Duronic AF1 Healthy Food And Fast Fryer With Useful Cooker Function

The Duronic AF1 /B fryer uses air distributing technologies on your meals with a minimum of oil, making meals much healthier without reducing on the flavour. Variable temperature management guarantees food is cooked to the correct temperature.

Looks Good In Any Kitchen..

Duronic AF1 B Fryer In Black
Duronic AF1 B Healthy Fryer

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The Closed food preparation system offers a safe odour and splatter free cooking with a cool touch exterior. This is a dishwasher secure fry, dish and container. Comes in white and black, sleek and stylish dimensions and conveniently fits on a kitchen area table - where it integrates well with current home appliances.

Cooks With 80 Percent Less Fat..

The Duronic Jet fryer tends to make cooking fast, hassle-free and most significantly, healthy and balanced for the entire family. This valuable product creates crisp, delicious fried meals with minimal oil. Making use of 'Air Distributing Technology', this healthy chip fryer extends to an enclosed temperature of up to 210 degrees Celcius.

Duronic Multi Ability Air Distribution Technology

It consistently flows hot air to prepare chicken wings, French fries or onion rings with the very same crunchy external surfaces and moist interior created by traditional deep fryers.

The Duronic fryer is bundled with the ability to fry, evenly roast meats, bake or fast grill. Up to 78 percent lesser amount of fat in your favourite foods prepared in conventional fryers.

Included Recipe Book..

An inspiring recipe book has been incorporated to get you started frying with heated air. It is so convenient to use and possible to experiment with new ingredients that will present outstanding outcomes every time. Get it here.

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