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Portable Inflatable Hot Tubs For Outdoor Water Therapy

Updated 17/06/2020:
The portable outdoor hot tubs here are excellent quality and rather cheap, providing the pleasure you want from the stresses of the working day. Indulge in the advantages of soothing hydrotherapy with an inflatable hot tub in your back garden for bubble jet fun.

The Outdoor Hot Tub Rewards
Home portable hot tubs are welcomed for get-togethers; nevertheless, more individuals are buying 4 and 6 seater tubs to have fun, deal with muscle pain and socialising with pals.

Saint Tropez Outside Hot Tub For 4 To 6 Persons

Outside Hot Tub With Blue Exterior

£1025   StTropez Outside Hot Tub 4 To 6 Persons - Get It!  

Silver Cloud MSP Portable Round Hot Tub Inflatable


  • Promotes Circulation
  • 6 Layers Reinforced


  • None..

Round Hot Tub On Patio With Bubbling Water

£599   Silver Cloud MSP Portable Round Hot Tub - Get It!  

XFSD Portable Inflatable Hot Tub Up To 6 Persons


  • Integrated 1800 W Heat
  • Inflation Is Effortless


  • None.

Inflatable Hot Tub With 4 People Inside

£872   XFSD Portable Inflatable Hot Tub - Get It!  

Why Buy An Inflatable Hot Tub?

The most significant impact of blow-up hot tubs may be the evident variation in ease of mobility. Portable hot tubs reside over ground created from plastic and fibreglass materials. The in-ground tubs are made into a deck on surfaces from natural stone, concrete or ceramic tile to step inside simply.

Strategic Hydrotherapy Bubble Jets

Several new tub variations are well-known due to reduced overall price and less complicated set-up procedures. Most attribute ergonomic sitting possibilities when compared to what the in-the-ground square hot tub spa can offer plus hydrotherapy from logically positioned spa massaging air jets.

Pool Side Or In Your Garden?

Some ground tubs offer advantages and are generally longer lasting when appropriately constructed, and they merge effortlessly with your pool area or garden. The positioning with your planned use will undoubtedly determine how sizeable the cheaper hot tubs for sale today require.

Garden Hot Tub Size And Location

Many square hot tubs fit somewhere between 5.5 and 7.7 feet long; however, you must also check out how much 'encircling location' you need to allow for a cover or other gear. We advise a garden hot tub marginally bigger than whatever you necessitate.

Surface And Position For The Tub

Family and friends may be a part of your special occasion, or perhaps you may indeed know that you will need a bit more breathing space outside. All outdoor Jacuzzi hot tubs require a conceptually reasonable and even flat surface area.

A handful of expensive bigger hot tubs today give you a selection of colours for the structure and case aspects, which in turn depends upon particular inclination. It is likely to practically match up with the spa to your outdoor furniture if that's your cup of tea.

CosySpa Blow-Up Hot Tub Inflatable Bubble Spa

Blow-Up Hot Tub In Green And White

£567   CosySpa Blow-Up Hot Tub Inflatable Spa - Get It!  

Avenli Garden Hot Tub Heated Inflatable


  • 130 Massage Air Bubble
  • Instruction DVD Included


  • None..

Garden Hot Tub In Blue On Terrace

£699   Avenli Portable Garden Hot Tub - Get It!  

Intex 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub HydroJet

Inflatable Hot Tub In Green Beside Pool

£996   Intex 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub - Get It!  

Exotic Cheap Inflatable Hot Tub Seats 4 Persons


  • Gently Massages Body
  • Blows Up In Minutes


  • None

Inflatable Hot Tub In All Black

£872   Exotic Inflatable Hot Tub - Get It!  

Getting To Grips With Your New Hot Tub

Consider who you want to soak with, certainly not 'how many of you' are in the family group. Take into account that in most outdoor spa tubs, each seat is unique, thus if there are several, potentially look at a 4 to 6 seat tub. Do look into the size of the garden region you intend to put the tub.

Rounded, Square Or Rectangular Tub?

The UK purchased inflatable hot tubs in general seat between a single individual to a dozen folk and in several designs consisting of round, block, triangular and rectangular. To find the right style, reflect on exactly where you will place your garden spa at home, away from the kids trampoline area.

Maintenance And Construct Materials

Garden hot tubs can be found in distinct styles, each of which will need diverse maintenance and provide another appearance for your house. In comparison with traditional solid wood home hot tubs, plastic polymer tubs are more accessible and available in a more extensive selection of models.

Natural Deterioration If Outside

Most plastic tubs are more vulnerable to visual destruction like breaking and damaging, nevertheless may be stronger and more immune to stability or weather deterioration. Plastic made hot tubs are usually simpler to keep than real wood etc.

Buying For Long Life Expectancy

In comparison to other types of outdoor hot tubs, steel spas provide a much longer life expectancy because of their flexibility and heat, decay, rust tolerant attributes. The component sturdiness and reprocessing potential make steel an earth-friendly decision for any home spa tub.

Water Pump, Heating And Filtration

Modern portable outdoor Jacuzzi hot tub models are undoubtedly blow-up, created from long-lasting, penetration tolerant components and beam structured reinforcement.

Frequently built with pumps, heating and filtration, new inflatable hot tubs are super easy to put in place and often cheap when compared with long term built-in stable versions.

Outdoors Or Indoors Tub Set-Up?

Regardless if you would like to set-up the hot tub outdoors or indoors might affect the size, form and materials of your tub. An inside spa provides personal privacy and protection against the crisp weather outdoors, yet may need specific complex set-up methods.

Abreo 6 Adults Inflatable Hot Tub Spa

This spa is at the crest of inflatable and transportable hot tub relaxation methods and accommodates as much as 6 individuals. A super way for couples and family members to unwind and slow down.

Hot Tub With Black Exterior

Miami may be easily set-up usually any place there's a flat surface area, regardless out of doors or perhaps inside - perfect for usage on terraces, outside decking, back gardens etc.

The digitally commanded heating unit pump incorporated in the bundle determines and conforms the water supply heat through the very fast heating up strategy.
[Rating: 9/10]   £699   Get It → Abreo Inflatable Hot Tub

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MSPA Ex Bubble Spa Home Hot Tub Therapy

Integrating 120 heated up bubble jets using the unparallelled proprietary 'Fiber-Tech' structure PureSpa bubble therapy, which is equivalent to no other blow-up spa today.

Hot Tub Filled With Bubbles


  • Hard Water System
  • Simple Maintenance Tub


  • None.

This heating up scheme adapts to accommodate your individual temperature predilection, enabling a relaxed spa encounter. PureSpa offers elementary upkeep, including an easy to swap filter system cartridge for enduring delectation for up to 4 individuals.
Integrated hard water handling strategy makes water softer on the skin, garments and the total spa arrangement.
[Rating: 9/10]   £828   Get It → MSPA Ex Spa Home Hot Tub

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The Latest Hot Tub Unique Extras

As a consequence of any outdoor design, you might pick a stronger material like plastic or steel to make sure of sustainability. Right from fundamentals like remote settings to lighting entertainment, the inexpensive hot tubs for sale presently come with numerous unique highlights.

Heat And Bubble Settings Ease Of Use

Various remote settings permit you to set the heat, lighting, jet air pressure and even more while sitting down any place in the blow-up hot tub - or established inside a particular range beyond the spa. LED lamps can also add protection and atmosphere in your tub spa.

Outdoor Spa Mood Light Solutions

Different spas include 'multicolour LED light' solutions which can be established in a cycle or maybe situated on a single colour. Several portable hot tub labels might present a variety of jets positioned in different regions - reliable, vibrant jets for groups of muscles in the spine and shoulder zone.

The definition of hot tub and spa are actually used pretty much reciprocally. Most types of inflatable hot tubs might permit you to modify the velocity and energy of the jets. Various other designs may possibly present aromatherapy and chosen power jet warmer massager configurations.

Lay-Z Inflatable Round Hot Tub For Garden

This tub is a tremendous inflatable and fully transportable spa that's elementary to put together and bring anyplace. Just right for the household, holiday, events and renting etc.

Inflatable Round Hot Tub With 4 Women


  • Plug In And Enjoy
  • Hydro Rest Spa Tub


  • Pricey..

Warmed water supply plus air massage bubbles assist to produce the perfect ambiance to encourage self-healing and repose. Ideal for gardens, terraces, summer time homes or maybe tenting.

It's possible to employ the hot tub anyplace with a flat surface and a definitive 13 amp home outlet.
[Rating: 9/10]   £749   Get It → Lay-Z Inflatable Round Hot Tub

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MSPA Luxurious 4 Seater Hot Tub Jacuzzi Spa

Using it's expert square configuration as well as 2 adults plus 2 kids seating area total capacity, this particular 4 seater hot tub is going to bestow concordance to your household or even back garden.

Power Air Jets 4 Seater Hot Tub With Black Exterior


  • Tub With Quiet Tech
  • Unique Square Shaped


  • None..

It offers a quiet almost noiseless procedure, first-rate efficiency as well as solid construction which integrates perfectly. There are simply no horrifying pumps and filter systems associated to the back of the merchandise. It additionally boasts (Tech Marine) degree sturdy components, which renders it more indestructible.
[Rating: 9/10]   £649   Get It → MSPA Luxurious 4 Seater Hot Tub

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Cheap Outdoor Hot Tubs For Sale With Garden Portability

Home inflatable hot tubs are an exceptional strategy to many individuals. This apparatus offers practically all the functions of a long term fixed tub, nevertheless garden hot tub spas are equipped for becoming migrated from one location to another.

Outside square hot tubs can be much easier to carry and set-up, with the outside supplying wide open airflow and the probability of being close to an all-natural draining position. By way of outdoor set-up, you enjoy a gorgeous perspective but sacrifice a little personal privacy and flexibility.

Lay-Z-Spa Palm Hot Tub For Garden 6 Person

This large inflatable hot tub is the GB number one spa brand name today and provides excellent relaxation assured, minus the scrimping on design.

Hot Tub For Garden With Couple Inside

Loosen up with this variety of hot characteristics which includes fast heating system incorporated with water filtering, padded flooring with easy to operate quick-drain strategy. This offers highest strength and comfort.
[Rating: 9/10]   £999   Get It → Lay-Z Hot Tub For Garden

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Siena Air Jet For Two Persons Blow Up Hot Tub

Specifically contrived for 2 persons blow up hot tub with excess space that's essential for reposing as well as the 127 all circumventing jets, it generates superb loosening up and opulence for any night time in, or perhaps a weekend indulgence sitting.

Blow Up Hot Tub With Couple Inside


  • Very Easy To Set-Up
  • Portable Inflatable Tub


  • None.

The inflatable wall structures are constructed from a tough substance which supplies the perfect mix of strength and convenience. Loosen up on the indulgent padding inside, while having the reassurance offered by acknowledging that the external is constructed from the hardest strengthened hot tub components accessible.
[Rating: 9/10]   £1170   Get It → Siena Air Jet Blow-Up Hot Tub

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Big MSP 4 Persons Outdoors Inflatable Tub

This outdoor inflatable hot tub edition contributes you a high-end hot tub discourse including LED lighting, however this excellent environment agreeable spa will certainly assist you to feel the sensation of calmness as well as contentment.

Black Outdoor Inflatable Jacuzzi

The ideal inflatable spa for individuals anticipating conclusive repose. A water system jet massaging arrangement beside a fuss free water discourse arrangement that affords you virtually all of the relaxation that a conventional tub supplies, at a fraction of the cost.
[Rating: 9/10]   £349   Get It → MSP Outdoor Inflatable Hot Tub

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Portable 4 to 6 seater hot tubs exist in many different shapes and sizes, proportions and pleasantly enchanting situations. The majority of inflatable outdoor hot tubs today are competent enough to hook up effectively to your household mains connection.