LED Colour Changing Bulbs With Remote Controlled Mood Impact

This mix of LED colour changing bulbs with remote controls are an exceptional and fantastic way to established the mood and save money on your electricity bill. The colour changing light bulbs control effects at the contact of a button for convenience. Visit our task lights.

01: LightAhead 16 Colour Alter Dimmable Light Bulb Remote

The LightAhead RGB bright LED spot light bulb for household illumination and decoration delivers with a remote device and more than 16 colours rapidly accessible.

4 impressive lighting impacts include flash, strobe light, fade, in addition smooth for function in virtually any regular light socket. The RGB red, green, blue coloured LED light bulb may be utilised in an individual unchangeable and determined colour.

LightAhead Colour Altering Dimmer Light Bulb With Grey Remote

LightAhead 16 Colour Altering Light Bulb

Just push the remote control to bring forth one of four colour modifying events. This particular LED electric light bulb is competent of giving out white, red, green or blue, in addition to twelve extra vibrant colours.

Likewise, the magnificent colours you are able to create with this light bulb, you experience the advantage of contracting your electricity expenses as it only utilises 3 Watts electricity.
[Rating: 9/10] £6 Get It → LightAhead Colour Dimmer Light Bulb

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02: Auraglow 10W LED Colour Changing Bulb Handy Remote

This specific energy saving LED light bulb isn't just ideal for use as the primary illumination because of the extremely vibrant, warm white performance.

Additionally, it enables you to alter the colour and ambiance of any space at the fast contact of a button to revitalise your living room or perhaps perk up a bed room.

10W LED Colour Changing Bulbs In Several Colours

Auraglow 10W LED Colour Changing Bulb

Include style to your cooking area or even inside your bedroom. Auraglow enables you to soak virtually any area in mood lighting effects, which covers the entire colour spectrum.

Using the small handheld remote control, it is possible to change the light bulb off or on, customise the colour, dim the light effect, or switch to comfy white light.
[Rating: 9/10] £19 Get It → Aura LED Colour Changing Bulb

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03: SweetLF Wireless Tunes LED Colour Changing Bulb

It's an audio speaker LED colour changing bulb that is dimmable to virtually any brightness level for your diverse lighting requirements with an all natural brightness that shields the eyes, proposing an unwinding and comfy experience.

You can function the application to alter the colour of the light bulb, however this excellent smart LED bulb will transform to 16 million confirmed colours.

16 Million Colours LED Colour Changing Bulb With RGB Chart

SweetLF LED Colour Changing Bulb

You are able to select your particular colour to the luminosity of your liking. The brightness level of 273 lumens establish your space more lustrous, but simply not blinding.

It is dimmable, therefore you will be able to correct the brightness level to calming as well as appealing. It's leisurely to match the audio speaker to your mobile phone or tablet too.
[Rating: 9/10] - £19 Get It → SweetLF LED Colour Changing Bulb

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04: LED Logic Dimmable Wi-Fi Remote Controlled Bulb

This RGB colour modifying and dimmable LED bulb includes a handheld remote control device. These types of light bulbs can establish the entire colour spectrum, which includes regular white-coloured illumination, therefore are completely dimmable. The remote control can command an infinite variety of lights.

Remote Control Colours Bulb In Red, Green And Blue

LED Logic Remote Control Colours Bulb

The main selling point of this kind of RGBW 'hand-held remote control LED light bulb' over less expensive infra red remote controlled, or perhaps Wireless Bluetooth is they can form a portion of a broader system - composed of a limitless quantity of bulbs, since it's managed through 2.4GHz wireless.
[Rating: 9/10] £24 Get It → LED Logic Remote Control Colours Bulb

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05: Roybens Smart Wireless Bluetooth LED Light Bulb Remote

Personalise your preferred settings of this single light bulb with more than 16 million recognised colours, in addition to warm and cool white.

Each colour is fully dimmable and the integrated memory space functionality maintains the last colour or process function. Moderate your lighting effects from your phone or tablet PC.

Wireless Bluetooth LED Light Bulb With Mobile Phone

Roybens Smart Wireless Bluetooth LED Bulb

Application enables you to manage an individual light bulb or all of them collectively. The music synchronise instantly alters colour whenever you play music from the application.

Select from regular or classical configurations to manage the changes. Incorporates 20 pre-programmed colour settings, such as cross fades, strobe light etc.
[Rating: 9/10] £21 Get It → Roybens LED Light Bulb

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06: PoweSave Bayonet LED Colour Changing Light Bulb Remote

The PowerSave remote control colour filter provides more radiant colours and softer tone shifts. The premium quality bulb is a delightful merchandise using most recent systems to produce 'smooth colour changes' and vivid shades for a wonderful atmosphere in your household.

LED Colour Changing Light Bulb With White Colour Remote

PoweSave LED Colour Changing Bulb With Remote

It incorporates a white coloured choice whenever you simply need a typical light fixture. It is fully CE accredited and created to a good quality utilising superior materials. PoweSave bayonet cap BC B22 remote control LED colour modifying power saving bulb is A+ ranked.
[Rating: 8.5/10] £9 Get It → PoweSave LED Colour Changing Light Bulb With Remote

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07: LE 10W Dimmable LED Bulb RGB Colour Altering Remote

Transforming 16 colours with remote control integrated and full dimmable features help you save on your lighting bill.

Substitute 60W incandescent light bulb by 10W LED and conserve more than 80 percent on all bills involving light fixtures. Tremendously vibrant white coloured LED beads are incorporated.

LED Bulb Colour Altering Via Remote In 6 Diverse Colours

LE LED Bulb Colour Altering Via Remote

White coloured and 'day light white' is accessible with illumination is up to around 800lm. Broad beam perspective angle is 180 degrees, which can be ideal for commercial and residential lighting effects.

Straightforward setting up - and can be simply designed for exchanging standard B22 bayonet base incandescent light bulbs.
[Rating: 9/10] £14 Here → LE LED Bulb Colour Alter Remote

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Best LED Colour Changing Light Bulbs With Remote Controlled Fun

The LED remote control light bulbs can create a feature of your preferred lamp fixtures by revamping them with our range of particularly eco friendly, cost effective LED colour transforming light bulbs.

Our coloured light bulbs produce a comforting atmosphere for your peaceful 'me time' - or get the vitality running for a celebration at the touch of a switch - the options are limitless.

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