compact Air Fryer For Reduced Fat


  • Preset Cook Modes
  • Digital Screen Timer


  • None..

Compact Air Fryer With Golden Fries

£64   PureMate Compact Air Fryer - Get It!  

How To Get Crispy Air Fried Chips

Even though the flavour of food produced in a smaller air fryer might not be identical to those created by regular solutions, it shows up flawlessly crispy brown. It is likewise scrumptious while offering the same consistency as the 'unhealthy deep-fried' alternative.

Deep-Fried Snacks Without Guilt

Modern air fryers for chicken supply the taste and consistency of the deep-fried snacks everyone loves due to lower fat and less calorie consumption. Only by preparing with an air fryer, you can appreciate without feeling remorseful regarding high-fat value foods.

Make Your Classic Favourites Healthier

Working with an electric power air fryer is a convenient approach to enjoy innovative ways of preparing your classic favourites and obtaining new ideas. Seeing that its a flexible type of kitchen appliance, you will have the capacity to try fresh foods, and realise that they are healthful too.

Air Fryer Cleaning And Care

Heating the air fryer requires only a matter of moments, significantly less than a conventional cooker. The majority of the parts like the potato peeler machine possess non-stick linings and are dishwasher secure. Just take it apart and place the units in the dishwasher as there is no oil to handle.

Air Fry For Best Crispy Exterior

Much like selecting any kind of kitchen appliance, its crucial to consider your personal demands, the number of people you generally prepare for, and how you are most likely to apply your brand-new compact air fryer for the best chips.

Consider How Many You Cook For

Obtainable counter-top space is another thing you need to take into account. Although various designs enjoy about 18 inches area etc., many digital air fryers are much more significant. Before buying a fryer, work out how much room is on your own counter-top, then make a decision of the version to be used.

VonShef Healthy Air Fryer Machine With Timer

This modern healthy frying machine with timer cooks to the letter employing merely a little, or perhaps simply no oil in the least, expending as much as 80 percent less fat compared to any regular health fryer.

Healthy Frying Machine In Black Casing

Effortless to assemble and deploy - merely arrange the time period and heat, then leave the air chip fryer to function. Ample frying potential allows you to create big batches of food concurrently, therefore conserving you time.
[Rating: 9/10]   £74   Get It → VonShef Healthy Frying Machine

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Duronic Air Fryer Low Fat Maker

A super low fat chip maker that expends air dispersing technologies to cook food using little, or even no vegetable oil needed. This excellent strategy is a sounder means to cook your food items without yielding on nutriments or flavour.

Low Fat Chip Maker With Temperature Gauge


  • For A Healthier Diet
  • Make British Favourites


  • None

You're forever in control and able to cook meals ranging from 80 up to 200 degrees Centigrade, assisting you to attain the ideal outcome you intend to accomplish.

This highly recommended air fryer is going to result in less fat inside your snacks in comparison to regular fryers. A closed cookery organisation renders a secure splash less cookery encounter using cool touch outsides.
[Rating: 9/10]   £59   Get It → Duronic Air-Fryer Maker

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Tefal ActiFry Fat Free Fryer Auto Stir

A fat free fryer with handy auto stirring functionality that enables you to delight in tasty, regular household cooked chips, however maintain healthy as well as feeling respectable concerning what you're consuming.

Fat Free Fryer With In Black With Clear Lid

Cook sufficient to feed a household of approximately 4, however when the cover is opened up, the ActiFry will instantly stop the cooking process unless you close down the cover once more.
[Rating: 9/10]   £99   Get It → Tefal ActiFry Fat Free Fryer

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Air Fry Fish, Steak, Chicken And Chips

More recent low-fat air fryer versions feature considerably more configurations and some present touch screen display control buttons. Low fat food fryers feature integral programmes for planning seafood, steak, poultry and chips. Various other designs supply you with the choice to prepare it all yourself.

Chips Cooked With Hot Air Method

Even though more power will make cooking faster and more successful, it will not assist you if the kitchen is just too small to support a bigger hot air fryer. Additional versions include steel kitchen grabbers to help take out hot snacks from the equipment - and others recipe booklets.

Big And Small Digital Air Fryers With Healthy Eating Benefits

Super quick and trustworthy digital air fryers for fantastic chips cooked properly at top speed with a heated air mobilising methodology. This phenomenal efficiency allows you to prepare food comparable and delicious meals, nevertheless without the fat compared to regular oil fryers.

Cooks Programmable Low Fat Fryer

Delight in competent, quick healthy cooking using this highly recommended 1300 Watts multi-purpose low fat fryer. An adaptable cooking area indispensable that is going to enable you to roast, fry, bake healthy treats.

Big Fryer With Turning Barrel

The dual cell design additionally enables the exterior to stay cool whenever occupied. It's possible to cook with Extremely little or perhaps simply no oil and produce a vast range of wholesome foods.

Additionally incorporated is a 'rotisserie' functionality that will enable you to ready juicy roast chickens as well as beef. This flexibility permits you to cook virtually any thing.
[Rating: 9/10]   £104   Get It → Cooks Big Low Fat Fryer

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Salter Healthy 4.5L Hot Air Fryer

This impressive healthy living hot air fryer is the salubrious method to cooking all of your favoured meals with little or perhaps zero oil.

Large Hot Air Chip Fryer In Black


  • 4.5L Cook Basket
  • Touch Control LCD


  • None..

It comes with an easily removed, non-stick layered cookery container which makes the bites effortless to dish out and the chip fryer easy to cleanse. A flexible option to deep fat sauteing, the fryer allows you to cook expending not much or perhaps simply no oil.

Sporting 1400 Watts electrical power, the fryer deploys a superior heat dispersal strategy.
[Rating: 9/10]   £64   Get It → Salter Large Hot Air Fryer

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Daewoo Compact Oil Free Mini Fryer

Create your favoured treats in a more wholesome way and embark on an existence of salubrious cookery chances using this compact oil free healthy mini chip fryer. All cookery with an air fryer is a 'sensible' method for you to delight in your favoured snacks, minus the guilt trip.

Mini Chip Fryer In Smooth Housing


  • Dishwasher Safe Basket
  • Unique Basket Separation


  • None..

It cooks exhaustively and much more expeditiously compared to conventional ovens. The electric air chip fryer features a slender style that intelligently sits on virtually any cooking area work-top, although being implausibly flexible.

Moderate on your meal's advancement using the convenient electronic screen. Cost free easily removed partition incorporated.
[Rating: 9/10]   £59   Get It → Daewoo Oil Free Mini Fryer

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Just about all healthy air fryer versions enjoy a capability to approximately 2.9 pounds in total, which might manage one small chicken or perhaps extra veg. They do make much healthier versions of your favourite meals and the fryers use a timer and flexible temperature settings.

When you have a substantial family and a potato chipper at the ready to prepare more copious amounts, then you would have to take a look at more significant fryer styles. These digital air fryers have a multi-purpose heat control plus timer designed for better preparation.