Smart Body Composition Scales WiFi And Bluetooth

Updated 28/01/2022:
This is a Bluetooth and WiFi compatible mix of the best smart weight scales you can buy with high accuracy sensor units for true weight calculations and advanced statistics. Display body weight, fat, BMI plus BMR. Automated ID instantly saves interpretations for users so you and your family enjoy.

What Is A Smart Weight Scale?
A smart weight scale is a platform structure to evaluate body weight and capable of instantly monitoring and saving its info in a web-focused strategy - often an App using a smartphone. You could also observe products known as WiFi fat percentage scales; nevertheless, they are the same.

Choose The Smarter Bathroom Scales
Choose The Smarter Bathroom Scales

: SORELI Fat Percentage Scale With Bluetooth

Due to extensive body system capabilities and 18 vital measurements, get more information on your physique from this weight scale. The scale contains BMI, muscle mass, moisture content, weight loss, necessary protein, BFR, BMR, shape, fat, age group, weight devoid of fat, plus more.

This is certainly a cutting edge concept with varieties of data evaluation and critical info, the span of fat loss, a comparison of photos and 'in-depth' surveys. In addition, the Soreli digital weight scale guides are printed on the front side of scale and auto transition, free E-book ideas and set-up are documented.

Pleasingly, the device is simple to use with about 8 users that may weigh themselves and then gain access to their own exclusive weight track records. As the scale instantly acknowledges rapidly, it also provides baby settings to keep up with the most essential advancement and progress.


  • Brilliant For Very Detailed Info
  • Reasonably Priced Digital Scale


  • None here

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Used By Pro Sports Persons
  • Weight Loss Image Comparison

Unique Selling Point:

  • Visceral Fat And Bone Mass
  • Comprehensive Yearly Reports

This Soreli digital weight scale has hundreds of thousands of contented global end-users. The AIFit application exists for IOS and Android smartphones. Statistics from every single weigh-in will show up instantly via WiFi from the free-of-charge app, and all records are studied and distributed.

Specs: 28 x 28cm | 1.3 Kilos | 4 Batteries | Accuracy 0.01 g

Uncomplicated to function, this weight platform offers high accuracy for fat loss results and body efficiency monitoring. There is a tempered glass stand with a touchpoint and LED screen features. You will find an LED display, plus AAA batteries are built-in.

Fat Percentage Scale With White Podium

£21   SORELI Bath Fat Percentage Scale - Get It!  

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: OMRON Bluetooth Smart Accurate Weight Scale

Evolving body composition may be significant on a trip to enhance or restore your wellbeing. This scale is a medically endorsed capable system employing the bio-electric impedance appraisal BIA concept. The OMRON VIVA Bluetooth smart scale stores 30 rules whenever your smartphone is not about.

It offers specific outcomes verified by scientifically sanctioned techniques of research, like DXA X-ray intended for fat and MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging. This pertains to visceral fat amount and bone muscle - the fundamental vital indicators for monitoring the heart condition.


  • Extremely Accurate Readings
  • A Validated Medical Equipment


  • Pricey

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Helps You Make Smart Decisions
  • Beautiful Tempered Glass Surface

Unique Selling Point:

  • Extended Warranty Of 3 Years
  • All Ages - Males And Females

Simply stride on the podium, and it will instantly identify both you and screen an accurate understanding of 6 physique metrics in mere seconds on the large screen. After the results, they will quickly switch to the OMRON VIVA Bluetooth smart scale App. An easy and protected spot to keep and adhere to tendencies.

Specs: Max 150 Kg | 1.6 Kg | 28 x 2.8 x 28 cm | iOS/Android

By way of this type of info, you may take control of your hearts wellness and begin making the choices to impact the future. To build an even greater perspective, merge it with a linked BP screen. For best outcomes, constantly assess your body structure in the same setting and conditions.

Smart Accurate Weight Scale In Black

£99   OMRON Bluetooth Smart Weight Scale - Get It!  

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: Which Data Will The Smart Scale Offer?

You may effectively assess your BMI, screen detailed data like water balance or bone mass. You can measure the effectiveness of your exercise routine with distinct smart bathroom scale profiles for unique users.

: Do The Scales Include A Web App?

If you want the concept of accessing your individual data through your mobile phone, the high-end accurate smart scales can be suitable for you. Monitor your weight, essential conditioning and more by merely posting data to the web App - even so, they are slightly more expensive.

: Are You Achieving Weight Loss Plans?

Body profile evaluation is undoubtedly a useful creation in wellbeing. Understanding how much 'extra fat', water, muscle and then bone our bodies are composed of gives the perception into if you are really attaining those BMI weight scale plans. Consider if you plan to lose weight, but have struck an obstacle.

: WiFi Or Wireless Bluetooth Data?

Realising that you can be adding muscle whilst losing weight and keeping the water weight is comforting. The expansion in technological and scientific know-how means that lots of digital weighing scales today consist of WiFi or Wireless Bluetooth system receivers for profiles.

: Short Range Transmitting Weight Info

Bluetooth permits a short-range Wireless association involving the mobile phone and the bathroom weighing machines. The main advantage of Bluetooth smart body analysis scales is allowing continuous monitoring of a variety of your own physical dimensions.

: With The Scale Connect To My Fitbit?

Bath accurate weight scales will likewise incorporate with other concepts like dietary functions, Fitbit trackers or perhaps several other smart wristwatches and far more besides. In the event you are technology experienced, they are the most successful bathroom weighing machines to acquire.

: InSmart BMI Weight Scale With Bluetooth

This brand new smart weighing scale can quickly assess pulse rate and physique stability compared to various other regular body fat scales. Screen your heart wellness to assist you to enjoy a better exercise and dieting strategy. With Body balance evaluation, you could find some spinal ergonomic complications, so it will help you keep an excellent posture daily.

The finely-detailed G-shaped sensor and completely 'packed' style take advantage of the most recent BIA bio-impedance evaluation concept. It comes with a 6 mm top-notch VA reinforced glass platter. The detailed InSmart body weighing scale sensor processes with a gradation of only 0.05 kg and a capability of 180 kg.


  • Heart Plus Balance Analysis
  • Functional In Kg, St And Lb


  • None at all

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Synchronize Apple Or Google
  • Diverse Body Composition Info

Unique Selling Point:

  • Anti-Slip Reinforced Glass
  • Great For The Whole Family

The underside of the bath scale is utterly covered, helping to make the scale even more steady and the statistic outcomes dependable. The primary info of the InSmart body scales app may be coordinated due to Fitbit, Samsung Wellness and Google Fit connected to several devices concurrently.

Specs: 30 x 27 x 2.5 cm | 1.35 Kg | 5 - 396 lbs | Max 180 Kg

A Fitdays profile can also add 24 end-users. Still, you can share a weighing machine with your family and reveal your accomplishments on social networks. Complex information offers Step-on concept, intelligent switching off and on - and 4 x AAA batteries are supplied.

BMI Weight Scale With Smartphone

£35   InSmart BMI Weight Scale Wireless - Get It!  

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: RENPHO Bluetooth Smart Body Analysis Scale

This excellent body composition screen weighing machine will quickly observe the vital body structure statistics like weight, extra fat, BMI, bone tissue mass, muscle tissue, plus much more.

Be aware of making sure you put the scale on a flat surface area. Remember, this RENPHO smart body fat scale is typically considerably more advanced than 'the usual' typical scale offered nowadays.

For the Wireless function, simply download the FeelFit App, join the bathroom weighing scales with Bluetooth on your smartphone, step on the apparatus to find the data immediately on your mobile. Then, synchronize with your fitness App and store info on a cloud server by using the smartphone.

Shiny Bluetooth Smart Body Scale
RENPHO Bluetooth Smart Body Scale


  • Monitor Body Composition Info
  • A Realistically Priced Scale


  • No Cons

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Big Screen Is Easy To Read
  • Link To Samsung, Apple, Google

Unique Selling Point:

  • Lb, Kg, St Switching In App
  • Best Scale For All Age Groups

In the WiFi option, open up the App, link up via Bluetooth on your mobile phone initially, pick a network and verify. Your measurement info will be submitted from scale to your house router. Owners can retrieve the RENPHO smart body fat scale data on their own smartphones minus privacy issues.

Specs: Units Kg Lb St | 1.29 Kg | x3 AAA | 28 x 28 x 2.3 cm

This high precision body fat weighing machine has 4 finely-detailed detectors and auto-tuned efficiency, guaranteeing the precision of measurements to 0.2 kg and at the highest 180 Kilogrammes.
The multi-user functional, innovative machine monitors the health tendencies of 8 users in one single profile. The substantial sized LED display is straightforward to study for all age groups.

Bluetooth Body Analysis Scale With Red LCD

£39   RENPHO Bluetooth Body Analysis Scale - Get It!  

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: Just How Do Smart Weight Scales Operate?

Smart body analyser scales rely on a modest non-harmful electric impulse to evaluate impedance in various tissue versions. In case you step into a weight scale with perhaps the skin wholly uncovered, it may offer you a somewhat uncertain estimation for your body structure.

: The Right Size Scale Platform

The platform is a characterising element of virtually any electronic weighing scale, and they are accessible in a wide range of dimension or styles. For those who have extraordinarily huge feet, you should make sure the platform is substantial enough to stand on for reliability.

: Great For Keeping You On Weight Target

Should you be searching to acquire smart bathroom scales, there exists a great possibility you want to manage your weight or be sure to get fitter. You want a means of checking your improvement, so exploring the scales is useful for understanding how far you may progress and for continuing to keep you on target.

: Link Mobile Phone To Smart Scale

Something you will certainly wish to accomplish with the smart conditioning scales is connecting to your smartphone to get exact facts about your physique after your stint on the treadmill. Transmit data to the bathroom weighing scale such as the height, age group and various statistics to interact relating to BMI readings plus.

: Etekcity Smart VeSync Bluetooth Body Scale

With a chic construct, this smart Bluetooth body analysis scale possesses an incomparable physical fitness exalted conception to prompt you to keep in shape. The hardened glass platform as well as steel accentuates this Wireless Bluetooth body scale's present-day appearance.

The electronic bathroom scale features multi purpose functions to precisely evaluate your physical structure body weight, body fat percent, BMI plus BMR calculations expertly.

Using a smart APP and considerably better suitability, the no-cost and most recent VeSync App offered straight from the Apple Store and Google Play zone. It really is perfect for mobile phones with iOS 8.0 and Android 4.3 or higher. Your entire fitness statistics are coordinated inside the App.

Synchronize applying Apple Health, Google Fit and even Fitbit rapidly, so the association is created. You will obtain reliable vital physique data evaluations with the bio-electric impedance BIA technology. The Etekcity Bluetooth body fat scales will examine your weight problems, BMI, unwanted fat, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, fat-free, excess weight, physique water and muscular mass.


  • Comes In Black Or White
  • Connect It To Your Fitbit


  • None here..

Smart Body Analysis Scale In White

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Body Metrics On Big Display
  • Scale Presents 4 Electrodes

Unique Selling Point:

  • High Accuracy Top Notch Scale
  • BMI And Body Fat Evaluation

With additional members, about 8 may be included to monitor your entire family's experience. Just sign in and weigh so your improvements and information may also be distributed to friends on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. High precision and exact measurements 5 to 180 kg in 0.1 kg/0.2 lb.

The Etekcity Bluetooth body fat scale incorporates 4 sensors with the most advanced technology LCD screen for very clear readings night and day. The top 30 x 30 cm platform is created from reinforced glass for dependable standing up. Units are kg/lb in the App for rapid modifications. 3 x 1.5 V AAA batteries are supplied.

Specs: 1.6 Kilos | Max 180 Kg | 30 x 30 x 2 cm | kg/lb

For amended body weight loss control, it assists you in addition your family members to evaluate and configure health information. This particular mini Wireless Bluetooth physique scale endorses gadgets with Bluetooth 4 and higher plus an iOS or Android phone.

Substantial data safe keeping, the body weighing scale possesses automatic identification of innumerable end user's visibilities, and will keep 20 groups of information without linking up to the application.
[Rating: 8/10]   £21   Get It → Etekcity VeSync Body Analysis Scale  

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: Withings Electronic WiFi Weighing Scales

This impressive WiFi electronic weighing scales are the very first and exclusively Wireless system that contributes a medically consented judgement of cardio-vascular wellness due to the latest pulse speed measurements.

An excellent and extremely slender weighing scale that additionally monitors physique constitution, body weight and fat, muscle, bone mass as well as water. It 'syncs' with your mobile phone to screen your movements and assist you accomplish your health objectives.

This weighing machine is multi-user beneficial for approximately 8 users who can access their own exclusive weight pasts as the scale 'readily acknowledges' individuals. For each level of life, keep an eye on the entire familys' progress with a motherhood concept inclusive.

A selective placement concept leads you into your appropriate stance to ensure that each weigh-in is usually specific, close to 0.1 kg. Info from every single weight appears instantly through WiFi or Wireless Bluetooth in the HealthMate App. It's the earliest smart Withings Body Cardio smart scale to realise a cardiovascular system examination in under half a minute.


  • Extremely Well Organised Data
  • Effortlessly Analyse Trends


  • Pricey..

Slim WiFi Weighing Scales In Grey And Black

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Monitor Pregnancy Features
  • Trustworthy Precise Results

Unique Selling Point:

  • Faster Automated Synchronising
  • Chronological Age Monitoring

The scale provides super-precise weight and structure measurements incorporating excess fat, water ratio, muscle and bone mass. The scale also syncs with the totally free App to show the tendencies that help you accomplish your own wellbeing aspirations.

As opposed to various smart scales, there is no need to have the mobile phone on hand for the duration of the weigh-in to sync your details over WiFi. The BodyCardio was created with cardiologists and then incorporated into many clinical tests with famous clinics in the EU and USA.

Specs: WiFi | 32.5 x 32 x 1.8 cm | 2.59 Kilos | Kg, Lb, St

Acquire heart rate and an indicator of your cardiovascular wellness employing vascular age group and a suggestion of the wellbeing of blood vessels.
This Withings Body Cardio smart scale allows you to understand just how old you are internally. Total body composition provides your exact weight and body fat too.

: WiFi Bluetooth Health Mate App

Enjoy a superior generation of high precision measurements through the directional command system and proprietary physical structure emplacement sensing element. Automated synchronising of information ranging from virtually every weigh-in comes out in the product App.

Data travels instantly through Wireless, iOS as well as Android OS. It comprises a USB power boosting lead, prompt set-up instructions and cost free Nokia account on App.
[Rating: 9/10]   £119   Get It → Withings WiFi Weight Scale  

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: Eufy Smart Weighing Scale Bluetooth

Precise BMI smart weighing scale using 4 high accuracy sensing elements render exact body weight calculations. Body constitution analysis allows data established on weight, BMI and fat percent.

Link up the weighing scale with the cost free (HealthSuite) wellness smartphone App to afford you much more information plus insights directly for your health and welfare. Aggregate end user ID that instantly acknowledges you whenever you tread on the weighing scale.


  • Family Orientated User Modes
  • Smart Zeroing functionality


  • None here..

Weighing Scale With Big LCD Digits

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Auto-Calibrated (G) Sensors
  • Hard Tempered Glass Podium

Unique Selling Point:

  • Historical And Health Info
  • Easy To Read Data Display

Big display rendering it straightforward for you to interpret your calculation consequences with a big back-lit LCD display. Regardless whether you evaluate in Kilos, stones or even lbs, the physical structure analysis weighing scale will contribute you the outcomes you are able to interpret.

Specs: 3.3 Lb | 28 x 28 x 2.4 cm | Max 180 Kg | Bluetooth 4.2

Congenial with mobile phones which deploy iOS or perhaps Android OS.
[Rating: 9/10]   £39   Get It → Eufy Smart Weighing Scale  

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: Fitbit ARIA Smart Fat Measuring Scale

Wireless smart fat measuring scale that evaluates your body weight, physique fat percent as well as body mass indicator of BMI to supply a replete depiction of your own body weight tendencies.

This excellent WiFi operated scale assists you to progress to your weight objectives by allowing you to arrange destinations, monitor your progression intelligently and continue motivated daily. It monitors your weight, fat percent together with BMI on the web.


  • Syncs Your Info To FitBit
  • Easy To Interpret Charts


  • No Cons Here..

Smart Fat Measuring Scale With Black Surface

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Smart Multi User Monitoring
  • Easily Check All Activity

Unique Selling Point:

  • Lovely Smooth Surface Finish
  • Plan Workouts And Far More

Your entire statistics are instantly uploaded to your particular Fitbit dash throughout Wireless, where it's possible to acquire a more across-the-board perspective of your wellness and physical fitness - as well as monitor your consuming and physical exertions.

Specs: Aria Air | 2.7 x 30 x 30 cm | 1.79 Kg | Unisex-Adult

The weighing scale may be arranged to instantly acknowledge as much as 8 end users. It's possible to ascertain your advancement via the PC or using a cost free mobile phone App - accessible in a selection of black or white.
[Rating: 9/10]   £39   Get It → Fitbit ARIA Smart Fat Scale  

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Smart Electronic Weighing Scales With Smartphone APP

: Salter CURVE Bluetooth Body Analyser

A superb body fat monitor and analyser resolution to supervising your health precisely using your mobile phone. Furnished with the power to assess the profound prospects of physical structure constitution. Body weight, body fat percentage and water, BMI as well as basal metabolic rate.

You possess the central data and can operate toward your physical fitness objectives with informality. Transmit your own calculations directly to your mobile phone through the Wireless Bluetooth application.


  • Trusted UK Brand Bath Scales
  • Metabolic Rate Measurements


  • None at all..

Bluetooth Body Fat Monitor With Blue Digital Screen

Top Features:

Why Should I Buy It?

  • Smart Step-On Analyser Scale
  • Body Bio Impedance Technology

Unique Selling Point:

  • Kids And Sporting Modes
  • Smartphone MiBody App

It enables you to monitor your progress term and liken consequences to healthier scopes. This assists you to ascertain how your calculations have modified each week, every month and annually, so it's possible to compare preceding interpretations.

: Specs: MiBody App | Max 180 Kg | 35 x 5 x 37 cm | 1.6 Kg

Study the analyser graphical records and observe the impacts of your life options. The consequences are saved securely on your smartphone until you decide to share all your accomplishments.
[Rating: 9/10]   £46   Get It → Salter CURVE Body Fat Monitor  

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: Intelligent Body Mass Index Evaluations

BMI, or alternatively body mass index is frequently used to ascertain somebody's wellness position. It is a fair proportion of our weight to body height. BMI is sufficient for providing us with a rough idea of general wellness; however, it has issues.

: Are Smart Weighing Scales Reliable?

The easiest method to evaluate body fat or bone unity is by employing long-established gauge jaws or maybe more new solutions like complex scanning services. These are typically nevertheless confusing to understand or not easily accessible to the ordinary end-user like smart digital scale devices.

The precise preliminary body dimension you are presented with via the extensively available wellness scale concept is absolutely not always totally exact. The capability of the technology to record your measurements helps you to observe changes as time passes - which is a trusted strategy.

Bluetooth 4 body analyser scales that display all weighing records as well as running graphs for all physical structure calculations. Wireless connection including smart step system and real-time revisions. It's possible to deploy the included free smartphone App to automatically monitor outcomes with your Android, iPhone or Galaxy.