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Beautiful Teepee Play Tents Girls And Boys Themes

Updated: 05/04/2021
Sometimes, it's not wrong to opt for a vintage style, especially when looking for a teepee play tent to make your kids feel more comfortable every season. The tent is known by various names, such as tipi.

Boys And Girls Teepee Tents

The humble teepee can be traced as far back as 10000 BCE, and trust me, there is no way you wouldn't have seen it, probably in a movie, your neighbourhood, etc. So, why not treat your daughter to a modern girls teepee tent that creates a cosy area for relaxation and quiet reading?

Unique Triangular Shaped Play Tent

On second thought, what if you haven't heard of or seen a typical teepee before? My apologies, but they're nothing firmly attached to it other than its unique triangle-shaped child's play tent teepee. You would be indefinitely wrong if you thought this can be compared to a playhouse.

Teepee Is A Playhouses On Steroids

The teepee is made of skin, cloth, and canvas. In contrast, playhouses, on the other hand, are made of plastic and more significant than a regular teepee. So, how does it work? First, the girl's pink teepee play tent is designed for those around 10 years. However, if it has an extended magnitude of 142 cm, adults can also have an excellent time under its shade.

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Kids Teepee Play Tent With Lit Bulbs

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Structure And Configuration Of The Kids Tipi

An average tipi is multi-versatile and will be useable over a long period. Although that does not imply that it is the best alternative for your bed. Nevertheless, it's important to note that the canvas teepee tent is versatile, as previously asserted, and can offer more benefits than a regular tent.

Children's Wigwam Teepee Play Time

If you are looking for the latest means to keep your playful kids busy, the children's wigwam teepee play tent should be among your best options. Its structure, configuration and design make it really qualify as a kid's playground.

Who Is Interested In The TV?

All you have to do is erect the nursery teepee where you want it to be and watch as your kids interact with it endlessly. I'm sure as time persists, they are likely not to be interested in the TV or whether you are around or not.

The Cosy Haven For Children

Even if your kid is not the active type, rest assured, as time persists, he or she will find it amusing and creative like many others.
The teepee tent does more than providing warmth when filled with cosy pillows. It's also the best location to tell fairy tale stories, especially when the kids are utterly exhausted after several rounds of play.

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RONGFA Kids Play Teepee Tent In White

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The Main Difference Between Teepee And Wigwam

You'll know the difference simply by their looks, but that's not all. First, let us consider their individual structures.

Triangle Or Dome-Shape With Flap

In simple terms, the modern toddler teepee, as previously described, is a triangle-like tent covered with either cloth and canvas. While Wigwams tents, on the other hand are 'dome-shaped' structures covered with fabric and canvas too.

Despite the difference in structure, both tents share the same history as they were both used by the Native Americans around the same era.

Garden Teepees Impress Neighbours

Hardly will you see a home without a teepee unless you stay very far from town. You can't blame them. Kids just find garden teepees gorgeous. For your information, if you don't want it, don't visit your neighbours with your kids when your neighbours have it. Trust me, you'll end up buying it.

Party Playtime Indoor Teepee

Have you seen them perpetrating hide and seek lately; you'll discover that the indoor teepee is just the perfect hideout to make it fun. Do you know you can even join kids in the crusade?
When it's time for a party and your visitors came along with their kids, you don't need to tell them what's; next, it's playtime within the teepee.

: Asweets Teepee for Girls Bedroom Or Nursery

Teepee for Girls Bedroom With String Lights

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Make The Teepee Interior Inviting To All

We all want our personal space, your kids too. But if your kids are the choleric-type, then the demand for space is more heightened, and getting one becomes inevitable.
But do you know you can make it more lively for them? Start by placing a soft 'rug inside the tipi' and ensure it doesn't extend beyond the teepee boundary.

Play Games And Look Out The Window

Undoubtedly that your kids would enjoy the soft pad while alone, with friends and when playing games. You can also motivate them to make the kids outdoor teepee a haven for their toys.
You'll be stunned to see how quickly they will adapt to it. Do you want to give your kids a modern teepee tent? Ensure it's a product with at least a solitary window.

What Are The Teepee Tent Sizes?

Teepee tent comes in various sizes, but before you choose one size, ensure it's compatible with your own motive. For instance, if you're going camping with a large group of your friends, an 18-footer tent more extensive than a regular one will do the job.

On the other hand, small groups may require less than that, say 10 to 13 foot, and the list goes on and on. But take note that the size of the headcount determines the size you'll choose.

How Many Kids Fit Inside?

Now that you've considered the headcount, it's also essential to think of the size of the perimeter you intend to erect the tent on.

Come to think of it, it will be so complicated or impossible to erect a giant tent, say 18-foot, in an intimate or tiny space. Therefore, you must note all the underlying principles before buying a large or small kids teepee.

Teepee Construct Features And Textiles Used

There is no doubt that your kids will like to play with their friends in their personal space; after all, that's what we adults do. We pass the time with our friends, where we are likewise considered comfortable and confidential.

Class Of Teepee Waterproof Materials?

For the sake of clarification, it's important to note that teepee play tent materials vary according to the era, society, and technological level. But regardless of the difference, materials used across ages were all waterproof - but what are these materials?

Tent Frame And Sturdy Poles

As far back as this, it was discovered, the material then was simply Buffalo hides and long, strong poles which would serve as the frame. During this era, a typical teepee isn't mobile. The concept of outdoor or indoor doesn't exist because the teepee itself - is the house.

Modern Toddler Teepee Tents

The contemporary toddler teepee tent is just the opposite of that. They are mobile and can be used indoor or outdoor, depending on how your kids want them.
Generally, modern teepee brands can be seen in three forms. The first category is the indoor type, while the second is outdoor, and lastly, the combination of both.

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Sumerice Teepee For Kids With Carry Case

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Children's Teepees And Outdoor Activities

This placement's implication is that the outdoor type may be more substantial and sturdier than the indoor type. While the last category for regular tenting would combine both features.
When it comes to the kind of material, the modern teepee has gone beyond the stone age. The level of technological advancement has changed to what's now referred to as a teepee.

Polyester And Canvas Textiles

Unlike the olden days, modern kids teepee play tent materials are commonly polyester and canvas. Polyester has many attributes that make it perfect for outdoor activities. Apart from being thick yet light enough to allow the free flow of a fresh breeze, it is also easy to clean.

Can The Material Be Repaired?

On the other hand, canvas is thicker compared to others, which is why it's more costly. Besides the thickness, it also gains an edge against the polyester type because it can be repair sewn precisely if it tears apart. The majority of this category is also washable.

Permissible Eco-Friendly Materials

So, what's this telling you? It's crystal clear that while choosing a teepee tent for your kids, ensure you select the tough and easy to clean products. By all means permissible, do not buy any children's outdoor teepee products that are not eco-friendly.

: HAUS Kids TeePee Fairy Lights And Bunting

Waterproof Kids TeePee Fairy Lights

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Sleepover Teepee Styles For Kids Enjoyment

It makes no sense to put our kid's well-being in danger, thinking we're giving them the best. Therefore, ensure you know what you want before making purchases. It's recommended you observe polyester and nylon materials when considering any teepee tent.

Teepee Poles Carved From Pine

When you buy a sleepover teepee design for kids, one of the main gadgets you'll find in the package is the teepee poles. Generally, these poles serve as the tent frame; therefore, the tent's size determines the length and durability of the rod.

Moreover, poles carved from pine wood have been tested and confirmed to be more flexible. More importantly, they are eco-friendly.

Ease of Assembly And Instructions

Getting the best tipi tent that suits your kid's needs is a tough job. But the worst is when you can't assemble it, even though you have the guide right in front of you.
This can be tiring to avoid this scenario and ensure you purchase the product that provides a clear and accurate manual. This will aid you as you're assembling the new teepee tent.

As previously clarified, the term teepee tents and kids playhouse can not be used interchangeably as they are different. Although, they can both be used indoors or outdoors. Nevertheless, their structure and materials are somewhat different.

: SONGMICS Kids Teepee Ventilated Window

White Teepee With Space For Three Kids

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Summer Time Kids Playhouse Environments

For instance, a kids playhouse is made of plastic. In contrast, a kids teepee is made of either polyester or canvas material and poles. They are both durable, but a kids' playhouse may outlive any teepee tent.

Another erroneous thought is that a teepee tent can replace your kid's bed. Well, that's a blatant lie! Indeed, you can use it to change your kid's sleeping environment; but the benefits it offers go beyond that.

Bedroom Or Playroom Tent

If you're also part of those parents that get their children's teepee with mat only to place them in their bedroom or playroom. Well, I'm delighted to let you know that if the tent material is the correct specification, you can also use it outdoor. Did you know that?

The tents have more to offer than you could imagine. So, why don't you make this summer more extraordinary by taking your kid's teepee out and show them the beauty of the night sky?

Setting Up The Teepee Tent

If you are not into hiking, camping, and other outdoor settings, setting up a canvas teepee tent may be difficult, even something out of the blue (depending on the type). The funniest thing is that the bigger the tent, the more complicated it is to genuinely erect.

Restricted Space For Tent In Bedroom Or Garden?

For example, an 18-foot tent is undoubtedly beyond a person's control; and it'll require more effort to put in place. What are we saying? Please, don't be deluded by some companies who claim their products can be easily set up by just one person.

Depending on the type, it could be so, but most of the time, the case isn't as described. Since I presume you're wiser than we think, I'm sure you'll do the right thing.

Buying A Kids Bedroom Teepee

So, are you ready to buy your kid a teepee tent? If that's the case, what must you put into consideration? First, we've clarified that a teepee comes in different sizes. Therefore, you need to ensure the size you are about to purchase correlate with the limited space you have in your child's bedroom or play zone.

You must also consider your personal preference, fine, it's meant for your kids, but what about cases that you'll like to play with them, will it contain every one of you?

Tent Design And Features

As there are different brands of the teepee, that means you'll equally have unlimited designs for each of them. Many of these brands come with specific features that distinguish one from the other. The ball is in your court to choose the type, style, and baby teepee tent theme that may catch your attention.

Babies And Kids Tents

Before you make a purchase, read each product description to know what they offer. As you are going through each report, you'll discover that some of these products have accessories.
But most of the time, some parents do not care about that. They simply buy the whole tent as a toy to keep their baby wondering, while they are in reality bought for kids to keep them active.

: TacoBear Kids Indian Teepee Star Lights

Kids Indian Teepee With Lights In Canvas

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Teepee Features Like Fairy Lights Or Bunting

Are you wondering if setting up something of this type would be rocket science? You know what? How to set up a teepee wigwam of this level shouldn't bother you.
They are easy to set up and removed! So, what are you waiting for? Make it your priority to buy your kids a teepee tent with designs and features such as fairy light, bunting, etc.

Teepee Tent Throughout Ages

When we looked back in history, it's clear that the teepee tent is practical, dependable and reliable. It did not fail the previous generations. Instead, in each season, the teepee stands tall. What have we learned from that?

Summer And Winter Issues

The new white teepee can render the heavy sun heat during the summers while providing warmth during the chilly seasons and keeping us dry when it pours. Besides, advancement in technology has even made the teepee tent more straightforward than ever to erect.

Unlike the stone age, it's now easier to set up. As if that wasn't enough, it's even easier to enlarge the space with little or no weight than in the old days.

Ventilation And Health

The general structure of a teepee play tent also makes it conducive in terms of ventilation. Nevertheless, several ongoing investigations have been carried out to show how to make it more conducive. Just recently, some models have really improved their features.

: Lavievert Childs Tent Teepee With 2 Windows

Childs Tent Teepee In Thick Canvas

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Teepee Windows And Easy To Open Flaps

Some teepee tents now have windows and easy opening flaps, etc. The progress has proved to be back-to-back, and many models have incorporated built-in stove fume flues in the tent. It was generally believed that the stone age designs contain a fire spot inside.

Importance Of Kids Personal Space

If you buy your kids a teepee tent, it's a sign you love him or her because you know what it truly feels like without personal space. They will gain more confidence, and as time persists, they would have learned to be content and protect one's belongings.

Boost Your Kid's Interactive Development

Perhaps you call him, and there is no response, don't look for him outdoors. He's taking a short nap in his paradise. To cut it short, the mini teepee increases your kid's interactive level, makes them responsible, and improves their social behaviour.

A teepee tent also widens your kid's imagination. In a second, the tent is like a warship, and he's the captain sailing to conquer evil enemies. In another second, he's the king of a giant castle. He has many servants, and the tent is his large palace.

Kids Teepee Tent Benefits

Indeed there is no way you can imagine what your kids are thinking, but the thing is, either you are present or not, the small kid's teepee will keep them guessing.
Just to mention a few among the long list of benefits like karaoke singing kids in a teepee tent may offer. So, why don't you get yours today and give them space they truly deserve.

: RONGFA Childrens Portable Play Teepee Tent

Portable Play Teepee Tent With Balloon

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Waterproofed And Fireproofed Teepee Tent

Simply imagine that you're under a tipi, and suddenly, it begins to pour. It wasn't heavy, but it is steady. Not long afterwards, the tent starts leaking from every angle. I believe you have something to say, but before that, imagine this again.

Garden Teepee Tent Cooking

You were cooking your favourite meal under the garden teepee tent until you heard a noise outside; you head out of the tent to check what's wrong. But it's nobody other than your own hubby returning from gathering some fruit. As you turned back to return to the tent, it's already on fire.

From both imaginations, it's clear that before you choose a kids outdoor teepee, it must be waterproof and fireproof unless you want to find yourself in the above situation. But what about a kids teepee tent, are they also fire safe and waterproof?

Those Unforeseen Circumstances

Well, to be straightforward, most of these tents are not waterproof. However, their material may resist water for some time. In the end, they'll end up taking on water. Therefore, ensure you don't have your kids under it outdoors, especially when it pours down to avoid unforeseen circumstances.

Cowboy And Indian Themed Teepee Styles

If you're a fan of stunning styles, children's teepee tents have you covered. Still, it's recommended that you consider your kid's preferences before you choose a model. When it comes to themed teepees, you have more than one option. One of the latest and popular styles is the Cowboy/Indian types.

Modern Or Old Style Teepee?

The western theme is designed so that it'll make your kids have the original feel of what the past teepee felt like. You may also like to invest in modern style, for example, white Pompom teepee that has a special pocket.
I'm sure your kids would love to relax and have a good time under its flashy light and canvas, free of toxic chemicals.

Toddler Teepee Style For Baby

Bohemian styles are also remarkable toddler teepees you can buy for a baby if you're interested in creating a fancy hideout for them. There are various types under this category that you may like to observe.
For example, why not subscribe to a typical dreamy white teepee with ribbons? That is good enough to give your prince or princess the privacy they deserve.

As previously mentioned, teepee tents vary in size; and before you choose, carefully consider the people that'll be making use of the space. Furthermore, you won't want to invest in a suffocating tent that will not allow the tent's free flow of air.

: Princess Castle Teepee For Kids With Flags

White Castle Teepee For Kids With Striped Flags

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The Right Teepee For The Next Tenting Trip

Therefore, it's essential to check each tent's description to know if the ventilation will be good enough. It's also recommended you subscribe to teepee tents with windows that can be opened and closed. The type that will supply 'enough fresh air' to the tent base, especially in the summer.

Make Up Your Own Mind!

Now that you've made up your mind on a teepee play tent style, I'm happy for you and your kids! But bear in mind that, even though the tent looks simple and glaring, it does not imply that it'll be easier to set up.
So, why not give the trial run a go if available to know what you're up against. If you're not sure, you had better check out other styles before you pick the teepee tent for the next camping trip.

How Do You Build A Teepee Tent?

Congratulations, you've just got your first pink teepee tent! So what's next? I'm sure you know it, first things first, look for the manual guide kept in the container. This manual is essential if you wish to be successful in assembling the tent.

Since it's your first time, it may be tricky; therefore, it's recommended you lay out all the tent pieces first. This is to check if there is an error of omission before proceeding to the next step.

Teepee Tent With Two Pillows
Beacon Kids Teepee Play Tent

Unique Teepee Play Tents Inspiring Boundless Kids Fun

It would have been easier to give you a step by step guide, but there are so many canvas teepee tents of different brands and models.

It's, therefore, important you stick to the manual guide or, better still, check the guide of the model you purchased on the maker's website. You can also check trusted platforms that are dedicated to varieties of teepee models and arrangements.

Suitable Colours For All Kids

It's essential to choose the right kids teepee play tent that suits you, at least for a start, as a gender. For instance, if you are buying a tent for your boy, ensure you settle for tents with the touch of blue or ones with bold and primary-coloured stripes.

Girls teepee tents, on the other hand, the general theme or colour are pinks and purples with their favourite toys stacked in the outlet.

Nursery Teepee Tent Designs

Suppose you have both genders in the family; you may subscribe to other plain types, yet striking, although it's not attached to any gender. This will undoubtedly encourage your kids to play together under the same nursery teepee tent, depending on age.

Personalise Your Kid's Tent

These plains styles are the best, as it enables you to personalise your kid's space. When you're done decorating the child's play tent teepee, it will accurately define his or her true character. The implication is that anyone who sees it and knows who it belongs to without mentioning their names.

You can rest assured that your baby and the eldest one, say, around 10 years old, are safe under the teepees. So why not buy a more expansive tent that will still accommodate your baby over time as he or she grows.

Best Teepee Tents For Parties

Teepee tents are also one of the best options for parties with bright colour lighting effects. A large tent will be more considerate as that will contain them all while there would still be enough space.
You can also consider the ones with one or more tunnels, a ball pit, and other features that encourage games, such as hide and seek, chasing among kids.

At this juncture, it's no doubt that the teepee is a necessity every parent must buy for their kids. If you do so, trust me when I say it's a sign you have their best interests in mind. Did you enjoy this article and want more information about teepee play tents and their use? Feel free to contact us right here.