Efficient Dimplex OFRC15C Electric Oil Free Column Heater Review

Together with it's one of a kind oil free heating system technology, the Dimplex 1.5kW OFRC15C column heating unit offers much more heat, more quickly than any typical oil filled column radiator of the identical high temperature end result.

Whenever using a transportable heater, you intend to experience it's warmth effortlessly - and the oil free column heater from Dimplex really does exactly that. The lack of oil implies that the OFRC15C gets hotter in a shorter time without a doubt.

Dimplex White Column Heater
Dimplex OFRC15C Oil-Free..

5 Star Rating

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Over 30 Percent More Heat Output Than Oil Filled Units

The truth is, manufacturer research laboratory tests demonstrate that this cost-effective oil free column heater offers around '30 percent' more beneficial room area heat than a comparable output oil loaded column radiator, in line with the regular room heat range after one hour.

Utilizes Far Less Energy Than Others..

Furthermore, the test information likewise demonstrates that OFRC15C heater uses much less energy when heating a room from around 14 to 27 degrees Celsius. The original patented fin structure supplies improved heat distribution, which makes this heating unit ideal for just about any room inside your home.

Dimplex OFRC15C 2 Heat Settings And Thermostat Control

Since it has no oil, there is absolutely 'no probability of dripping'. It's lightweight sufficient to transfer from room to room in your home, as well as much easier to recycle or dispose of at the end of it's practical existence. With two heat configurations and heater thermostat settings, the OFRC15C offers comprehensive user management.

Cable Tidy For Efficient Storage..

The handy, but important cable tidy causes this nice heater straightforward to store away when not being used. The OFRC15C has been completely and individually safety examined to tough BEAB Intertek specifications - and arrives detailed with a 3 year suppliers guarantee. Buy the Dimplex OFRC15C Electric oil free column heater here.

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