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Reasonably Priced Blow Up Paddle Board Essentials

Updated: 17/04/2021
Inflatable stand-up paddleboards, or ISUP's in short, are made from multiple levels of PVC plastic material along with intertwined fibres that link to the bottom and top of the boards exterior. They are excellent once you inflate them.

ISUPs are typically more lightweight compared to other kinds of firm boards because they mostly contain air. In case you are a newbie at paddleboarding, it's best to go for a general-purpose ISUP. One that will serve you on many different occasions and allow you to try other ways of paddling.

Novice Or Expert Board Handling?

Now, if you have some solid experience handling a SUP or other similar board and wish to move quicker, it's best to search in the sports-grade board class.
Suppose you wish to prevent these annoying and dangerous falls and want to boost your confidence as you practice further. In that case, you better get a highly stable and solid SUP.

Stand Up Paddle Board In Blue
Stand Up Paddle Board

Reasons To Get An Inflatable SUP

ISUPs come with PVC-coated exteriors with a drop-stitch knitting pattern that generates an airbase. They feature a pump to fill and raise the board and a matching storage pack or bag to keep it stored when not needed.
A solid ISUP is structured to be inflated between 12 and 15 pounds/inch, and its firmness should be formed when totally inflated.

Legacy SOLAIR Inflatable SUP Paddle Board

Created with dual reinforced rails and LPL fusion composite concept, the board is highly durable, but many paddleboard products utilise an intertwined fabric that is UV-resistant, without any tear-off.
They can also withhold some significant shaking and hitting if you are paddling in through water streams. Provided that you take good care of your board, it will serve you for many years.

There are remarkable differences between the materials and building techniques employed in SUPs. Thus, it's best to know some fundamental aspects of the design of the board you are thinking of getting.

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board In Blue

£399   Legacy SOLAIR Inflatable Paddleboard - Get It!  

TricLicks Stand Up Inflatable SUP Surfboard

This really is a beautiful board for intermediate and professional paddlers. The blow-up stand up paddleboard is ideally intended for surfing, travelling, river riding, hobby sport fishing or yoga. The inflatable board suits almost all waters, which includes lagoons, waterways, even canals and the ocean.

It sets up promptly in just a couple of minutes. The SUP board doesn't need a car rack. It is lightweight and convenient - conveniently transferred by family car and used just about anywhere. Suitable for travel and leisure - the SUP is made of superior characteristic components, long-lasting and abrasion immune.

The 3-layer PVC structure with overlapping stitches delivers upgraded stableness, durability and robustness. A double-acting pump with an air pressure gauge is for easy and quick pumping.
The expandable paddle is ideal for all users, from kids to grown-ups. It offers functional measurement guidance for excellent modification of the board.

Stand Up Inflatable SUP Surfboard With Fin

£256   TricLicks 10ft Inflatable Surfboard - Get It!  

Store And Transport

Your storage capacity is limited: if you reside in a small space or studio apartment, you may not have enough space to keep a giant board. Since SUPs are flat when deflated, you can easily keep them in their bags in any small area, e.g. closet or the back of a car.

You are taking a trip: If you plan to take a road trip or fly on a plane, you may carry with you your ISUP and paddle a bit once you arrive at your destination.
Since your SUP can be 'flattened and fitted' into a storage bag, you can check it in before a flight or stow it in a train or other vehicle. Their matching storage bags come with straps on the back for your convenience.

Solid SUPs Versus ISUPs

You plan to hike on a lake: If you plan to go to a big lake and wish to paddle, getting a solid board is not a good idea. An ISUP carried in its bag may still be bulky, but it is your only solid choice.

You are rafting on whitewater: Like an inflatable kayak or raft, an ISUP is more suitable for sorting bumps and spins against rocky elements and logs than a typical board. There is no need to buy a SUP for yoga. Still, they are usually less rigid than solid boards and feel more comfortable and flexible when doing yoga exercises.

For a holiday SUP application, the solid paddleboard comes in multiple shapes and technical designs, depending on its actual purpose. Here is a comparison between the two types.

Solid paddles are structured similarly to surfboards, with foam built inside. They are apparently firmer, more effective, and manoeuvre than an inflatable SUP because they allocate the volume more evenly on each edge. However, their most significant issue is the ease of storage.

Carriage is not a problem as you can quickly tick them in your roof cars. There is no need to inflate them on-site, unlike ISUPs, which need air pump inflation before they are ready to use. In many cases, though, folks with ISUPs do not deflate their board during travelling.

Inflatable paddles enjoy great popularity because of their practical size. They are also a more affordable choice than solid boards and are a good starting step for most users. Thus, we will mention more about the option of an ISUP.

Inflatable SUP Types All-purpose/All Round Boards

These are the most common and popular kinds of inflatable boards. They are flexible and straightforward in their structure and are an excellent choice for all levels of user experience. These stretch between 9-11ft. Long on average and are designed to serve a broad array of settings.

Touring Paddle Boards

These types are suitable for longer travelling aims, and they can be burdened with small classes of equipment, e.g. camping tools. Their long waterline boosts their speed during cruising whilst the runner fins enable tracking and control sideward drifting in heavy winds coming from the sides.

Thus, the boards are great for more seasoned practitioners and those who wish to take the paddling skills to the next dimension.

FunWater Lightweight Inflatable Paddle Board

An ultra light weight construct dual layer inflatable board with a narrower tail that will manoeuvre faster during surfing turns. Bulkier boards can withhold more load than thinner ones, but they have significant drawbacks compared to a heavily thick board. Narrower boards will also feel more balanced than wider boards when the proper amount of weight is allocated.

Durable Design With Supplemental Layer

Rigidity is a factor that depends on the structure of the SUP board. A drop-stitching pattern should be a vital part of a solid quality inflatable board. Thanks to an exact distance of thousands of different stitches between 2 portions of the PVC layer, they create a strong SUP core.

Inflatable Paddle Board All Skills

£299   FunWater Light Inflatable Board - Get It!  

Multiple Person Paddle Boards

These are the most giant inflatable boards. They can carry up to 8 persons-thus; they have to be extra strong and rigid enough to withhold an entire family.

On the smaller side of the spectrum, we have tandem/simultaneous padding boards which split the padding work into two paddlers. Their extra length offers additional 'space for camping gear' or passengers.

Board Size And Form Specifications

Once you have selected a board type and shortened your list of potential brand choices. You'll need to figure out which board is the best for your individual needs and preferences.

Generally speaking, bulkier paddlers should handle larger boards. Still, the choice also depends on the experience level and needs of the paddler.
While there are several variations in form and size, some general guidelines will help you understand how a board size and shape impact its performance.

Width Considerations

Several issues that are cheaper, measure approx. 29 inch wide, which is the typical width that affordable drop stitch cloth is fabricated inside. If we consider modern standards, 29 inch is on the narrow side and quite shaky.

Narrow inflatable boards of this kind, especially those beyond 10 inches long, will always bend visibly in the centre, which is not a pleasant sight. Another brand has just emerged in the market with 28-inch width inflatables, which is even narrower than other ISUPs. It is no surprise that they are so cheap.

OddPaddle Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard

This hardy board is made of excellent military grade material if you intend to go on longer trips and need to carry additional equipment - a camping tent and tools.
In that case, it's better to go for a wider board like this to gain more storage capacity. The same applies to SUP yoga exercising; a board that is 31 inch widthwise will yield more excellent stability for practising yoga.

Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard With Extras

£299   OddPaddle Inflatable SUP Paddleboard - Get It!  

Blow-Up Surfboard Thickness

The majority of inflatable boards are made of 100 to 120 mm drop stitch pattern. The bulkier it is, the firmer it gets; however, it needs more air to inflate the board, and the thicker rail is not that easy to manoeuvre. The most popular drop-stitch distance is 150mm when it comes to professional race boards, and it has a firmer structure.

On the downside, it makes the board 'hover' very high above the water level, resulting in plenty of windage. It also requires more effort and time to be filled with air.

A lengthier board will offer more glide than a shorter one, and a narrower board will be quicker than a wider one. A wider inflatable board will also be more rigid and robust compared to a more limited board. The same goes for boards with a broader tail versus boards with a thinner tail. The first ones are more solid.

Full Rigidity When Inflated

Drop stitching also boosts rigidity when it is entirely inflated. They can effortlessly reach the rigidity levels of solid boards over water. They include a mechanically laminated and PVC coated hull and deck. They are also expected to be UV-resistant and securely adhered towards side rails.

Air Degree And Watertight Closure

Interior heat-closed seams that finish an ISUP's initial level of air and watertight closing. Another exterior side rail is added to boost the power of the interior seams. More than 2 separate supportive layers should be found, yielding to optimal strength and durability.

On the contrary, narrower boards are quicker to turn, and they are more suitable for wind-exposed sports such as surfing and racing. You also better aim to match the width of your SUP board to your body structure. If you are a petite or thin person, choose a narrower board.

If you are overweight and bulky, a wider board is your best choice. This is because a smaller-sized person can typically balance out themselves on narrower boards. In contrast, a more prominent individual will find it hard to handle a thinner board.

Likewise, suppose you are a small-sized person using a too bulky and wide board for your size. In that case, you will have to uncomfortably stretch yourself to reach the other side to move the paddle in the water, and your stroke will not be strong or effective enough.

Skill Level

If you are an experienced paddler or kayak watersport fan, you may feel awkward padding on quicker and narrower SUP. But, if you are a newbie, you may go for something with a bit of extra width to feel safer.

SUP Fin Compartments

Most ISUPs nowadays come with a detachable middle fin (also known as skeg). These fin units are necessary for padding in a straight direction and stop the board's tail from slipping laterally.

Preferably, a detachable middle fin must be anchored in a solid slot and lock unit to offer a more robust attachment. It ensures that the fin does not move around when fixed. The best quality SUP attachment units should be simple in their structure without detaching extra parts.

Bluefin SUP Stand Up Inflatable Paddleboard

Spend a fraction of the time deciding and a more extended period paddling on the most functional iSUP about. This board is intended for paddlers who want a board that journeys light, and supplies unflexible stableness for the entire family anytime.

Exo Surface Area Laminate Concept

Just Bluefin use ESL for extremely tough UV proofed products. Chuck your most extreme power at them. They will last for many years. The boards use the densest drop stitch design because they have just about all knowledgeable technicians and elaborate elements.

The 11200 stitching of 500 denier space yarn every square metre allow for one particular rigid board. Heat welded double side rails plus a delicate optimised rocker. The gentle rocker continues to be improved for more complex implementation. The SUP cuts through the surf, nonetheless tunes perfectly on flats.

Stand Up Inflatable Paddleboard EXO Surface

£499   Bluefin SUP Stand Up Paddleboard - Get It!  

More progressed ISUPs types may include smaller fins on the sides of the middle fin--a structure known as a thruster. This helps boost tracking motion without limiting the swiftness and manoeuvrability of the board.

However, it should be noted that you should NEVER place any burden on your ISUP while it is fixed on the ground if the middle fin is not attached in place. This could ruin the fin, and it may need to be replaced before you can start paddling securely again.

Paddle Structure

Many SUPs have a default or low-cost aluminium adjustment or a 3-piece paddle. These are not the best materials for SUP paddles as they are uncomfortably cold when touched and weak performance-wise.

Plus, if you are floating over saltwater, it will quickly 'clog up with salt' unless you rinse it thoroughly. A poor paddle equals poor paddling. Fibreglass materials are far superior--they allow a more natural spring and are typically lighter.

Contrary to popular opinion, carbon is not the best all-around material to use in paddles. A solid composite or fibreglass material is far superior to carbon in all aspects. Carbon is actually quite unsafe and prone to breakage.

Many paddle brands manufacture their carbon paddles lightweight by creating extra-thin walls and make them incredibly easy to snap. Make sure you get paddles from recognized brands only.

Feath-R-Lite Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board

A significantly light blow-up paddleboard composed of extra PVC layers of board rails unquestionably strengthened the board sturdiness functions like a hardboard. It is relatively easy to store and transport stand up paddle boards flatten and packs down into the supplied backpack.

The SUP comes with unproblematic travelling on vehicles, trains and aeroplanes. It conveniently inflates in just Five minutes. With a rucksack, you can take it exactly where you wish to increase and shrink for everybody's skill types, all supplied like a pump, ISUP trip backpack, plus bag.

White Stand-Up Paddle Board With Bag

£249   Feath-R-Lite Inflatable Paddle Board - Get It!  

Functionality And Durability

Inflatable boards arent as fine as many folks believe them to be. A crash with a standard hardboard can inflict significant damage that may cost lots of money to fix. This is an extra reason why an inflatable board is a more cost-efficient choice.

Fixing an inflatable board is relatively straightforward - you simply use some glue and seal the gap with a patch. A solid and long-lasting yet lightweight structure also allows easier turning in open quick-stream waters. Durability is a vital factor to consider for starters or those who are most familiar with rigid paddleboards.

Virtually Indestructible Blow Up Paddle Board SUP's

Other lightweight paddle boards employ a fusion construction which adds extra reinforcement to the material and controls the weight. It is still solid and firm enough to withhold most padding settings.

Bear in mind that fusion construction is a general term that is widely used lately. However, there are several subcategories of fusion construction materials. The brands are made with the highest quality fusion materials--and that is something that many cheaper boards typically use just one layer of construction cant offer.

The most rigid and costly structure is the one known as dual-layer, which employs an extra layer of boosted PVC material adhered to the base layer. Dual-layer, however, is no longer commonly used because of the high production costs and general consumer demand for lighter board types.

: Portofino Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard

The all-around SUP contains a single aluminium paddle which is flexible from 167 cm to 217 cm to pleasantly use determined by your stature. Since it is crafted from aluminium, it is amazingly light to simply manage and faultlessly paddle.
Furthermore, it floats, so it is possible to conveniently get it if you drop it in the ocean. The paddle is available in 3 parts which attach collectively for a painless installation.

Wide And Flawlessly Balanced

Equilibrium is essential when selecting a SUP, specifically if you lack knowledge or assurance. The board is much broader than a great many other 10 ft SUPs.
It will help to further improve its buoyancy and decrease the exact amount it wobbles, rendering it considerably more dependable to riding on. Stability is enhanced by its extraordinary Grip tech deck, built to maintain maximum grip whenever drenched.

Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard In Blue

£329   Portofino 10ft Stand-Up Paddleboard - Get It!  

Inflatable SUP Features

If you are willing to pay a higher price, their second reinforcing layer and added 34-lbs of weight make the board more potent and durable. This structure type can also withstand challenging paddling settings where you wish to gain some momentum.

There are several perks to going for an ISUP board as opposed to a rigid one. This is especially the case in SUP yoga, where inflatable boards are the most common choice. Inflating takes only a few minutes, and deflation is even faster, so you can get set to 'paddle much quicker' than using a rigid board.

ISUPs can be packed into a sleeping bag, allowing you to keep and carry your SUP anywhere you wish. Even if the only storage room available is a small cabinet.
Even better quality ISUPs are much more affordable than typical rigid boards, usually priced at only a few hundred bucks. This makes them fall under the category of inexpensive boards for recreational use.

Taking Care Of Your Paddle Board

Once you have gotten your new SUP gear, the tips below will help you take care of your board and boost its overall lifespan. You may keep your SUP gear out of sun exposure in a dark and dry spot. Carry your SUP board and paddles in a fitting bag (when not in use) to prevent wear-and-tear.

Be extra cautious when you place the board on water and slide it out. Sharp objects like rocks or logs may be forcing it down. Also, be careful when you are padding and avoid any obstacles that may ruin your board or any of its exterior parts, e.g. fins.

If you are using a vent plug, turn it off when you move out on the water to stop the water from entering your SUP board and ruining the foam base. You may open your vent plug (if available) when you are storing your board. This will prevent the accumulation of pressure in its interior and stop the board from breaking off.

Make sure you rinse your SUP accessories thoroughly after moving on saltwater and that you have the fin packs, deck pad, and slider nuts and screws around. It's also best to check your blow up paddle board and paddles often for tears or dings.