Vibrant Colour Changing LED Light Up Shower Heads

Updated 17/04/2020:
This selection of colour changing LED shower heads will transform your shower to a spectacular stream of rainbow brightness using innovative LED head lights. Substitute your current shower with the colour LED light rainbow shower head, and wash in a stream of ever transforming colours.

: YUX Shower Head With Lights 304 Steel Square

Shower Head With Lights In Polished Steel

£45   YUX Steel Shower Head With Light - Get It!  

: Jully LED Colour Changing Shower Head Steel

LED Colour Shower Head With Blue Lighting

£53   Jully LED Colour Shower Head - Get It!  

: Tanburo Rainbow Shower Head Colour Rain LED

Shower Head Rain In LED 3 Colours

£25   Tanburo Rainbow Shower Head - Get It!  

: Niboline Colour LED Rainbow Shower Head

The impressive multi colour LED rainbow shower head provides colour directly in to your shower room. Simply no electric power, battery pack or particular system demanded, just switch on the shower and you should discover an amazing, colourful water supply.

LED's run employing little generators, the type of shower head consisting of vibrant LED lights that function very silently and drops your water usage. The striking shower is likely to make the day-by-day process a pleasurable encounter. This shower room head size is only 20 centimetres.

LED Rainbow Shower Head Showing Several Colourd

It creates water multi coloured rather than solitary colour, however this kind of rain shower provides you with LED lights which transform the water with assorted colours. The movement energy levels of the water triggers the LED lights.

Your young ones usually do not wish to consider showers due to the fact that they scared of a fast water supply perhaps. This excellent vibrant shower is the excellent alternative as your kids will instantly recognise and adore it.
[Rating: 9/10]   £12   Get It → Niboline Rainbow Shower Head

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: Ledgle LED Shower Head Thermostatic Control

This particular LED shower head mixer using bar valve enables you to manage the stream of your shower, as the thermostatic command offers total temperature efficiency.

It's well suited for virtually any contemporary bathroom. It includes a 20cm LED brass shower head in a rounded style and the LED's alter colour as the water gets hotter.

Contemporary LED Shower Head In Chrome Effect

LED lights are self operated by the water pressure and don't require an electrical power source. The left diverter manages the water on/off and the movement of water, although the diverter on the right looks after the temperature.

It also includes a safety quit system preset at an established temperature of 38 Degrees Celsius.
[Rating: 9/10]   £13   Get It → Ledgle LED Shower Head

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: Delipop LED Colour Changing Shower Head

This fashionable LED shower head, which is created from sturdy hard ABS components, and self operated by pressure of flowing water needs absolutely no batteries or wiring necessary. Whenever water flows along, the LED illumination will emit automatic vibrant light.

Colour Changing Shower Head With Water Rainbow Effect

The alteration of LED colour won't be susceptible to the hot and cold levels. Consequently, it really is an excellent LED shower head with good quality multiple colour transforming bath room water tap illumination.

No exterior power source is essential, and it will light-up following water stream activity instantly.
[Rating: 9/10]   £23   Get It → Delipop Colour Changing Shower Head

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: ZSZT LED Shower Head Heat Sensitive

This is a good quality LED shower head that will revitalise your shower area, changing the flow of water in to an attractive fountain of light - providing you with a pleasurable and superb wash encounter. Change your shower period from a boring undertaking to a multi coloured rain satisfaction.

Light Shower Head With Chrome Finish

The LED lamps in shower-head can be positioned in a few minutes and requires virtually no plumbing related know-how or source of electricity. Once the shower is fired-up, high-end LED's illuminate routinely to generate an ever changing spectrum of stunning colours.
[Rating: 9/10]   £12   Get It → ZSZT LED Light Shower Head

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: QING Sprinkling LED Light Up Shower Head

The LED light up shower head may be set-up in only a few a few minutes without expertise or electric power. The delicate lights of the shower will alter the colours based on the water - and the velocity will assist you to have a fabulous shower following every day of employment.

A shower head with high performance vibrant LED at individual frequency making it possible to activate follicles of hair and reanimate hair devoid of life. The laser concept will help conserve water and then improve the high pressure simultaneously. 10 mode procedure with 'in-line filtration' system removes chlorine, minimises chemical substances organic and natural, fluorine and increases the pH equilibrium.

LED Light Up Shower Head In Smooth Steel

These types of contaminants in the water will be the contributors of baldness and dried out skin. As soon eliminated, ordinary hair regrowth is recovered and unconstrained. Dual-action bi-active nutrient spheres and uncommon rocks ionise water to improve the amount compound of mood hydroxytryptamine, a monoamine neurotransmitter that assists to decrease tension and boost stamina.

It comes with no external power resource as the water moves down, but the lighting occurs in a comfortable and unexpected method. Conserve water as dense little jets are created for high water demands and economy, permitting a continuing circulation of thirty percent water reducing.
[Rating: 9/10]   £9   Get It → QING LED Light Up Shower Head

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: Vzer LED Illuminated Shower Head

This is an elegant exposed thermostatic LED illuminated shower head presenting a contemporary angular style. An overhead shower in addition to hand-held head for additional versatility.

The high level of quality exposed valve is tough wearing and finished in refined chrome, passing it on a smooth, modern day appearance.

LED Illuminated Shower Head In Polished Chrome

The thermostatic exposed shower system is a superior quality brass physique with combined control, individual flow and heat adjustments.

It's continuously governed temperature provides the user much more exact control and more secure showering. The square shower head is flexible as much as 17 degrees.
[Rating: 9/10]   £20   Get It → Vzer LED Illuminated Shower Head

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Multi LED Shower Heads With Colour Changing Radiance

: Couradric LED Shower Head Thermostatic

A shaped 200 mm diameter shower head with high temperature receptive radiant LED's. Zero electrical power supply is needed, and the power for the beautiful LED lights is created by the water motion.

The 8 inch thermostatic exposed shower area mixer combined package riser pack is a modern and fashionable choice.

LED Shower Head In Square Chrome Style

The thermostatic bar mixer device is straightforward to utilise and possesses a diverter, which provides you total heat management with an integrated anti scalding system at 38 degrees Celsius, even if your water varies in your own home. The shower head furthermore includes a rotating joint, letting you alter the position.
[Rating: 9/10]   £17   Get It → Couradric Lit LED Shower Head

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: InteTech Multi Colour LED Rain Head

The LED light rain shower head beautifully blinking through every one of the bright colours, however in the event the shower is switched on, 6 high-end LED's illuminate instantly to create a fast-paced range of colours. Convert your shower period from a task to an enjoyment. It presents automatic light transitioning without any battery packs or exterior electric power resource.

It will light-up following water flow downward. Convenient to set-up accommodating all standard fittings and ABS components, exceptional rust counteraction and sturdy. Modifying the streaming of water right in to an amazing waterfall of sunshine, it's suitable for bathrooms to generate bliss.

LED Light Rain Shower Head With Rainbow Colours

Providing you with satisfaction and a terrific encounter, this can be perfect for youngsters who are necessarily looking toward showers simply because the colours are wonderful and really stimulating. Innovative design shower head sporting throughout every one of the colours trend and passion.

There is virtually no battery packs and zero cable required, it matches with all regular connectors and is rather easy to deploy. LED lights will certainly illuminate in the event you switch on the faucet, triggered by water force transforming off immediately whenever water is disconnected.

Sturdy resources provides the solid capability of good heat efficiency. Turn down the lights and this magical shower head will transport you to a tropical scene as you wash in a rainbow cascade of ever changing colours.
[Rating: 9/10]   £10   Get It → InteTech LED Rain Shower Head

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: Merkmak LED Shower Head With Sensor

Enjoy this power LED shower head with temperature sensor and 7 vibrant LED beams that shift the various colours of brightness. Whenever changing the water, light colours are going to be modified in accordance with the heat where one colour preserves for 3 to around 5 seconds.

The lighting is actually bright sufficient for the entire bathroom when lights are off in the hours of darkness. The bathroom will end up a fantastic environment after only a couple of minutes. Manufactured from natural environment high standard ABS, it offers a smooth and refined efficient style.

Shower Head With Sensor Blue And Green Lit

Feel at ease in conjunction with excellent light colours that switch the shower to your personal preferences. Reduced flow saving you water and built with 30 outlet openings. Ideal water preservation with an exclusive and fun calming encounter. Allows you to take pleasure in the shower room with no battery packs or cables desired.

The showerhead control links straight in to your shower tube so do not be concerned about drips from the hose pipe. Simple and straightforward to work with implementing product quality ABS material. The user interface size is 2 centimetres so make sure you validate your item specifications.
[Rating: 9/10]   £12   Get It → Merkmak Shower Head With Sensor

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: HJ Stay LED Lit Shower Head With Lights

Superior shower head with lights and multiple layer filtration system to successfully get free of damaging chemicals in the water supply. LUV circulation qualified technology that helps you to save approximately 30 percent of water supply than regular shower heads.

The multi coating purification FIR nutrient and anion stones assist to cleanse using a straightforward option shower facility. LED modifications instantly generate seven excellent colours to convert shower time for you personally as well as the children.

Shower Head With Lights In Red And Orange Colours

With just a couple of minutes to set-up with simply no batteries or perhaps electrical cabling, your shower time is now an enjoyment. The colour of LED light shifts instantly as outlined by temperature of the water. Easy to install and attaches straight in to your screw bar effortlessly.

New design shower head is stylish as whenever water cascades downward, the LED will glow instantaneously and quickly - dazzling enough so not necessary for various other light fixtures. The colours will 'alter slowly' but surely and routinely. The product features multi level filtration successfully free of unsafe substances etc.

The modification of LED colours will never be susceptible to the temperature of water. They are progressively evolving, so 7 colours will certainly transform fairly simply and the whole bundle offers an extremely fast set-up with no components demanded.
[Rating: 9/10]   £12   Get It → HJ Stay LED Shower Head Lights

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Colour changing shower heads with lights are self-powered using LED, becoming illuminated by the pressure of the water flowing through it, with simply no batteries necessary.

Light-up shower heads are all the trend these days. Picture yourself having a shower with a spectrum of colours sweeping over your whole body.