Waterproof Belt Bum Bags With Multi Zip Compartments

: What Are Bum Bags

Updated: 05/02/2022
Bum bags as they are known in the UK, or fanny packs as they are called in North America, are becoming popular once again. Perhaps you remember this dated 80s trend. A waterproof bum bag is a small pouch worn around the waist with an adjustable clip fastening.

: Zip Pocket Running Bum Bag

Other names for the bum bag are waist bag, moon bag, belly bag or even G-bag. The great thing about the humble bum bag is how useful it genuinely is! The adjustable running bum bag clip means it's 'one size fits all' while the zippered pocket allows you to securely stow aside small items.

: Larger Plus Size Bum Bags

A bum bag can be worn around the waist or hips. Some people even wear plus-sized bum bags diagonally across the chest or use them as a coat belt. This is one of the most secure ways of carrying your valuables, as long as you have the bag part zippered at the front of your body.

Stylish Bag With Green Logos
Smart Looking Bum Bag Purse

: LeQeZe Fitness Waterproof Waist Bum Bag Pack

This specific jogging fanny pack with water container holder for hands-free, perfect for workout routines, biking, trekking, wandering, cycling, fitness, sports activities, leisure time, journey pursuits and so on. The waist pack fashion bag is multi-use and functional, extremely comfy to wear anyplace.

The LeQeZe running belt is just the thing for waist dimensions among 26 to 46 inches with an expandable band that will not loosen. A special opening for a headset wire lets you benefit from tunes, even if the belt bag is compressed tight. The ideal zip pocket with a reflecting strip for a fabulous night presence.

Sporty Fitness Waist Bum Bag In Black
LeQeZe Fitness Waterproof Waist Bum Bag

Fully water-resistant, the exercise belt is constructed out of premium neoprene and is incredibly resilient in all different weather circumstances. There is a huge cell phone area for keys or credit cards. Ideal if you find yourself bicycling, jogging, trekking, hiking or any other outside athletics.

This belt is capable of turning this waist bag perfectly into a crossbody/shoulder bag. The expanding bottle support can protect a water bottle with approximately 3 inches to maintain you fully hydrated at all times - the water container is absolutely not incorporated.


  • Looks Fabulous Anywhere
  • For All Outdoor Occasions


  • None here..

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Fits All Size Waists
  • Completely Waterproof

Unique Selling Point:

  • Ideal For Your Smartphone
  • Reflector For Night Jogs

The rear aspect of the LeQeZe running belt with a water bottle holder includes a breathable fine mesh mat. It is smooth and comfortable, constantly keeping your waist dry - in addition to very fresh. The speedy discharge YNS buckle allows you to take on/off effortlessly.

Specs: 30 x 13 x 2 cm | Cross Body | Shoulder Bag | 150g | Bottle Holder

Numerous compartments are typically separate for smartphones, keys, your money or your bank card. The device pocket provides for a 5.5 inches mobile phone. Take essentials in the waist bag with virtually no pressure. The front side reflective strip is an impressive sign in the darkness for security.

Waterproof Bum Bag Pack With Bottle

£10   LeQeZe Fitness Waterproof Bum Bag - Get It!  

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: Have You Considered The Cross Body Bum Bag?

Because bum bags, or fanny packs, come in different styles and sizes like the cross-body bum bag, they are exceptionally versatile. The black leather bum bag could be worn any day you don't have a lot to carry around with you, but there are some excellent occasions to wear one.

: What To Place In A Travel Bum Bag

If you don't need to use a tote, insulated backpack or another large bag, a belly bum bag might be the perfect size for you. You can fit your phone, ID, money and sunglasses in this bum bag. This would be more than you could comfortably fit in your pocket. The items will be in the bag carried next to your body.

: Prime Advantages Of The Bum Bag

Perhaps you want to enjoy some hands-free hiking. If the weather is warm and you're wearing a top with thin straps, then a regular backpack would rub uncomfortably on your bare shoulders. A bum bag doesn't do that!

: Brynnl Waterproof Running Waist Bag With Bottle

This jogging bag comes with an exclusive water bottle container and weighs just 140g. Light, compact and easily transportable, it is effortless to match your needs and wear. The water repellent material and zip maintain your current belongings, safeguarding from perspiration, rainfall, in addition to dust.

The back fine mesh structure has the potential of releasing the stress of your waistline and allows you to stay comfy. The Brynnl running waist bag is breathable and will keep your own waste dry. Reflecting markings on the front side of the pocket provide security and awareness for nighttime jogging.

Premium Running Waist Bag With Water Bottle
Breathable Brynnl Running Waist Bag

A single big pocket makes the pouch highly capable of filling up several types of essential things. An inner compartment will keep your stuff structured and intelligent. The band can be tweaked with the belt buckle, and you can choose the best size based on your waist - ideal to fit various individuals.

The waist bag designed with ultra-light breathable fabric offers smooth zip fasteners. This waist package is absolutely comfortable and straightforward to gain access to. Secure and beautifully made with a reflective stripe, it is excellent to choose physical activities at night.


  • Ideal For All Cyclists
  • Food Grade Water Bottle


  • None

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Substantial Inner Capacity
  • Made With Soft Oxford Cloth

Unique Selling Point:

  • Keep Your Smartphone Secure
  • Stay Safe Reflecting Strip

It is possible to take pleasure in sport at night time. This includes food-grade water bottles to save your valuable cash. This Brynnl running waist carrier with a water bottle likewise features a headset port that allows you to delight in new music while working out.

Specs: 300ml | Odourless Water Bottle | 10.5 x 10 cm | 140g | Breathable

This sports bag with a holder means you can bring one bottle of water to hydrate your system. Ideal when deciding to take lengthier strolls, running or other sporting activities. The fanny bag maintains your important belongings protected within. It fits big mobile phones like iPhone or Samsung - or anything else.

Waterproof Waist Bag With Bottle

£12   Brynnl Waterproof Running Waist Bag - Get It!  

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: A Runner's Best Friend Outdoors

Do you go running, or even talk long walks or hikes? If so, you won't want to carry 'unnecessary items' with you. Your phone, leather wallet or house keys and some cash might be all you need, so fit the running bum bag snugly against your waist (if it's too loose, it will flap up and down as you jog).

: Fun Fashionable Music Festival Bum Bags

What about festivals? If you're going to a music festival, this would be a great way to carry only the essentials. You can also choose a vibrant, fun festival bum bag design for such an occasion.

This pocket offers more security than carrying a more oversized travel bag of your belongings through crowds of people. There are many more times when a bum bag would make more sense than carrying a more oversized wrap bag.

: Designs And Materials To Look Out For

So aren't all belt bum bag basically the same? Actually, no. You should consider what you will use the bum bag for because they come in different sizes, designs, and materials.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best bum bag:

: Compartments To Keep You Organised

Like you can have separate compartments in any other style of bag or purse, you can also get them in trendy 90s bum bags with reflective strips for safety, to help you keep your essentials organised. You probably won't need compartments in a tiny fanny pack, but it is certainly handy in a bigger one.

: Oversized Bum Bag With Adjustable Strap

The waist strap should be strong enough to be durable and have a secure clip fastening. Some oversized bum bags differ in the belts. You want something that is going to be comfortable to wear and also safe.

: Fanny Pack For Adults And Children

You can either choose a specific belt length (for example, one for a child, or one for a large man) or you can go for a highly adjustable one. Extra straps on the fanny pack make it more versatile and allow you to carry excess weight.

: Laelr Activ Running Hydration Waist Belt

This is a modified fanny pack that will quickly fulfil the specifications when going for walks, jogging, backpacking, bicycling, venturing or perhaps other operating. It incorporates x2 175 ml no surplus flavour BPA-free drinking water bottles, which are secure and unbelievably sturdy.

You should not eliminate the cover to consume your water. Still, it makes it possible for you to appreciate even when you're moving about. Enjoy quality material in resilient neoprene, abrasion tolerant and water-repellent for a lifetime. The Laelr Activ running belt fits waist size from 70 to 100 cm.

Running Belt with Water Bottles
Laelr Activ Running Belt With Bottles

You can quickly wear it while in front of your waist, back upon your hip, slanted throughout your chest or perhaps around your shoulder. The pocket using a sizeable total capacity has adequate room for your necessities - such as a pocketbook, keys, credit cards and significant space for all varieties of mobile phones.

In the form of an extra reward, provided are two standard water bottles at 6.5 oz. Therefore you will have adequate water for brief to moderate range runs. The preserved position with elastic parts will stop them from falling out. This style permits you to quickly eliminate them.


  • Perfect For The iPhone
  • Tough And Long Lasting


  • Not here

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Brilliant For Cyclists
  • Stronger Zipper Structure

Unique Selling Point:

  • For Travel Or Workplace
  • Holds All Your Valuables

The Laelr Activ running belt offers an extremely stretchable anti-slip waist. It is a flexible elastic running belt and water bottle purse with anti-slide styles. It fits the majority of waists and eradicates all rebound throughout most physical exercises.

Specs: BPA-Free | 20 x 16 x 9 cm | iPhone And Galaxy | 260g | One Size

With sufficient storage space and safeguards, the fanny bag with resilient zip maintains your precious possessions secure within. It suits large mobile phones like iPhone or Samsung etc. Inside, you will find layered storage compartments to separate your own mobile from cards, cash and other tiny devices.

Hydration Waist Pack Belt In Black

£17   Laelr Activ Flexible Waist Pack Belt - Get It!  

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: Athle Running Fanny Pack With Water Bottle

The particular fanny pack is made from 360-degrees reflecting components that will assist car owners, motorcyclists and other people. It will identify you through the night if the weather conditions are simply not ideal. It may be seen in even the harshest circumstances from up to 426 metres afar.

Even though this Athle running fanny pack storage pouch is an excellent selection for outside health and fitness exercises, numerous shoppers like to bring it alongside when venturing as well. You can put on prudently underneath your garments to safely hold your passport, files, money.

Runners Fanny Pack Storage Pouch
Athle Running Fanny Pack Storage Pouch

Precisely what began as a sports firm has transformed into a little something much more significant. Nowadays, we all give attention to lifestyle enhancements that assist you in all areas of your life. Whether or not you're on that everyday commute or an extended run, it's ideal for your activity-filled lifestyle.

Made for males and females of all measurements, the bands are flexible for a genuinely universal fit. Modifying the strap is straightforward for 'as loose' or as comfortable as you enjoy.
Keeping just about anything, even water containers, the pocket fits the biggest smartphones on the market, including your keys, pocketbook and bank cards.


  • For Ladies And Gents
  • Excellent Visibility


  • None whatsoever

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Keep Cards And Keys Safe
  • Reflective Band For Night

Unique Selling Point:

  • Bottle Pouch Incorporated
  • Several Colours Are Ready

The bottle bag supports up to 24 oz plastic bottles. The Athle running fanny pack pouch hook maintains it protected so it will not drop. Ensure you set your safety 1st, regardless of whether you are exercising every day or night in a very good or even undesirable climate. The refractive components provide you with excellent visibility under just about any circumstance.

Specs: 360-Degrees Reflector | 20 x 17 x 4 cm | Hold ID And Cash | 113g

A perfect accessory for travelling, this waterproof belt also provides just a little port. You can operate your headset cable connection to stop it from evolving into a twisted blunder. You can now throw on your preferred tunes or talk to somebody while walking - or bicycle without inconvenience.

Black Waist Belt With Reflective Strips

£14   Athle Running Fanny Pack - Get It!  

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: ShinemeFly Fashionable Waterproof Waist Bag

This is a more significant total capacity waterproof bum bag with a primary pocket. The dual zip structure meets the use routines of left and even right hands.

The fanny pack offers 3 pockets, 2 front side and rear zipper bags, and one primary bag. A front zip bag holds small items for quick access.

The zipper designed Shinemefly waist bumbag can be employed for smartphones, cash, and other possessions, which can be highly secure. Completely water-resistant, this waist bag is constructed of nylon and manufactured with a water-resistant fabric.

Water Proof Waist Bumbag Unisex
Shinemefly Waist Bag Bumbag

It can adequately 'slow up' the risk of unintentional rainfall wetting the subject matter in the bag and perform a particularly unique role in safeguarding. A water-resistant zipper style further guards from lousy weather.

Utilising high-textured specifics, the band is flexible. You can modify the band to probably the comfiest length according to your physique. The loose buckle style successfully assists in recovering the developing webbing area.


  • Fits For All Sizes
  • Fully Adjustable


  • Not here

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Great For Camping Exploits
  • Waterproof Layer Protects

Unique Selling Point:

  • Attractive For Men And Ladies
  • Superb Bag For Smartphones

The bag is appropriate for day to day life, with an eye-catching physical appearance and very functional, its stylish with a light in weight style. Still, the Shinemefly waist bag waterproof fabric may also be used as an equipment package for outside activities like tenting, releasing both hands.

: Specs: Zipper Design | 3 x 16 x 3 cm | Waterproof | 150g | 25 To 55.5 Inch

In numerous variations, it's not simply a fanny bag as its variable straps accomplish a diverse appearance. It's really a shoulder bag or perhaps a crossbody carrier. Well suited for streets, journey, outdoor camping, doggy strolling and outdoor sporting activities plus.

Waterproof Waist Bum Bag In Yellow

£10   ShinemeFly Stylish Waist Bum Bag - Get It!  

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: Durable Materials For Rugged Activities

Many 'walking bum bags' come in different materials, including polyester, nylon and even leather. It is essential to consider the fabric because it affects durability.

You will want the most durable material if you plan to use the fanny pack for strenuous physical fitness activities, especially if you will use it somewhere with unpredictable weather.

: Jogger Bum Bags That Keep Moisture At Bay

Polyester or nylon are good choices, and they are water-resistant too, to help keep raindrops, sweat and moisture out. The 'denier' of the bum bag shows you how robust it is, with a higher number being better.

: Waist Bum Bag With Cushioning

Look for a bum bag with neoprene or foam padding. The cushioned part, typically the waist and back of the pack should be made from breathable fabric so air can circulate through it.

: Bum Bag To Keep iPod Music Player

Some Sweaty Betty bum bags may have a tiny earphone hole so you can connect your earphones to your phone while its in the bum bag. This might be a handy feature if you like to listen to music while on the move.

Other optional features include a little clip to secure your keys, and an extended zipper head to make it easier to locate the zipper without looking.

: Waterproof Travel Bum Bag For Hikers

Hikers like bum bags because they can keep their gear and snacks handy. Size and fabric are essential when shopping for a hiker's bum bag. Look for a medium to large size travel bum bag and pick something waterproof.

: Relarr Tactical Bumbag Molle Military Waist Bag

Big Bumbag Molle Military Waist Bag
Relarr Molle Military Waist Bag


  • Scratch And Waterproof
  • Several Handy Pockets


  • None

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Very Tough Nylon Exterior
  • Great For The Street Jogger

Unique Selling Point:

  • Ideal For Outdoor Activity
  • Card Buckle Area Inside

Specs: 6 Spaces | 20 x 13 x 10 cm | MOLLE Expansion | 300g | Dense 1000D

Waterproof Military Waist Bag In Black

£17   Relarr Tactical Military Waist Bag - Get It!  

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: Breathable And Sturdy Textiles

This is especially important if you are hiking on rough terrain and need something both breathable and sturdy. Typically, the heavier the bag will be, the thicker the padding should be, to ensure it is comfortable when running even when full.

: Mini And Plus Size Bum Bags With Zipper Pockets

Pockets on a bum bag can be handy to keep certain things separate. For example, you might want to keep your sharp house key away from your phone screen or keep coins in an easily accessible pocket rather than just having them rattling around loose. All bum bags have one large pocket, but some also feature smaller inside pockets.

: Traveller Waist Bags For Women's Necessities

Suppose you're looking for a bum bag with a lot of pockets. In that case, you might want to consider a high capacity lumbar bum bag or waist bag instead of a basic travel one. Most waist bags for women come with a main central compartment for your belongings. However, you can configure the rest of the bum bag in different ways.

: Hidden Pocket For Cash Or Valuables

Try to find a design offering several smaller pockets because it's more comfortable to sort through your smaller items. A water bottle compartment and hidden pocket mean you can quickly bring water and keep your cash or valuables safe on your trip.

: REDGO Water Bottle Pouch Waterproof Bum Bag

Waterproof Bum Bag
REDGO Tactical Waterproof Bum Bag


  • Brilliant For Cyclists
  • Sturdy Zipper Structure


  • None here

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Keep Important Belongings
  • Flap Pouch Style Safeguard

Unique Selling Point:

  • Great For Angling Trips
  • Plenty Of Pockets To Suit

Specs: 1000D Canvas | Weight 0.7 lb | Military Utility | x2 Front Pockets

Waterproof Bum Bag With Bottle Pouch

£10   REDGO Waterproof Bum Bag Pouch - Get It!  

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: WaterFly Running Waist Bag With Bottle Holder

Black Hiking Waist Style Bum Bag
Waterfly Hiking Waist Pack Bum Bag


  • 3 Large Zip Compartments
  • Bigger Than Most Bumbags


  • No..

The Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Reflective Strip For Night Use
  • Stylish And Extremely Strong

Unique Selling Point:

  • Space To Carry Keys And Devices
  • Fits Most End User Waistlines

Specs: Breathable Back Pad | Front Pocket | 16 x 15 cm | Ideal For iPhone

Black Hiking Waist Bag With Bottle Pouch

£21   WaterFly Dog Walking Waist Bag - Get It!  

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: Cyclists Flat Bum Bag For Purse Or Smartphone

Bike shorts tend not to have pockets, and a backpack can weigh you down. A bum bag, on the other hand, offers a handy way of carrying your keys, wallet and phone.

: Funny Bum Bag For Sporting Events

You are not always allowed to bring a sizeable funny bum bag into a sporting event, concert or music festival. Using a bum bag for essentials means you can easily stay within any size restrictions.

: Wear A Waist Bum Belt Bag In Front Or On Hip

Because most waist bum belt bags have an easily adjustable strap, you can wear it in various ways. The traditional way is to have the pouch in front or on your hip, but you could try wearing it diagonally across the chest or even wear it backpack-style on your back.

: Flexibility In Sharing With Someone

Are you going to be the 'only one' to use this bum bag or might you share it with someone else? Adjustable bag belts are useful if you aren't the only one using it. They also offer more flexibility when you are using it.

: Fitness Bum Bag Bottle Holder

Suppose you plan to use a bum bag for physical activities like hiking, hunting, running or fishing. In that case, you will want to carry water with you. Some packs come with one or more slots to hold bottles of water.

: Sports Bum Bag To Keep Water

You want a sports bum bag that will be big enough for your essentials, but not too big that you will barely fill it. There are many types of cheap fanny packs that can virtually fit the bill here.

Size and storage space depending on your needs. Do you typically only carry a phone, bank card and house key? Or do you want to get a small bottle of water in there, or a camera or other equipment?

: Recreational Mini Fanny Packs For Park Trips

Think about what you are going to use the fanny pack for. Maybe you want a larger one for hiking or fishing trips and a smaller one when you go jogging around the park. There are lovely mini bum bags for every budget, so it might make sense to get two.

: Cycling And Activity Advantageous

These versatile packs are perfect for fishing, biking, hiking, or any other activity where you want to bring an extra layer and a snack with you. The man bum bag or fanny pack is a convenient piece of outdoor gear—however, its essential to choose one designed with the right use in mind.

Besides, bum bags are airline-friendly and not considered a part of your luggage, so you can take more on your flight than you otherwise would be able to.

: The Best Quality Flat Bum Bag

Take your time when choosing the best flat bum bag. Something too cheap is likely to be shoddily made and won't last long before falling apart. Consider what you want from a waterproof bum bag - and what you are going to use it for, and you will be able to find the perfect fanny pack for your needs.