Microwave Vegetable Steamers With Regular Heat Dispersal

These 7 microwave vegetable steamers enjoy the advantages of quicker cooking times while sealing in natural juices. Effortlessly fill with your favoured veg and place in your microwavable steamer. Fashioned to cook with a steady heat dispersal to retain vitamins, perfect for healthy choice for fish or rice cooking.

01: Sistema Microwave Vegetable Steamer Lock System

The Sistema 2.4 Litres microwave vegetable steamer includes cool-touch, easy raise hand-grips plus easily removed ledge. Perfect for preparing poultry, seafood plus vegetables.

Dish-washing machine, fridge, deep-freeze and microwave secure. Microwave cookery is 'the' agreeable strategy of virtually all preparing techniques for the obvious advantages of speed, energy economising and less dishes.

Microwave Vegetable Steamer 2.4L In Red

Sistema Microwave Vegetable Steamer

This strategy of cooking can maintain more of the vitamins in food items. Boasting updated Sistema KLIP easy locking system clips and featuring lock-up steamer 'vent hole' in the cover, there are cool to touch easy raising grips.

Dishwasher top tray, microwave oven, fridge plus deep freezer secure. BPA plus Phthalate free.
[Rating: 8.5/10] £4 Get It → Sistema Microwave Vegetable Steamer

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02: Joseph Joseph Vegetable Steamer Pot 4 Piece Style

M-Cuisine microwave vegetable steamer pot allows you to make tasteful, home prepared dishes with ease in your microwave. Virtually all of the products in this line-up have been configured perfectly for the kitchen.

This is mirrored in the several features and ergonomics included. Delight in an effortlessly cooked snack or a comprehensive household meal.

Microwave Vegetable Steamer Pot In Black And White

JJ M-Cuisine Microwave Vegetable Steamer Pot

The set constitutes an independent cooking container for organising rice, pasta or perhaps potatoes. A steamer container for vegetables, seafood or perhaps meat, ideal for preparing meals - for example bacon and a two-sided cover that replicates as a base for the griddle.

Incorporated hand-grips on the cooking container and cover guarantee all components can be securely dispatched.
[Rating: 9/10] £29 Get It → JJ Microwave Vegetable Steamer Pot

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03: NeatIdeas Vegetable Steamer For Microwave

This 3 composition steamer for microwave includes a vented cover, making good wholesome cookery effortless. None of the nutrients and minerals are cast aside in to the cooking body of water.

Steam all vegetables, fish, poultry fillets in just a few minutes. Elevation of the incorporating ventilated cover is 11cm and features a good guide on functionality.

Vegetable Steamer For Microwave With Clear Lid

NeatIdeas Vegetable Steamer For Microwave

The food steamer comprises of the base, the steaming ledge and a flexible vented cover. You will find additionally some 'recommended cooking times' published on the container.

Microwave oven, deep-freeze and dish-washing machine secure. Not suited for gas or even electric powered hobs. Temperature range as much as 120 degrees Celsius.
[Rating: 8.5/10] £4 Get It → NeatIdeas Vegetable Steamer For Microwave

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04: SA Microwave Veg Steamer Pressure Cooker And Spatula

The advantage of pressure cooking vegetables poultry, meat, beans and in addition stews with this method are apparent. Instantly, you are able to pressure cook extra rapidly and effortlessly with this particular microwave veg steamer cooker.

Dish-washing machine safe and includes a 10 cup total capacity, evaluating mug and sturdy spatula for effortless stirring.

Microwave Veg Steamer Pressure Cooker In All White

SA Microwave Veg Steamer Pressure Cooker

Foods cook quicker and your meal is tender and appetising with none of the goodness stewed away. Starter meals are incorporated for steaming rice, pasta and much more.

Diameter is around 20cm, plus it's projected to cook with a regular high temperature dispersal. Steam cooking helps food items keep vitamins, just right for vegetables or seafood.
[Rating: 9/10] £6 Get It → SA Microwave Veg Steamer Cooker

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05: Dexam 3 Piece Microwavable Steamer For Rice And Veg

This particular large capacity 'microwavable steamer' is ideal for an all-encompassing host of vegetables, plus it's impressive for steaming rice and specifically contrived for function in a microwave oven.

Created of stain resilient and rugged poly-carbonate, this base, cover, and in addition food steamer insert are dish-washing machine secure.

Microwavable Steamer For Vegetables See Through Style

Dexam Microwavable Steamer For Vegetables

Cover using the lid and microwave on maximum electrical power for 10 minutes, stirring following a few minutes. Enable to stand for couple minutes, fluff using a fork, then serve.

The cooking time period for brown rice is going to be somewhat longer - increment preparation time up to 18 minutes, stirring following 6 minutes. In addition, once more after 10 minutes and append more water if dry.
[Rating: 9/10] £10 Get It → Dexam Microwavable Steamer For Vegetables

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06: Lakeland Small Vegetable Steamer For Microwave

Sturdy, non-slip small vegetable steamer for microwave is ideal for preparing fish or even rice. All the components are constructed from the identical rugged, non-stick substance.

There will be no sign of obstinate grime when it concerns cleansing. Several of the conceptions are altered so they are more operational, more comfortable to use and easier to manage.

Small Vegetable Steamer For Microwave In Red Exterior

Lakeland Small Veg Steamer For Microwave

Entirely reshaped is the principal container of the food steamer with hand-grips which accommodate on top of the bowl levers, rendering it far easier to eliminate.

There is additionally an extra insert so you are able to steam seafood or poultry higher up. Steam your particular vegetables or perhaps rice on the non-slip microwave steamer cover so it's more comfortable to take away as well.
[Rating: 8.5/10] £10 Get It → Lakeland Small Vegetable Steamer For Microwave

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07: Kitchen Craft Microwave Food Steamer Vented Cover

The fast KC microwave food steamer is an effortless method to cook your vegetables in the microwave oven. The three component steaming bundle assists to fully maintain nutrients.

Keep minerals, colours plus smells in your food items, preparing vegetables or fish perfectly. A speedy and comfortable means to make your healthy meals.

2.2L Microwave Food Steamer In White Box

Kitchen Craft 2.2 Litres Microwave Food Steamer

Created from a one hundred percent food secure substance, the arrangement incorporates base bowl with aspect hand-grips, ventilated cover and easily removed steaming ledge. Including a total capacity of 2.2 litres, and in addition measures 20cm or 8 inches.
[Rating: 9/10] £7 Get It → KC Microwave Food Steamer

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08: Fun Daisy 2 Tier Vegetable Microwavable Steamer

This impressive vegetable microwavable steamer is an ideal modern cooking area item, great for small sized kitchens or perhaps engaged chefs. It steams food items minus employing oil, rendering it flawless for devising virtually all your wholesome foods. It's 2 tier design constitutes it perfect to prepare 1 or even 2 dishes at once.

Efficient 2 Tier Microwavable Steamer In White

Daisy 2 Tier Microwavable Steamer

Just contribute tap water to the bottom ledge and position the food inside the food steamer holders - then cook inside the microwave oven. With additional dish washing machine secure characteristics, it includes a vapour discharge air out feature. For wholesome foods in a few minutes, just right for seafood and veg minus oil.
[Rating: 9/10] - £12 Get It → Daisy 2 Tier Microwavable Steamer

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8 Multi Microwave Vegetable Steamers That Preserve All Nutrients

Our microwave fish steamers offer a wholesome method to cook food items, producing impressive meals quickly so you need not wait for perfect, healthy food.

Don't waste time and energy cooking on the oven when you can save time and cash with a healthy option small microwave broccoli, fish and vegetable steamer with 'ample' internal capacity.

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