Sage Nutri Juicer H Blumenthal | Manages Tough Fruit Veg - Dual Speed 1200W

The Sage Nutri Juicer by Heston Blumenthal is powered by a 1200 Watts motor with an additional, large sized 8.4 cm chute, which generally entails there is less requirement for cutting up before juicing.

Full Featured Professional Grade Juicer With Extra Large Chute

The core feed technology extracts up to 70 percent of the vitamins and minerals needed from the fruit with minimum heat exchange. Long wearing titanium strengthened cutting blades faultlessly disintegrate the toughest of veg.

(Main Nutri Juicer Features)

Double acceleration is utilised to achieve the utmost from tender fruits at the slower speed, but more difficult vegetables are set at the rapid velocity setting.

Effortless cleaning with the Heston At Home Sage Nutri Juicer as you simply go on to the sink immediately after use and rinse the components underneath the tap.

This juicer from Sage by Heston Blumenthal oozes luxury, offering a premium quality design, style and creativity. Long lasting, this juicer will draw out maximum juice with minimal difficulty.

As a consequence of an extra large chute, it really is simple to juice entire pears, lemons and grapefruits in mere seconds. Along with its trademarked feed tube and filtration system, the Sage juicer extracts a lot more juice from vegetables and fruits for constant juicing. See video below.

Sage Nutri Juicer Extra Large Chute Presses Over 70 Percent Of Vitamins

Numerous velocity controls merged with an effective 1200 Watt motor makes it possible for fast juicing with even faster outcomes. Automated pulp disposition, a straightforward clean design and style allows you to really enjoy using this highly efficient juicing contraption.

Practically all Sage juicers are created to juice complete fruit without much cutting up or slicing. Some juicers likewise have Sage's exclusive extra wide chute, that happens to be yet another 25 percent bigger to receive even larger fruit and veg.

Video: Heston Blumenthal Demonstrates How To Use The Sage Perfectly.

A slimmer mesh minimises the surface area involving the fruit and the container. This one of a kind Italian made filter container has virtually thousands of tiny pores that will help draw out up to one third more juice.

All Sage juice extractors immediately remove the dry pulp into a collection container while juicing. The majority of Sage juicers also provide this pulp selection basket located outside the unit for effortless tidy-up and nominal quiet time when juicing several litres during one period.

Simple, curved parts without little food traps avert pulp from sticking and make rinsing beneath the tap simple and fast. The simple clean models additionally feature an exclusively developed cleaning brush to clean the filtration system mesh efficiently. Buy the Sage Nutri Juicer By Heston Blumenthal here.

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