Best Air Purifiers UK Reviews - Portable HEPA Filter Cleaners

Our best value under £100 portable air purifiers will enhance the quality of air inside your household and lower the air pollution strain on yourself and your family. Successful air filtration systems to eliminate odours, dangerous chemical compounds, dust mites and airborne debris. See our noiseless purifiers.

01: PureMate HEPA Home Air Purifier Ioniser Remote

The PureMate HEPA home air conditioner with integrated ioniser and 3 stage fan speeds offers a pleasingly low-noise procedure for night time use etc. Enjoy successful elimination of smells, unsafe gaseous elements, airborne dirt and dust, plus allergenic contaminant removal.

PureMate HEPA Home Air Purifier In All White With Remote

PureMate HEPA Home Air Purifier..

This purifier features a switch-on ion functionality for refreshing, electro-statically pure and natural atmosphere. Straightforward filtration system change by means of small cassette. Easy to read liquid crystal display, which includes 'handheld remote control' and 12 hours timer setting.

Powerful Air Cleaner With Integrated Ioniser And 3 Stage Fan

Efficient removal of smells, unsafe chemicals, airborne dirt and dust as well as allergenic particles. The HEPA filtration system catches over 97.5 percent of contaminants, dust particles, pollen, toxins along with other air contaminants as small as 0.3 microns.
[Rating: 9/10] £69 Details - PureMate HEPA Home Air Purifier

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02: Aironic HEPA Portable Air Purifier Removes Home Dust

Genuine HEPA portable air purifier removes all dust from the air and eradicates in excess of 99 percent of small sized mobile pollutants bigger than 0.3 micro-metres.

It additionally accommodates a pre-filter, cold catalyst filter organisation plus active carbon filter. The integrated ioniser feature eliminates contaminated air, leaving a more wholesome atmosphere. It comes with 3 speed configurations controlled in between 1 to 12 hours - and incorporates a remote device.

Portable Air Purifier In Brushed Steel Effect

Aironic HEPA Portable Air Purifier

An elevated multi-layer 4 separated strategy purges interior pollutants, which includes bacteria, adverse gases, viruses, pet dander, obnoxious smells, fungus, cigarette fumes plus pollen.

Inhale less contaminating, cleaner, and more salubrious air with assistance from this HEPA purifier. This home air filtration system delivers with 3 speed options and executes with a rather noiseless 26 dB performance.
[Rating: 9/10] - £68 Get It → Aironic HEPA Portable Air Purifier

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03: Honeywell HA010E1 Home Air Cleaner Mini Tower

The Honeywell Mini Tower home air cleaner works great for standard, all-round air refinement and particle elimination, since they eliminate as much as 99.5% of air-borne contaminants no more than two microns that move through the filtration system.

Home Air Cleaner In Tower Style, White Finish

Honeywell HA010E1 Home Air Cleaner

A cutting-edge purification technique which is extremely efficient at getting rid of household airborne allergens. IFDTM, which is short for intense field dielectric is the only real digital filtration system technologies whose efficiency equals that relating to HEPA solutions. The filter is actively charged by a high-voltage resources that enable it to pull contaminants out of the atmosphere.
[Rating: 9/10] £99 Details - Honeywell HA Home Air Cleaner

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04: HoMedics HEPA Home Air Purifier 3 Air Cleaning Speeds

Make sure the quality of air in the home is really as clean and fresh as you possibly can with this particular slender and unobtrusive filtering technique. It eliminates airborne contaminants as well as allergens, cigarette smoke, airborne dirt and dust, pollen, odour causing germs, as well as family pet dander from the atmosphere.

HEPA Home Air Purifier In White And Black

HoMedics HEPA Home Air Purifier

It functions so silently that it may be utilised within the bedroom. Spend less money using it's long-lasting 'HEPA filtration system', which endures as much as half a dozen times longer than standard filtration systems. For modest room coverage of 11.5m Sq. Specialist HEPA filtration system eliminates as much as 99.9% of contaminants in the air.
[Rating: 9/10] £47 Details - HoMedics HEPA Home Air Purifier

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05: Prem-I-Air HEPA Home Air Purifier Ioniser And Timer

The efficient HEPA air purifier with ioniser and remote device provides 3 speed adjustments, an 8 hour timer and crystal clear LED display screen. The HEPA filtration system eliminates 99.9% of most airborne allergens, along with a carbon filter for increased smell eradication.

HEPA Home Air Cleaner In Black and Blue Showing Remote Control

Prem-I-Air HEPA Home Air Purifier

Prem-I-Air HEPA air cleaner has the benefit of a built-in Ioniser to assist, improve and revitalise the environment, and consists of a noiseless low environment for night time utilisation.

This twin position device can be positioned flat or vertical, subject to room - and an optionally available room fragrance cartridge is accessible.
[Rating: 8.5/10] £66 Details - Prem-I-Air HEPA Home Air Purifier

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06: Futura 40 Watts HEPA Air Purifier Ioniser For Allergens

The Futura 'healthy home HEPA air purifier' and efficient ioniser cleanses the atmosphere, eliminates smoke, dust plus allergens - and a remote device is incorporated.

Safeguard yourself using the air purifier, a superior answer to freshening up and regenerating the air you breathe every day. Includes the power to get rid of over 99 percent of untoward atmospheric particles.

40W HEPA Filter Air Purifier With Remote Device

Futura 40 Watts HEPA Filter Air Purifier

An integrated ioniser to additionally step-up your wellness and begin discovering optimistic consequences immediately. Clean for less hazardous air, the Futura takes out unhealthy particles and betters health.

It perpetually gets rid of those damaging pollutants from your household. Top quality HEPA filter system ensnares dust particles in the atmosphere.
[Rating: 9/10] £64 Get It → Futura HEPA Filter Air Purifier

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07: Vicks V-9071 HEPA Filtration Household Air Purifier

The Vicks V-9071E HEPA air purifier is a small home air cleaner which includes optimum cleansing efficiency as a result of HEPA filtration system. This is basically the perfect treatment for clean air results. The quality of air can create a genuine impact on any individual's health, regardless of asthma or allergies.

Washable HEPA Air Purifier In Light Blue Exterior

Vicks V-9071 Washable HEPA Air Purifier

We invest as much as 90% of our lives indoors. In your own home, your place of work, college etc, and there's a typical misperception that the quality of air inside is much better that outdoors. The Vicks HEPA purifier screens harmful particles with a micron dimensions of 2 or larger sized.

House Purifier Traps Pollutants 99.5% Efficiency

This Vicks cleanser will acquire a large number of particles through it's HEPA type filter. Real human hair, pollen, family pet dander plus some dust determined by it's dimensions. It works to thoroughly clean the environment, where the machine washable pre filter screens the initial and bigger harmful particles.
[Rating: 8/10] £54 Details - Vicks V-9071 Washable HEPA Air Purifier

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08: DiO68801 HEPA 3 Speed Air Purifier With Timer Ioniser

A dependable HEPA filtration system catching a very high percentage of contaminants, airborne dirt and dust, pollen and 'cigarette smoke contaminants' along with other atmospheric pollutants as small as 0.3 microns in size. Active carbon pre-filter for enhanced smell elimination etc.

HEPA 3 Speed Air Purifier In Black And Brushed Steel Effect

DiO68801 HEPA 3 Speed Air Purifier

It contains a phased air refinement procedure. The foam pre-filter gathers larger-sized contaminants in mid-air, for example pollen, hair and fluff. Next, the HEPA cartridge eliminates over 99.9% of airborne contaminants 0.3 micron or larger sized. It eliminates cigarette smoke as well as bad smells.
[Rating: 8/10] £49 Details - DiO6 HEPA 3 Speed Air Purifier

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09: Beurer LB Ultrasound Air Purifier And Quiet Humidifier

The Beurer LB44 atmosphere air humidifier and cleaner is yet another in a collection of decent air purifiers by the very same Beurer organisation. This specific device utilises a micro-fine ultrasound atomisation strategy to cleanse the local environment.

Micro-Fine Ultrasound Air Purifier In Brushed Chrome

Beurer LB44 Micro-Fine Ultrasound Air Purifier

As an additional advantage, this specific design operates soundlessly, which makes it ideal for use within the bedroom. The Beurer LB44 utilises just 25 Watts of energy, making it a competent and economical accessory for your household. Humidification productivity as much as 225 ml/h and water filtration is recommended for hard water areas.
[Rating: 9/10] £50 Details - Beurer LB44 Ultrasound Air Purifier

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10: Heaven Fresh Solid State Ionic Quiet Home Air Purifier

Created for normal size areas, the HF200 is undoubtedly a highly successful air cleanser which fills a complete space with health advantageous negative ions. Interior atmosphere consists of very low amount of negative ions.

Ionic Home Air Purifier In Grey Finish

Heaven Fresh Solid State Ionic Air Purifier

Enhances disposition and remain alert. Studies have shown that negative ions assist control human brain serotonin. The brain's serotonin neuro-transmitter structure continues to be associated with a number of psychological problems, such as depressive disorders, anxiousness, change of disposition and substance dependency.
[Rating: 9/10] £39 Details - Heaven Fresh Ionic Quiet Air Purifier

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10 Air Purifier Reviews UK - Excellent HEPA Home Air Cleaners

Home HEPA filter air purifiers undoubtedly are an excellent concept, particularly as allergy symptoms and breathing difficulties have been increasing and quality of air is decreasing rapidly.

Asthma attacks continue to be on the rise, although household air quality is frequently inadequate, particularly in cities and towns. Our portable air purifiers will make sure you inhale clean air whenever unwinding in your own home.

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