Philips HR1861 Juice Maker Review | Dishwasher-Safe And Free Recipe Book

The fully featured and extremely powerful Philips HR1861 juicer grants you all the juice without the hassle due to its proprietary micro-mesh filter and almighty 700W motor. The extra-large feeding pipe easily assumes entire fruits and vegetables, so you do not have to core, peel, seed or hack any longer.

Create Delicious Juices and Smoothies With Philips Orange Juicer

The variable motor with two speeds can manage hard as well as delicate fruit, and since the 'mush container' is so large, you will be able to create extra juice in one swift function.

This juicer likewise comes with a complimentary copy of 'Juice Master Keeping It Simple - Over 100 Delicious Juices and Smoothies' to satisfy your thirst. A little generosity goes long way!

(Important Features)

The efficient micro-mesh filter compresses out every lastly drop of juice. Just two items of medium sized fruit produce a full glass of fresh juice in an instant.

Constructed to last, the Philips HR1861 juice extractor from the 'Aluminium Collection' supplies supreme juice with minimal bother. See video below!

With regards to the filter created from stainless chromium steel, extra juice is forced out and you are ensured uninterrupted juicing via an extra large 1.25 Litre juice jug and a reasonable 2 Litres pulp container. Without any tedious pre-cutting demanded, an extra large tubing swallows up even bigger fruits and vegetables in a jiffy.

Fruit Juicer With Free Juice Master 100 Recipe Book

Philips HR1861 Aluminium Collection Juice Extractor Silver

Several speed controllers cooperative with a potent 700 Watts motor provides fast juicing for 'cushy' or firm fruit and vegetables to extract. All components are dishwashing machine fail-safe for speedy and effortless washing. The recipe brochure is likewise included comprising of tasteful, easy to make juice formulae with your shiny new Philips HR1861 whole fruit juicer.

Video: Whole Fruit Juicer in Aluminium With 2 Speeds

Juicer With Large Feeding Tube And Wide Chute

Thanks to the extra-large feeding tube, you do not require to seed, centre core, chop up or peel off virtually all fruits first. The juicer effortlessly takes care of whole apples, potatoes and oranges. The fluent, flexible motor features two velocities, so you'll be able to choose the perfect speed for juicing heavy or delicate fruit.

The Philips HR1861 Aluminium Collection juice extractor features dishwasher-safe components. You will be able to either rinse off all of the extractible parts under the tap or position them in the dishwashing machine.

Whole Fruit Juicer With 2 Litres Large Pulp Container

The HR1861 juicer is constructed from anodised aluminium, a fashionable conclusion that will not mark or smear, which will retain its appearance over its life span. You are able to create more juice in one move via the 2 Litres large pulp container. The classy juice jug accompanies a detachable foam extractor for clear or cloudy juice production.

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