Morphy Richards 402010 Review | Serrator Blade Technology, 8 Speeds + Turbo

The efficient Morphy Richards Accents hand blender set brings together uncompromising superiority with a wonderful style and design. Functional, straightforward to put together, and simple to work with.

Accents hand blender set may even end up the favourite of your kitchen area, but is absolutely essential in any kitchen area setting. The hand blender incorporates a highly effective 600 Watts motor, along with eight speeds and a turbo button.

(Main Accents Features)

Turbo features, whenever coupled with Morphy Richards serrator blade engineering, assumes all of the hard work from your mixing, cutting and whisking requirements.

The hand food blender is definitely a long-lasting and strong power foundation for all your cooking demands.

Surrounded within a high quality stainless steel external casing, the highly effective motor is shielded from any possible kitchen accidents. The Accents hand blender group of tools arrives complete with a stainless steel blending together 'leg', a significant capacity chopping dish and an easy to clean balloon whisk tool.

Morphy Richards Accents Hand Blender With Serrator Blade Technology

The Morphy Richards Accents stainless steel blending support, sporting a high quality four cutting-edge serrator edge, is perfect for blending soups and fresh fruit for smoothie drinks. The blades likewise have the capability to grind ice cubes.

Morphy Richards serrator blade technologies continues to be expertly produced by engineers to offer you blending and cutting-up functionality for a lifetime, and has also been tried and tested by a completely independent examining team.

Perfectly Designed For Beating Cream And Egg Whites

The impressive capability chopping bowl is an excellent item for cutting vegetables, and spices, repeatedly highlighting Morphy Richards serrator cutting tool technological innovation. Basically, just press the easy release switch to eliminate the blending leg, after that affix to the cutting dish.

The balloon whisk accessory is designed for beating cream and egg whites, and will be utilised to produce light batters and blends for hotcakes and other tasty puddings. This add-on is easily eliminated, and can go directly into the dishwasher for an uncomplicated cleanup.

Wall Mounted Bracket Option

To finish the set, a measuring beaker is included to make certain compounds are precisely calculated, along with a wall installation bracket to be certain your hand blender is definitely inside easy reach. Buy the Morphy Richards Accents Hand Blender here.

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