Breville VKJ367 Review - Lights Up On Boil Glows Bright Blue - 1 Year Guarantee

The popular Breville VKJ142 Hot Cup presents piping hot water at the simple press of a button to produce delightful hot refreshments instantly. Its advanced design indicates you should only boil a single cup at a time, thus economising your time, cash and power utilised.

(Main Breville Features)

The Breville Hot Cup was created to boil cups of water quickly and effortlessly, signifying excellent hot drinks instantly.

It dispenses a 250 ml cup of boiling water, which is the comparative of a regular drinking mug. This will likewise distribute up to five cups without having to refill, perfect for households or moderate sized workplaces.

The impressive, patented technological innovation means that water is merely distributed once it has arrived at boiling point, not just very hot, but 100 degrees hot, creating ideal hot drinks each and every time. Furthermore, the smooth and ongoing stream of water helps in reducing spills.

4 Cup Breville Hot Water Dispenser

By just boiling sufficient water for the amount of cups you require, the Breville Hot Cup is cost-effective and energy efficient too. There is certainly no boiled water going to waste and it assists you to save some money on power bills when they come through the letterbox.

The Breville incorporates a fast boil 3kW obscured element, which offers maximum performance and maintains the water tank straightforward to thoroughly clean when finished. The 1.5 litres capacity water tank is likewise straight forward to fill thanks to its 'lid release' button.

Turns 360 Degrees For Good Ease Of Use

Press the button down to open and then fill up the water tank with fresh, cool water, such as you would any ordinary kettle. The large rear water window allows you to precisely fill the water tank. When filled, you are able to place the it back on the base, pointed to any angle as it turns 360 degrees. It is not necessary to line it up in any particular location to operate.

When triggered, the tank illuminates to offer a nice looking blue ray in your kitchen area. This modern structure makes the Hot Cup an attractive supplement to your kitchen worktop. It continually looks good even when not being used, because of its neat gloss black finish with bright stainless steel design.

Simple To Use - Easy To Clean

Chaos is preserved to a minimum, as the drip tray at the bottom of the device accumulates all wayward spillages. It's effortlessly detachable for cleaning and is dishwasher reliable too. Additionally, keeping your kitchen area work environment organised is the electric wire storage area. Buy the Breville VKJ367 Brita Filter Hot Cup here.

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