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Contour Knee Pillows For Sleeping With Between Legs

Updated: 09/04/2021
Many folks habitually fall asleep with a pillow in-between their legs for extra comfort. A knee pillow for sleeping is especially ideal for those who sleep on the sides and often require a cushion for maximum spinal balance and expecting mothers or people with persistent back pain.

Contoured Memory Foam Comfort

Pillows act as a cushioning layer that stops knee joints from hitting each other and inducing pain in some people. Placing a contour memory foam pillow under your knees will also ease the strain on your spine and boost the natural angle of your lower back.

Knee Joints And Back Pain

You use one cushion between your knees to prevent your upper leg from stretching your spine out of order and ease the strain on your lower back and upper legs. The between leg pillow can also boost stability, enhance blood circulation, and alleviate knee joint and back pain while keeping the legs fixed.

Perfect For Pregnancy?

While most people will reap the above benefits, expecting women, people with restless legs or patients with chronic back pain may find knee pillows especially beneficial. Many people resort to knee pillows to boost their comfort while lying down on their beds.

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Benefits Of Sleeping With A Pillow Between Legs

Knee pillows, in particular, are small cushions that are mainly designed to be used between or below the knees. Those who sleep on the sides often use these cushions between their knees, while those who are usually back-sleepers tend to use them below the knees.

Spine Alignment Advantages

For side sleepers, placing a knee pillow also boosts spinal balance. The absence of a knee support pillow makes the upper knee touch and lies on the lower knee. This placement can bring the spine out of alignment, place pressure on the hips and induce ache or discomfort.

Specially Designed For Hips

The knee cushion placement between the knees while lying on the side or below your knees can control backache. Several knee cushions are not unlike the wedge support pillow specially designed to cover the legs' space, helping to realign the back and hips.

Orthopaedic Knee Pillow Materials

The majority of orthopaedic knee pillows are made of memory foam and some kind of fabric layer. High concentration memory foam is typically better in quality compared to low concentration memory foam.

However, not all cushion producers reveal the characteristics of the memory foam they employ in their cushions. Hence, reading client ratings may be a better idea to figure out the quality of the product.

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Pure Luxury Knee Pillows Filled With Down

Knee cushions are typically filled with a single part of high-concentration memory foam. However, you may find a knee pillow for side sleeper types with down. Some come with down-like materials, shredded foam or even water as a filler. Another alternative filler that is increasing in popularity is buckwheat hulls.

Chronic Spinal Pain Issues

While more studies need to be carried out to determine the possible perks of natural pillow fillers, existing research demonstrates that buckwheat helps allocate the body weight. It distributes evenly to different body areas, easing that back stress that induces chronic spinal aches.

Hot Flashes Throughout Sleep

The majority of memory foam knee pillows are filled with high concentration foam. This makes them heat-absorbent, which is frequently a problem for those who have hot flashes during sleep.
You may also consider getting a knee cushion that comes with temperature cooling benefits, e.g. one that features cooling gel - or one with a breathable layer.

Germ Proof And Hypo-Allergenic

Currently, the most popular and widely used material is memory foam. It's comfy and germ-resistant, and hypo-allergenic. On the downside, the between knee pillows do not absorb high heat very well, which can be costly. Alternative fillers include water gels and polyester combos.

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Knee Pillow For Sleeping Firmness Levels

Another factor to consider, which differs from thickness, is firmness. This is a matter of individual preference as some people like it firmer than others. However, it should still feel comfortable and fitting. If the firmness is too high, the back will not be appropriately aligned.

4 To 6 Inches Thick Cushions

A relatively thick/dense cushion with minimal space will most likely cause your legs to stretch too broad to achieve the right spinal and lower body balance. Search for a 4 to 6 inches thick-knee pillow for sleeping that will let you strike the proper level of space to 'properly align' your legs.

Memory Foam Air-Flow Design

Ensure that you get a knee cushion for sleeping that is constructed using the best memory foam technology. This will allow proper airflow and prevent sweat and itchiness during sleep. The appropriate airflow will reduce foul odours too.

Hourglass Fabricated Leg Pillow

The new cushion that comes into mind when people hear the word is the hourglass formed cushion. It comes with indents on the sides to prevent it from slipping around during sleep. It is one of the best solutions for side sleepers that will stop knees from lying above each other.

Features To Look For In A Bed Knee Pillow

The only cons of the firm are that if you move it around during sleep, you will realise that it doesn't stay still. It's pretty flexible, though, as you can place it under just one leg and keep the other raised. For example, in-between the legs, this can be placed between the knees, shins or thighs.

Pillow Size/Weight For Travelling

The weight and dimensions of a bed knee pillow are essential for people who often travel or sleep outside their homes. Some knee cushions are small, while others are almost as big as conventional pillows, but their weights differ.

Depending On Your Body Type

Pillow manufacturers will often share their dimensions and weight of each pillow model on the web. Their thickness typically ranges from 4 to 8 inches, and the proper size depends significantly on your body type. For instance, if you are on the overweight side, you may go for a thicker pillow.

Between Or Beneath Your Knees?

On the contrary, if you are underweight, it's best to go for something thinner. Knee cushions are available in various weights and dimensions for ultimate silky sleep comfort anyplace you choose.
Hourglass leg support pillows are designed to be placed between your knees are usually smaller and lightweight. While other kids, particularly those that are placed beneath your knees, are more significant and bulkier.

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Bed Knee Pillows Depending On Your Weight

Therefore, it is essential to find a pillow that suits your weight and body type, something that won't be too heavy or bulky, but something not too small either as it won't do the job. An ideal knee cushion thickness should be between 4 and 6 inches to enable proper alignment of your legs.

Overweight And Underweight Folk

A thicker pillow tends to spread the legs excessively. It is also essential to estimate your body weight as a foundation for the ideal thickness of a cushion that will fit you. Thicker knee support in bed pillows fit more overweight people, while thinner ones fit slender people.

Knee Pillow For Back Pain Alleviation

We suggest that you lie and sleep on your back with a knee pillow beneath and a small roll around the neck. Place a cushion between your legs and stretch your hips as close as to the curve of your spine. Avoid sleeping on your belly as much as possible.

Knee, Hip, Or Back Pain - Or All

Sleeping on one side, with one leg lying over the other, places your spinal cord out of whack and induces strain on the lower back region.
After some time, this may lead to long-term knee, hip and back pain. A knee pillow for hip pain keep the hip, knees, and lower back in balance, controlling spinal pressure. This is very useful for easing back pain.

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Memory Foam Knee Cushion Temperatures

When you sleep on one side, the knees will touch and rub each other, leading to some type of corrosion and, in some cases, irritation of the knee formations, including the skin. Once a knee cushion is placed between the knees, it will keep them from rubbing against each other.

Temperature Adjustments

Temperature adjustment refers to the warmness level of a sleeping cushion in reaction to body temperature. A knee cushion that adjusts to temperature will stay cooler for longer. The majority of knee cushions are filled with memory foam, which is highly heat-absorbent.

Discover Breathable Materials

Hence, many cushion covers are made with breathable materials to help bring down the heat levels. For some people, any pillow placed between the knees will offer enough support and comfort. But, specially designed cushions formed to fit the 'body's natural curves' tend to work best.

The majority of knee pillows for sleeping are hourglass formed and designed to be placed between knees or wedge forms. They are mainly used by those who sleep on their backs beneath the knees. Many unique cushions used nowadays are filled with memory foam.

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Knee Pillows Versus Conventional Cushions

Knee wedge pillow dimensions differ from one brand and model to another. The majority of these are 10 inches in width and are between 4 up to 6 inches thick. They also weigh much less compared to conventional sleeping cushions. A knee cushion, on average, weighs up to 1 pound.

Health Benefits During Sleep

Knee cushions bear a lot of benefits because most people sleep on average 8 hours daily. During sleeping hours, the body wants to unwind and relax.
Most knee cushions may be a low cost and simple product, but they have several benefits for your health. They are comfortable controlling back strains to keeping the users cool and comfy during sleep.

Control Pressure On The Lower Back

The proper knee cushion placement helps rescue strain on the knees by offering the necessary comfort to the person during sleep. Typically, the muscles strain on the hips and lower back increases; however, a pillow between your knees helps control them.

Usual forms for knee cushions feature the hourglass, which is the most widespread knee cushion form and the most affordable choice among other types. The hourglass curvature matches the knees' natural contouring with enhanced comfort, which keeps both legs fixed during sleep.

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Wedge Knee Pillows To Assist Varicose Veins

A wedge-styled knee cushion has a triangular form to accommodate your legs' lower and upper part in a triangular stance. It is suggested for eliminating lower back strain. Additionally, it helps the body adapt to a better position that will ease strained muscles, swollen feet and varicose veins.

Wedge Cushion For Back-Sleeper

It is an excellent choice for back-sleepers as it 'bends the knees a tad' while you sit on your back. Wedge cushions have a more half-moon form and a better fit for back sleepers when tucked below the knees. But, many side sleepers find them comfy enough as well.

Wedge Cushion For Side Sleeper

When you sleep on one side, your upper leg may push your spine out of order and place some strain on your lower back and hips. A dense pillow between your knees is an excellent solution to this problem.
Hourglass-formed knee cushions are specially aimed at side-sleepers. They can also choose between a half-moon knee pillow for side sleepers and full-body cushions.

Prevent The Knees From Touching

The majority of side sleepers appear to be quite uncomfortable with one leg stacked on top of the other during sleep. When knees touch and rub each other like that, they become irritated. A knee cushion is a common choice for people who sleep in this position. It helps keep the knees from touching each other.

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Sleep Properly On Your Side For Your Own Sake

Place the knee cushion between your knees and fix the placement accordingly, ensuring that that hip and knees have enough support. Fill the space between the pillow and your neck with a small towel.

Fold this hand towel, align it with your neck and shoulder and place the cushion above the towel. By implementing the above steps with a spine align knee pillow, you will adapt your spinal cord and ease the back, neck and knee pain during sleep.

Insufficient Lower Back Support

Back sleepers may suffer from lower back pain as a result of insufficient back support. A firm cushion is suggested for use beneath the knees to support your spinal cord and its natural contour. The most suitable knee cushions for back-sleepers are half-moon and wedge shapes.

While the supine sleep posture is considered the most ideal position for easing lower backache, many who sleep on their backs benefit from using knee cushions.

Boost Blood Flow In The Legs

A pillow for sleeping success tucked below each knee, for instance will help control pressure and tension in the lower back. This posture also raises the lower body parts and boosts blood flow to the legs.
However, it may not be suitable for back sleepers to have a cushion tucked between their knees. Placing one beneath the knees instead will help ease tension and pressure.

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Best Orthopaedic Pillows For Back Sleepers

The cushion also elevates the lower body parts to help align them better and boost blood flow to the legs. Therefore, an orthopaedic knee pillow is very beneficial for back sleepers who also encounter poor blood circulation.

Elevate The Lower Body

While it is not usual for back sleepers to tuck a cushion between their knees, many find that touching a pillow beneath their knees eases friction and strain. Knee cushions for sleeping are profitable for back-sleepers by raising the lower body parts and boosting the blood flow to the legs.

Body Cushion And Knee Pillow Differences

Body cushions are somewhat broad and aimed to stretch enough to fit an adults' size. Some folks place these between their legs to minimise strain and friction on the back and between the legs.

The knee pillow for sleeping is not designed to be tucked between the knees, but some people may use them this way. The body cushion form is extensive and stretches enough to match an adults size. Many folks use this cushion type between their legs to minimise friction and strain.

You may reckon that this pillow kind is not necessarily designed to be used between the knees. Still, many people use them that way with excellent results.

Top 10 Memory Foam Knee Pillows For Sleeping Support

Knee pillows are typically made of a memory foam material, either a single unit or shredded and packed in the cushion case.
The contour leg pillows usually come with a cotton cover or artificial fibrous materials, e.g. rayon. Most knee cushions are of medium firmness or firm (something that decreases comfort and support).

Washing Your Knee Pillow

The majority of knee cushions are available with a detachable, washable cover. Some knee pillow cushions can be washed in a regular washing machine. In contrast, others are better suited for washing by hand.

Those who have between leg pillows should pay special attention to the manufacturer labels and instructions for washing or caring for their cushion. Improper washing or drying methods may ruin the cushion inside and out - and nullify the warranty.

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Machine-Washable Pillow Cases

Since your knee pillow will be used during nighttime, it's essential to find it easy to wash and maintain. Look for types with machine-washable cases since the actual cushion filling can be hard to clean regularly.

Enduring Body Weight And Motion

Because a knee pillow will touch your legs all the time, you better find something that is solid and durable enough to tolerate your body weight. Plus, the typical friction that results from multiple movements during nighttime.

Invigorate, Heal And Boost Senses

Sleeping with the right knee cushion will help keep your body refresh and become re-energised. It boosts your senses and allows the body to prepare for upcoming daily tasks.
Thus, if you feel restless, unwell and strained once you wake up, it is suggested that you get the proper knee pillow for sleeping for your body posture problems, weight and needs.