Best 7 High Power 150 Bar Washers Heavy Use For Cars, Patio

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These 150 Bar pressure washers are a genuine time saver, rendering an entire range of clean-up chores far easier and faster. If you want pressure washer patio cleaner for your vehicle or motor bike to look clean, a power pressure washer can work wonders whenever it concerns shifting tough dirt, or cleaning hot tubs.

01: Nilfisk P150 X-Tra 150 Bar Pressure Washer - 2900W

Created from metal and including a brass cylinder head, this particular light weight, however durable pump is the centre of the equipment, rendering extended and lasting superior functioning.

High powered 2900 Watts air cooled induction motor returns virtually all the energy required to supply best operation for this high-level performer.

150 Bar Pressure Washer In Blue Finish

Nilfisk P150 X-Tra 150 Bar Pressure Washer

Automatic start-stop beside the thermal sensor device cut off shields the motor/pump and in addition economises on the water supply. The industrial lance accompanies modest Tornado, in addition PowerSpeed nozzles using brass connectors.

The ergonomic contrived gun trigger features fast coupling to the metal strengthened high pressure pipe which pivots effortlessly in use.
[Rating: 9/10] £274 Get It → Nilfisk 150 Bar Pressure Washer

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02: Karcher K7 Premium 150 Bar Heavy Duty Pressure Washer

The Karcher K7 superior Eco Home aggregates electrical power and efficiency to bring about a high performing pressure auto washer, boasting a water-cooled environment induction motor.

It features updated functioning for a more extended life span, although the Eco setting switch may economise up to 20 percent of the water supply and electricity.

150 Bar Pressure Washer In Black And Yellow

Karcher K7 150 Bar Heavy Duty Pressure Washer

It is provided with a 10 metre hose that can forever be tidily stacked away due to the functional integral reel. Includes a superior fast connect gun plus 2 lances appropriate for a several cleaning jobs.

There is a top grade Patio T-Racer for quick, splatter free cleansing of significant sized expanses. These add-on's may be stored forthwith on the merchandise.
[Rating: 9/10] £419 Get It → Karcher K7 150 Bar Pressure Washer

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03: Homegear PRO 2.4 Kw High Pressure Jet Washer

This high pressure automatic washer is a calibre high powered tool which presents as much as 165 bar of pressure for a broad and exhaustive clean - wherever a less high-power pressure jet washer may come short. Expert quality potent pressure washing machine returning adequate pressure for best car or patio cleaning.

165 Bar Pressure Jet Washer In Blue Finish

Homegear Pressure Jet Washer

It includes 2400 Watts energy and is the most dependable in it's class with high powered electric motor, air cooled for durability plus including a 12 months full guarantee. A leisurely to relocate patio washer due to to standing construction as well as castors. 5 metres pipe for extensive reach and integral purifying container.
[Rating: 9/10] - £94 Get It → Homegear Pressure Jet Washer

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04: Sealey PW5000 150 Bar Car Wash Pressure Washer (TSS)

This Sealy home pressure washer using TSS and RotaBlast is an industrial, high powered merchandise configured for regular household function.

Perfect for an array of uses, which includes clean-up cars, terraces, decking, mini bikes and BBQ's. Equipped with a potent 1400 Watts motor including 360 litres water flow every 60 minutes and supreme pressure level yield.

150 Bar Car Wash Pressure Washer On 2 Wheels

Sealey PW5000 150 Bar Car Wash Pressure Washer

The washer boasts an automated Total Stop System (TSS) that alternates the motor off and on whenever the activation is functioned, extending motor life span.

Equipped with 2 hose plus cable hooks, and in addition accessory safe keeping to guarantee merchandise maintains clutter free and entirely portable.
[Rating: 9/10] £769 Get It → Sealey Car Wash Pressure Washer

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05: Hilka RAC-HP221 RAC Small Pressure Washer With 150 Bar

The Hilka RAC 2000 Watts powered pressure washer is just right for domesticated open-air cleansing projects. This particular merchandise is modest sized, and in addition light weight.

It's function makes it easy to wash cars, terraces, stone work and so forth. It is affixed on wheels plus features a hand grip and automatic stop functionality.

Hilka RAC-HP221 RAC Small Pressure Washer In Bright Orange

Hilka RAC-HP221 RAC Small Pressure Washer

It delivers complete with a 5 metres long mains wire and it's upper limit bar pressure level is 150 plus maximal functioning flow speed is 6.7 litres for every minute.

The overall weight of the powerful home pressure washer is around 12Kg. The bundle incorporates a high pressure turbo lance, in addition a rotary brush, a patio cleanser, plus a soap administering container.
[Rating: 8.5/10] £118 Get It → Hilka RAC Small Pressure Washer

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06: Hyundai HYW2400P 150/160 Bar 2465psi Petrol Pressure Washer

HYW2400P is a powerful 2400psi petrol driven pressure washer using a 6 HP Hyundai upright shaft 170cc engine, in addition to the Annovi Reverberi axial water pump.

Connecting the present array of Hyundai pressure plus jet washers, this particular unit is a home function automatic washer, projected to contribute a large measure of cleansing power.

Hyundai 150/160 Bar Mobile Pressure Washer On Two Black Wheels

Hyundai 150/160 Bar Mobile Pressure Washer

It uses the Hyundai integrated soap dispenser, which is positioned toward the underside of the engine placement, which is going to instantly attract soap in to the water system, however only if the black purifying nozzle is attached.

You will find 4 nozzle tips that all bear fast release components for simple and quick transition. The 8 metres long high pressure pipe features an M22 fitting.
[Rating: 9/10] £284 Get It → Hyundai Mobile Pressure Washer

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07: Vax P86-P4-T 150/160 Bar High Pressure Washer Turbo

This Vax patio pressure washer is the fast and accessible method to attain a high regulation clean. You no more have to expend a cleaning sponge, or perhaps brush to scour obstinate grime from open-air areas.

In addition to articles of outdoor furniture, the high power smashes away stains and leaves you with improved outcomes.

Vax P86-P4-T High Pressure Washer In Black And Orange Exterior

Vax P86-P4-T 150/160 Bar High Pressure Washer

Extremely flexible and may be expended on more than just open-air slabs and paving. They can with success cleanse vehicles, motor cycles, BBQ's and gardening equipment.

Throughout spring and the summer time months, we expend more time outside embracing the impressive weather - so utilising a Vax pressure cleaner can make your outside sparkle.
[Rating: 8.5/10] £131 Get It → Vax P86-P4-T 150/160 Bar High Pressure Washer

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7 150 Bar Pressure Washers With Easy To Operate, High Power

The best 150 Bar pressure washers to manage terraces and decking, bikes, gardens and vehicles. Jet washers make easy work of an all-encompassing host of tough garden cleaning jobs. An array of washers by notable and dependable big brand names, all including a 'range of tools' and attachments.

These power jet washers can undertake a diversity of rugged jobs. Pick out a power jet or a grime smashing nozzle using detergent. Whatever your clean-up needs, they are sturdy enough for the project.

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