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Milkshake Blender Mixers That Make The Smoothest Drink

Updated 27/02/2020:
The UK's best milkshake blenders here produce rich and creamy delicious shakes, the kind you get in ice cream outlets using exclusively designed blades. Many milkshake mixers provide a milk frother process for delivering exceptional refreshments each time.

Countless milkshake machines are small and elegant enough to remain on the kitchen counter, nonetheless, if you wish to maintain your surfaces free from the mess, ensure you have sufficient space in the cabinets. Mixers with a shake efficiency are usually bulkier than typical machines.

Klarstein Shake Machine And Frappe Mixer

Shake Machine In Steel Finish

£26   Klarstein Milk Shake Machine - Get It!  

Breville Milkshake Blender ProPrep Personal


  • Easy One Button Operation
  • Dishwasher Safe Accessories


  • None

Milkshake Blender With Black Base

£49   Breville Milkshake Blender - Get It!  

Snowy Retro Milkshake Maker For Frothy Mix

Retro Milkshake Maker In Dark Red

£31   Snowy Milkshake Maker - Get It!  

Which Type Of Shake Blender?

We recommend taking a look at milkshake makers with parts crafted from stainless steel. It is quick cleaning, and the cup will assist maintain your milkshakes cool. You will not require precisely the same power for production just as you do to smash ice or make a smoothie mix.

Wattage Required To Blend

The shake machine appliance is made to aerate and blend structured dairy substances. Many milkshake equipment motors are somewhere between 67 and 100 Watts. More electric power isn't always a lot better with regards to blending shakes.

Creating Drinks For A Large Group?

Speedy mixing can, in fact, impact the uniformity of your completed drink, so reflect on how many persons you will provide. Just about all shake maker models possess removable cups which hold approximately 30 oz of deliciously rich and creamy treats.

Stainless Steel Is Always Advised

After a quick clean out of your cup - produce an additional portion, however, if you need to provide for a large group, search for equipment with different cup accessories. Milkshake machines with parts manufactured generally of steel with an easily-removed cup are super easy to really clean.

Speed And Power Of Machine

You do not require very much power capacity to make a milkshake, nevertheless maintaining two rates of speed is practical. Several shake maker machines include 2 or more velocities to select from to ensure you are combining and frothing the milkshake to flawlessness.

Using The In-Built Pulse System

Standard mixer versions generally have just a couple rates of speed, while some other feature crammed products may have more than a few. Equally, they will often attribute a pulse strategy to fast breaks of significant blending acceleration.

HomGeek Milkshake Mixer With Tough Blades


  • Blends All Ingredients Smoother
  • Built In Pulse Function


  • None.

Milkshake Mixer With Front LCD Screen

£89   HomGeek Milkshake Mixer - Get It!  

Aicook Milkshake Machine With Titanium Blades

Milkshake Machine With Big Front Dial

£66   Aicook Milkshake Machine Titanium - Get It!  

Geepas Mini Electric Shake Maker Machine

Mini Shake Maker Machine With Black Casing

£17   Geepas Mini Shake Maker Machine - Get It!  

Uten Multi-Mix Milkshake Blender For Fruit/Veg


  • Super Steel Blade Add-On's
  • Smoothest Drink Experience


  • None.

Multi Milkshake Blender With Black Lid

£32   Uten Multi Milkshake Blender - Get It!  

Milkshake Mixers With Heavy Base

A weighty base is essential as it keeps the equipment from toppling, besides making it uncomplicated to maintain control of the blending procedure if you remove the cup from your piece of equipment.

Get A Beautiful Creamy Mixture

A few milkshake machines feature extended cups, rendering it uncomplicated to provide for the masses. Several devices likewise feature vintage design serving size cups, nevertheless they can be bought if you want to offer your cream established mixture beautifully.

Crush Ice, Make Soup And Smoothies

Additionally, there are milkshake mixers with programmes for blitzing particular food products, which include broth, crushing ice, even baby food blenders, smoothie mix, puree and iced sweets.

Cleaning Up The Mixer After Use

A washing plan is yet another valuable alternative, enabling you to clean your jug by making it full of regular water and dishwashing cleanser. The mixer jug by itself will be created from glass or perhaps clear plastic. Glass is stronger and less prone to scraping, nevertheless use a quality plastic material.

Get The Right Jug Size To Blend

Do purchase a solid however lightweight glass, which will make a significant difference should you be raising a huge container. The blenders differ in total operating capability in just how much they will securely mix without the contents aiming to break free - but it is usually reduced for warm fluids etc.

Adding Liquid As Milkshake Mixes

Any 1.4 to 1.8 litres measured jug should certainly cover virtually all day-to-day mixing, nevertheless to get the best with the mixer, search for roughly a few litres. Hunt for milkshake blenders which have two-part covers as well so that you can add more liquids as it mixes.

The blenders here really are perfect for producing sauces that may incredibly easily break up, including mayo, or once finalising warm food so vapour may be discharged.

Clatronic Milkshake Blender Cocktail Mixer

Milkshake Blender In Steel Finish

£30   Clatronic Milkshake Blender - Get It!  

Severin Sevof 2 Speed Blender With Pulse

The SM blender from Severin, using it's completely removable container brings together all of the benefits of a hand-held food processor, using the balance of a counter-top blender.

Blender With Black Base And Curved Handle

Similar to their earlier forerunners, today's contemporary home appliances nevertheless incorporate a couple of principal components. The bottom, along with incorporated motor unit and a glass container or dish. Because of improvements within systems, today's food blenders tend to be more sophisticated and robust compared to older models.
[Rating: 9/10]   £44 Get It → Severin Sevof 2 Speed Blender

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AIMORES Fast Noiseless Pulse Blender

The expert food processor and mixer is the consequence of unification associated with power and strength, all within a brand new and contemporary style. It incorporates a highly effective power motor along with a blades mount containing calibre cutting blades.

Noiseless Blender In Black And Chrome


  • Ideal For Big Families
  • You Can Grind Coffee Beans


  • None..

The specialist blender is well suited for mixing, puree, cutting up as well as smashing ice and straightforward to utilise. It offers twin rates of speed, along with a pulse functionality, rendering it ideal for virtually any process.

The G2 likewise includes a substantial total capacity of 1.5 Litres glass container and top with a rubberised gasket.
[Rating: 9/10]   £26 Get It → AIMORES 2 Speed Power Blender

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Tefal BlendF Milk Shake Blender Processor

RiplAx technologies offer six cutting blades with three merged activities for optimum blending outcomes. The Blendforce by Tefal is a blender or food processor that provides much better mixing, in addition to quicker final results due to the TriplAx technologies.

1.5L Milk Shake Blender In Black With Chopping Board

Two external cutting blades behave like a 'cyclone enhancer' to ensure that no parts remain at the rear. Another two internal cutting blades make certain that absolutely no bits remain towards the bottom of the container.

Rapidly and very easily create soups, salsas, whole milk shakes, fruit smoothies, infant foodstuff and so forth. Make use of your preferred tested recipes to release your creativity.
[Rating: 9/10]   £49 Get It → Tefal Milk Shake Blender

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Heavy Duty Mixer Grind Cutting Blades

The covers can include modest measuring cups, but some milkshake machines possess extra grind cutting blades which may be employed for plant seeds, nut products and often hard beans. Use mini pots for smaller quantities of foodstuff, personal blender cups and in many cases containers etc.

Advice For Putting In Ingredients

One more valuable shake machine addition is a tamp tool that will fit through the cover of the blender so that you can push solid pieces of food, including iced fruit to the cutting blades.

Be cautious when putting in ingredients and if you fill up the container excessively, the ingredients can flood. Put mix in like sweet enhancements that taste tremendous in any milkshake, nevertheless, add all last to ensure they combine consistently - and do not block the milkshake machine appliance.

A Shake Maker For The Frothiest Drink

Implement cold ingredients for optimum outcomes as the cooler the ingredients, the frothier the milkshake will be. Fill up the cup together with the moist ingredients initially. Put the rest of the ingredients in, but 'clean the shake maker' following every use to prevent microbial expansion.

Kenwood 6 Serving Healthy Smoothie Maker

The Kenwood healthy milkshake machine includes a family sized cup, which will make certain of delightful fruit smoothies for everyone to experience. There exists a low-speed environment for soft, fresh fruits. Create fresh fruits mixes, milkshakes, as well as 'denser' smoothies.

Milkshake Maker With Metal Base

The pulse environment and robust 500 Watts electric motor help to make fast work of smashing ice. The SB266 provides non-slip feet in order to avoid culinary mishaps and incidents. It features a recipe ingredients guide filled with dietary, fast and enjoyable quality recipes.
[Rating: 9/10]   £32 Get It → Kenwood Milkshake Maker

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Philips 400 W Silver Blender + Cutting Tool

The silver blender style food processor is a must-have cooking area device. It provides a 400 Watts electric motor, large 1.75 Litres container, along with a five star cutting tool which all blend to produce ideal final results. It's mixing made simple, once again.

Silver Blender In Black And Grey

Change the blender to 'off' prior to including solid ingredients. Several velocity configurations give you optimum versatility. From softer, fresh fruits to hard espresso beans, the silver blender provides you with the freedom to proceed at various rates of speed with various levels of useful adjustments.
[Rating: 8/10]   £28 Get It → Philips Silver Blender

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Recommended UK Milkshake Blenders For Smooth Tasty Drinks

Milkshakes will be among the many easiest drinks to produce if you own a good milkshake mixer plus some determination. Fruit smoothie machines make scrumptious refreshments, both packed with flavour and healthy fibre content.

It is without question crucial when creating milkshakes because you will generally use milk products that may go bad rather quickly. Employing less dairy brings about a heavier milkshake, therefore modify appropriately.

Nutri Ninja 1200W Auto Milkshake Machine

The compact powerful 1200 Watts automatic milkshake machine blends a big total capacity fusing with nutrient withdrawing functionality. That is two characteristics in one individual modest sized home appliance.

Pro Extract Auto Milkshake Machine With Black Cover


  • Very High Performance
  • Unique Pulse Patterns


  • Price

The smooth boost strategy with the Auto-iQ system expands the incomparable blending rules to accomplish a consistent and more satisfactory breakdown for extremely smooth final results, exactly as you enjoy it.
[Rating: 9/10]   £140 Get It → Ninja Auto Milkshake Machine

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Magimix 1.8L Milkshake Le Blender Process

The Magimix blender and food processor in black possesses a significant 1.8 Litres total capacity, 4 pre-programmed systems along with a pulse environment. The Magimix is designed for creating the simplest of gravies and fruit smoothies.

1200W Milkshake Blender In Black Exterior

Le Blender functions the (BlenderMix) process for a better combination mixing. The electric motor is effective, however peaceful up to 15000 rpm. This device includes 'turbo pulse' functionality and produces a pleasingly creamier consistency.
[Rating: 9/10]   £135 Get It → Magimix Milkshake Le Blender

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The milkshake maker mixing does not just use cool fluids as many mixers actually produce homemade soup or perhaps new baby foodstuff, especially with sound quality milkshake blender mixers.