Electric Clothes Debobblers That Get Rid Of Fuzzies

Updated 30/01/2022:
Our best clothes bobble removers will keep your garments fresh and modern through eliminating fluff and pills that accumulate over time on jumpers. Fashioned so they are simple to grasp as you de-fuzz clothes, use in a spherical action for best results. See our handy garment steamers.

: Cardigans, Woollens And Cashmere

Clothes de-bobblers have many uses including eliminating bobbles and pilling from sofas or clothing, particularly cardigans and woolly sweaters. Lint removers for cashmere are a little bit like electric razors, yet there is a revolving rounded head with a sharp turning edge and safeguard to shield the material.

Defuzzer On White Woolen Textile
Jumper Defuzzer On Woolen Textile

: Bunique Portable Lint Remover For Clothes

Successful and flexible presenting an additional significant size shaving head, this electric-powered lint shaver is designed for eliminating every size of bobble and fluff. Use it on sweaters, upholstery, fabrics, the couch, and those sensitive textiles like woollens or organic cotton.

The rechargeable Li-ion battery pack is cord-free, high-speed and sturdy. The rechargeable Li-ion battery pack can substantiate up to two hours of cord-free de-fuzzing function. Recharging may be promptly implemented simply using a USB wire for maximum comfort and ease.

White Lint Remover On Wooly Jumper
Bunique Lint Remover On Wool Jumper

A stable steel cutting tool blade cover can decrease the chance of unintentional cuts whenever the Bunique rechargeable lint remover is commonly employed on smooth clothing.

Additionally, this first-class device provides you with a potent electric motor structure and rust-resistant 6-leaf cutting tool, which is enhanced to become quicker than rivals. It can guarantee the most obstinate materials actually on pilling garments or furniture are eradicated very easily.

The spare blade cover is incorporated to successfully debobble surfaces with weighty fluff or perhaps substantial textile. Regardless of what items to deal with, it is usually simple successful. Created with an auto-off for safety, it can safeguard you from getting injured when the cutter is uncovered.


  • Sturdy And Powerful Lint Machine
  • Best On Cardigans And Upholstery


  • None here

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Multi Feature Cutting Blades
  • Wire Free And Rechargeable Tool

Unique Selling Point:

  • Easy To Use With Simple Hand Grip
  • Includes A Brush And User Guide

With a primary switch on its handgrip, the shaver is prepared to engage. Due to its easily-removed fuzz collector bin with substantial total capacity, additionally, it is pretty simple to wash. Developed in small size and lightweight, it may be stacked away within a compartment after employing.

Very dependable, the dual sharp edge covers are associated with differing textile versions. The electric razor is safe for all items of clothing. Presented with a protection auto switch, the Bunique rechargeable lint remover stops functioning whenever the cutting edge is revealed.

Specs: Rechargeable Li-ion | 17 x 8 x 7.5 cm | 6-Leaf Blade | 190g

Fashioned with an extensive shaving surface area, the fabric shaver can clear away lint with a couple of straightforward and light moves. Uncomplicated to manage, the defuzzer was created with the removable fuzz trap with considerable capability, so washing can be achieved quickly.

Portable Lint Remover In White And Black

£17   Bunique Portable Lint Remover - Get It!  

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: AlwaysLux Jumper Bobble Remover EasyLint

This impressive specialist lint eliminator is a family home essential to keep clothing and household furniture looking brand-new. The recently improved effective 5-Watts electric motor promptly dissolves unwanted fuzz, cotton bits and pilling from just about all material surface types.

Restoring your clothes and household soft furniture, you can now prevent throwing away cash on 'specialist dry cleaning' providers or shopping for new clothing. The EasyLint Alwayslux pro sweater shaver accomplishes expert outcomes by lightly eliminating fuzz and pills, devoid of destroying clothes.

Black Bobble Remover On Iron Board
AlwaysLux Bobble Remover On Ironing Board

Simply perfect for all kinds of home furniture and garments like woollen sweatshirts, shawls, slacks, bedding, duvets, drapes or sofas, this is the best available fabric shaver. A large 2.5 inches trimming head and soft contact easy-grip handgrip make shaving pleasant and speedy.

This garment shaver may be battery x4 C proportions or 3-prong UK Adapter managed. With an electric power cable, it is sufficiently long to use just about anywhere. The battery pack needs four batteries, but it's the ideal pill eliminator for bed linens, comforters, sofas or furnishings.


  • Very Impressive - Our Favourite!
  • For Clothes Or Soft Furnishings


  • None.

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Perfect For Luxury Bedding
  • Works Great On Most Textiles

Unique Selling Point:

  • Includes Chic Transport Case
  • Power Motor Removes Fuzz Fast

Once you're finished appropriately laundering your textiles, conveniently store away the garment shaver with the associated fashionable carry case with grip. Exquisite for seasonal safe-keeping, this piece of equipment is engineered to be uncomplicated to maintain and implement.

The ergonomic grip makes it simple to support the EasyLint Alwayslux pro sweater shaver power switch and quickly contact your fingers. This means that your other hand can openly contain the material in position.

Specs: UK 3-Prong | 29 x 18 x 8 cm | 5 Watts | 721g | C Batteries

The manageable razor includes an effective motor with 3 razor-sharp cutting blades for outstanding performance and high-velocity procedure. The impressive work surface area makes sure that a more substantial division of clothing is dealt with simultaneously.

Jumper Bobble Remover With Black Hand Grip

£33   AlwaysLux EasyLint Jumper Bobble Remover - Get It!  

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: What's A Jumper Bobble Remover?

Garment fabric shavers are small gizmos useful for getting rid of bobbles or pilling from garments, furnishings and sofa upholstery etc. They are typically efficient portable battery or electric trimmer devices which you run across the jumper or any other garment to take off the small bobbles.

: Fuzzy Lint Terminology..

Textile, electric pilling removers typically function simply by guiding fuzzy lint into a pocket that may then be purged later on. The material shaver is usually known by additional titles, such as lint remover, jumper shaver, lint electric razor, de-fuzzer/de-bobbler, the bobble shaver/remover etc.

: Fuzz Prevalent On Elbow And Arms?

Possessing bobbles on your own much-loved sweaters or garments is somewhat irritating, we realise. Regardless of whether nicely cherished or relatively recent, your garments may bobble in places that it rubs with itself against - just like the elbow and possible under your arms plus more.

: What About My Sensitive Garments?

Textile shavers are specifically beneficial should you possess lots of woollen clothes, since wool has a tendency to accumulate lint balls even more on the material. Any heavy-duty clothing shaver is way better for difficult materials, but a less intense textile shaver is best for sensitive garments.

: For Sofas And Several Garments

If you are planning operating the clothes fluff remover over a significant sofa or making use of it on a large number of garments, you need to search for one with a big pill container. This indicates you will not have to clean out so frequently. Get one that's thoroughly tested and will never harm your apparel.

: Protected Blade Lint Removal Tools

For those who have kids, please be extra cautious concerning the type of textile shaver. Find one with an intelligent primary safety function or a better-fashioned protection safeguard. Lint removal tools with substantial rotation for each minute can eliminate bobbles much faster.

: Super Lint Professional Clothes DeBobbler

This electric power shaver incorporates steel rotary cutting blades and an A/C adapter with an extensive cable and comprehensive instructions.
There exists a supplementary washing brush for easy bobble reduction and free of charge spare blades. A no-cost deluxe string bag for classy safe-keeping is likewise incorporated.

A smart colour package renders this debobbler an optimal present for acquaintances and family. This SuperLint fuzz pill bobble remover tool is fantastic for apparel, home bedding and house furniture.
An excellent pill eliminator for woollen sweatshirts, you can apply it to bedding, duvets, drapes and settees to leave them looking beautiful once again.

Black Clothes DeBobbler And Box
Super Lint Clothes DeBobbler And Box

A robust high-grade solution that's extra dependable, so why bargain on a less expensive second-rate textile shaver without destroying your sensitive garments or bed linen. You will find a few power options in x4 C sized batteries for the strong 5W motor or mains adapter process.

This excellent modern matte surface finish style shaver with a 2.5 inches trimming head features 3 sizes of mesh for clipping of cotton bits, pills or fuzz of all magnitudes. Additionally, it with a comfy grip and an extra significant lint bin. The sharp edge is changeable, and the shaver includes a locking mechanism.


  • Powers Via Mains Or Battery
  • A Premium Shaver That Works


  • Not at all..

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Big Handle And Large Lint Chamber
  • The Pill Remover For Wool Jumpers

Unique Selling Point:

  • Shave Head With Diverse Cutters
  • Perfect For Expensive Blankets

A household essential, this tool will keep your clothes feeling and looking their best. The textile shaver promptly and consistently shaves undesired bobbles and drags. The SuperLint fuzz pill bobble remover is not hard to work with and modifies to support various fabric versions.

Specs: 18 x 17 x 8.2 cm | 460g | x4 C Batteries | 5W A/C Adapter

For those who have clothes in the closet or in safe-keeping that you don't put on as they look fatigued and outdated, then you definitely need this superior fabric shaver. The lint extractor bin is substantial and can maintain loads. The secure grip handle makes you utilise the shaver without difficulty.

Clothes DeBobbler With Control Dial

£32   Super Lint Pro Clothes DeBobbler - Get It!  

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: Duronic Wool Bobble Remover Cordless/Corded

Resuscitate and re-cherish your preferred garments. Regrettably, brand-new clothes will not stay new-looking for very long. Following damage, clothes may become scruffy or filled with bobbles.
Nevertheless, you shouldn't dispose of clothing too early. The preferred clothes can be refurbished precisely like new ones with a little bit of treatment and focus.

Take advantage of this impressive Duronic fabric shaver de-bobbler to remove and gather all the fuzz and bobbles to provide your clothes with a new existence.
Reestablishing exhausted sweaters or worn furniture, this textile shaver may be also be utilised on materials throughout the household. As an illustration, pillows, drapes, couches, floor coverings, bed linen or jumpers.

The Bobble Remover Mesh Head
Duronic Bobble Remover Mesh Head

Virtually any textile that has become 'worn or bobbly' will undoubtedly reap the benefits of being juiced up with a bit of de-bobble processing.
Be confident it does not matter where you utilise it throughout the household. This electric shaver will be delicate with whatever textile you employ because of its protected fine mesh safeguard.

The safeguard has small and big openings for capturing all defects; it's simple to use and keep. Built with convenience at heart, this de-fuzzer could hardly be simpler and easier to implement. Just determine whether you require an outer ring, switch on and begin to operate across the textile.


  • Rejuvenate Older Garments
  • Effective And Easy To Use


  • None whatsoever

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Fast Rotating Pill Cutter Blades
  • Use The Tool Cabled Or Cord Free

Unique Selling Point:

  • Extras And Carry Bag Bundled
  • Get Nearly 1 Hour On Battery

View the bobbles vanish before your eyes. The revolving cutting blades are situated securely at the rear of a protecting mesh cap, which in turn makes sure that your textiles can never get snagged. To keep it securely, just pack it inside the functional safe-keeping bag - which is supplied.

Straightforward cleaning and flexible charging, the lint trap is see-through; therefore, it is visible whenever it becomes full and needs to be emptied out.
This garment shaver features a cleaning brush that allows you to work on each of the parts. The Duronic fabric shaver de-bobbler is standard rechargeable and can be applied cord-free or via mains power.

Specs: 17 x 12 x 9.4 cm | 320g | Rotate 180 Degrees | USB Cable

About cordless usage, re-charge, making use of the USB wire supplied. To get unrelenting electric power, you may also utilise the shaver whilst connected. By using this method, you can function as you give preference.

Wool Bobble Remover With Big Start Button

£13   Duronic Wool Bobble Remover Tool - Get It!  

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: Lzonunl Clothes Defuzzer For Woollens

This is a multi function clothes defuzzer for woollens that promptly and effortlessly shaves lint from textiles and jumpers, in addition most knitted fabrics. The easily removed cleaning brush constitutes it a high powered lint shaver.

Using several sharp steel blades that convert at 8800 RPM revolving velocity, it offers an incomparable honeycomb gap conception and size 60 mm round inter-locking mesh structure.

This is a successful lint remover, an excellent value textile shaver that can easily take out all kinds of lint. This includes pills, cotton pieces, fuzz and bobbles from apparel, sofas and drapes.

Use the little machine on bedding, covers or bed comforters to create an exciting new appearance. A supplemental protective cover guarantees the most sensitive clothes are not going to be impaired.


  • Great Value - Very Efficient
  • Easily Manage Delicate Clothing


  • None here.

Fast Recharging Clothes Defuzzer In Pink

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Superb On Jumpers Or Bedding
  • Very Secure Holding Hand Grip

Unique Selling Point:

  • Safe Locking Mechanism
  • 10 Hours On Full Charge

Make absolutely sure not to place excessive force on it, or it may harm the fabric. The Lzonunl electric debobbler clothes shaver is a USB rechargeable and connector style bobble eliminator. On a single charge, it continues for 10 hours function. It's USB plug driven, and the adapter is not supplied.

The fuzz remover is furnished with standard protection equipment. Still, this lint cleaner can only function when its metallic net cover is secured, which could prevent fingers from becoming cut in unforeseen circumstances. User friendly, simply press the power switch on the grip of the shaver to activate.

An ergonomic handle provides you with a snug fit when managing the garments. The fuzz container is straightforward to eliminate and cleanout. While using this Lzonunl electric debobbler shaver, you obtain a USB recharging wire, one clean brush, including a user guide.

White Recharging Machine Defuzzing A Sweater
Lzonunl Defuzzer On A Sweater

This electric-powered bobble remover will quickly eradicate all versions of lint from garments, settee, curtains, bedding, quilts or comforter covers to bring about a current appearance.
When recharged for 4 hrs, it can last for 10 hours functioning. It is also USB connected and powered. However, it may also operate while linking to a mains power resource.

Specs: 7 x 20 x 13 cm | USB Rechargeable Or Plug | 310 g | 5W

Economise your time with the big lint area and see-through crystal clear large capacity tray. Fuzz, lint in addition pills are drawn directly in to the cavities, are cut away via the revolving edge, and then situated in to the lint area. Through eliminating the lint, it's possible to preserve clothing looking fresher for longer before you use the ironing board.
[Rating: 8/10]   £14   Get It → Lzonunl Recharging Jumper Defuzzer  

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: Battery-Power Pill And Fuzz Cleaner

The most efficient way to eliminate pills is with a material comb, or perhaps a battery-powered pill and fuzz cleaner which shaves the pills from the clothing surface area. These types may draw the knotted fibres from the surface of the garment but function flawlessly.

: Evaluate The Item Of Clothing Worth

You can even draw the material tight across a rounded surface and thoroughly cut-off pills together with a compact, well-defined pair of scissors - even shave the material area using a safety razor. You need to be very mindful and consider the value of the item of clothing before jumper defuzzer treatment.

: Protect Fully Against Garment Pills

For garments which you believe will probably pill, make use of a washing machine gentle cleaning cycle. The reduced motion and wash period will safeguard your garments, choose hand cleansing, which is milder still. Before cleaning manually or in a machine, transform clothing items the wrong side out.

: Philips Clothes Bobble Remover Lint Bin

A big blade surface on this clothes bobble remover guarantees that more prominent regions of clothes are covered simultaneously, therefore less strokes are necessitated to make your particular clothes appear new once more.

Thanks the 3 diverse hole dimensions, all sizes of textile fluff will be dragged directly in to it and drastically dispatched from the material.

The Philips fabric debobbler enables you to quickly and expediently clear away fabric bobbles from all types of clothing, like sweatshirts, blankets, even excellent jerseys will appear great once again.
The fabric shaver has a flexible elevation cap to help you alter the environment to suit the material. Nevertheless, it's just the thing for delicates.

You will discover 3 available sizes of openings in the fine mesh; thus, it can deal with diverse magnitudes of bobbles, actually tiny ones. The shaver head will handle every dimension of the bobble. It is uncomplicated to eradicate and empty out too.

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Reliable Brand - Superb Value
  • Effective Upon All Bobbles

Unique Selling Point:

  • Wide Fast Textile Coverage
  • Two AA Batteries Are Bundled

Big Blade Clothes Bobble Remover With Large Grip

The Features:


  • Height Adjustable Cover
  • Easy To Empty Fluff Bin


  • None

It features a sizable cutting tool surface area and revolves swiftly for immediate and successful bobble reduction. It requires x2 AA batteries that are supplied. Therefore it is light, portable and straightforward to manoeuvre on textiles.

Conveniently and quickly eliminate fabric pills and bobbles from all categories of clothes. The impressive blade surface area is perfect for adequate speedy coverage - and the elevation modification cover for the most sensitive apparel.

Specs: 5.8 x 12.3 x 8 cm | Two AA Batteries | 200 g | 8800 RPM

The bobble carrier is simple to eliminate and clean out, so you'll undoubtedly be surprised at exactly how much it cleans away. A proper brush is presented for successful maintenance.
Substantial blade surface makes sure that a much larger area of the clothing is taken care of simultaneously. Therefore fewer strokes are required to complete the outfit to look brand-new once again.

Blue Bobble Remover On Fabric
Philips Bobble Remover At Work

Extremely fast and productive, the Philips fabric shaver will allow you to conveniently and rather quickly eradicate fabric pills from all dresses. Your entire garment collection, from ladies jumpers to baby bed sheets, will look fresh again and again.

Blades revolve as much as 8800 revs per minute for efficient and speedy elimination of the textile fluff from your clothes. The height modification cover allows you to get rid of fabric lint, even from the most fragile of dresses. The bin is effortless to relocate in addition vacate.
[Rating: 9/10]   £15   Get It → Philips Clothes Bobble Remover  

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: Beautural Fabric Shaver Eliminates Fluff

Promptly and effortlessly eliminate old fluff, lint along with fuzz from garments, furnishings, curtains, covers, carpets and so on effortlessly and with efficiency using this useful electric fabric shaver.

This Beautural portable fabric shaver provides a large edge surface for effective and fast spectrum so you will never need to throw away your favourite garments, in addition it can save you a great deal.


  • Dual Speed Lint Powerhouse
  • Spectacular On That Jumper


  • Not here

Electric Fabric Shaver In Green Casing

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Diverse Shaver Height Modes
  • Cord Free Convenience Tool

Unique Selling Point:

  • Extra 2 Replacement Blades
  • Works Great On Upholstery

Grey Electric Fabric Shaver
Beautural Electric Bobble Shaver

There are 3 dimensions of cavities inside the Beautural portable fabric shaver to manage all bobbles. It is extremely easy to utilise and comfy to deploy. Don't utilise on tights, as they may be drawn directly in to the head and cause impairment.

Specs: 3 Blades | 164g | x2 AA Batteries | 9 x 7 x 15 cm | 2 Speeds

Boosting strategy entails prior to the start charging up, make certain the electrical power is turned off. Connect right directly in to an AC electrical outlet - boosting generally demands 7 hours etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £13   Get It → Beautural Electric Fabric Shaver  

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Mini Lint Removers That Give Your Garments New Spirit

: Gleener Bobble Hair Fluff Clothes Shaver

Rejuvenate your wardrobe or home furnishings with this clothes shaver and fluff eliminator. This proprietary, award winning textile brush securely gets rid of fluff balls, lint as well as animal hair from virtually all textiles like jumpers, tee shirts, suits, couches, covers and more besides.

The Gleener bobble remover shaver can intelligently eliminate the bothersome fluff on jumpers, blankets, shirt collars, woollen skirts, gabardine jackets, fleece as well as other knitted textiles.


  • Eliminate Pet Hair And Pills
  • No Electric Power Required


  • Not at all

Hair And Fluff Clothes Shaver In T Shaped Design

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Very Highly Rated Bobble Tool
  • Perfect For Knitted Jumpers

Unique Selling Point:

  • Use On The Couch And Bedding
  • Cheap Effective Pilling Tool

Bobble Remover On Blue Fabric
Gleener Bobble Pill Remover

A very cautiously configured Gleener bobble remover edge directs different varieties of fluff ball - ranging from big as well as bulky to intermediate and refined recreating all natural fibres, synthetics in addition blends.

Specs: Built-In Lint Brush | 19 x 12 x 4 cm | 132g | 3 Fabric Edges

Just right for big and large fluff such as those discovered on dense wool. Most beneficial for moderate pills like those ascertained on cashmere textiles as well as finer woollens. It additionally functions impressively upon fleece.
[Rating: 9/10]   £19   Get It → Gleener Hair Fluff Clothes Shaver  

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: Travel Machines That Remove Bobbles

The battery power function is incredibly vital to take the lint remover along with you travelling. Textile electric lint remover shavers enable you to alter the cutting blades for the garment you are working on. Any shaver with edges is 'handier' for various types of garments with superior precision.

: Why Invest In A Clothing Shaver?

Lots of people believe that as soon as some garments begin pilling and bobbles are appearing, it's of no use. You can make the jumper appear like the day you purchased it. Clothing wool bobble removers are thus a terrific way to keep garments looking brand-new and prevent that distressed appearance.

: Wear And Tear On Your Clothing

Laundering sensitive belongings in the same load may cause wear, tear and destruction of materials. Steer clear of cleaning lint creating textiles such as terry-towelling along with other garments. Should there be damaged fibres on polyester, the lint will probably stick firmly to the exterior.

Give well worn sweaters a fresh sprightliness using these excellent and useful clothes defuzzers. The blades revolve to cleanup ugly fluff, bobbles or fuzzies with informality, fashioning your clothes to appear like brand new.

Simply slide over worn locations to 'do away' with the uninvited fibres, fluff or even hair that destroy the appearance of clothing as they come out of the washing machine spin.