Best 10 Slow Cookers With Timers For Simply Scrumptious Dishes

The most efficient slow cookers with timers reviewed - cookers with timers to create just about all tasty foods, serving as a slow cooker and rice heater, in addition to cooking anything from stews, porridge desserts and making healthy steamed meals...

01: VonShef Electric Slow Cooker With 1.5 Litres Strengthened Glass Cover

The VonShef slow cooker enables you to create breakfast every day, dinner and lunch, which makes it unbelievably flexible at home. Regardless of the cooking time becoming 6 to 8 hours, the VonShef slow cooker can in fact help you save considerable time.

Cooker With 1.5 Litres In Black And Chrome Effect

VonShef Electric Slow Cooker With 1.5 Litres

The VonShef crock pot includes an easily removed earthenware container, permitting you to quickly move the prepared food from your cooking area towards the dining room table.

Following taking pleasure in your meal, the ceramic container is simple to wash - and is even dishwashing machine favourable.
(Rating: 4.94/5) ( ~ £9 ) Details - VonShef Electric Slow Cooker 1.5 Litres

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02: Crock-Pot Non-Stick Slow Cooker LED Light 3.5L Utensils

Grey coloured, large 3.5 Litres slow cooker for you to demonstrate your cooking skills from the new designer range from Crock Pot. Update your standard slow cooker to this fresh model to suit your cooking area, or perhaps preferred colour.

Slow Cooker With Black Handles And Clear Lid

Crock-Pot Non-Stick Slow Cooker..

The new 3.5 Litres custom slow cooker from Crock-Pot is available in a high gloss mid greyish finish to match your kitchen area, as well as preferences. Just about all 'contact points' on the slow cooker such as the holders, cover and command button are finished in black with chrome highlights, indicating you have got a fashionable focal point for the kitchen counter.
(Rating: 4.95/5) ( ~ £24 ) Details - Crock-Pot Non-Stick Slow Cooker 3.5 Litres

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03: Morphy Richards Accents 3.5 Litres 'Sear And Stew' Sturdy Slow Cooker

The Sear and Stew slow cooker permits you to produce a comprehensive choice of dishes with the added benefit of having the ability to sear the meat within the very same pot. Searing various meats in the cooking container signifies that the juices from the meats complement all of those other ingredients, producing thicker, richer tastes inside your meals.

3.5 Litres 'Sear And Stew' In Red And Black Finish

Morphy Richards Accents 'Sear And Stew'

The lightweight, non-stick covered aluminium container is long lasting as well as dishwasher safe, so tidying up later on is straightforward. The guide book consists of more than twenty five quality recipes, from soups and also conventional older favourites, to meals and sweets.

The vibrant red provides a a bit of colour to your cooking area and can be coordinated to other products in the Accents assortment.
(Rating: 4.90/5) ( ~ £24 ) Details - Morphy Richards Accents 'Sear And Stew'

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04: Crock-Pot Digital Slow Cooker With 5.7L 2 Years Guarantee

The Crock-Pot Next Generation large slow cooker is hosting is rather enhanced. From night meals in your own home, to the local community modern meal, this design transforms dishes in to occasions to reflect upon. You can now appreciate additional time with friends and relations while your Crock-Pot Slow Cooker gets the job done.

Slow Cooker With 5.7 Litres In Grey And Black Exterior

Crock-Pot Digital Slow Cooker 5.7 Litres

The strikingly attractive design with 'refined' stainless-steel and dark highlights suits kitchen areas just about everywhere. Regardless of whether your own food demands 30 minutes of fast heat or an all-day, while you are away, cooking session, the Crock-Pot Slow Cooker with (Electronic Countdown Timer) has it in balance.

Easily-Removed Dishwasher Safe Stoneware Container..

You are able to personalise your cooking time and temperatures through preparing the cooking timer between 30 minutes and 20 hours on possibly the high, minimal, or perhaps warm environment.

The digital cooking timer counts down the outstanding time to help you organise side dish arrangements, and also have a comprehensive dinner prepared when you are ready.
(Rating: 4.95/5) ( ~ £64 ) Details - Crock-Pot Slow Cooker 5.7 Litres

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05: A.James Ceramic 6.5L Eco Friendly Large Slow Cooker

The Andrew James 6.5 Litre red coloured Slow Cooker is a straightforward approach to create delightful home made soups, meals, broths, as well as side dishes with bare minimum hassle.

Basically, put the elements inside the cooker, change to the specified environment and then leave it unwatched to create scrumptious meals while you carry on with your own usual daily life.

6.5 Litre Large Slow Cooker In Bright Red With 'See Through' Cover

Andrew James Ceramic Large Slow Cooker

This process additionally helps prevent water from leaking out and keeps all of the vitamins and minerals secured in to your dish, indicating meals such as fresh vegetables soak up stocks as well as spices or herbs, which makes them wholesome and giving them a full taste.
(Rating: 4.94/5) ( ~ £29 ) Details - Andrew James Ceramic Large Slow Cooker

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06: Morphy Richards Strengthened Glass Oval Slow Cooker Family

Help make eating healthy food straightforward with the new Oval slow cooker, which safely and securely cooks while you set about your entire day, so that you can appreciate freshly prepared foods without getting stuck inside your kitchen for hour long cooking sessions etc.

Glass Oval Slow Cooker In Brushed Steel And Clear Lid

Morphy Richards Glass Oval Slow Cooker

Flexible as well as handy, the 6.5 Litres capability is ideal for hectic households. Basically, add some ingredients to the slow cooker and it will progressively prepare your meals during the period of several hours, which means a home-cooked dinner is waiting for you when it's finished.
(Rating: 4.93/5) ( ~ £30 ) Details - Morphy Richards Glass Oval Slow Cooker

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07: Tefal RK302E15 Multi Slow Cooker With 8 In 1 Steam

This Tefal offers 8 diverse cooking food capabilities from one device. The 8 in 1 slow cooker features incorporate fast rice cooking, brown rice setting, cereal products like oatmeal or even porridge. It can steam, perfect for slow cooking, soups and delicious cakes.

Slow Cooker With 8 In 1 Steam In Stainless-Steel Finish

Tefal RK302E15 Multi Slow Cooker 8 In 1 Steam

Using an electronic digital user interface with delayed start-up, as well as the automated keep warm capabilities, the 8 in 1 digital slow cooker enables you to prepare a large number of food items flawlessly utilising nominal exertion in the kitchen.

Delayed Start-Up Slow Cooker And Auto Keep Warm Function

The 8 in 1 slow cooker is fashionable with it's black and stainless-steel finish, as well as features such as 'non-stick surfaces' and easily-removed bowl for straightforward washing.

This innovative cooker also offers a sizable 2.2 Litres 10 cups capability, as well as features a totally free recipe publication.
(Rating: 4.95/5) ( ~ £49 ) Details - Tefal Multi Slow Cooker 8 In 1 Steam

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08: Crock-Pot Digital Countdown Big 4.7 Litre Slow Cooker

The Crock Pot Digital large sized 4.7 Litres electronic slow cooker prepares your food however you like with this particular new digital automated countdown cooker. If you prefer a new fully-featured and classy slow cooker, then the Crock Pot slow cooker works well for you.

Digital Countdown Slow Cooker In Black With Clear Cover

Crock-Pot Dishwasher Safe Countdown Slow Cooker

It offers every one of the capabilities you would expect in a leading line slow cooker, which also features high and low temperature options, electronic countdown cooking timer, keep warm functionality the removable wire feature. The slow cooker has a 4.7 litre cooking food capability.

Functions 2 Configurations With Automated Keep Warm Feature..

This moderately sized Crock Pot cooker is useful for family event dinners, offering easily 4 or even 5 individuals with flavoursome and wholesome meals. It includes a built-in electronic 20 hour countdown cooking timer, using an LED display screen. Established the time depending on the quality recipes you have selected.
(Rating: 4.95/5) ( ~ £39 ) Details - Crock-Pot Digital Countdown Slow Cooker

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09: electriQ Ceramic Internal 6.2L LED Slow Cooker

A big 6.2 litres total capacity slow cooker that possesses a great deal of room to create a family dinner. The hardened glass cover implies it's possible to simply check over your particular cooking minus demanding to elevate the cover. It features an electronic LED light console including useful time period monitor.

6.2 Litres Ceramic LED Slow Cooker With Glass Lid

electriQ Ceramic LED Slow Cooker

4 heating system configurations make cookery even less problematic and you can have foods cook for whenever you arrive home as it includes a useful keep warm functionality. Slow cooking extends a more affordable and more wholesome strategy to organise family foods with nominal endeavour on your part.
[Rating: 9/10] - £38 Get It → electriQ Ceramic LED Slow Cooker

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10: Morphy Richards (Flavour Savour) Big 6.5L Slow Cooker

Prepare your meals from beginning to end in a single container. The Morphy Richards Flavour Savour is a useful three in 1 slow cooker for beef, to help you seal, quick stew, or slow cook tasty meats and veg.

Functions include three high temperature configurations, a digital display screen and a clear cover, so that you can keep close track of your food preparation, without allowing heat release.

Cool-Touch (Flavour Savour) Slow Cooker In White And Black, Clear Cover

Morphy Richards (Flavour Savour) Slow Cooker

Heating up to approximately 200 Degrees C, the hot base browns the various meats, sealing in the moisture. Include additional ingredients to produce a delicious stew, casserole or even a vibrant curry. Having a capability of 6.5 Litres, there will be a great deal for all family members.
(Rating: 4.95/5) ( ~ £99 ) More Details - Morphy Richards Cool-Touch Slow Cooker

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