Portable Inflatable Hot Tubs For Outdoor Water Therapy

Updated 06/02/2022:
The portable outdoor hot tubs here are excellent quality and rather cheap, providing the pleasure you want from the stresses of the working day. Indulge in the advantages of soothing hydrotherapy with an inflatable hot tub in your back garden for bubble jet fun.

The Outdoor Hot Tub Rewards
Home portable hot tubs are welcomed for get-togethers; nevertheless, more individuals are buying 4 and 6 seater tubs to have fun, deal with muscle pain and socialising with pals.

: Heat, Bubbles And Mood Lights

Various remote settings permit you to set the heat, lighting, jet air pressure and even more while sitting down any place in the blow-up hot tub - or established inside a particular range beyond the spa. LEDs can also add protection and atmosphere in your tub spa.

Different spas include 'multi-colour LED light' solutions which can be established in a cycle or maybe situated on a single colour. Several portable hot tub labels might present a variety of jets in different regions.

: Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii Hot Tub 4 To 6 Persons

This ultra-modern Hawaii spa delivers some exotic character to your own residence for get-togethers of up to 6 people. This makes it well suited to bring loved ones together or guarantee your next BBQ or back garden celebration. Unwind and have fun in your own functional hot spa tub.

The Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii hot tub is exceptionally functional. It may be placed for long-lasting application or transferred throughout the home. It offers you superior fascinating popular features of an old-fashioned permanent hot spa tub, with the advantage of being inflatable and inexpensive.

Easily transportable and blow up style, this hot tub accommodates 4 to 6 individuals. The twin function heat and therapeutic massage spa offer a full 2 years guarantee. Provided with all spas for reassurance, the Lay-Z-Spa firm has committed to UK-based assistance.

Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii Hot Tub
Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii Hot Tub

The new warming technique permits the tub to concurrently heat up the water to a temperature range of up to 40 degrees Celsius, although also operating the AirJet massage therapy. Merged with the switch pump, this indicates ideal heat, and re-energizing bubbles are a simple press button away.

The spa pleasantly fits 4 to 6 individuals with a substantial capacity and is simply perfect for equally inside and exterior usage. The Spa AirJet is affordable and an excellent approach to loosen up for a night in for any couple - or just evening hours with associates.

The Features:

Rapid and straightforward to set up in a few short minutes, Most individuals have it put in place and filled up with water in approximately ten minutes.
The Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii hot tub needs simply no expert assembly or equipment. Simply put it on a flat working surface, plus the spa involves a helpful service/guide DVD video.

A great way to relax, seek out the press button on your pumps' electronic user interface. As soon as triggered, 120 air jets supply a continuous stream of energetic entertainment to suit your needs and friends. Just settle back and then let the happy times start.

Outside Hot Tub With Blue Exterior

£699   Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii Outside Hot Tub - Get It!  

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: Silver Cloud MSP Portable Hot Tub Inflatable

This hot spa tub contains a typical round appearance with a constructed-in management component and pleasant seating for four people. It consists of 118 to 132 progressive and powerful air jets that are smartly situated to embrace your system with therapeutic bubble massage.

With a touch of up to date style, the MSpa Lite Silver Cloud bubble spa hot tub integrates effectively with a wide selection of household or garden decorations. Air jets discharge numerous bubbles to massage, assisting you in centring your thoughts and discharge pressure inside your muscle groups.

An interface provides uncomplicated functioning and gets hot to 36 C. Constructed from rigid Rhino-tech 6-layer PVC, the spa suggests a current design with sophisticated and clear outlines. The Silver Cloud design includes a 184-gallon water potential.

Silver Cloud MSP Portable Hot Tub
Silver Cloud MSP Portable Hot Tub

The management compartment is built-in, so its functioning sound level is lower than most transportable hot tubs. The day spa connects right into a typical power wall socket, so you do not require any devoted power line set up. Manipulating the spa capabilities is straightforward.

With the user-friendly touch button management station, you may easily alter the temperature of the water without shifting away from the hot tub. The box contains a PVC protector, PVC lining, Lite control panel, filtration system pump, air jets, air blower, and advanced heating system.

The Features:


  • Promotes Circulation
  • 6 Layers Reinforced


  • None..

You will find there's one hose adapter, pumping hose, electronic lock, plus an educational DVD and guide. High temperatures encourage blood flow and speed up the elimination of lactic acid. The water produced by the MSpa Lite Silver Cloud bubble spa hot tub jets takes stress off important joints for pain alleviation.

The brand new Delight Series is now furnished with an integrated controller. There is no requirement to set up just about anything before usage. A single press button to start pumping, and almost everything will be ready to suit your needs.

Round Hot Tub On Patio With Bubbling Water

£599   Silver Cloud MSP Portable Hot Tub - Get It!  

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: MSpa Exotic Bubble Spa Inflatable Hot Tub

The unique spa possesses a prestige crocodile covering material that includes complex particulars such as a silk gold trim. It renders it a traditional style to generate an unforgettable and opulent association. Together with your household plug and play trademarked MSAP system, no equipment is necessary and effortless self-inflation occurs in a few minutes.

A built-in control pack mechanism will not consider much more space than pointed out. Everything is at your convenience without departing the MSpa Exotic bubble spa hot tub. There exists a 'staggered air jet' design for an even more enjoyable relaxing hot tub encounter.

This spa possesses a circular appearance, seats four pleasantly and incorporates a mystic black skin structure and a coordinating cover with satin yellow metal panels and trim. The surface is manufactured out of a sturdy black high-grade PVC.

Brown Bubble Inflatable Hot Tub Spa
MSpa Exotic Bubble Inflatable Hot Tub

This hot tub contains 5 to 8 hydro therapeutic massage jets that may be modified for water and the route, in combination with soft cushioned seats. The unique collection exhibits a particular MSPA logo design zipper head, imprinted brand and enhanced high-temperature preservation polyurethane foam cushion.

It is an elaborate textile with refined details such as the satin trim, turning it into a classic pattern to produce an unforgettably splendid improvement to your residence.

The Features:


  • Integrated 1800 W Heat
  • Inflation Is Effortless


  • None.

Through bubbling tech with 138 highly effective air jets, there is an incorporated regulated container with a cabled controller. The MSpa Exotic bubble spa inflatable hot tub does not necessarily consider more space than described. The considerable bubble amount is at your convenience without the need of departing the hot tub.

The complete circle is air jets with an economical timer and whisper-silent design with 3-level flexible bubble functionality. This design is encircled and massaged by bubbles - absolutely permitting an even more enjoyable, comforting hot tub encounter.

Inflatable Hot Tub With 4 People Inside

£969   MSpa EX Portable Inflatable Hot Tub - Get It!  

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: Why Buy An Inflatable Hot Tub?

The most significant impact of blow-up hot tubs may be the evident variation in ease of mobility. Portable hot tubs reside over ground created from plastic and fibreglass materials. The in-ground tubs are made into a deck on surfaces from natural stone, concrete or ceramic tile to step inside simply.

: Strategic Hydrotherapy Bubble Jets

Several new tub variations are well-known due to reduced overall price and less complicated set-up procedures. Most attribute ergonomic sitting possibilities when compared to what the in-the-ground square hot tub spa can offer plus hydrotherapy from logically positioned spa massaging air jets.

: Pool Side Or In Your Garden?

Some ground tubs offer advantages and are generally longer lasting when appropriately constructed, and they merge effortlessly with your pool area or garden. The positioning with your planned use will undoubtedly determine how sizeable the cheaper hot tubs for sale today require.

: Garden Hot Tub Size And Location

Many square hot tubs fit somewhere between 5.5 and 7.7 feet long; however, you must also check out how much 'encircling location' you need to allow for a cover or other gear. We advise a garden hot tub marginally bigger than whatever you necessitate.

: Surface And Position For The Tub

Family and friends may be a part of your special occasion, or perhaps you may indeed know that you will need a bit more breathing space outside. All outdoor Jacuzzi hot tubs require a conceptually reasonable and even flat surface area.

A handful of expensive bigger hot tubs today give you a selection of colours for the structure and case aspects, which in turn depends upon particular inclination. It is likely to practically match up with the spa to your outdoor furniture if that's your cup of tea.

: CosySpa Hot Tub Inflatable Bubble Spa

The CosySpa hot tub is offered with a selection of extra expensive add-on's which includes the convenience set composed of a refreshments holder and 2 headrests. All in addition to an optionally available blow-up cover for improved upon sanitation.

This top-quality CosySpa inflatable hot tub spa 2022 model offers an external water pump with an external pump. It will fill your spa structure in a quick, successful method. The pump carries with it a straightforward CP as well. Filter and container are included - kept in the external pump.

White Black Blow-Up Hot Tub
CosySpa Blow-Up Hot Tub

An all-inclusive bundle, each spa hot tub comes with a whole and detailed package deal for additional straightforwardness. This consists of a 600 Watts air pump and 3.5 meters long electrical power wire.

You will find 130 x 3 mm air jets with a filtration system and cap. A ground cover is also incorporated regarding additional protection on numerous surface types.

The Features:

The filtration will require everyday washing whilst being used and will have to be transformed month to month. With 4 to 6 persons total capacity, this CE qualified CosySpa hot tub spa 2022 model comes in two dimensions. The smaller hot tub possesses an 800 L 211 gallons total water capacity.

The more considerable alternative may pleasantly fit 1000 L or 264 gallons. The high-end spa tub has been made from a mixture of hard-wearing PVC material and lightweight alloy foil. This elegant foil cover and fast water heating will ensure the best temperature preservation.

Blow-Up Hot Tub In Green And White

£359   CosySpa Blow-Up Hot Tub Inflatable Spa - Get It!  

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: Lay-Z-Spa Paris Hot Tub Garden Inflatable

The relaxing 140 AirJet system provides you with an all-surrounding therapeutic massage encounter for genuine pleasure. The freeze safeguard concept ensures water will not freeze on chilly winter season nights. You can fully appreciate your spa tub year long.

A robust DuraPlus and beam structure supply exceptional structural security, padded comfort, protection against ultra-violet rays and sturdiness for enduring usage.

This Lay-Z-Spa Paris hot tub is set up in a few minutes. The tool-free Lay-Z-Spa requires simply no specialist unit installation or equipment. Just blow up with the incorporated pump in under 5 minutes, ready for filling up with water.

Spa Paris Hot Tub
Lay-Z-Spa Paris Hot Tub

The fast heat upgraded pump concept lets you heat and filter water while operating the massage model. There is an economical timer to plan your next spa tub session. Therefore, it is ready for whenever you go back home - and it saves power when not being used.

At the touch of a press button, encompass yourself with a large number of restorative bubbles and encounter a powerful full-body therapeutic massage due to the built-in solid AirJet process.

The Features:


  • 130 Massage Air Bubble
  • Instruction DVD Included


  • None..

Increase colour to the hot tub using the application of the multi-colour LED light. Operate the Wireless remote control and select a lighting function in the Lay-Z-Spa Paris hot tub regarding your disposition.

From vibrant reds to soothing blues, completely transform your own spa tub experience using this excellent illumination technique. Use your own spa throughout the year due to the FreezeShield triggering the pump instantly when it becomes chilly outdoors. You can securely use the spa when the environmental air temperature range falls under 4 degrees C.

Garden Hot Tub In Blue On Terrace

£464   Lay-Z-Spa Paris Portable Garden Hot Tub - Get It!  

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: Intex PureSpa Inflatable Hot Tub HydroJet

The Features:

Inflatable Hot Tub In Green Beside Pool

£659   Intex PureSpa Inflatable Hot Tub - Get It!  

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: Tekapo Exotic Bubble Inflatable Hot Tub

The Features:


  • Gently Massages Body
  • Blows Up In Minutes


  • None

Inflatable Hot Tub In All Black

£449   Tekapo Exotic Inflatable Hot Tub - Get It!  

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: Getting To Grips With Your New Hot Tub

Consider who you want to soak with, certainly not 'how many of you' are in the family group. Take into account that in most outdoor spa tubs, each seat is unique, thus if there are several, potentially look at a 4 to 6 seat tub. Do look into the size of the garden region you intend to put the tub.

: Rounded, Square Or Rectangular Tub?

The UK purchased inflatable hot tubs in general seat between a single individual to a dozen folk and in several designs consisting of round, block, triangular and rectangular. To find the right style, reflect on exactly where you will place your garden spa at home, away from the kids trampoline area.

: Maintenance And Construct Materials

Garden hot tubs can be found in distinct styles, each of which will need diverse maintenance and provide another appearance for your house. In comparison with traditional solid wood home hot tubs, plastic polymer tubs are more accessible and available in a more extensive selection of models.

: Natural Deterioration If Outside

Most plastic tubs are more vulnerable to visual destruction like breaking and damaging, nevertheless may be stronger and more immune to stability or weather deterioration. Plastic made hot tubs are usually simpler to keep than real wood etc.

: Buying For Long Life Expectancy

In comparison to other types of outdoor hot tubs, steel spas provide a much longer life expectancy because of their flexibility and heat, decay, rust tolerant attributes. The component sturdiness and reprocessing potential make steel an earth-friendly decision for any home spa tub.

: Water Pump, Heating And Filtration

Modern portable outdoor Jacuzzi hot tub models are undoubtedly blow-up, created from long-lasting, penetration tolerant components and beam structured reinforcement.

Frequently built with pumps, heating and filtration, new inflatable hot tubs are super easy to put in place and often cheap when compared with long term built-in stable versions.

The definition of hot tub and spa are actually used pretty much reciprocally. Most types of inflatable hot tubs might permit you to modify the velocity and energy of the jets. Various other designs may possibly present aromatherapy and chosen power jet warmer massager configurations.

: MSPA Alpine Luxurious 4 Seater Hot Tub

Using it's expert square configuration as well as 2 adults plus 2 kids seating area total capacity, this particular 4 seater hot tub is going to bestow concordance to your household or even back garden.

Power Air Jets 4 Seater Hot Tub With Black Exterior

The Features:


  • Tub With Quiet Tech
  • Unique Square Shaped


  • None..

It offers a quiet almost noiseless procedure, first-rate efficiency as well as solid construction which integrates perfectly. There are simply no horrifying pumps and filter systems associated to the back of the merchandise. It additionally boasts (Tech Marine) degree sturdy components, which renders it more indestructible.
[Rating: 9/10]   £599   Get It → MSPA Luxurious 4 Seater Hot Tub  

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: Cheap Outdoor Hot Tubs For Sale With Garden Portability

Home inflatable hot tubs are an exceptional strategy to many individuals. This apparatus offers practically all the functions of a long term fixed tub, nevertheless garden hot tub spas are equipped for becoming migrated from one location to another.

Outside square hot tubs can be much easier to carry and set-up, with the outside supplying wide open airflow and the probability of being close to an all-natural draining position. By way of outdoor set-up, you enjoy a gorgeous perspective but sacrifice a little personal privacy and flexibility.

: Outdoors Or Indoors Tub Set-Up?

Regardless if you would like to set-up the hot tub outdoors or indoors might affect the size, form and materials of your tub. An inside spa provides personal privacy and protection against the crisp weather outdoors, yet may need specific complex set-up methods.

: The Latest Hot Tub Unique Extras

As a consequence of any outdoor design, you might pick a stronger material like plastic or steel to make sure of sustainability. Right from fundamentals like remote settings to lighting entertainment, the inexpensive hot tubs for sale presently come with numerous unique highlights.

Portable 4 to 6 seater hot tubs exist in many different shapes and sizes, proportions and pleasantly enchanting situations. The majority of inflatable outdoor hot tubs today are competent enough to hook up effectively to your household mains connection.