The Morphy Richards Nesta 47130 Filter coffee machine, come hot water dispenser is the speedy and practical approach to consuming a refreshing cup of the ideal coffee in your home, or while on an outing.

Select from four diverse brewing strengths to produce your coffee simply to your preference, then simply hold your preferred mug about the dispenser to complete.

Just one hand is necessary for this, well suited for rather busy individuals on the move.

Early Morning Coffee Waiting For You..

The well insulated tank, with capacity for up to 12 cups of coffee, reduces the amount of heat and flavour from escaping.

It does the very same from a traditional carafe to ensure that second cup of hot, fresh coffee is constantly accessible.

Utilising the programmable timer, you can make sure your early morning cup of coffee is prepared and waiting for you when you get out of bed.

If you do not have the time, energy or inclination to drink it, just fill up the insulated travel mug supplied and carry it along with you.

Large Capacity 12 Cups of Coffee

Additional features include a detachable filter basket for paper filters and a useful water-level indicator.

Electronic controls, bespoke auto shut-off, a thermostatic hot-plate and a non-drip function to assist you maintain your cooking area nice and clean.

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Insulated Travel Mug Included Plus Programmable Timer And Insulated Tank

The Morphy Richards 47130 filtered coffee-maker supplies a fast and simple way to appreciate fresh coffee every single day. Its insulated tank saves up to 12 cups of coffee and avoids the heat from getting out. This always keeps your coffee hotter for for a longer time and permits you to enjoy fresh coffee for additional pleasure.

A filter basket for paper filters guarantees outstanding coffee, while additionally offering easy cleaning and one-hand filter coffee dispensing. Insulated travel mug integrated with programmable timer, insulated tank with capacity for up to 12 cups of coffee and adjustable brewing levels. Buy the Morphy Richards Nesta 47130 filter coffee maker here.

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