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Best American Style Double Door Fridge Freezers Black, Silver

Updated 14/01/2020:
Find the best double door fridge freezer with very spacious compartments here. A diversity of fridge freezers with water dispenser in-built, all the latest black, silver and white double door fridge freezer models, great deals on very large American style home appliances with reasonable prices.

The dual door side-by-side fridge freezer versions provide the desired American approach, appearance and feel. The multi-door designs offer a fashionable style with versatile storage space choices, all suitable for people who prefer to use their tall fridge freezer racks for particular food variations.

: R.Hobbs Side By Side Fridge Freezer Ice Maker

Side By Side Fridge Freezer With Steel Handles

£729   R.Hobbs Side By Side Fridge Freezer - Get It!  

: Hisense French 2 Door Fridge Freezer Metal Back


  • Retardant Steel Back
  • Fully Frost Free


  • None..

2 Door Fridge Freezer In Steel Finish

£829   Hisense 2 Door Fridge Freezer - Get It!  

: Samsung Quiet Double Door Fridge Freezer No Frost


  • SpaceMax Utilisation
  • Reasonable Price


  • None..

Quiet Double Door Fridge Freezer On 4 Black Legs

£969   Samsung Double Door Fridge Freezer - Get It!  

Why Choose A Double Fridge Freezer?

The side/side models of traditional American frost-free fridge freezer appliance provides admission to equally a vertical refrigerator and deep freeze at the rear of two full-length doors. This particular approach features a big inside area - together with storage area racks, plus compartments within these doors.

French Door Top/Bottom Fridge Freezer

French door double fridge freezer styles bring together an ice cube making strategy in the bottom using a dual door refrigerator towards the top. Potential buyers absolutely adore the full breadth storage area throughout as well as eye-level admission to their particular refrigerator food items.

Prefer The 4 Door Fridge Freezer?

The 4 door family fridge freezer with water dispenser are alternatives to the French door style. This brings together a double door deep freeze towards the bottom with dual door fridge towards the top. This enables you to open up one entry at any given time to prevent chilly air leaking - costing you less on power.

What Split Ratio Do You Need?

Freestanding fridge freezers provide a high appearance of plentiful storage space in one equipment. You will find several sizes to fit all homes and kitchen areas. Fridge freezers tend to be separated into two independent spaces, so pick what split ratio you will need based on your food use.

70/30 Or 50/50 Fridge Freezer Space?

Several 50 50 fridge freezer appliances are provided as the proportion of space to the fridge - as opposed to the freezer cooler. For instance, a 70/30 design indicates the fridge door occupies 70 percent from the equipment, even though the freezer provides 30 percent etc.

4 Freezer Compartments Or Less?

Should your family consume primarily fresh produce, a 70 cm fridge freezer 70/30 product provides you with lots of room. If you opt for bulk buying or cook food in batches for afterwards, then a 60/40 design or possibly a 50/50 provides you with added deep freeze room. 4 freezer compartments rather than 3 etc.

: Montpellier 2 Door Fridge Freezer Ice Dispenser


  • Best Value Fridge Freezer
  • 4 Glass Fridge Racks


  • None

2 Door Fridge Freezer With Polished Exterior

£632   Montpellier 2 Door Fridge Freezer - Get It!  

: Hisense Black Double Fridge Freezer Side By Side


  • For Bigger Kitchens
  • Lower Energy Cost


  • None..

Black Double Fridge Freezer With Dispenser

£499   Hisense Double Fridge Freezer - Get It!  

: Samsung American Style Freestanding Fridge Freezer


  • Lovely Stainless Steel
  • Dispenser Water And Ice


  • Price..

Freestanding Fridge Freezer With Black Display

£2499   Samsung WiFi Fridge Freezer - Get It!  

Side By Side Fridge Freezer Buyers Tips

You may decide what split-up ratios you will need based on the food utilisation. Divided means the door dimensions, not really the interior capability of every area. Should you use a lot more frozen food items, a deep freeze at the top could be far more manageable.

Most tall slim fridge freezer capacities in Litres are a better guideline, yet split proportions are a fast way to understand how much room you can anticipate for various kinds of food items or cold drinks.

The Fridge On Top Or Bottom?

The kind of and quantity of food items that you purchase may determine if you require a lot more refrigerated room, or perhaps require more freezer room. French door fridge freezers which have the refrigerator on the top might be best in the event you often use more fresh food items because they are simpler to find.

Measure That Space Before You Buy

Incorporated American styled fridge freezers present a smooth, flawless appearance in your kitchen area. There are a wide variety of dimensions and heights to make sure you will find the best kitchen appliance to slot in your home. There are two diverse door fixings, door upon the door, along with the slide on rail type.

Fridge Freezer French Door Types And Fixings

The French door or side by side fridge freezer types imply that the appliance is linked to the fridge from a hinge, but just one group are an element of the refrigerator door by itself. The sliding door includes a track over the area doorway where the refrigerator is situated then glides across this track.

Frost-Free Ice Accumulation Solution

Many freezers possess frost-free solutions to make upkeep simpler and keep food correctly. Frost-free double door fridge freezers stop the accumulation of ice in your freezer, so there isn't any requirement to manually thaw out like some chest freezer appliances. It assists in preventing the need to discard food unjustifiably.

: Hisense Side Double Door Fridge Freezer

This American styled side by side steel double door fridge freezer comes with an abundance of cooling and freezing environments. Great for big households or perhaps anybody who adores to entertain, you will comfortably accommodate several bags of supermarket products in the interior.

Double Door Fridge Freezer With Front Water Dispenser

The multi flow of air arrangement raises invariant and even chilled air dispersal through the refrigerator so your food items will certainly achieve the perfect storage temperature rapidly. There is simply no demand to stress concerning de-icing your deep-freeze any longer due to the advanced frost free system.

The helpful holiday strategy continues your refrigerator established to 15 degrees Centigrade, assisting to preserve food objects fresh, minus adopting a great deal of power.
[Rating: 9/10]   £589 Get It → Hisense Double Door Fridge Freezer

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: Haier American Fridge Freezer With Drawers

An American frost free fridge freezer with drawers that's among the most energy competent ice-boxes of it's variety. The digital instrument panel on the refrigerator will obey your every instruction.

Aggregated 'No Frost' is the conclusion of de-icing your particular appliance. The Super cooling system is a well-informed function which can be utilised to cool down food inside your refrigerator.

Noiseless American Fridge Freezer 2 Doors


  • Easy Access To Freezer
  • Internal Ice Maker


  • None..

The SuperFreeze is an intelligent feature that may be expended following shopping to maintain your frozen food and promptly freeze perishable food items you would prefer to stack away. It guarantees that the deep freezer part persists frost free, in addition offers better cold air dispersal end-to-end.
[Rating: 9/10]   £699 Get It → Haier American Fridge Freezer

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10 Best Double Door Fridge Freezers With Easy Cooling Settings

: BEKO 4 Door Quiet Eco Fridge Freezer

This particular Eco-Smart (4 door) fridge freezer functions less power than regular examples. In addition, it's multi-zone compartments enable you to change over from electric refrigerator to freezer temperatures.

Effortlessly pushing a button on the instrument panel enables you to interchange a drawer from fridge to freezer, or perhaps the other way around, perfect for whenever you require more room.

Fridge Freezer In Brushed Steel

Two individual fans plus evaporators assist to keep up best humidity and also freshness. It guarantees simply 'no conveyance of smells' in between the fridge and deep-freeze. Dynamic blue illumination maintains fruit and vegetables much fresher for longer, signifying less wastage plus less jaunts to the shops.
[Rating: 9/10]   £749 Get It → Beko 4 Door Fridge Freezer

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: Hotpoint Quad American Fridge Freezer

The detached American fridge freezer delivers with a brilliant electricity evaluation and will look great inside your cooking area using it's distinguishing construction.

The American design refrigerator deep-freeze features an additionally big 470 Litres of storage potential. It features 4 glass fridge ledges and 5 deep freezer areas.

Frost-Free American Fridge Freezer


  • Efficient A+ Rating
  • Prevents Ice Build-Up


  • None.

Due to the Auto de-icing strategy, you'll never need to 'de-ice' your home appliance again. Take charge expending the electronic interface on the refrigerator. Deep freeze with several characteristics which includes temperature command, electricity economising setting, as well as kids locking mechanism.
[Rating: 9/10]   £999 Get It → Hotpoint American Fridge Freezer

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: FridgeMaster Big American Fridge Freezer

This large black American fridge freezer features a competent A+ power grading and additionally possesses a frost free facility which keeps a changeless circulation of chilly air throughout the home appliance.

It forestalls the accumulation of ice on the interior of the deep-freeze and possesses the appended advantage of open door alarm technology.

Multi Flow Big American Fridge Freezer In All Black


  • Keeps Food Items Fresh
  • Multi Air Technology


  • None..

This first-class edition is A+ ranked for energy effectiveness to maintain the power bills low - as well as perform more for the environment.

Food items at room temperature can start to break down, in addition decompose far faster compared to whenever they are chilled. Super cool plus super freeze quickly cools recently appended objects to seal in vitamins.
[Rating: 9/10]   £449 Get It → FridgeMaster American Fridge Freezer

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: LG Fridge Freezer 10 Years Guarantee

An A+ electricity effective grading American fridge freezer with intelligent safe keeping strategy. You can keep left-over vegetables inside a special environment fresh as well as secure. A folding ledge simply collapses to position tall objects, but the ledges may also be turned up to your requirements.

Large LG Fridge Freezer With Real Space


  • Inverter Linear Compressor
  • Quick Freeze Function


  • None.

The electric refrigerator inside features a significantly expanded area, facilitating users to master just about any restrictions they have encountered using more compact capabilities.

This efficient versatile compartment affords you extra fridge or deep-freeze area whenever you demand. Sporting 15 temperature configurations, it conforms to your particular requirements.
[Rating: 9/10]   £1349 Get It → LG Large Tall Fridge Freezer

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Enjoyed our top 10 American double door style fridge freezers to buy in the UK? Super quality units from Samsung, LG, Bosch and Hotpoint plus many more guaranteeing simply no conveyance of aromas in between freezer compartments.