Best 7 Compact Exercise Bikes - Record Calories And Time etc

Our compact exercise bikes are stationary and enable you to efficaciously ride to keep fit at home. It's possible to sit in front of your TV, or maybe listen to tunes while cycling fast - or as slowly as you desire. Lightweight exercise bikes for cutting down calories, keep fit and boost the overall wellness of your heart.

01: JLL IC Indoors Heavy Duty Exercise Bike Noiseless Chain

The JLL IC300 home fitness bicycle facility showing velocity, distance travelled, calories burnt and pulse rate. It comes with an emergency brake scheme and heart rate sensing element established in to the handle bars.

The exercise cycle is an innovative set-up of gear just right for individuals looking for keep fit challenges.

Heavy Duty Exercise Bike In Black And Red

JLL Heavy Duty Exercise Bike

This stationary cycle is hard-wearing, seamless, in addition to noiseless thanks the fact it's chain operation. Regardless if you're a novice or perhaps a serious sports person, this particular exercise bike may be adapted to accommodate your requirements.

So begin toning up your muscles, cutting calories and bettering your heart.
[Rating: 9/10] £179 Get It Here → JLL Heavy Duty Exercise Bike

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02: Sole Fitness B94 Sit Down Exercise Bike Lit LCD

Acknowledged for being light weight, long-lasting, effortless to use plus space economising, the Sole B94 is the ideal piece of 'exercising gear' for anybody with demands.

The fixed cycle allows both comfort and in additional the convenience operating in one's own home base without being forced to the gym.

Exercise Bike With Woman In Saddle

Sole Fitness B94 Sit Down Exercise Bike

The adaptable gel seat, metal seat rails using horizontal and stand-up adaptation, and ergonomically configured self levelling foot levers with flexible foot bands appropriate for the bike to adapt by itself to you, instead of vice versa.

9 inch LCD display screen will also allow for end users quick and efficient fat losing and cardio physical exercise.
[Rating: 9/10] £749 Get It → Sole Fitness B94 Exercise Bike

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03: Commercial Aerobic Stationary Exercise Bike Speed, Calories

This aerobic sturdy fitness bike offers an LCD display monitor using 5 features displays calories, acceleration, time period, distance and in addition scan.

The 18Kg fly-wheel appropriates for a graceful ride for starters, or a stimulating high cardio exercise for over serious sports individuals. Easy and soundless chain drive device incorporated.

Exercise Bike In Black And White

Commercial Aerobic Stationary Exercise Bike

Heavy duty framework using a 'scrape resistive surfacing' and entirely changeable seat, plus handle bars to oblige dissimilar dimensions of end users.

The seat may be relocated both horizontally in addition vertically - plus the handlebars may be relocated to the vertical position. Effortlessly adaptable tension command with emergency brake quit.
[Rating: 8.5/10] £179 Get It → Commercial Stationary Exercise Bike

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04: JTX Cyclo-5 Exercise Bike 16 Pre-Sets, Speakers, iPad

The JTX Cyclo 5 is a sturdy and balanced cycle jammed full of comfortable and motivating characteristics. This particular bicycle renders a 'fluent and noiseless' riding encounter.

In addition, the cushioned saddle can be effortlessly adapted. Facility packed indoors exercise unit using an excellent heavy-duty anatomy.

Exercise Bike In All Black Exterior

JTX Cyclo-5 Programmable Exercise Bike

The free pulse rate monitoring device polar chest-strap is included to guarantee you get healthy, or slim down expeditiously.

9kg fly-wheel provides 16 degrees of electro-magnetic impedance controlling for fluent functioning, in addition to continual training actions.
[Rating: 9/10] £579 Get It → JTX Cyclo-5 Exercise Bike

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05: Hammer Cardio XT5 Exercise Bike Weight Loss 16 Programmes

A robustly established German branded exercise bike with 8Kg magnetic fly-wheel for super smoothness and 3 piece crank, plus bearing for fluent functioning.

The clutched fly-wheel appropriates free wheeling whenever not cycling. Includes hand pulse sensor units and upper pulse rate limitation environment with resistance management.

Hammer Bike For Weight Loss With Adjustable Seat

Hammer Cardio Exercise Bike For Weight Loss

Body fat measuring feature and cool off pulse environment affording your physical fitness index from 1 to 6. There is a bar graph demonstrating advancement through preferred programme visibility, distance, time period, velocity, Watts, RPM, pulse rate, calories and setting of target parametric quantities.
[Rating: 9/10] £269 Get It Here → Hammer Cardio XT5 Exercise Bike

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06: Orbus XT Exercise Bike Cross Trainer Beginner, Expert

The impressive touch display screen of the XT4000 elliptic 'cross trainer cycle' offers first class features and is a genuinely popular machine in the Orbus elliptical selection.

Not just is it visibly impressive using it's scale of measurement and construct calibre, it's technological potentiality is additionally without doubt too.

Bike And Cross Trainer Showing White Console

Orbus XT4000 Exercise Bike And Cross Trainer

It has been formulated to be among the most formidable household fitness machines on the market place and justifiably conceived among the finest value ellipticals acquirable nowadays.

Using a 12kg fly-wheel, it's dynamical screen system is an unassailable challenger versus virtually any level of competition.
[Rating: 9/10] £339 Get It → Orbus XT Exercise Bike Trainer

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07: V-fit SC1-P Aerobic Indoor Exercise Bike Heavy-Duty

The V-fit aerobic bicycle is contrived with a chip resistive heavy duty metal chassis, appropriate for light commercialised function.

Storage is elementary, as you angle the framework forward in addition to pull to move for commodious safe keeping. It functions a deep bolstered racing design saddle which adapts equally up and down.

Indoor Exercise Bike In Black And Chrome Finish

V-fit SC1-P Aerobic Indoor Exercise Bike

It's settings make it just right for virtually all, offering a naturalistic and comfy exercise pedalling encounter. It also delivers with a 'cleat' prepared nicely to go speeding on the bicycle foot pedals.

The heavy, direct forced prepared wheel is well-balanced and finished with chromium-plated rims. 18 kg cast-iron fly-wheel features an adaptable calliper braking system.
[Rating: 8.5/10] £332 Get It Here → V-fit SC1-P Aerobic Indoor Exercise Bike

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Heavy Duty Exercise Bicycles For Fitness In One's Own Home

These dependable compact exercise bikes for weight loss encourage the cardiovascular natural process to help engage your heart and lungs better. Whenever riding an exercise bicycle, you will not only increment your cardiovascular wellness, you will burn calories.

In addition, it is possible to boost muscle strength and promote your endurance. With our reasonably priced bike exercise machines, it's feasible to purchase a good fitness cycle for less than the cost of health club membership.

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