Ultra Fast Boil Russell Hobbs Stainless Steel Kitchen Top Kettle

Stainless steel Russell Hobbs 20090 Oxford kettle with plastic type highlights with a fast boil sector function denoting either one to three cup quantities. An easy liquid pour spout and large 1.7 Litres capability. Full circle 360 degree base with incorporated cable storage space to keep things tidy.

From Cold To Boiling Water In Seconds..

Russell Hobbs 20090 Oxford
Russell Hobbs 20090 Oxford

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The Oxford brushed finish kettle possesses a modern day matte finish that integrates faultlessly with your cooking area and existing kitchen appliances. As it's own label indicates, the Oxford is a clever strain of kettle from the Russell Hobbs collection. This smart kitchen appliance has a (rapid boil zone) which suggests it can 'cook up' the tap water from cold to boiling in only 40 seconds.

Practical Non Spill Spout..

This kettle certainly is truly useful for those occasions when you would do anything for a 'quick' cup of tea. It makes one to three mugs in a very fast time period. It features a practical, perfect pour spout style, so the drinking water can be poured consistently in to mugs and cups without accidents and pouring all around your work top.

Russell Hobbs Oxford Fully Featured Kettle...

An enclosed water signal lets you know how full you may have filled it, which means you do not boil it dry or over fill up its 1.7 Litre potential. In order to keep the kettle thoroughly clean and healthy, and free from limescale, it has an easily removed, washable filter that you may simply flip out, rinse off through and place in.

Closing Words...

The Oxford kettle is a perfect option for households or workplace kitchen areas - and is a decision that will not disappoint you in the design limits either. Get the Russell Hobbs Oxford here.

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