Tefal TT552842 Review - Variable Browning Setting, Mid Cycle Cancel

The Tefal TT552842 Toast and Bean toaster may possibly be for any individual somewhat hurried early in the day, but nevertheless prefer to make time for a satisfying breakfast. Or for individuals who desire a rapid and delicious meal.

Tefal TT552842 Toast n Bean Toaster

Tefal Toast n Bean Toaster

5 Star Rating

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The Tefal Toast n Bean produces a natural and tasty dish very quickly, which will promote any day a wonderful start.

Change meal times with the toast and beans toaster, an original toaster which cooks one half tin of baked beans concurrently as it produces delightful toast.

Following on from its forerunner the popular Toast and Egg, Tefal's completely new design likewise makes it possible for food fans to poach or boil eggs to perfection with almost no effort within just 4 short minutes.

Tefal TT552842 Bean/Egg Function, Toast Function, Bean/Egg And Toast Function

Should an active job life and social obligation make it nearly impossible to find time and energy to cook, do not grab the nearest supermarket TV dinner. The Tefal TT552842 combo wide slot toaster, bean warmer and egg cooker will execute each operation independently, or can cook a favourite, satisfying snack.

No More Burning Fingers On Hot Toast..

The toast n bean includes a 2 slot toaster, which is broad enough to cook thick sliced toast with a toast lift capability, which makes it straightforward to take out bread without fingertip burning.

For people who appreciate their toast crunchy, the adjustable browning command in the form of a moving dial makes it simple to regulate the toasting environment, while a warming rack makes it possible for users to heat other snacks.

Stylish, Functional Add-On To Any Kitchen Area

You do not need a hob or microwave with this Toast N Bean, to ensure you won't have to clean dirty pots and kitchenware. For students, workplaces and family homes, the Toast N Bean is the excellent supplement to any kitchen area.

This impressive machine can do it all and will make the breakfast time and lunch-break rush, extinct. Speedy breakfast option in just 4 minutes. Bean, egg function, toast feature, bean, egg and toast facility.

Bean warmer for heating half a tin of baked beans. Adjustable browning control. Buy the Tefal TT552842 Toast n Bean here.

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