ESP GuardCam Review | Replay On Your Media Player - Barking Dog Noise

The ESP GuardCam Security and safety light with voice alert comes with a low energy class C halogen lamp, supplying a comparable to earlier Grade D light with reduced operating expenses.

The primary camera presents clear image recording in video or still frame structure. Night pictures preserve colour and lucidity on account of automatic halogen light brightness levels. See our CCTV cameras.

(Main GuardCam Features)

As much as 750 twenty second video periods or 1500 still photos are captured on to the 2 GB SD card, which is provided with the GuardCam security device.

Earlier images are erased and overwritten as the card grows to capacity, guaranteeing recent situations will always be accessible.

A straightforward set-up process will help you to input the precise year, day and month plus precise time, which will stay within GuardCam, ready to be used on all recordings. In the eventuality of mains voltage malfunction, an interior back-up battery makes sure the configurations are not sacrificed.

ESP GuardCam Security Surveillance Equipment

The CCTV camera system GuardCam comes detailed with an SD to USB converter. Just eliminate the SD card from GuardCam, put in to the converter and plug inside your Home PC USB port. The recorded pictures can then be presented and stored using VLC, Windows Media Player or any other appropriate media software programme.

This security device picks up the existence of burglars with established PIR or 'Passive Infra-Red' technology at a distance of up to 12 metres from the device. A photocell is utilised to make certain activation is fixed to day or night procedure at the end users prudence.

Warning, You Are Being Tracked On Camera

The ESP security and safety light PIR is fully adjustable to offer the best coverage whilst steering clear of false triggers from moving traffic, pets and so forth. The time command modifies how long the halogen light will stay turned on for, following your first activation.

GuardCam has the choice to provide one of three messages upon activation. (Warning, you are trespassing) - (Warning, you are being tracked on camera) and finally - a loud barking dog noise. You can also find the possibility to have no voice notification if you prefer.

Function choice permits the user to choose the the most appropriate mix of GuardCam's capabilities. Light plus video at night-time, sound plus video in the daytime. The essential SD card and time date settings are secured at the rear of a waterproof entrance. Buy the ESP GuardCam security light CCTV system here.

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