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Best MTB Gloves For Winter Riding Comfort Top-10

Updated 29/03/2021
Why You Need The Right Mountain Bike Gloves
When shopping for the best MTB gloves, you will probably notice that they aren't all the same. Mountain bike gloves will vary in design depending on the activity they are designed for. You will need to find gloves that match the specific activity you are taking part in.

Summertime Winter MTB Gloves

For example, if you're outside during the wintertime, you will need to wear different gloves than if you were riding a dirt trail in the summer. If you depend on the road, you will need extra winter MTB gloves altogether.

Each pair of the different types of gloves available is assigned to a class that share high-level features. These are implemented in different ways depending on your activity and the weather conditions.

Road Cycling Mitt Types

Typically, the best cycling mitts for on the mountain bike are in full-fingered designs. This is for protection from low hanging branches, stones, and different types of rubble you may encounter on your bike ride. These types of road cycling gloves are made from solid material for added protection.

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Fingerless Or Warm Padded Cycling Gloves

Some padded cycling gloves are designed for 'cycling on the road' are usually fingerless. They are sometimes called half finger gloves. These are designed with breathable fabric on the outside of the hand. This allows the air to circulate and the moisture to escape.

Warm Waterproof MTB Gloves

Mountain bike gloves afford improved grip. This is ideal when you need to ensure you have a good grasp of your handlebars. With suitable warm waterproof gloves, you have more control of your bike.
This improves your speed, performance and accuracy. As well as this, you will find that your reaction time is better. This means that you are less likely to hit as many stones, branches, and trees.

Thermal Cycling Gloves With Protection

Whilst you are out riding, it's vital to ensure that your hands and fingers are well protected. Mountain bike riding can be hazardous, with stones or branches scratching or scuffing your hands as you ride. The correct thermal cycling gloves will protect your hands so that they avoid being injured.

Avoiding Sweaty or Cold Hands

Without windproof cycling gloves, your hands can become cold or sweaty, which often means that your grip will be reduced. The suitable mountain bike gloves will increase the airflow circulation to your hands to not get covered in sweat.
In the summer, the gloves will keep your hands and fingers airy. During the winter months, your gloves will keep you warm.

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Comfortable And Safe Cold Weather Gloves

Gripping the handlebars for long periods can make you tired and often leads to calluses forming over time. With suitable cold-weather gloves, long rides and rough terrain are no problem. Mountain bike gloves are designed to increase comfort as they feature soft fabric and padding.

Ventilation And Moisture Issues

Breathable mountain bike gloves will allow for much-needed ventilation. When you wear gloves with breathability, the hot air can escape. Good quality waterproof MTB gloves fabrics ensure that no moisture is trapped inside. This avoids the need for humidity to be trapped close to your skin.

Poor quality fabrics are not breathable. This means that your sweat makes you feel cold on cold days and uncomfortably sticky when the weather is warm.

Gloves With Breathable Fabric

When your gloves are breathable, there are no problems with moisture being trapped close to the skin. This ensures that your hands are kept from becoming wet.
This way, it is easy for your hands to stay at the right temperature. The best winter cycling gloves with breathable fabrics will draw sweat away from your hands to the surface. The sweat is then allowed to evaporate.

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Different Winter Riding Gloves Protection

Whilst you are shopping for winter riding gloves, you will find that different protection levels are available. Some gloves have special membranes for keeping the hands dry in the rain. As these types of gloves do not let any moisture in or out, they are not suitable for use in hot weather.

Insulation Restricting Movement

Gloves with maximum insulation are ideal for use in the winter. These are going to keep your hands from feeling the cold. They are not intended for use in the summer months. You are likely to find that heavy fabric can restrict your movement.

Mountain bike gloves come in fingerless designs; they should have enough padding and provide grip. There needs to be an extra layer of protection for keeping your hands safe.

A Range Of Cycling Benefits

With all these benefits, it should be no surprise to learn that the market is saturated with gloves in different designs. This could mean that finding suitable warm cycling gloves is a difficult decision to make. At this point, knowing that we have done the research for you will come as a relief.

This review is going to help by providing you with the information you need to make your choice. Hopefully, you won't buy gloves that don't offer the protection your hands need.

Fingerless Mountain Bike Gloves

It is not only road cyclists who wear fingerless mountain bike gloves. In a hot and humid climate, these types of gloves are ideal. Fingerless gloves come in handy when you want to use your phone or a touch screen GPS device.

Buy Full Fingered Or Fingerless Alternative

The fingerless design allows you to have the contact and feel you need to control the brakes. Your mountain bike gloves will be difficult to take off if they have been designed without a tab or hook to pull on. To avoid this situation, shop for a pair with a tab or hook.

Full Fingered Bike Gloves

In cold, wet conditions, waterproof, full-fingered mountain bike gloves with thermal insulating material are the best option. If you take part in mountain biking with the risk of crashing, full-fingered gloves provide better grip and protection. Many people who take part in MTB riding wear full-fingered gloves.

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Level Of Glove Protection

When shopping for suitable gloves for cycling, it's essential to consider the level of protection you're going to need. You need to be well protected if you're going to be experiencing rough terrain.
In this case, you'll need gloves with padding in the palm area. This can be made out of silicone or foam and absorb shock from vibrations and bumps, protecting the wrist and hands.

Warm Weather Fingerless Gloves

The climate where you are cycling is another consideration that may affect your decision about which mountain bike gloves you need to buy.
Fingerless gloves are ideal when riding in warm weather. Full fingered gloves are the solution when the weather is cold. An added layer of padding keeps your hands warm.

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MTB Gloves With Extra Comfort In Layers

Some models have no padding at all. Others have a thin layer for providing comfort to the palm. In contrast to road-oriented designs, mountain bike gloves have padding in different places. There is padding for your palms and on the back affording extra comfort.

Gloves With Fully Textured Grips

MTB gloves typically offer textured grips. These will also have materials that conduct on the fingertips so that you can use your phone or fitness device whilst wearing them. As already mentioned, fingerless, padded gloves are ideal during the summer when you are riding cross-country.

There will likely be a bit of trial and error involved in finding the best pair of mountain bike gloves for you as there is no one-size-fits-all solution available.

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Online Sizing Chart Checking

It can be pretty challenging to choose when there are literally hundreds of MTB gloves available on the market. However, you will need to keep comfort in mind whilst completing your choice.
Avoid buying a pair that is too large or small by looking at an online sizing chart. This will help you decide by enabling you to find the right pair of mountain bike gloves to fit you perfectly.

Sufficient Glove Circulation

If you find that you get too hot and sweaty wearing your mountain bike gloves, aim to find a lighter material. If this is the case, it could also be that you are not getting enough circulation. When you secure your gloves, ensure that you do not fasten the Velcro strap too tightly.

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Seasonal Mountain Bike Gloves Preferences

The design you choose to wear is going to depend on your preference. But the colour or style is not that important here. If you are riding in cold conditions, you may prefer to wear fully enclosed gloves. Alternatively, if you are out riding in the heat, you may wish to purchase fingerless gloves.

Gloves Wicking Material

Riding your mountain bike in the summer requires gloves that are well ventilated. The best gloves are designed with wicking material to absorb sweat. Even in the heat, it's important to protect hands.

Try-On Gloves Before You Commit

If you are riding in the winter, you will need the best waterproof mountain bike gloves to stay warm and dry. The problem with this is that the thicker the glove, the less mobility you have.
Aim to try your gloves on before you commit to buy them. If you find that your gloves need to soften up a bit, try working them as you would a baseball mitt.

Protective Gloves With Knuckle Padding

Mountain bike gloves offer different grades of protection and padding. Typically, padding is designed to protect your palms, fingers and knuckles. With all the different types of gloves on offer, what you choose will depend on the climate and your riding style.

Impact Protection Gloves

Lightweight fingerless MTB gloves made out of mesh offer breathability and resistance to abrasion. However, they are not going to provide protection from impact. Gloves with padding on the knuckles and fingers afford excellent impact protection. Still, they soon become sweaty and uncomfortable in the heat.

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Cycling Gloves For Your Own Riding Style

There are no rules when it comes to choosing gloves for your riding style. It is going to depend on your preferences. If you are new to MTB, you may want to use gloves that offer heavy protection. This gives you the reassurance that your hands will be well protected.

Trail builders often prefer to wear heavily padded gloves. The reason for this is that heavily padded gloves are ideal for riding and working. If you are using both a MOTO and a mountain bike, you are likely to want to invest in protective gloves.

High-end MTB gloves are available with different grades of padding for protecting your palms. It may be that your hands become sore at the bottom of a hill.

Brake Lever Or Grip Placement

When this is the case, it's well worth considering buying gloves that are padded on your hands' heels. Sometimes, when the hands get sore, it's due to your suspension, your brake lever position, or your grips.

Material With High Breathability

When shopping for the right men's cycling gloves for any bike type, it's essential to consider how comfortable they will be to wear. You will be on the lookout for aspects like a good fit, plenty of padding, soft material and breathability.

Shopping For The Ideal Size And Fit

You need to make sure that you buy men's MTB gloves with the correct size and fit. To get your gloves to fit correctly, they need to be the right size for you.
Ill-fitting gloves aren't going to protect your hands. Therefore, you need to make sure that you buy gloves in the correct size for them to have the best fit.

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Buy Thermal Cycling Gloves Which Look Good

Fit is arguably the most critical factor to consider whilst shopping for a pair of mountain bike gloves. There is little point in purchasing gloves that look fantastic if they do not fit you properly. You are going to find that different brands of gloves vary when it comes to fit.

This means that you must never assume that a pair of gloves will offer the ideal fit just because it is in your size. Therefore, you will need to try on several MTB gloves pairs to ensure you get the best fit.

Too Loose Or Too Tight

When gloves fit correctly, your fingers will reach the end of the fingers in each glove, but they shouldn't feel cramped. An excellent way to find out if your fingers fit the glove is to look at how it works in-between each finger. If you find that those gel cycling gloves are causing 'pressure or pinches' when your fingers are spread out, you need a bigger size.

Stretch Or Get A Larger Pair

Spread your fingers as wide apart as you can to check how tight the gloves are in each palm. If you find they are stretched to capacity, try on a more giant pair. However, if there is material spare and you can fold this over in your hand, you need a smaller size.

Considering The Riding Environment

It is essential to consider the environment you are riding in when buying a pair of mountain bike gloves. For example, you may be riding cross country or downhill. You may find that you need a durable pair of gloves with thickly padded palms.

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MTB Gloves With Touchscreen Sensitive Fingers

When you are riding over the bumpy ground with stones for any length of time, this will cause your hand muscles to suffer fatigue. Those who are riding freestyle may need light padded cycling gloves. These don't constrict movement and are the ideal solution when you need to have fast reaction times.

Getting the Right Size

To get the right size mountain bike gloves, you will need to take measurements. There are two measurements needed.

Measuring the Circumference:

Lay your dominant hand flat and measure your palm's circumference. Do this by measuring the widest part of your palm beneath the knuckles. Next, you will need to measure up from the base of your hand to the end of your middle finger.

When you have done this, you can compare these measurements to the manufacturers sizing charts and get the gloves you want.

Your Hand Measurements

Even when you have these measurements, it's best to try mountain bike gloves before buying them. It is better to go to an actual shop than to buy gloves online. This way, you can see the different sizes, try them on, and find the ones which fit you best.

Mountain Bike Gloves Close Fit?

Choosing a pair of winter mountain bike gloves that are a close fit is essential. The reason for this is that gloves will become looser over time.

Shop For Excellent Waterproof MTB Gloves

Close-fitting gloves can help you to avoid getting blisters on your hands. This usually happens when the gloves are bigger or smaller than they should be. Your gloves should be a close fit without the need to struggle to get them on.

When shopping for mountain bike gloves, you will notice that some designs feature a snap for keeping the gloves together at the wrist. Some manufacturers use an elastic band to do the same job.
When your gloves fit perfectly, an elastic band is all that is needed to remain steady. You may find that 'adding Velcro' or a snap is much better for safety reasons.

Most warm waterproof gloves are incredibly likely to stretch as you wear them. There is nothing wrong with this as long as they remain comfy. With gloves, comfort is important because you will be wearing them for long periods when you are out on your bike.

Cycling Mitts And Lever Grip

Put on the best cycling mitts, grip your handlebars and see 'how they feel' as you reach for the levers. Make sure you are comfortable wearing your gloves before you pop off the tags.

As there are many MTB road cycling gloves manufacturers and brands, you'll have a great deal of choice. It's time to go shopping for a new pair right now!

Rubbing Of Your Fingers Issues

We recommend using full-fingered mountain bike gloves as the fingerless ones can rub your fingers. This is uncomfortable and can lead to blistering of the skin where they rub. For mountain biking, full-finger gloves are the best solution.

Elastic Wristband Or Velcro Closure?

When your gloves fit you perfectly, an elastic wristband will be all that's needed to keep them from moving as you cycle. Some people prefer to wear gloves that have a Velcro closure. Straps like these come into their own in the wintertime as they stop cold air from getting inside your best MTB gloves.