Andrew James Pro Whole Fruit Juicer | Dishwasher Safe, Auto Shut-Off

The Andrew James Professional Power Juicer offers 990 Watts and easily manages entire fruits and vegetables with no requirement to peel or chop-up. It efficiently isolates the juice from the pulp up to 30 percent more fruit juice than standard juicers.

The Ultimate Full Featured Juicer With Everything You Require..

Highly effective low-noise functioning motor and 2-speed rotary dial switch, used for soft and hard fruits at speeds of 15000 RPM and 18000 rpm respectively. Several integrated safety measures and a large and impressive chute.

(Main Fruit Juicer Features)

Can accommodate whole oranges and there is an extra large 2 litre removable pulp basket for waste purposes.

All of the non-mechanised parts are completely dishwasher safe. An automatic shut down efficiency motor protector is used, all in a prime quality stainless steel finish.

The Andrew James Professional whole fruit power juicer is straightforward to construct and take apart, and likewise an easy task to clean when finished. There is an easily-removed centrifuge and pulp-bin plus accessories including Juice jug and clean-up brush.

Andrew James Professional Power Juicer 990 Watts

The Andrew James Juicer 990 Watts maintains a 12 month guarantee for customer peace of mind. The brand new Professional power juicer is the perfect healthy option by utilising the juicer in the long run. Eg, you are able to notice an important variance in your diet and lifestyle on the whole.

Possessing the power juicer might be that inspiration for you on the path to a much more healthy and more content existence. The juicer carries a prime quality stainless steel finish and its different style can enhance any kitchen cooking area.

Centrifugal Juicer With 990 Watts And 2 Litre Detachable Pulp Container

The juicer incorporates a useful jug at the side, just to save the clutter that others could make. The Andrew James Juicer is a centrifugal juicer supplying you with speedy juicing. Very efficient over a broad variety of vegetable and fruit.

It normally takes in whole fruits and veg up to 7.5 cm in size. The Andrew James centrifugal juicer features an impressive motor and is significantly more silent than the majority of juicers that you can purchase. Buy the Andrew James professional whole fruit power juicer here.

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