Durable Pull Along Shopping Trolleys With Large Capacity

Updated 26/03/2022:
Our 4 wheel shopping trolleys make it less problematic to get your groceries home from your local supermarket or town. The metal frame with waterproof layer is easily removed and machine washable. These lightweight and functional wheeled bags offer you a bigger inner capacity and folding structure for easy safe keeping.

Why Use A Modern Pull-Along Shopping Trolley?
The humble push shopping trolley provides numerous applications, an easily transportable strategy to keep and move household goods or groceries from the supermarket. This grocery trolley is an excellent option for expecting mothers, older people or those who simply find it difficult to carry bags.

: Hoppa Granny Trolley 4 Wheel 2022 Model

This relatively lightweight shop trolley is designed for both the old and young and uses a practical four-wheel construction. It presents a more secure, more manageable approach to shop and journey. It eliminates the actual physical stress of hauling your groceries.

Featuring a simple to seize durable, high-quality substance handle, the heavy-duty 4 wheel shopping trolley rolling style is perfect whenever going up and down the stairways. It can quickly move ahead on irregular pathways rather effortlessly.

The easily transportable four-wheel model is efficient, and therefore this Hoppa 4-Wheel 2022 model folding shopping trolley cart is perfect. It offers you a more secure, more straightforward solution to shopping and even taking a trip.

With its considerable total capacity, the large 64 litres expanse signifies that you're not trapped transporting that additional bag throughout those bigger stores.
Additionally, it includes a small zipped compartment in the back of the shopping cart for fast and straightforward access to your own personal possessions - like your purse/wallet and smartphone.

This old lady shopping trolley is wonderfully equipped with a personalised equipment shoulder bag. It will keep food items, drinks, and other cooling products perfectly chilled.

Lightweight 4-Wheel Granny Trolley
Hoppa Lightweight 4-Wheel Granny Trolley

Suppose you want to go out with warm food. In that case, you may maintain that temperature to accomplish scrumptious hot and ready to consume treats. It is additionally incredibly appropriate for picnics, holidays, celebrations and garden barbecues.

This collapsible trendy shopping trolley is best suited for any household. Sleek, stylish and robust, it is made to be collapsible. When not used, the trolley can be collapsed and put in a bag. It is modest in size and put in any garage area, laundry washing space, or household nook.

Intended for daily shopping or any outside pursuit, you will not fail to remember this in a rush when you have encountered the simplicity of shopping with this wagon. Likewise, you will be doing your bit for the surroundings by reducing the solitary use of plastic-type material.

With uncomplicated safe-keeping and click wheels, just 'click' the coasters from the robust shopping trolley to collapse the base for fast and straightforward safe-keeping. Be aware, the colour of the small wheels can fluctuate significantly.

The Features:

Well thought out, the container may also be quickly removed for cleansing reasons. Created to last, the shop trolley is shower resilient, applying a long-lasting polyester micro-fibre substance. This ensures toughness - even through all those stormy UK winter seasons.

This cart includes a practical drawstring concealed by an extra cover to supply supplemental protection for the store shopping. This Hoppa 2022 model folding shopping trolley provides you with a one-year warranty for additional satisfaction - addressing all production flaws.

Be noticeable in the shopping mall and the grocery store with our gorgeous and elegant shopping cart. This specific lightweight push shopping trolley is designed for equally the old and young while offering a more secure, more manageable solution to go shopping.

All things considered, this trolley eliminates the actual physical pressure of transporting your grocery shopping. Featuring its telescopic handgrip and four completely circle revolving wheels, this trolley is perfect for your supermarket experience.

Granny Trolley 6 Wheels Click On/Off

£49   Hoppa Lightweight 4-Wheel Granny Trolley - Get It!  

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: Songmics Large Shopping Bag On Wheels

Should you be departing the local superstore constantly weighed down, you need to get an effortless to manage rolling shopping cart. The backpack is straightforward to remove and can likewise be used as a trendy shoulder bag. Directly into which you can put several grocery foods.

Joining the carrier to the aluminium framework once again, the supporting load climbs to approximately 25 Kilos. Due to the intelligent design and style, the SONGMICS foldable shopping trolley cart remains solid and secure - even when fully packed.

Furthermore, the backpack features several compartments at your control to maintain your handbag, headset, magazines, lottery slip or even grocery store checklist. Specifically, hassle-free is the protected region to keep perfectly chilled and iced foods perfect before returning home.

The cart can be affixed with the shopping cart within the grocery store with two specified hooks. The flexible handle provides good hand support and allows for shifting the cart. Reflectors guarantee protection if you take this shopping trolley for sale on the pavement.

Straightforward to set up after you obtain the package, you merely have to unfold the aluminium frame and affix the wheels - plus the backpack. A screwdriver is not essential since the wheels may be put together with an uncomplicated click. The rucksack is affixed with the assistance of a loop/hook buckle.

A Large Shopping Bag On Wheels
Songmics Large Shopping Bag On Wheels

Maybe you discover yourself leaving the grocery store with several quite heavy bags. Stop hauling everything around with this convenient, multi-use store shopping trolley.

The material part of the basket trolley is easily-removed and is transformed into a backpack. A chilling inner compartment is integrated with extra storage space for essential things like your cash or mobile.

The Features:

Employing quick fasteners, the light aluminium frame of the trolley can unfold simultaneously. The durable polyester backpack is put together effortlessly with hook fasteners. Coasters are attached with a click simply by pushing the central control keys. The max bearing weight is 25 Kilos.

About walking, travelling or store shopping, this specific SONGMICS foldable shopping trolley cart comes with you whenever out for a wander, throughout trips to the market, or even if you are simply venturing. It includes coasters with a splash safeguard, plus reflectors as well.

You acquire a shopping cart with consistent slip wheels, a great deal of safe-keeping, 35 L, an easily removed backpack, a chilling area, and a light frame structure.

Shopping Bag On Wheels With Black Handle

£50   Songmics Big Shopping Bag On Wheels - Get It!  

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: KT20 Folding Push Along Shopping Cart

With various uses, this shopping trolley for the elderly features multiple purposes. The wagon is a practical solution to store and transport household goods. It is just the thing for expecting mothers, seniors or even individuals who find it difficult to carry weighty bags.

This cart on wheels drops your carbon impact simply by lowering squander and plastic bags. The trolley consists of eight litres insulated chill bag for keeping cooled and iced products. The cool carrier is undoubtedly easily-removed and incorporates its own independent shoulder band.

KT20 push along rolling shopping trolley bag includes a 50 Litres quantity using an additional 8L convenience for your freezing merchandise. It is excellent to maintain cumbersome items and store shopping like fresh fruit, bathroom roll, celebration supplies or drinks containers.

: Collapsible Shopping Trolley With Braakes

The shopping cart bag incorporates a well-designed big front side pocket and flexible buckle connector for safeguarded storage using six wheels. Completely elevation flexible, the shopping cart features front side dual coasters which turn to 360 degrees. And two rear wheels which have an optionally available brake functionality.

An even more extensive base and framework guarantees steadiness and smooth motion over many different floor surface types. The grocery trolley is appropriate for each interior and external use. The switch lever enables you to modify the trolley elevation to accommodate anyone. The grip benefits from EVA foam for uncomplicated grasping.

Premium quality components make the shopping trolley resilient and durable. Utilising the extended ergonomic handle, it is not necessary to lean over any longer. The handgrip is protected with a sponge grasp to alleviate stress on the joints whenever transporting weighty products.

Push Along Rolling Shopping Trolley In Black
KT20 Push Along Rolling Shopping Trolley

Together with the increased pack total capacity of the shopping trolley, the stand was created higher than the coasters so a large region could be filled without obstruction. Embraced are thickened wheel style with durable rubber materials, which have a higher balance efficiency.

Collapsible, small, and simple to store and transfer, this specific 75 Litre big capacity ladies shopping trolley is appropriate for superstore buying, picnics, tenting, etc. A comprehensive portfolio of applications is ideal for diverse roads and other scenarios.

Along with a strong polyester material bag that can be swiftly fastened or unattached as required, this feature lets you bring loose physical objects worry-free. The lightweight alloy framework is ultra-strong and portable, plus it supplies a dependable method of carrying actual merchandise.

Load up your outfits, food products, photographic camera equipment, celebration products, and more within the bags' large safe-keeping area. This shopping trolley bag with wheels has another inner compartment to help keep your refreshments ready.

This particular item is designed for store shopping and moving significant acquisitions using a sturdy material that delivers a higher loading capacity. Simply de-stress and luxuriate in your store shopping trips.

Fashioned with comfort and ease-of-access at heart, the trolley benefits from an ergonomic transporting grip. In addition to a kickstand and a couple of extra-large wheels for balance, grip and robustness.

The Features:

Effortlessly collapse the cart level between the purposes of safe-keeping in a cabinet, carport, or automobile trunk area. To wash, wipe with a moist fabric. Hard-wearing, the six-wheel shopping cart is constructed from robust and sturdy components.

For the KT20 push along rolling shopping trolley, an easily cleaned bag is constructed out of additional heavy and tear-proof fabric-made material with EVA foam padding. Water-resistant, robust and appropriate for use outside the house in damp climates, it benefits from a brake system for your benefit as well.

Straightforward to put together and keep, the shopping trolley is speedy to put together in five minutes using the detailed guide. The cart is collapsible with removable wheels for relatively easy safe-keeping.

Basically, collapse away and store when not being used. The trolley occupies hardly any room in your residence or flat. The cart's load is only 3.2 Kilos, rendering it really easy to pick up with one hand and transport whenever vacant.

Folding Shopping Cart With Black Handle

£119   KT20 Folding Push Along Shopping Bag - Get It!  

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: Carlett Folding Shopping Trolley 40 L

This specific foldable trendy shopping trolley is a comprehensive and practical cart in a beautiful style. An alternative shopping cart for individuals who like a peaceful life, take their own time to acquire one for individuals who prefer to cautiously select precisely.

For anyone searching for the most beneficial shopping trolley, consider the positive aspects. The Carlett 4 wheels foldable shopping trolley cart with four wheels may be transformed into 2, subject to your requirements. Its 4-position flexible handlebar conforms to any individual.

With a significant total capacity and detachable bag with a freezer cooler inner compartment, there is a roll bar and security braking mechanism with this grocery shopping trolley on four wheels. The cart possesses a light, portable framework and substantial range of motion due to its four wheels, making it straightforward to manoeuvre.

This particular foldable shopping trolley benefits from four quickly removable and noiseless coasters created from EVA material, which helps you transport the weight faultlessly.
The front side wheels turn in a complete circle. Furthermore, the shopping trolley is transformable, enabling you to utilise it with two wheels according to your expectations.

Folding Shopping Trolley
Carlett Folding Shopping Trolley

Consisting of an 11 Litres protected bag, this trendy shopping trolley on wheels possesses a substantial capacity and waterproof textile. Featuring its 40 Litres capacity in the extensible bag and significant volume in the chiller bag, this specific trolley lets you keep necessary store shopping at once.

The cart bag is expandable and water-resistant, making it exquisite for transporting family shopping comfortably and quickly and without the stress of bad weather due to its waterproof material.

Furthermore, this robust shopping trolley permits an optimum load of 32 Kilos and incorporates a rear pocket for keeping merchandise. Plus, a zipper for entry to the covered inner compartment.

The trolley incorporates a four-placement versatile handlebar with variable handlebars and a safety brake system, well suited for virtually any particular sized person. Moreover, its safety braking mechanism lets you stop the cart on inclines - or when you will need to stop in a hurry.

The Features:


  • Prestige Style Trolley
  • Roll Bar And Brake


  • Not at all..

Using a small functional flip-style, the protection lock enables you to decrease its dimension for safe-keeping in virtually any closet. The cart takes up exclusively 31 cm in height, 48 cm broad and 65 cm in depth.

The Carlett foldable shopping trolley cart wheels are entirely removable and can be altered effortlessly, conserving space for storing. This will make it highly secure and lightweight.

This cart may be transformed into a two-wheel trolley without trouble. The big cooler bag is prepared to maintain frozen, enabling you to transport your entire purchases simultaneously. The frozen-food pocket is mounted on the bag and reached using a zipper, so the goods are not out in the open.

Blue Folding Shopping Trolley In Red

£88   Carlett Folding Shopping Trolley - Get It!  

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: WinKeep Folding Trolley Ideal Stair Climber

The designer shopping trolley wheels are rubber-type material; they're wear-resistant, nevertheless quiet. All wheels will be 31 cm high, appropriate for all types of steep steps - besides making stair ascending quite a bit easier.

It is labour conserving to the tune of 22 Kilos. With this WinKeep upgraded shopping trolley, you may feel it is easier to transport groceries. The cart is set up in a few minutes without any extra equipment, plus it can be collapsed directly into a more modest size.

Implementing a superior quality structure, the stairway cart steel framework can hold enormous dimensions and objects up to 50 Kilogrammes. With a considerable capability water-resistant layer, this stylish shopping trolley consists of 6 pouches for easy safe-keeping and coordination.

Offered is an exclusive 'flexible bungee wire' that is highly functional for hauling. You may simply modify the size of the elastic cord to safeguard your packages. Whether it be a sizable or smaller object, it can effortlessly manage and firmly hold your things without shifting.

Blue Upgraded Shopping Trolley
WinKeep Upgraded Shopping Trolley

Appropriate for all sorts of flooring, this foldable modern shopping trolley will elevate all your possessions up the stairs, on the ground floor or on irregular pathways. It will manage cobblestone surfaces, damaged crosswalks or any garden path, and stairways are very easy and efficiently used.

It can be a delightful gift for ageing adults, individuals with lumbar problems and expectant mothers with their regular store shopping. You will find large and impressive wheels in a platforms style better than any other grocery trolley because of the enhanced load capability of the cart.

There is absolutely no bother about being unable to load weightier things. This is actually the most extensive shopping bag with a capability of 75 Litres. The enhanced dimensions of the bag permit you to load a great deal more products anytime throughout your store shopping.

The Features:


  • Folded To Small Size
  • Suitable All Pavements


  • No..

The WinKeep upgraded shopping trolley wheels are excellent for carrying household goods, bags and laundry washing over any stairway. An additional added bonus is the flexible bungee cable.

It can readily modify the length of the flexible cord to secure the packages, whether it be big or small dimension objects. It will easily manage and securely hold your products without relocating.
Top-quality materials make the steel framework stair trolley corrosion-proof, tough and enduring. This is an extensive shop loading high-step climber.

With more significant storage space, the larger platform region holds heavy plus more oversized sized objects. This lightweight shopping trolley cart makes moving and safe-keeping uncomplicated.

Folding Granny Trolley With Blue Exterior

£49   WinKeep Fold Granny Trolley - Get It!  

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: Alexander Graham Pull Along Shop Trolley

Top quality pull along shopping trolley with a fashionable and classy look. The exceptionally manoeuvrable and light weight trolley means it is effortless to get about due to the swivelling twin wheel organisation.

The shopping cart possesses a front fixed twin wheel around element on a pivoting axle for superior equilibrium and extended mobility - it will turn on it's own spot with informality.

57L Pull Along Trolley With Rubber Wheels


  • 360 Degrees Wheels
  • Big 57 Litre Capacity


  • Not here..

Red Pull Along Shopping Trolley
Alexander Graham Pull-Along Shopping Trolley

A cushy foam grip is enveloped around the hand-grip to render utilising it easy on your hands, also enabling it to be drove around minus irritation. A light, metal framework affords this trolley strength and long life due to it's hollow construction.

The shopping carrier is additionally inserted in this chassis, safeguarding important shopping from knocks and bangs, but it is intelligently collapsible for close-packed safe keeping.
[Rating: 9/10]   £57   Get It → A.Graham Pull Along Trolley  

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: VOUNOT Shopping Trolley Bag 30 Litres

This modern foldable shopping trolley bag offers you with the most prosperous and accessible method of moving your groceries and shopping. The 4 wheeled push along shopping cart possesses an extra big 30 Litres total capacity, offering sufficient space for bags, your handbag, purse and additional individualised possessions.

The bag delivers complete with a cover and hand-grips, but may be carried independently if demanded as it's entirely removable with a wash-and-wear style.

Foldable Shopping Trolley Bag In Blue Check


  • Ample Inner Capacity
  • Push Along Style Trolley


  • Nope..

Blue Shopping Trolley Bag
VOUNOT Shopping Trolley Bag

The hand-grip features a comfy cushioning band for appended comfort and grasp. The framework is constructed from layered metal, however will never assume precious safe keeping space at home since it's entirely collapsible.

A functional and handy shopping trolley for goods, day jaunts and additionally 'music festivals', ideal for holding food item supplies and tenting equipment.
[Rating: 9/10]   £35   Get It → VOUNOT Shopping Trolley Bag  

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: Gimi Zipped Shopping Trolley On Wheels

An incomparable and modern shopping trolley bag on wheels where you can easily push it to board the coach minus elevating it. There is an outfitted brake system on the rear castors which enable you to block it inside the bus then sit down.

A big versatile handgrip is enveloped by cushioning that guarantees effective mobility, constancy and convenience. It's multi-position front line wheels render it exceptionally useful while shopping.

Trolley Bag On Wheels In All Black

A perfect option for older individuals, it features a big total capacity of 79 Litres which enables you to carry extensive shopping products. The physique comes completely in tough stable metal tubes.

It's extremely sturdy as well as lightweight simultaneously - the aggregated weight is merely 3.2 Kg and likewise fashioned for dual utilisation as a shopping trolley as well as baggage cart.
[Rating: 9/10]   £39   Get It → Gimi Trolley Bag On Wheels  

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: Sholley Grocery Carrier 4/6 Wheels

A versatile grocery carrier with wheels and two-sided handgrip for a closer-fitting, more supported holding perspective. There is simply no back axle which blocks you kicking the rear of the shopping trolley as you stroll.

It includes a modern park break off that locks the mechanism of the back castors in position. An unbelievably substantial framework is used making it secure to lean against and a water resistant bag to preserve your contents fresh.

Grocery Carrier With Wheels And Big Handle


  • Inner Zip Pocket
  • Well Balanced Trolley


  • None..

It's an established assistance to walking, but contributes impressive self-assurance and stableness. Twisting castors for more leisurely and lighter manoeuvrability. It's folding flat construction allows it to be stacked away effortlessly and assumes negligible car boot room.

Large castors afford it a more fluent functioning compared to the rivals. An interior forward zip area in addition to 3 back pouch areas are to keep all-important objects and it's selectable in several colours and textiles.
[Rating: 9/10]   £197   Get It → Sholley Grocery Carrier With Wheels  

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Foldable Shopping Trolley Bags To Carry Your Groceries

: Rolser Large Granny Shopping Trolley 40L

This highly recommended big granny shopping trolley is the impressive associate for day to day store shopping. Including its 4 smooth functioning rubber castors, it can transfer loads of approximately 40 kg.

It additionally reduces the danger of backbone troubles and using a handgrip, the front end may be intelligently closed down. Therefore it is an easy relocation and space conserving merchandise.

Large Shopping Trolley In Slim Design


  • Thermal Pocket Built-In
  • Four Rubber Wheels


  • Not at all..

Framework constructed of top quality metal and copolymer folding polyester that's water resistant with a wash-and-wear design. Velcro closing strategy, thermal area as well as supplementary external pocket using a zip-fastener. 4 reduced sound rubber castors, item weight 2.62 Kg and upper limit total capacity of 40 Kg.
[Rating: 8/10]   £89   Get It → Rolser Large Granny Shopping Trolley  

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These quality folding style grocery carriers with wheels for shopping trips are constructed from extremely tough and lightweight fabric. The 4 wheeled base renders them unstrained to utilise - plus allow for straightforward wheeling around. Ideal for trips and the easiest strategy to get possessions from here to there.