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Best Hard Floor Steam Cleaners For Wood And Laminate

Updated 19/07/2020:
Our best floor steam mops are an innovative and impressive strategy for cleaning hard surfaces in your home using hot vapour to cut grime and exterminate bacteria. The hard floor steam cleaners are hygienic and eco-friendly like our steam upholstery cleaners for your couch eg.

Stick steam mops are well-liked and easy home steam cleaning solutions for hard flooring. The wood floor steam cleaners rest 'upright' with a stick handle where the tank is installed.

: Hoover Wooden Floor Steam Cleaner 1500 W

Wooden Floor Steam Cleaner With White Head

£68   Hoover Wooden Floor Steam Cleaner - Get It!  

: Tower Steam Mop Cleaner With Swivel Head

Blue Steam Mop Cleaner With Swivel Joint

£39   Tower Steam Mop Cleaner - Get It!  

NEO Mop For Wood Floors Swivel Head

Steam Mop For Wood With Black Handle

£36   NEO Mop For Wood Floors - Get It!  

WOLF Floor Steam Mop Hard Surfaces


  • Ergonomic Type Loop Grips
  • Versatile Steam Settings


  • None..

Floor Steam Mop In White And Red

£69   WOLF Steam Mop Hard Surfaces - Get It!  

Kleeneze Floor Steam Cleaner Upright And Hand

Hard Floor Steam Cleaner With White Pad

£42   Kleeneze Hard Floor Steamer - Get It!  

Which Type Of Floor Steam Mop?

There exists a large amount of buzz related to hard surface steam mops, and you may observe them offered on UK Television shopping stations with the assurance of straightforward floor sanitising, helping you save hours in comparison with the old fashioned mop and pail.

Electric Power Steam Mop Performance

You will save time if you obtain a top quality, top performing steam electric mop, nevertheless, be careful there are perhaps many steam mops in existence that certainly do not perform well and will not really make you any better off as opposed to others.

Easy Handheld Transformation

It is ubiquitous to acquire steam mops that work as a handheld steam cleaning solution, which can be referred to as versatile steam cleaners. Household floor steam cleaners are the ultimate system in your house cleaning toolbox and if you need to to look smart quickly, try our clothes steamer tools.

Steam In The Kitchen And Bathroom

Steam mop cleaners have become widely used and more inexpensive - they may genuinely add an additional radiance to your house. Many look to buy these to help in washing kitchen areas, even though they may be put to use in virtually any space like tiled flooring or additional hard surface areas.

What's Best For Dirt, Grime Removal?

The highly pressured vapour that's produced by steam mops for wood floors is most effective in targeting and dislodging dirt, grime and staining from hard floor surface areas, which could then just be easily wiped aside with a fabric - helping you save a considerable amount of effort.

Eco-Friendly And Easy Maintenance

They have the advantage of being compound free, helping you save cash on pricey cleaning merchandise and have very little regular expense besides substituting textiles and pads. There are excellent options and product features you can contribute to your home maintenance system.

Which Tools To Meet Your Needs?

Household professional steam cleaners may be extensively classified into 3 original versions in handheld, mop and multi-functional. The information here provides a concept of the dissimilarities, and you will find versatile steamers which often merge a steam mop for flooring with a handheld.

Voche Wood Floor Steam Cleaner Hand Tool


  • Flexible Swivel Feature
  • Easily Cuts Through Dirt


  • None

Floor Steam Cleaner With Black Hand Tools

£69   Voche Floor Steam Cleaner - Get It!  

Karcher Steam Electric Mop Floors And Tiles

Electric Mop With Yellow Tank

£195   Karcher Electric Mop For Hard Floors - Get It!  

Neo Mop Cleaner For Laminate Floors


  • Ideal Laminate Flooring
  • Full 360 Degrees Rotating


  • None

Steam Mop Cleaner With Grey Head

£44   Neo Steam Mop Cleaner - Get It!  

MOO Upright Professional Steam Cleaner Mop

Upright Steam Cleaner Mop In Black Finish

£99   MOO Pro Steam Cleaner Mop - Get It!  

For Lino, Tiled And Laminate Floors

Multi-functional steam cleaner for laminate floors is comparative in design to a cylinder vac. They will include a base system to create the vapour and an accommodating hose with different nozzles and accessories to supply the pressurised steam each time the trigger is activated.

For Carpets And Wooden Floors

The desirable versions incorporate the steamers for carpets 'and' hard floors intended for refreshing significant floor spaces. A few high-grade home steam cleaners consist of further contraptions like steam irons for successful pressing of garments to truly get the most out of the equipment.

Long Home Steaming Sessions

Large canister styled steamers are often the weightiest kind of any home steam cleaner, mainly as a result of the more significant amount of water they will carry; therefore you don't have to replenish them as frequently and also have much longer unrelenting steaming time frame.

They are simply more efficient home steam cleansers versus the handheld bathroom steam cleaners or stick mop versions. For your garments, choose one of our steam generator iron selections.

Many steam mops for wood floors might be employed for a multitude of challenging jobs like sanitising floor surfaces, home appliances including ovens, bathrooms and kitchen space sinks, wall structure ceramic tile grout and even fabrics.

Fast Heat-Up Time Periods

The big steamer machines are not as convenient as handheld cleaners or floor steam mops because of their proportions. Additionally, it takes much longer for the water in their storage containers to hot up in comparison to just one minute for handheld steam mop cleaning alternatives.

Ensure the electricity wire is lengthy enough to achieve all of the spaces you want to scrub, specifically as many restrooms do not have an electricity socket. You will not want to finish up just having the ability to use your new hard surface floor cleaner for only 50 percent of the bathroom.

Vax Steam Fresh CombiClassic Steam Mop

The Vax Steam Fresh new grime cleaning combination is a multi-function portable steam mop. It includes 10 piece accessory components for each and every cleaning task around the house from ovens and hobs to taps, floor tiles, walls and lino flooring.

Steam Mop In White And Blue

The initial steam and cleaning agent solutions along with the unique angular floor head assist to get rid of persistent unsightly stains and leaves your home very fresh. The Combination Classic consists of a cleanable micro-fibre cleansing pad, which eliminates persistent grime to leave your flooring surfaces streak-free.
[Rating: 9/10]   £199   Get It → Vax Classic Portable Steam Mop

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M.Richards Luna Vibrating Steam Mop Floor Light

The MR steam vapour floor cleaner is good for cleansing many areas all around your household, promptly and easily. The Luna multi-purpose cleaner possesses a couple of useful settings. One for vertical cleansing, in order to handle flooring surfaces and a transportable washing function.

Mop Showing Light On The Front

An expedient 'shoulder strap' frees both hands while using the components in an easily transportable cleansing function, providing you the freedom and flexibility you desire to undertake many different jobs effortlessly.
[Rating: 9/10]   £225   Get It → Morphy Richards Steam Mop

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Steam Mop Functioning And Pressure

High-pressure steam standing entails the more influential the force, the simpler it is to eliminate the dirt and grime, so strive for pressure of 3/4 Bar and then more significant power for best outcomes. Inferior quality steam mop cleaner solutions generate more water as opposed to dry vapour.

Upright Stick Mop Accessories

Cleaning brushes are good for getting rid of the most challenging embedded grime on hard surface types, so you will require a pad to release fat and dirt from cookers, hobs or perhaps sinks quickly. For cleaning over those surfaces, they are typically machine launderable.

Refreshing Rugs And Carpets

Carpeting glider applications enable steam cleaners to be utilised on rugs and carpets, even though they are not carpet cleaning machines. The wood floor steam cleaner 'gliders' will only be employed to renew carpets and rugs by eliminating bacteria and dirt for spot washing - to release solidified dirt or perhaps spots etc.

The useful furniture upholstery instrument is to invigorate and take out marks from soft upholstery. Just like vacuums, professional steam cleaners feature a selection of guarantee durations and conditions. Strive for no less than 1 year, but for most hard floor steam cleaner products, a couple of years is good.

R.Hobbs (Steam n Clean) Steam Mop Carpet Glide

The RH Steam and Clean steam mop home fundamental is a good option for cleaning a number of floor surfaces including ceramic tiles, lino, sealed laminate flooring, sealed solid wood - as well as invigorate carpets and rugs.

Steam Mop Stick In White Exterior


  • Fast Heat-Up Time
  • Microfibre Pads Included


  • None

Floor Steam Cleaner With 2 MicroFibre Towels And Glider

With angled rotating head and straightforward to utilise cleansing towels, the head is ideal for engaging in challenging edges - and the rotating motion enables a higher ability to move and help with your journey, cleaning throughout the household effortlessly.
[Rating: 9/10]   £34   Get It → R.Hobbs Steam Mop

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Vileda Hygienic Steam Mop With 2 Years Guarantee

The Vileda steam mop is the fast and simple approach to hygienically and thoroughly cleaning your floor surfaces. Using a quick 15 second heat-up period, you are prepared to completely clean for about 30 minutes.

Mop In Grey And Red Finish

The adjustable steam enables you to choose from an increased setting to get more obstinate marks out, or reduced for more vulnerable floor surfaces. The carpeting glider will fit conveniently over the base of the cleaner, helping you to revitalise your carpets and rugs with the strength of steam.
[Rating: 9/10]   £77   Get It → Vileda Light Portable Steam Mop

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Hard Floor Steam Cleaner Mops For Tiles And Lino

We review many easy to navigate upright stick steam floor cleaners, which can be excellent at purifying surfaces and a selection of challenging spaces like floor ceramic tiles, windows, furniture, ovens and more.

The best floor steam electric mops employ dry vapour since it is successful and creates significantly less residue than any other cleansers. Remember that despite fewer deposits, vapour cleaners just 'release' grime from surfaces, so you still have to wipe the area with a fabric to lift the dirt later.

H2O Mop Lightweight Sanitary Steam Mop (PICK!)

Using the H2O steam mop virtually all you utilise is tap water, therefore if you or your household members endure allergic reactions or perhaps bronchial asthma, they will take advantage from not becoming endangered to typical household chemicals.

Steam Mop In Bright Red Finish


  • Very Hot Dry Steam
  • Easy To Use Mop


  • None..

It additionally assists to demolish bed bugs, and in addition dust mites on just about any surface about your household. This multi feature cleaning equipment combines a power rug steamer, hand-held steamer, 'window-pane cleaner' plus clothes textile steamer.

It is exceedingly flexible for home function and delivers with a micro-fibre pad and jet power nozzle.
[Rating: 9/10]   £99   Get It → H2O Mop Powerful Steam Mop

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Shark Klik Light Steam Mop Pocket

A sophisticated steam cleaning mop using SmartSteam command plus an easily removed hand-held steamer with 3 vapour configurations. The 2 in 1 steam floor mop exclusively keeps surfaces extremely clean, however at the push of a option, it transforms directly in to an easily removed hand held vapour cleanser.

SmartSteam Light Steam Mop In Chrome Effect

Clean just about anyplace ranging from floors up to your ceiling area. The intelligent steaming management guarantees your preferred steam environment is conserved instantly.

Simply no demand to control a button downward and it alternates features in just seconds. 3 configuration plus two sided micro-fibre areas accommodate comfortably.
[Rating: 9/10]   £129   Get It → Shark Klik Steam Mop

Button Yellow

Black Decker Steam Mop Hard Floor Types

The Black and Decker steam-mop functions user-friendly AutoSelect technological innovations. With this solution, it basically changes the switch to the particular flooring type you are cleaning.

Steam Mop In White And Blue


  • Powerful Auto Steam Flow
  • Clean Without Chemicals


  • None..

A completely 'removable micro-fibre pad' is connected to the accommodating head, indicating this particular mop can simply slide throughout your flooring, as well as thoroughly clean in those restricted, uncomfortable edges where bacteria can easily accumulate.
[Rating: 9/10]   £79   Get It → B.Decker Auto Steam Mop

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You do not need the traditional style mops and hard work scrubbing floor surfaces by hand since our upright stick style floor steam mops make purifying your complete household simple and easy.