Portable Power Washers With Flexible Jet Pressure Settings

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Updated 25/03/2019:
The high-pressure power washers here are really powerful, rendering a whole array of clean-up tasks much more comfortable and quicker. If you prefer a machine for your car to look spotless, a jet pressure washer will work perfectly for hard dirt or even hot tubs.

Some matters to reflect on when choosing a portable pressure washer will mean you have to present a concept of the specs you require. This will likely rely upon how frequently you wish to use them, how big the washing tasks will be and how promptly you need to accomplish them.

Hozelock 140 Bar Portable Power Washer 1700 Watts

Portable Power Washer In Orange And Green

£113   Hozelock 140 Bar Portable Power Washer - Get It!  

Worx Cordless High Pressure Power Washer HydroShot

High Pressure Washer With Big Orange Trigger

£150   Worx Cordless High Pressure Power Washer - Get It!  

Wilks USA Very Powerful Jet Pressure Washer 135 Bar


  • Includes Detergent Extras
  • Easy Mobility With Wheels


  • None..

Jet Pressure Washer In Black And Yellow

£81   Wilks USA Jet Pressure Washer - Get It!  

The Water Pressure Needed To Clean

The more significant amount of pressure and water movement the portable power washer offers, the quicker it will be possible to wash outdoor areas. The main reason for this is the fact the functional domestic cleaning size is bigger when utilising equipment with more important technical specs.

What Do You Need A Jet Washer For?

Much higher spec 160 bar pressure washer models are also regarded as long lasting and thus include more extended warranties. The largest equipment with the best cleaning efficiency may not match your criteria, specifically, if you just have little outdoor space, or need the pressure washer for one job.

Professional Home Pressure Washers

A washer equipped with flexible pressure configurations offers you far more versatility covering the kind of project you may use it for. In the event space is a concern, try to find a professional pressure washer that takes up less space and includes integrated safe-keeping for wires and hoses securely hidden.

Extras Like Detergent Containers

More efficient home pressure washers will be bulkier, therefore seek out versions with coasters and a hand-grip to help you relocate. A few types feature extras like on side hoses, much longer hose extent and detergent containers to make your activity simpler.

Electric Power And Cable Length

Examine the entire wire and the precise position of the connector. You might find you will have to decide on a cord-free variation, or perhaps one with a bit longer cable length to get the most out of the power jet washer tool. It should be observed that electric power versions are also even less costly.

Buy A Cheap Washer For Infrequent Use?

Individuals who implement the pressure washers regularly will discover they will pay for themselves eventually. Those who just use the machines significantly less often may find an expense that requires a while to stabilise, then you may be better off obtaining a cheaper washer.

Ryobi 120B Professional Pressure Washer Vario Lance


  • High Power 1800 Watts
  • Vario Lance And Long Hose


  • None.

Pro Pressure Washer On Wet Patio Slab

£93   Ryobi 120B Professional Pressure Washer - Get It!  

Tacklife 160 Bar Power Jet Washer With Detergent Tank

Power Jet Washer With Long Black Hose

£149   Tacklife 160 Bar Power Jet Washer - Get It!  

Blaupunkt High-Power Car Wash Pressure Washer 135 Bar


  • Low And High Pressure Modes
  • 7.5 Litres Per Second Rate


  • Bulky

Car Pressure Washer In White And Blue With Big Handle

£99   Blaupunkt Car Wash Pressure Washer 135 Bar - Get It!  

Yard Force 150 Bar High Pressure Power Washer 2000W

High Pressure Power Washer In Red And Black

£119   Yard Force High Pressure Power Washer - Get It!  

Portable Pressure Washer Configuration

The add-on's for high-pressure washers may possibly make a huge difference in terms of broadening the capacities of the presented cleaner. Also, a few of the less powerful electric pressure cleaners will be far more successful when they possess components that can refocus the amount of pressure.

Assessing the car wash pressure washer, in general, allows individuals to make even more knowledgeable conclusions. Concerning investing in any machine, there are still circumstances to consider and assess. There are many different types available, and the best pressure washers for patios can cost up to £850.

135, 145 Or 150 Bar Pressure Importance

The primary measurements to review may be water pressure levels where the more significant the 135, 145 or 150 Bar, the higher power of the washer as well as water speed. Pay attention to purchasing a portable power washer with the ideal mix of both for your primary purpose.

Car, Terrace, Walls, Driveway, Tiled Floors

To find the pressure and then stream you require, consider carefully what you will be washing, how frequently you are going to be sanitising and just how grubby it may be. These two conditions are essential as the pressure is mirrored in the washing and shown in the rinse afterwards.

Care For Surface Areas To Be Washed

The bigger the pressure level, the more appropriate the power pressure washer system is for stubborn dirt and troublesome surface types - which includes floors and walls. Water movement speed echoes its efficiency once rinsing, therefore should you accelerate jobs like vehicle washing, this may be beneficial.

Nilfisk X-Tra 150 Bar Pressure Washer 2900W

Created from metal and including a brass cylinder head, this particular light weight, however durable pump is the centre of the equipment, rendering extended and lasting superior functioning.

150 Bar Pressure Washer In Blue Finish

Automatic start-stop beside the thermal sensor device cut off shields the motor/pump and in addition economises on the water supply. The industrial lance accompanies modest Tornado, in addition PowerSpeed nozzles using brass connectors.


  • Several Good Accessories Available
  • Powered Induction Motor


  • None..

The ergonomic contrived gun trigger features fast coupling to the metal strengthened high pressure pipe which pivots effortlessly in use.
[Rating: 9/10] £437 Get It → Nilfisk 150 Bar Pressure Washer

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Karcher K7 150 Bar Heavy Duty Pressure Washer

The Karcher K7 superior Eco Home aggregates electrical power and efficiency to bring about a high performing pressure auto washer, boasting a water-cooled environment induction motor.

150 Bar Pressure Washer In Black And Yellow

It is provided with a 10 metre hose that can forever be tidily stacked away due to the functional integral reel. Includes a superior fast connect gun plus 2 lances appropriate for a several cleaning jobs.

There is a top grade Patio T-Racer for quick, splatter free cleansing of significant sized expanses. These add-on's may be stored forthwith on the merchandise.
[Rating: 9/10] £559 Get It → Karcher K7 150 Bar Pressure Washer

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Bosch AQT High Pressure Jet Wash Patio Washer

This particular high pressure jet wash patio washer is modest sized and transportable, perfect for cleansing cycles, windows, terraces and back garden articles of furniture. It features a potent electric motor as well as a 330 Litres for every hour water flow for prompt, competent and easy cleanup.

Jet Patio Washer In Green On Decking

This first-class merchandise delivers with a cost free 2 year warranty. For effectiveness as well as a lengthier product life span, the automatic stop strategy instantly ends the water pump whenever not occupied, returning power exclusively whenever you require it.
[Rating: 9/10] - £92 Get It → Bosch AQT Jet Wash Patio Washer

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Work Faster And More Efficiently

Use high-pressure 130 bar pressure washers to eradicate grime and marks which have been present there for a long time, even so, the high water flow can make the work faster as it promptly flushes away the mud. Choose a perfect water rate pressure level proportion for the responsibilities you need.

Trigger, Lance And Vario Nozzle Types

The jet pressure washer lance is the component that may be attached to the trigger gun you hold and force to discharge the water, it is merely the nozzle where water releases. You can acquire several lances or perhaps kinds that are flexible to modify the approach of water force etc.

Control The Style Of Water Jet

This pressure of water might be as a slim jet or possibly wider depending upon the work. Using it correctly is perfect for eliminating uncooperative staining on a terrace, but a fan spray is even more designed for your own 'family car' where the force will not ruin the exterior paint.

Power Jet Washer Maintenance

Try to store the high-pressure power washer in a dry space that is perfectly well ventilated. Like our window cleaning vacuum tools, you might want to take it indoors or keep anywhere that is warmed to guarantee the pump will not freeze out and become destroyed with any water remaining within.

Sealey 150 Bar Car Wash Pressure Washer

This Sealy home pressure washer using TSS and RotaBlast is an industrial, high powered merchandise configured for regular household function.

150 Bar Car Wash Pressure Washer On 2 Wheels

The washer boasts an automated Total Stop System (TSS) that alternates the motor off and on whenever the activation is functioned, extending motor life span.


  • Useful Integrated Pressure Gauge
  • Brass Pump Head, Ceramic Pistons


  • Expensive

Equipped with 2 hose plus cable hooks, and in addition accessory safe keeping to guarantee merchandise maintains clutter free and entirely portable.
[Rating: 9/10] £841 Get It → Sealey Car Wash Pressure Washer

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Hilka RAC Small Pressure Washer With 150 Bar

The Hilka RAC 2000 Watts powered pressure washer is just right for domesticated open-air cleansing projects. This particular merchandise is modest sized, and in addition light weight.

Small Pressure Washer In Bright Orange

The overall weight of the powerful home pressure washer is around 12Kg. The bundle incorporates a high pressure turbo lance, in addition a rotary brush, a patio cleanser, plus a soap administering container.
[Rating: 8.5/10] £203 Get It → Hilka RAC Small Pressure Washer

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Hyundai 150/160 Bar Petrol Pressure Washer

HY is a powerful 2400psi petrol driven pressure washer using a 6 HP Hyundai upright shaft 170cc engine, in addition to the Annovi Reverberi axial water pump.

Hyundai 150/160 Bar Mobile Pressure Washer On Two Black Wheels

It uses the Hyundai integrated soap dispenser, which is positioned toward the underside of the engine placement, which is going to instantly attract soap in to the water system, however only if the black purifying nozzle is attached.


  • Extremely Powerful Jet Washer
  • 4 Fast Release Nozzles


  • None.

You will find 4 nozzle tips that all bear fast release components for simple and quick transition. The 8 metres long high pressure pipe features an M22 fitting.
[Rating: 9/10] £369 Get It → Hyundai Mobile Pressure Washer

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The Pressure Power Washers For Car Or Patio With Extras

The perfect 150 Bar high-pressure washer cleaning equipment will handle balconies and decking, cycles, backyards and cars. Jet washers make unproblematic work of many challenging backyard washing projects.

Numerous cleaners by noteworthy and reliable big companies consist of an array of specialised tools and useful contraptions. In terms of buying, consider how you use the power jet washer and other factors - for example, using it for washing your van, however planning to clean your driveway as well.

Wolf Blaster 2.2Kw Portable Power Washer

Potent 2.2 Kw portable power washer system with 15 metres extension pipe that integrates several modern and stimulating characteristics in to this high powered 165 BAR high pressure washer machine. Amid the recently added functions, it offers an organised (Click then Connect) strategy.

Portable Power Washer In Black And Yellow

Simply no mediation whatever on calibre, selection of accessories as well as functioning using the current Max 2. This first-class new equipment is operated by a high executing electric motor, which is a monumental 3HP.

A smooth functioning radial current high pressure pump system returns a jaw-dropping 165 BAR, which raises a borderline incessant nozzle high pressure of roughly 110 BAR in total.
[Rating: 9/10] - £139 Get It → Wolf 2.2Kw Portable Power Washer

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K2 Karcher Full Control Power Pressure Washer

The modern powerful pressure washer with undivided command technology that will direct you to which pressure level you will utilise on certain open-air cleansing jobs, and the Vario lance delivers with 4 pre-defined configurations from detergent determining through to a fixed sprayer jet feature.

Power Pressure Washer With Long Black Hose

The household system incorporates of a terrace cleanser as well as a 500 ml set-up to deploy the detergent cleaner. As soon as you have completed, safe keeping this excellent high pressure washer could not be more elementary.


  • Includes Kit And Detergent
  • Great Value Washer


  • None

The pipe, lances, pressure gun and wire can practically all be stacked away instantly on the equipment. The collapsible hand-grip can be effortlessly collapsed downward, plus comes with a full 2 years guarantee.
[Rating: 9/10] - £99 Get It → K2 Karcher Power Pressure Washer

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Guarantee the specs are appropriate and sufficient for what you require - do purchase the best power pressure washer you are able to afford realistically.