Exquisite Glass Cake Display Stands With Lid

Updated 10/04/2020:
Get a delightful glass cake stand with dome to present and serve your delicacies in style. The sturdy glass characteristics will certainly assist to emphasise your cakes, fairy cakes and other delicious desserts. The cake display stand cover is perfect for preserving your cakes fresh and events.

: Solavia Clear Glass Cake Stand With Cover Bow

Clear Glass Cake Stand With Bow Style

£45   Solavia Clear Glass Cake Stand - Get It!  

: Sendez Clear Cake Stand Glass Dome On Slate

Cake Stand In Glass Dome On Dark Slate

£26   Sendez Clear Cake Stand Glass Dome - Get It!  

: Simplicity Cake Display Stand Mouth Blown Dome

Cake Display Stand Glass Dome

£53   Simplicity Cake Display Stand - Get It!  

: Artesa Vintage Glass Cake Stand Geometric Style

Glass Cake Stand In Geometric Construct

£32   Artesa Vintage Glass Cake Stand - Get It!  

: LSA Mouth Blown Glass Domed Cake Stand

A mouth blown glass domed cake stand fashioned and hand-crafted to present as well as serve food items in equally day-to-day environments, and more specialised social occasion. Continuously flexible deployment for practically all types of food - from appetising cakes to separate fruit based tarts to indulge.

Glass Domed Cake Stand With Chocolate Fancies

Organised for effortless utilisation as well as safe keeping, this bundle comprises a cake stand and lid sized 23 cm. A rather distinguishing cake stand configured for routine kitchen life, as well as entertaining friends. Projected for simple employment as well as storage after use.
[Rating: 9/10]   £54   Get It → LSA Glass Domed Cake Stand

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: Drinkstuff Hand Made Glass Cake Stand

This pretty glass cake stand with cover maintains your cakes, pastry and fruit close at hand - an all-important component of just about any event or social celebration. Afford your gathering an additional touch of elegance as this stand guarantees the exquisite 'hand made calibre' of first-class glass-work.

Treated Glass Cake Stand With Cover

A highly recommended and beautiful glass cake stand is going to make your particular delicacies appear even more delectable. Be sure to take note, this modern stand is a hand-crafted product, just right for serving food items as well as desserts.
[Rating: 9/10]   £14   Get It → DrinkS Glass Cake Stand With Cover

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: Kitchen Craft Cake Stand With Glass Lid

This classical design 12 inch cake stand with glass lid is flawless for elegantly exhibiting and serving up your preferred cakes, sweets, cookies and even meat pies.

The attractively forged stand containing middle motive delivers complete with a glass rounded cover that renders the cake distinctly obvious for enticement.

Rounded 12 Inch Cake Stand With Cream Plate

Thanks to the light-handed nature of glass, it's suggested that the cover be hand cleansed. Configured to organise with the remaining of the classic cooking area collection, which exudes influence and returns a suggestion of nostalgia to your cooking area.
[Rating: 9/10]   £39   Get It → KC 12 Inch Cake Stand

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: Artesa Glass Cake Stand With Dome

A 2 tier glass cake stand with dome that boasts two stunning slate dishing out platters as well as a nice crystal clear glass cloche, for certain to catch a loving glimpse as it is constructed with all natural components and is completed manually.

Regardless if you happen to be hosting teatime or perhaps attending to the courses at any dinner celebration, using this highly popular two level serving stand, it's possible to make the event all the more unforgettable. It is created adopting a range of the high-grade natural materials.

Attractively boxed in a present container, this highly popular 2 tier serving stand cake cover makes an ideal wedding gift, or maybe house warming present. Elementary to cleanse, the glass is dish-washing machine secure, the board as well as slate plates are entirely wipe cleanse exclusive.

2 Tier Cake Stand With Dome And Black Slate Plate

The variety of 18 cm or 7 inch plates supply an impressive surface area on which to serve elaborated petit cakes, meat foods in addition to diverse types of cheese. The set's beautiful glass renders a beautiful and operational finishing style, just right for 'open-air dining' as it maintains your food items secure.

With your entire treats tidily presented and set-up for dishing out from your afternoon tea plate stand, you desire them to persist flawless. This first-class tiered serving holder includes a circular metallic spindle, so it's possible to comfortably carry to the dinner table.
[Rating: 9/10]   £38   Get It → Artesa Cake Stand With Dome

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: Banquet Crystal Glass Cake Stand

A particularly imaginative glass cake stand with lid that not just looks jaw-dropping, but is additionally an extremely ingenious composition of serving ware constructed from crystal clear glass.

It's a fine-looking cake cover for stacking away and exhibiting cakes, however when you convert the base top side down - you own an impressing punch bowl container.

Thick Glass Cake Stand With Lid And Small Grip

Turn it in to an attention-getting chip and dip style container or perhaps deploy it minus the cover for a fashionable style serving dish. Impressive value for money, this excellent and ingenious cake stand is an appealing art object for virtually any social occasion.
[Rating: 9/10]   £17   Get It → Banquet Glass Cake Stand

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: Brill Glass Cream Cake Stand Lid

This glass cream cake stand with lid may be fully converted directly in to punch container.

It's fashionable ribbed see-through glass shape is first-class for compact kitchens with not much space for individual platters or dishes. Crystal clear dense glass for constancy and superior presentation qualities.

Circular Glass Cream Cake Stand In Ribbed Style

Behaves as a cake stand, or perhaps reverses directly in to a punch bowl, versatility that's just right for events and hosting friends at home and it is secure in the dish-washing machine. It obliges a regular 9 inch circular cake and is good as a salad plate, dishing up stand, or maybe even confection food items cover.
[Rating: 9/10]   £29   Get It → Brill Glass Cream Cake Stand

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Fashionable Modern Glass Cake Stands With Dome Lid

: Edwan Cake Stand With Glass Dome

The single cake stand with round glass dome is just right for exposing and covering up sweets as well as cakes, and additionally exhibits a rather pretty display piece party add-on. This footed glass cover cake stand is produced for fashionable and stunning display compositions.

Ridged Single Cake Stand Domed With Iced Treats

This glass domed cake stand, apart from covering up tasty desserts as well as cakes can additionally be expended across twelve months as an elementary and fashionable centre piece. It is ideal for utilising on Easter, festive season, as well as other seasonally associated dates.
[Rating: 9/10]   £37   Get It → Edwan Cake Stand Domed

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: YBK Afternoon Cake Stand Glass Lid

For special occasions, this glass afternoon tea cake stand with lid is projected for all events as well as each day utilisation. A flexible accumulation of appealing, operative glass-work fashioned perfectly. The glass-ware possesses a desirable external repute for high calibre.

Cake Stand With Round Base

Everlasting for cakes, scones and also sandwiches, this excellent glassware cake stand including cover compounds durability as well as long life. Constituted with you and your particular life-style, it is best for those occasions whenever you would like to celebrate.
[Rating: 9/10]   £31   Get It → YBK Afternoon Cake Stand

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: Omada Lidded Glass Dome Cake Stand

Exquisite dining at it's finest when there's some dessert to consume later on. Present your cakes in this recommended attention getting unusual glass dome cake stand. It features an abruptly broad stemmed bottom, which moulds directly to a big dimension base to accommodate a significant sized diversity of cakes.

Glass Dome Cake Stand On White Table

Big configuration cover to the top side including an endearing glass hand-blown bird as the lid hand-grip.

The flawless gift thought for people who enjoy to exhibit their bakery delights. A superb conception to flaunt your appetising goodies, a beautiful addition to the household and great gift for the eager baking devotee.
[Rating: 9/10]   £17   Get It → Omada Glass Dome Cake Stand

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: VonShef Large Cake Stand Dome Cover

This first-class large cake stand with dome lid is the ideal centre piece for just about any celebration or even party.

It may be utilised as a cake presentation stand or maybe just safe keeping type dome, a big punch bowl, or perhaps a dish for potato chips with dips. The V stand design is easy to cleanse and is entirely dishwasher secure.

Large Cake Stand With Lid With Knob Grip

As a cake presentation stand, it's appropriate for big cakes or maybe fairy cakes using it's fantastic 30 cm size. You are able to additionally continue the cake covered up utilising the dome cover to keep freshness for your celebration. It includes an ample container to make full with your preferred dousing condiments.
[Rating: 9/10]   £22   Get It → VonShef Large Cake Stand With Lid

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These chic glass pedestal cake stands with lid are great for celebrations as well as entertaining friends. They possess a broad base including graceful crystal clear glass cover, just right for show-casing afternoon tea cakes either inside your cooking area, or on a dinner table environment. They additionally constitute a great gift for friends etc.