Delonghi Dragon 4 Review | Eco-Plus Energy Saving, And Elegant Design

The rather modern, but fashionable DeLonghi TRD4 1025ER Dragon 4 oil filled radiator convects air flow through it's unique flue.

Cold air is directed through the hottest part of the radiator, increasing hot air via vents for efficient home heating. It offers a fast stream of hot air that swiftly warms the entire space.

(Main DeLonghi Features)

With an increased fin figure, it produces an improved chimney convection influence for speedier hot air circulation all-round.

It's new, bigger battery structure indicates it offers a superior 25 percent greater radiant surface area than the preceding Delonghi Dragon heater 3 model.

This heater makes certain of faster air flow release and elevated chimney impact for considerably better convenience. The Dragon 4 warms the air quicker than any standard oil-filled radiator and produces a comfy blend of radiant and convected heat.

Delonghi Dragon 4 Economy Radiator With Thermostat And Anti Frost Device

The DeLonghi Dragon 4 oil filled radiator delivers 2.5kW of overall heat production with three switchable temperature ranges, a digital climate command and digital user interface. Additionally, it possesses a 24 hours mechanised timer feature.

The ECO plus action comprises of electronic temperature and energy modulation to attain the ideal level of comfort and conserve power at the same time. Furthermore, it comes with an effective anti-frost functionality, an overheat safety cut-out system and wire storage space.

Chimney Effect Boosts Hot Air Throughout Vents

The Dragon 4 economy radiator has been created to have a classy, smooth and secure shape, with curved perimeters, sturdy pre-assembled, simple wheels and a transport handle, rendering it safe and straightforward to relocate throughout the household as required.

Well suited for large rooms, this oil filled radiator unit incorporates a 10 year guarantee. The special, super innovative chimney effect increases hot air throughout vents for powerful heating results. Great 2.5Kw heat output, 3 warmth options and for rooms up to 75 metres squared.

Electronic climate control, also includes Eco Plus Energy saving function press button. Modern day, stylish design and true bright white finish with pre-assembled simple wheels and carry handle for effortless transfer. Buy the Delonghi Dragon 4 oil filled radiator here.

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