Classy Electric Tower Fans - Whisper Quiet Air-Con Units

Electric tower fans oscillate for exceptional air circulation. A modest foot-print indicates you receive a highly effective air conditioning functionality without taking up excessive space. An expedient remote device enables convenient control of the cooling fan's configurations, even from across the room.

01: Bionaire BT19-IUK Cooling Tower Fan With 3 Speed

Very stylish unit, the tower fan BT19 together with handheld remote control is best suited to medium sized areas. This particularly popular fan features 3 speed configurations, an 8 hour timer and oscillation functionality intended for distributing cool air throughout the entire space. Provides the advantage of taking up significantly less space on the floor etc..

Bionaire BT19-IUK Cooling Tower Fan In Grey And Black Finish

Bionaire BT19-IUK Cooling Tower Fan

The remote device provides increased comfort and ease even though the breeze and sleeping settings are excellent for nigh time use. The black and charcoal metal finish will certainly enhance just about any space. Probably the most energy efficient tower fan around with reduced operating expenses.
[Rating: 8.5/10] £65 Get It → Bionaire BT Cooling Tower Fan

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02: Honeywell HO-5500RE Oscillating Tower Fan With Remote

The HO-5500RE rotating tower system fan with remote control and timer includes a functional and modern day, hassle-free style for cooling your household however you like. This ventilation capability may be managed from 3 diverse configurations to achieve your required standard, which is managed through the user friendly interface, or from the remote device.

Honeywell HO-5500RE 3 Speed Tower Fan Showing Front Settings

Honeywell HO-5500RE Oscillating Tower Fan

If you want to alter the environment if you're are far too hot or cold, you do not even need to leave the comfort of your own couch if the remote control is in your hand.

A sizable oscillation function guarantees distributed even air flow aimed directly to different spots of the living space. Sliding grill performance indicates you will get all of the benefits of the oscillation function.
[Rating: 9/10] £83 Get It → Honeywell HO-55 3 Speed Tower Fan

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03: Ansio Oscillating Cool Air Tower Fan With Remote

This cooling fan delivers with a rotating facility to provide maximal air spectrum. Constructed from hard-wearing ABS, you can select from 3 velocity options plus 3 air current settings to accommodate your taste.

An impressive robust and stylish tower fan that's time-keeper process enables control adequate to 7.5 hours in steps of about .5 hours. There is 1 year guarantee where merchandise registration is expected.

Oscillating Tower Fan In Smooth Black

Inclusive extended 2 metres lead plus first-class 45 Watts electric motor. Whenever the weather condition is hot, it may be difficult to get comfy and focus. Using this excellent high calibre cool air fan, you will never have to trouble about staying cool again.

This tall concept merchandise is for cooling down a significant sized expanse, supplying more reach compared to the average household table fan.
[Rating: 9/10] - £44 Get It → Ansio Oscillating Tower Fan

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04: Prem-I-Air Cooling Tower Fan With 3 Fan Speeds

The slender, handy remote control tower cooling fan together with 3 fan speed adjustments. This particular product functions push button adjustments, an 7.5 hour timer, oscillation characteristic intended for broader air conditioning circulation.

Prem-I-Air Cooling Tower Fan On White Pedestal

Prem-I-Air Cooling Tower Fan

The present day, eye-catching appearance of the handy remote controlled tower system cooling fan is ideal for business or home utilisation. This ideal summer time fan comes with a lightweight, easily transportable structure.
[Rating: 9/10] £69 Get It → Prem-I-Air Cooling Tower Fan

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05: Honeywell HO-1100RE Oscillating Cool Tower Fan With Timer

The HO-1100RE rotating tower cooling fan together with remote control and timer is really a sophisticated unit with incorporated remote manager and two tone colouring of grey and silver.

The ventilation capability may be managed from 3 distinct options to quickly attain the necessary amount, all manipulated from the simple to use control panel.

Honeywell HO-1100RE Oscillating Cool Tower Fan In Metallic Grey

Honeywell HO-1100RE Cool Tower Fan

If you want to improve the room environment and are very hot or cold, you do not have to abandon the comfort of your sofa in the event the remote control is handy. This particular elegant tower system cooling fan oscillates from around 75 degrees for evenly distributed air flow guided to several places around your area.
[Rating: 9/10] £59 Get It → Honeywell Oscillating Cool Tower Fan

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06: Igenix DF0035 Cooling Tower Fan With Remote, 3 Speeds

The DF0035 30 inch tall tower fan using handy remote device is just right for function in the household, portable or perhaps motor home. This particular mobile cooling fan features 45 Watts electrical power and three speed configurations in high, moderate and low.

It advantages from a rotating facility, which intends the fan twists back and forth to consistently circulate soothing chilled air.

Igenix DF0035 Cooling Tower Fan With Remote In White Exterior

Igenix DF0035 Cool Tower Fan

This variety of characteristics may all be functioned by hand or even using the remote device incorporated. Including it's noiseless fluent performance plus 7 hour time-keeper, the tower fan is the perfect cooling system resolution for hot muggy day-times.
[Rating: 9/10] £89 Get It → Igenix Tower Fan With Remote

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07: Dimplex Mont Blanc Cooling Fan With Remote Control

The Mont Blanc air conditioning cooling fan offers an upright, slender physique as well as smooth black finish. The fan continues to be fashioned with equally style and functionality under consideration, a summer season must have that will assist you to continue cool any time.

Dimplex Mont Blanc Upright Cooling Fan In All Black

Dimplex Mont Blanc Cooling Fan

The Mont Blanc offers streamlined curves with a shiny black finish for a contemporary appearance. It's light and portable, just 3.15Kg with a smallish impact of just 31.5cm across.

This particular 'air conditioning fan' may be placed unobtrusively and directly in to just about any space. The integrated carry handle will assist you to transfer it effortlessly in your home.
[Rating: 9/10] £99 Get It → Dimplex Mont Blanc Upright Cooling Fan

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08: CA Optima LED Tower Fan With Remote And Ionizer

A modern first-class opulent cooling tower fan with remote and ionizer that includes an extremely thin tower edition and merges space conserving moulding with great effectiveness that accommodates directly in to virtually every domestic space.

The flexible adaptation due to the remote device and time counter feature. Strong active air-flow ranging from 7 metres per second until gentle, energising air from the crosswise designed helix perspective.

LED Tower Fan With Ionizer And Black Remote

Enjoy uninterrupted concurrent air refinement due to the incorporated ionizer. Incomparable conception cooling fan that's perfect for those rare UK hot days. Using it's integrated upright rotor coil, this quiet, however high powered fan with slim tower style is ultra modest and slender.

It attractive looks matches directly in to virtually every living area or perhaps workplace.
[Rating: 9/10] - £129 Get It → CA Optima LED Tower Fan Ionizer

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The Best Electric Cooling Tower Fans With Oscillation

Tower oscillating fans are a fashionable approach to stay cool both at home and in the workplace. The tall, slender structure has been styled with both functionality and elegance under consideration. Speed configurations may be determined from the LED display screen, or making use of a handy remote control.

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