Healthy Shef 3.5L Substantial Deep Fryer - Family Sized Capacity

The Shef Mini 3.5 Litres oil total capacity of the deep fryer creates a brand new era of portions and personal taste with up to 1.2 Kg food capacity. 130-190 degrees C heat range control and translucent observing eye port. It may be entirely taken apart for effortless cleaning..

Create The Tastiest Homemade Potato Chips..

Shef Mini Deep Fryer
Shef Mini Deep Fryer

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Brushed steel casing for modern day appearance, this competent deep fryer starts a fresh area of tastes for food lovers, from cooking standard favourites like homemade potato chips with crispy battered seafood, to southerly special treats like fried chicken breast and other amazing recipes.

Stylish Brushed Metal Exterior..

The actual flexibility of this fryer does not restrict you to savoury meals, so why don't you enjoy and cook a little something 'fairly sweet' to arouse those taste buds. This particular mini deep fryer features a large 3.5 litre oil capability, and possesses a brushed metal casing for modern day appearance, in addition to no sharpened sides.

Easy To Remove Oil Tank And Element..

This healthy option fryer incorporates a deep frying container that does not permit small food items to drop through, an easily removed inner dish, a completely removable heating component and grips for risk free managing. Sections consist of an easily removed oil tank, heating element, top cover and frying holder.

Shef Deep Fryer With 1800 Watts For Speedy Heat Up

All detachable parts are machine dishwasher secure and you have high electric power of 1800 Watts for speedy heating at your disposal. This useful kitchen accessory is simple to completely clean, due to the fact it may be totally disassembled to clean all the pieces thoroughly.

Versatile Temperature Controls..

The adjustable temperature control is perfect for altering the heat and the crispiness of the food items, with overheating security peace of mind. It is rated energy 1500 W voltage with non slip, secure rubberized legs. Dimensions: 375 x 220 x 220 mm with weight of 4.4 Kg. Get the Shef Mini deep fryer here.

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