Smeg DC122B Dishwasher: A Rated Noise Level 49dB, Delay Timer Flexi Tabs

Thankfully, your pots and dishes are in proficient hands with the triple A graded Smeg DC122B automatic dishwashing machine. Complete in an impressive 'fingerprint smudge proof' pitch-black exterior.

This efficient appliance has an upper limit noise level of barely 49dB so you will be able to get on with your other tasks while the Smeg DC122B softly grapples with washing the dishes.

Sleek Black Smeg Dishwasher With Orbital Wash System

A clear-cut LED alphanumeric display keeps you up to date as to the present and available program and washing stages and you are able to wash fitting into any messy situation with the option of 4 temperatures and 5 programs of different wash types.

(Smeg Main Features)

You can select the dishwasher soak selection for cooking pans and plates. A fast 27 minute wash for 'lightly dirtied' dishes with efficient water-wash instantly afterwards. The Eco cycle is generally for dishes with average dirt with dried-on remainders.

The standard program and Super wash is used in an extreme cycle usually for very soiled cooking pan and difficult to clean plate stains. A lavish capacity of 12 place settings guarantees you'll always have sufficient room for all of your dishes, even after an evening dinner get together with family and friends.

Smeg Stainless Steel Dishwashers In Various Colours

Smeg DC122B Stainless Steel Dishwasher Features And Conclusion

The 'timekeeper delay' feature in the Smeg DC122B is likewise convenient, offering you the chance to arrange this machine to 'wind up' whenever it's most beneficial for you. When loading up dishes, the modern rack conception supplies versatility and permits you to load additional large items with simplicity.

The Secret Behind Smeg Stainless Steel Dishwashers Superior Wash Quality

The orbital wash organisation in this Smeg unit assures logical and exhaustive washing intelligence. Besides, a handy 'attached to' feature in this dishwasher is the Ultra cleanse alternative. Note, when this setting is selected, the dishwasher executes a concluding high-temperature fast 10 minute rinse off, controlling the maximum conceivable criteria of sparkling clean dishes.

There are 12 place settings, to provide for the motivation to load up several dishes at once. The 27 minute speedy wash avails when you're in a rush, but the 70 degree choice soundly cleans to a great extent grimed items very well too. The Smeg DC122B dishwasher is a modern conception that easily holds plates or big, awkward objects.

Smeg DC122B Eco Friendly A-Rated Dishwasher

Flexi tabs choice and 3, 6 or 9 hours timekeeper delay choice. This is an eco friendly A-rated machine for energy efficiency, excellent washing operation and dry functioning. Very useful 12 place settings, 5 programmes using 4 different temperatures of 38° 50° 65° and 70°.

A hidden heating constituent and adaptable water softener feature. Features self balancing door hinges. Dimensions of the black Smeg DC122B dishwasher are W 59.5 cm x D 59.5 cm x 85 cm.

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